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Part 1 of the Ralph Lawler Interview, Grading K...
Part 1 of our interview with Ralph Lawler dives into life as a pillar of Clippers culture while being in a Lakers city as well as some thoughts on the team's makeup as a whole, Will and Chuck grade Kawhi's postseason, being happy we're not paying Tobias Harris, and a LMQ
37 min
Where Do the Clippers Go From Here, Doc Rivers ...
Post-Game 7 collapse recap and where the team might go from here, grading Doc Rivers' 2020 postseason performance, Trezz talk, and a shoutout to Kawhi
42 min
Game 7 Recap: Clippers Lose 89-104 to the Nugge...
Clippers fall 89-104 to the Nuggets in a Game 7 that left a whole lot to be desired, reacting as fans to the loss, listening to Clippers fan voicemails, and a message of resilience for Clippers fans
37 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Game 7 Preview, Fan Questio...
Looking at what the Clippers *have* to do to keep their season alive against the Nuggets in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semis, answering hard hitting Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and a zen approach to Game 7
36 min
Special Guest Carl Tart Joins to Vent About the...
Friend of the show Carl Tart joins to discuss how the Clippers made the same mistakes in their 98-111 loss to the Nuggets in Game 6, wondering how momentum gets found for Game 7, and *should* the Clippers re-sign Trezz?
30 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Game 5 Preview, Doc Rivers ...
Wondering what version of the Clippers will show up for Game 5 vs the Nuggets and what could potentially derail the potential trip to the Western Conference Finals, Doc Rivers presser vibes that included fantastic comments on mental health, a listener PROVES the salmon polos work, and a food themed LMQ
36 min
Recap of the Clippers 96-85 Game 4 Win Over the...
Taking a look at what went well (and not so well) in the Clippers 96-85 Game 4 win over the Nuggets that included yet ANOTHER elite Kawhi Leonard performance, trying to sort out what needs to be fixed before Game 5, wondering who hurt Scott Foster, Fan Voicemails, and a dedicated Clippers fan gets a shoutout
33 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Game 4 Preview, Malone vs B...
Looking at what needs to happen for the Clippers to win Game 4 against the Nuggets, hoping for another 213 game, Presser Vibes with Zu and Doc, and a couple Clippers got some recognition
31 min
Recap of the Clippers 113-107 Win Over the Nugg...
Diving into the Clippers 113-107 win over the Nuggets in Game 3 that featured elite performances from Kawhi and PG as well as sloppy play and frustrating effort, and we play a very confident Clippers Bro voicemail
27 min
Game 3 Clippers vs Nuggets Preview, Recapping t...
Recapping the sloppy-yet-encouraging(?) Game 2 loss against the Nuggets, looking ahead to what needs to get fixed for Game 3, wondering when Pat Bev's minutes restriction will be gone, some fan voicemails, and celebrating Trezz
37 min
Recap of Clippers vs Nuggets Game 1, Kawhi Leon...
Recapping the Clippers 120-97 drubbing of the Nuggets that included yet another elite Kawhi performance, Pat Bev is back, plus more Marcus Morris greatness, looking ahead to Game 2 with some fan voicemails and "what we need to do's", and a Ty Lue LMQ
33 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Game 1 Preview, Who Guards ...
Previewing the first game of Clippers vs Nuggets and wondering if Pat Will play as well as how Zubac will fare against Jokic and Kawhi vs Grant, recapping an MPJ-filled Clippers presser with some Landry Shamet insight into his success so far in the Bubble, and Marcus Morris gets a bad birthday present
29 min
Series Themes to Watch Out for in Clippers vs N...
Looking ahead to the Clippers vs Nuggets series with some broad themes of what needs to go right and what could go wrong during the hopefully-less-than-7-games matchup, fan reactions to the Clips facing the Nugs, and some presser vibes from Candid Lou and Focused Doc
34 min
Twitter Tuesday Questions about the Guard Rotat...
Answering Clippers fan questions about the guard rotation once Pat is back, handing out our First Round Awards to Kawhi, Shamet, and....Reggie?, talking the possible Morris re-sign, and Trezz is getting into LEGOs
34 min
Recap of the Clippers 111-97 Series Ending Win ...
Recapping the Clippers 111-97 Game 6 win over the Mavericks that featured an elite Kawhi performance and a reputation induced ejection, looking at what the Clippers need to fix going forward, fan voicemails, and a shoutout to Chauncey and Brian
38 min
Welcoming Carl Tart to Discuss the NBA Playoffs...
Carl Tart joins to discuss the NBA Playoffs resuming, what actually happened in the NBA Player's Meeting, how we've felt about the series with the Mavs so far, a quick Game 6 preview, we got a few nice (and one mean) review to talk about, and create a checklist for your daily life
33 min
Clippers and Lakers Opt for a Full Playoff Stri...
Reacting to the Clippers and Lakers advocating for a full boycott of the NBA Playoffs, Doc Rivers addressed the Player’s Meeting, Steven Ballmer shows support, and a replay of Doc’s presser and Lou Will’s comments
23 min
Clippers Trounce the Mavs 154-111, PG Bounces B...
Recapping the Clippers record-setting 154-111 win over the Mavericks in Game 5 that included elite performances from Kawhi, PG, *and* Doc Rivers (both during and post-game), wondering if Pat Bev will be held out of Game 6, we took a few Clippers fan voicemails, and Chauncey Billups has only seen 7 movies(?)
32 min
Clippers vs Mavs Game 5 Preview, Will Doc Adjus...
Previewing the PIVOTAL Game 5 of Clippers vs Mavs with thoughts on what needs to be done to win (better pick and roll defense) and what might go wrong (will PG bounce back?), Clippers fan questions plus voicemails, a press conference recap and what it might mean heading to game 5, and Ty Lue is a target
35 min
Clippers Split the Weekend Against the Mavs, Lu...
Taking a look at the good and bad from the Clippers weekend which saw a Game 3 win and a brutal Game 4 loss to the Mavericks, wondering if Doc will make more than one adjustment moving forward, the return of Clippers fan voicemails, and a few deep breaths to relax heading into game 5
36 min
A Weekend-sized Preview of Games 3 and 4 of the...
Supersized preview of Game 3 and 4 of the Clippers vs Mavs series with thoughts on what we need to do better and what could potentially go wrong if *some* things don't change, wondering how severe Pat Bev's injury is and who should start in his place, ClipperNation wants the salmon polos, and a Zubac inspired Love, Marry, Quarantine
30 min
Recap of the Clippers 114-127 Loss to the Maver...
Recapping the Clippers frustratingly played 114-127 loss to the Mavericks that featured some odd rotations plus the highs and lows of Reggie Jackson, wondering what some of the rotations were about, Patrick Beverley injury questions, and Zubac had a great mask
32 min
Clippers vs Mavs Game 2 Preview, Doc Loves Zu.....
Full Clippers vs Mavs game 2 preview with what the Clips need to look out for and key matchups, Doc heaped praise on Zubac but will it translate to more playing time?, and ClipperNation is feeling fine after the Game 1 win
30 min
Game 1 Clippers Recap Breaking Down the 118-110...
Recap of the Clippers 118-110 win over the Mavericks in Game 1 that had a big time ejection and big time performances from Kawhi, PG, and Luka and answering Clippers fan questions about Reggie Jackson and Zubac's minutes plus what will the Clips do with Shamet?
26 min
Locked On Clippers x Locked On Mavs Crossover P...
We are joined by Locked On Mavs host Nick Angstadt (@NickVanExit) to talk what the Mavs and Clippers think they can do well against each other, each team's weaknesses that could be exploited, and a quick preview of what is going to happen in Game 1 of Clippers vs Mavs
32 min
Trying to Predict What Clippers vs Thunder Will...
Previewing the shorthanded matchup between the Clippers and Thunder, hoping Shai goes off on us, Presser Vibes with Doc, Mook, and Zu, an Updyke Fun Check, and a Love, Marry, Quarantine
33 min
Recapping the Clippers 2 Seed Clinching 124-111...
Recapping the Clippers 2-seed-clinching victory over the defenseless Denver Nuggets, looking a bit ahead to the matchup with the Mavericks and wondering when we'll see Patrick Beverley and Landry Shamet again, and Ty Lue might be the first Clippers coach lue-ered away
28 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Preview, Doc's Strategy Wit...
Previewing the Clippers vs Nuggets game that could lock the Clips into the 2 seed *and* turn into a bench-battle, discussing Doc's comments on Trezz's playing time when he returns as well as the rest of the Presser Vibes, Player of the Seeding Games and All-Seeding Team talk, plus Mann officially gets recognized for his style
28 min
Clippers Fan Questions for Twitter Tuesday, Wha...
Answering fantastic Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, discussing Trezz's return and what we want to see from him on (hopefully) Friday, and are the Rockets a real threat to leapfrog the Clippers in the standings?
33 min
Recapping the Clippers Win Over the Blazers, Wo...
Recapping the Clippers substitute-powered win over the Trailblazers, taking a look at what went wrong against the Nets in the Sunday loss, and Power Ranking the Clippers Bubble Darlings up to this point.
34 min
Clippers beat the Mavs 126-111 behind the 213 D...
Recapping the Clippers 126-111 win over the Dallas Mavericks that included an all-time Zubac performance and a 213 game that was fantastic to see, previewing the "who's gonna rest?" matchup against the Portland Trailblazers which will be a hard fought game no matter who plays, taking a look at the Nets game the day after, and a clothing themed Love, Marry. Quarantine
32 min
Clippers vs Mavericks Game Preview, Zubac Owns ...
Previewing the Clippers possibly-dicey matchup with the Dallas Mavericks (sans Pat Bev), Presser Vibes from Wednesday with Zu and Politic Doc, Chuck doesn’t like virtual fans, and some 5 Star Review shoutouts
27 min
Recapping the Clippers 115-117 Loss to the Suns...
Recapping the Clippers last-second loss to the Suns due to a Devin Booker buzzer beater and some rough first half play, talking about what trends we want to see more (and less) of so far in the bubble from the Clippers, tracking Trezz's timeline, and PatPat might make a movie someday
27 min
Clippers vs Suns Game Preview, Answering Clippe...
Previewing the Clippers vs Suns game and wondering how feisty Phoenix will be given the playoff situation, answering fan questions on Twitter Tuesday about playoff rotations and clutch shot takers, and Pat Bev and Doc’s Presser Vibes
32 min
Recapping Clippers vs Pelicans, 538 Odds on the...
Recapping the Clips trouncing of the Pelicans that included some team records being broken, Positive Chuck gives thoughts on the loss to the Lakers, Will has some playoff odds, and the press won’t let Lou live
32 min
Clippers vs Lakers Re-Cap, Clippers Pelicans Pr...
Clippers fall to the Lakers 101-103, but Will is talking about the good the bad and the Reggie, Plus a preview against the Pelicans and Love, Marry, Quarantine
28 min
Clippers vs Lakers Preview NBA Opener With spec...
The one where the Clippers play the Lakers AGAIN. No Lou Will and No Montrezl, but Carl Tart eases the pain with some insight on the future aspirations for your Los Angeles Clippers.
29 min
Trezz Is On The Way (sometime), Wednesday Press...
Trezz *was* on his way to the Bubble and we discuss what his transition back in might be like for on-court performance, recap the Presser Vibes of Wednesday morning from Landry and Doc, and The Ringer things the Clippers suck
28 min
Recapping the Clippers Final Scrimmage Against ...
Recapping what we liked and didn't like from the Clippers against the Kings plus how we're feeling heading into seeding games, Twitter Tuesday questions about everything from Joakim's minutes to Clippers-themed food, and P*** picks a fight with the wrong Clipper
32 min
5 Star Tart is back to talk Lou Will's wings, t...
Breaking down how the whole Lou Will situation isn't a big deal (even in seeding games), discussing Mann and Noah's great game against the Wizards, and what we want to see from the final scrimmage against the Kings.
33 min
What We Want To See (and not see) from the Clip...
Quick Clippers game preview of the scrimmage matchup against the Wizards, a seeding discussion, which Mook will we get, and a former Clipper is going to beat some ass
28 min
Recapping the Clippers 99-90 win over the Orlan...
Recapping the ever-needed Clippers game against the, Magic while trying not to be too hyped on the game as a whole, wondering how Pat Bev's absence will motivate the back end of the guard rotation to step up without him, Lou REALLY wants 6MOTY (or Trezz), and Noah Eagle kills it
31 min
Clippers vs Magic Game Preview, Marcus Morris R...
Previewing the first Clippers scrimmage against the Orlando Magic with who and what we're most excited to see, Presser Vibes from a Tuesday morning Zoom session, and wondering wtf is up with Zubac and Shamet
27 min
213Hoops own Lucas Hann RETURNS to the LOC podc...
Will and Lucas answer fantastic Clippers fan questions about the absent Clippers, rotations in the playoffs. and general Clippers vibes, get hyped up on the scrimmages, and we hear Lucas' picks for Bubble Darlings.
35 min
Trezz's return timeline, Sunday Morning Presser...
Breaking down the timeline for Trezz's return and what the "center" rotation might look like in his absence without Zu, Sunday morning Presser Vibes from Lou, Rodney, and Doc Rivers, a Landry Shamet update and look at how he might need to prepare, and a Clippers vs Magic scrimmage viewing update.
26 min
Carl Tart joins for a revisited Updyke Fun Chec...
Carl Tart returns to discuss how fans are feeling during this pre-scrimmage phase for the Clippers in the Orlando Bubble, we wonder if the players starting to play golf might ruin their mental state, and a Doc-ism themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
38 min
JaMychal Green is in the Orlando Bubble, Thirst...
Discussing what we want to see more of during the Clippers scrimmages with some help from Clippers fans, assessing the Presser Vibes from Wednesday (spoiler: they were good), and picking a former Clippers player to be a bubble darling
29 min
Rotation ideas and first round possibilities in...
Looking at some possible rotation issues at center, what a first round with the Rockets might look like, Presser Vibes from Tuesday, hoping Marcus Morris is okay, and a shoutout to Unstatable
27 min
Kawhi Leonard practices with the Clippers, fan ...
Twitter Tuesday brought us some fantastic fan questions about playing time for Shamet and JaMychal, breaking down the overall vibe of the Clippers Monday Presser, hoping the best for Westbrook, and Trez has a message for everyone else
26 min
5 Star Tart joins to talk which Clippers still ...
Discussing the latest happening with practice and personnel in the Clippers bubble, Amir Coffey could be a Bubble Darling, Woj got shafted. and new arena and Clippers design discussions.
35 min
Most of the Clippers are in Orlando, Kawhi and ...
Discussing the Clippers transition in the Orlando Bubble, hoping the best for Kawhi and JaMychal's family matters, picking our Clippers Bubble Darlings, Jamal Crawford is going to score 30 against us, and a team bonding themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
31 min
Mike Jaglin joins to answer Clippers fan questi...
Clippers broadcast legend Mike Jaglin joins to answer Twitter Tuesday questions, breakdown Landry Shamet's sophomore year and what to expect moving forward from him, Jag gives an elite-level playoff seeding idea, and we give props to Sindarius
36 min
Analyzing the Clippers Orlando scrimmage schedu...
Breaking down what to expect from the Clippers scrimmages against the Magic, Wizards, and Kings in Orlando, wonder what happens with Landry Shamet's positive COVID-19 test, reflect on the anniversary of the Kawhi and PG news, and Trez wants J Crossover
31 min
Carl Tart and Mirjam Swanson are welcomed to ta...
Carl Tart and Mirjam Swanson join LOC to talk the Clippers traveling party positive test, what the Clippers record might be after the 8 game regular season, how far the Clips need to go to satisfy fans, and pick our NBA Jam duos.
37 min
Clippers fan questions about Fi and NBA Jam pai...
Taking fantastic Clippers fan questions about NBA Jam and Fi's place on the team, trying to make sense of the Orlando Bubble news and Silver's Time 100 talk, some Joakim Noah contract news (again), and wondering how Trez's contract negotiations will go
31 min
Clippers vs Lakers opening night (again), break...
Discussing the Clippers vs Lakers opening night game and the rest of the 8 game regular season finish, Lou Will seems to be closer to going to Orlando after the NBA and NBAPA reached an agreement on jerseys, and Joakim is a Clipper for maybe another season, and another fun anniversary.
26 min
Giving thanks to Blake Griffin on the 11 year a...
Looking back 11 years when the Clippers selected Blake Griffin #1 and changed the face of the team, discussing how fans are reacting to NBA players testing positive for Covid-19 and how to deal with it (we're trying our best), the NBA wants Florida cops to protect players (lmao), and a mascot themed LMQ.
35 min
The "soft deadline" has passed and Lou Will (ho...
Discussing the new deadline for players to decide if they're going to Orlando or not and what we think Lou Will's chances of going, answering fantastic Clippers fans questions for Twitter Tuesday, and Pat Bev dunks on Jared Dudley
29 min
Dr. Tartchi is back to wonder what the Clippers...
Discussing what happens if Lou Williams sits out of the rest of the series, wondering what the deal is with the Covid spread in Florida and which Clippers might be worried, Joakim Noah is signed till the end of the season, and happy birthday JaMychal
33 min
Doc Rivers IS a top 5 coach in the NBA, more em...
We get on our soapboxes to argue over the Ringer leaving out Doc as a Top 5 Current Coach, give some more insight into the eminent domain issue with the Clippers new arena, wonder if that weird Covid-19 tracking ring is actually legit, and play a hall-monitor edition of Love, Marry, Kill.
37 min
Will the Clippers use eminent domain to build t...
Discussing the wacky regulations that the Clippers players will have to deal with in Orlando, wondering if in fact the Clippers will use eminent domain to build the new stadium, and a special shoutout to Amir Coffey on his birthday.
29 min
Mirjam Swanson of the OC Register helps answer ...
The incomparable Mirjam Swanson joins us to answer Twitter Tuesday questions, discuss the NBA's plans for hotel accommodation and entertainment during the Orlando-bubble, wonder if things are happening too soon, and wish the best for Mark Hughes.
35 min
Kyrie Irving's concerns with the NBA season res...
Reacting to Kyrie's comments and the response from the media, highlighting Lou Williams' points about returning to play amid social justice pursuits, sending Trez some love, and being thankful for Mirjam Swanson's vinyl collection.
29 min
The doctor is in to discuss Doc's legacy and fu...
Dr. Tartchi returns to reignite the Doc's hot seat debate, wonder just who would replace him, discuss the Clippers having to choose between Morris and Trez and what each situation would do to the team's ceiling, and we pick the 3 people fr 3 Clippers players to take to Orlando on Love, Marry, Quarantine.
34 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
85 min
Joseph Raya Ward joins to answer Twitter Tuesda...
The wonderful Joseph Raya-Ward joins to answer fan questions about the Clippers rest level, wonder which Clippers starter and bench player have the most to lose the rest of the season, and lament the NBA's new schedule plans
41 min
Dr. Tartchi is back, the pressure turns up on t...
Carl Tart joins to discuss the NBA teams final vote on the Disney World plan, wonder how much pressure is on the Clippers with the quick turnaround to next season, Drew Brees being an idiot, and a home court advantage themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
35 min
The Clippers path to the championship is clear,...
Discussing the Clippers path to the championship with the new (proposed) playoff format, wondering how the lack of home court advantage could change the scope of the NBA Finals, Lou Will is a good guy, and LeBron dunks on Drew Brees
31 min
TPJ of Hoops N Brews joins to answer Clippers f...
Your hosts are joined by TPJ of Hoops N Brews to discuss what the feeling in Los Angeles is like right now and Doc's comments on black athletes using their voices to drive social change, answer Clippers fan questions, analyze PG fitting with MJ, and debate if the Clippers have an easier route to the playoffs than before.
41 min
Discussing Pat Bev's thoughts on the NBA's lack...
Breaking down Pat Bev's trip to SVP's SportsCenter and his thoughts on the league's communication skills to players, looking back at the ever-important 2010 Clippers season and how it lead to where we are now, and a NBA playoff themed Love, Marry, Quarantine.
27 min
Hoops N Brews Host Pavy Joins To Answer Fan Sub...
Pavy of Hoops N Brews joins to answer some fan questions from Twitter, discuss the new NBA ideas for a Group Stage and 1-16 playoff seeding, wonder what Zubac's ceiling is, and remember the 2000 Clippers season.
33 min
The Dr. Is IN, Long Breaks Before Playoff Baske...
Dr. Tartchi returns to discuss the effects of a long rest before the return to play for the Clippers, discuss Marcus Morris' future with the team and alternatives if he doesn't re-sign, and we pour one out for Lou Will Ville
33 min
Taking a look at Trez's future, ESPN picks the ...
Trez week closes with a look at his future, we discuss ESPN's picks for the all time Clippers starting 5, a Disney World update, and Love, Marry, Quarantine.
33 min
The Sporting News own Joe Morgan joins to answe...
Sporting News' own Joe Morgan joins to answer Clippers fan questions, discuss Trez's overall impact, and wonder why Dinwiddie's GoFundMe didn't work.
42 min
The WCF Would Have Started Today, Bleacher Repo...
Wondering what the first night of the Western Conference Finals would have looked like, taking a look at how Bleacher Report is running the Clippers, Lou Will's favorite drink, and wanting the Clippers to take their time in returning.
30 min
Lou Williams legacy, a forgotten Clippers re-de...
Dr. Tartchi returns to discuss Lou Will's legacy and how Doc helped him reach his potential, we breakdown a fantastic Clippers re-design idea that almost happened in the early 90s, and throw out our own re-branding ideas during Love, Marry, Quarantine
33 min
SBN writer Sabreena Merchant helps answer Twitt...
Sabreena Merchant joins the pod to answer Twitter Tuesday questions, wonder about Lou Will's usage in the playoffs, and talk the NBA's "check yes or no" policy towards Corona.
35 min
How will Corona affect Mann and Fi's developmen...
Wondering how Terance Mann and Mfiondu Kabengele are dealing with shelter-in-place during their rookie year, Doc Rivers has concerns about Corona that seem...super valid, Patrick Patterson loves Crazy Town, and a salary cap discussion
37 min
Clippers fan submitted Twitter Tuesday question...
We answer Clippers fans questions about health during the break and possible guard additions, Patrick Beverley Appreciation Week, a Marc Stein Corona update, and Mike Tyson loves the Clips.
31 min
ClipSet creator Brian Cullen joins to discuss t...
Special guest Brian Cullen joins to talk the Clippers biggest "what ifs" and break down the upcoming Donald Sterling documentary.
32 min
Special Guest Carl Tart Talks The Biggest Momen...
Special guest Carl Tart joins the podcast to discuss July 5th, 2019, and the Clippers "curse", plus we breakdown PG's new commercial and figure out the best way to end the NBA season.
40 min
Biggest Breaks In Clippers History, Twitter Tue...
Revisiting the Clippers biggest breaks (and we mean all kind of breaks), answering questions about Kabengele and a 3rd star, the Lakers are morons, and Fox Sports helps our quarantine with Clips classics.
33 min
Best Moments in Clippers History Week kicks off...
Discussing the most insane franchise-for-franchise trade of all time that resulted in the Clippers heading to SD, what’s next for Clips ownership, and a Woj Corona update.
32 min
Breaking down the biggest Clippers bounce back,...
Taking a look at the most pivotal weekend for the 19-20 Clippers, wondering what games Clips players would enjoy during quarantine, and an update on Kawhi’s legal troubles
28 min
Top scoring Clippers performances so far, Twitt...
Breaking down the best of the best Clippers scoring performances, taking questions about contracts and quarantine, and a RTS best-of.
39 min
Best Series of the Clippers Season, Discussing ...
Breaking down the best series of the Clippers season during “Best of 19-20” Week, wondering if it’s actually a *good* thing the 4-20 Club doesn’t meet more often, and Doc might have a new assistants coach soon. .
34 min
Recapping the post-Lob City success of the Clip...
Diving into the stats of what made the post Lob City seasons a success, outlining how fandom might change during broadcasts with no fans, and a Reggie Jackson inspired Love, Marry, Quarantine.
34 min
Looking at the best stat lines of Lob City, pee...
Dissecting the absurd stat lines of Lob City and picking our favorite, wondering what a series against the Mavs would have been like, and an update on mass gatherings from Governor Newsom
36 min
Best individual seasons pre Lob City, looking a...
Taking a look at the best individual statistical seasons from the Pre Lob City Clippers, wonder how hard it’s going to be to fill out the team for the upcoming years on The Freshies, and Shamet gets a dog
31 min
Picking our personal best Clippers season, Doc ...
Taking a look at our personal favorite Clippers seasons, trying to figure out if Doc *actually* will start going smaller at the 5 this time, a fake recap of what should have been a Clippers win over the team from across the hall, and Love, Marry, Quarantine.
34 min
ClipperNation picks the best season in franchis...
Looking at the fan vote for the Clippers best season in franchise history, wondering which team Lou Will will head to the HOF for, answering some elite Twitter Tuesday questions, an update on the NBA's return, and the Montrezl Harrell doc premieres on the Clippers YouTube page.
34 min
Best season in Clippers history discussed, Marc...
Breaking down what the best Clippers season ever is (hint: it’s this one), looking at Marcus Morris’ play up to this point, and an update on Trez and Bev in the 2K Tournament
34 min
Looking at next year’s roster, evaluating Zubac...
Taking a look at the Wednesday Twitter poll and playing a hot take about next year’s Clippers roster, looking at Ivica Zubac’s fantastic year so far, try and predict Bev and Trez’s performance in the 2K tourney, and play a Zoom meeting themed LMJ.
33 min
Twitter Tuesday questions, Pat Bev appreciation...
Taking fan questions about Shamet’s minutes and Trez’s shoes, reliving Patrick Beverley’s best moments. Ballmer’s 8 digit loss, and a special question from ClipCast.
29 min
Picking our preferred Paul George performances,...
Looking back at the fantastic year Paul George was in the middle of and grading his season overall, breaking down the future for Rodney McGruder and wondering about Clippers draft moves on The Freshies, sensing Shamet's need for basketball, and wondering why Patterson doesn't have a better rated speaker.
37 min
Favorite Kawhi moments up to this point, what e...
Taking a look at our favorite Kawhi Leonard moments of the Clippers season, giving some options for Steve Ballmer for what to buy after the Forum, and Bev’s no-basketball life.
29 min
An alternate universe edition of Hot Take Thurs...
Taking a look at this season with a trio of Shai, Gallo, and Kawhi, wishing for more Reggie Jackson minutes for clarity (plus some Shamet sets), and dissecting Ralph Lawler's Twitter voice.
27 min
Trying to predict Trez’s contract on Whatcha Sa...
Discussing ClipperNation’s predictions for Montrezl Harrell’s contract, picking our favorite bench performances so far this season and grading the unit overall, and breaking down Ballmer buying the Forum.
30 min
Twitter Tuesday extravaganza, discussing the li...
Answering user-submitted Clippers questions about contracts and end-of-season-what-ifs, being psyched on how well the Clippers have upgraded the live experience for fans, and talking Ralph's twitter and Shai's new hair.
32 min
Favorite Clippers playoff performances, The Fre...
Discussing some of our favorite random Clippers playoff memories, taking a look at some Clippers of the past who maybe didn’t make the biggest impact but were fun to watch, looking at the Staples Center role in Corona, and wondering why Danny Green is upset.
30 min