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The Locked On Indians Podcast is a daily podcast that is dedicated to the Cleveland Indians from the minors to the majors. Join host Jeff Ellis, and Co-Hosts Pat Ellington and Caleb Philips, as they look at the night before, who to know in the minors, and what the future may hold for the Cleveland Indians as they try and capture their first World Series victory since 1948. Locked On Indians is a proud member of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Four Games Back - Locked On Indians
Indians win, and the Twins lose
19 min
One Hitter - Locked on Indians
A lot happening in the minors, but the first focus is another big win and a one hitter no less for the Indians.
17 min
JRAM HEATING UP - Locked on Indians
Indians beat the Tigers, we dig into statcast, talk about some minor moves, and spend some time on JRAM
21 min
Twin Killing - Locked on Indians
Indians lose two of three to the Twins, but hope springs eternal
20 min
Danny Salazar - Locked on Indians
Danny Salazar pitched in Akron today, listen in to hear how he did
23 min
It's my Birthday I can Pod, If I Want to - Lock...
Minors heavy on this one as the MLB team is still out of action
31 min
All Star Game - Locked on Indians
We take a look at the All Star game, then look at some hitters that Indians should consider trading for
22 min
Home Run Derby - Locked on Indians
We talk about the Home Run Derby, and then use Baseball Trade Value to have some fun with Trades
35 min
All Star Break - Locked on Indians
We take a look back at the Indians first half, then talk about prospects and the promotion of Nolan Jones
26 min
Royal Sweep - Locked On Indians
The Indians gain more ground in the central, we explore some national articles, and discuss the RubberDucks
28 min
July 4th Edition - Locked on Indians
Come for the background fireworks stay for talk on another Indians win, a minor Indians trade, and a smidge of AA talk
22 min
Bauer, Bauers, and Bradley - Locked on Indians
Discussion is made of the Indians international signings, Daniel Johnson, and the Indians win
22 min
69 Episodes in and Going Strong - Locked on Ind...
We take a look at the upcoming series with the Royals and Reds, before a June pitching review
27 min
Oh No Orioles - Locked on Indians
We take a look back at a horrible weekend, then look at the Indians performance over the month of June
23 min
Bauer and Bauers, Players on Call - Locked on I...
We take a look at the win brought to by Bauer and Bauers, along with some talk about a possible trade
23 min
Need a Hand, Tito? - Locked on Indians
Taking a look at the Indians loss, then going deep on Carlos Santana who did the same last night
24 min
I'm Back - Locked on Indians
Host Jeff Ellis is back to live shows discussing a busy few days
21 min
More Minors, Less Problems - Locked on Indians
More looks at the Indians minors, enjoy a loaded Lynchburg team while you can
19 min
Looking at the Lower Minors - Locked on Indians
While our host is on the road, we take some time to look at the Indians lower minors
18 min
Kipnis Smash - Locked on Indians
Just one day after calling for his release Jason Kipnis hits two home runs, proving as always the host knows nothing
29 min
Back to Back to Back - Locked On Indians
Indians win a big one in spite of some questionable lineup choices
19 min
Welcome Back Clev - Locked On Indians
Even though he got the loss it was nice having Clevinger back in the fold
20 min
Taming the Tigers - Locked on Indians
We take a look at the weekend series, Bobby Bradley, and the Indians failure with prep arms
19 min
Looking Back to 2016 - Locked On Indians
We take a look back at the 2016 draft, after some columbus clippers talk
28 min
Split Series - Locked On Indians
A look at the Indians loss to the Reds, and then some Akron Rubberducks talk
20 min
The Red Winning - Locked on Indians
Take a look at the Indians win vs the Reds, looking at a loaded Mahoning Valley roster, then praise Nolan Jones
22 min
No Game, No Cry - Locked on Indians
No game today, so we look how the Indians stack up in the AL stats wise
27 min
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad - Locked On Indians
As Meatloaf would tell you two out of three wins over the weekend ain't bad.
27 min
Hand's Cost - Locked on Indians
We take a look at the loss, Bauers continued struggles, Titos love of Kip, and what could Brand Hand net
23 min
MOAR Draft - Locked On Indians
Another day another win, and the final day of the draft
23 min
MLB DRAFT - Locked On Indians
Little talk about the win, then I break down all 10 picks the Indians made on day 1 and 2
26 min
Episode 50 Draft Nears - Locked On Indians
We take a quick look at the Indians weekend performance before we go draft heavy
18 min
Draft Time - Locked On Indians
Look into Tonight's game in progress, and then go on to discuss approaches to the MLB draft
22 min
We're Going Streaking - Locked on Indians
Taking a look at the Indians last two wins, and then some deep dive draft talk
20 min
All Bauer Trade Talk - Locked On Indians
This whole episode is about possible Bauer trade locations
26 min
Below .500 Blues - Locked on Indians
Taking a look at the last four games, then some Plesac talk
22 min
Come for Indians Talk, Stay for my Sadness - Lo...
Remember when Baseball was fun
23 min
Panic Button? - Locked on Indians
Another poor performance leads to questions about Tito and the Indians in general
23 min
A's Losing Streak: Locked on Indians
Another loss to the A's, Roberto Perez injured, Bauer ineffective, and some Lynchburg talk
20 min
Bullpen Bingo: Locked on Indians
Take a Look at the Indians loss, and then spend time with the Captains in Lake County
20 min
Indians Beat up the Birds - Locked on Indians
Take a look at the weekends games, and then the hitter stats so far this year
18 min
14-7 Indians win by a Touchdown: Locked On Indi...
Indians win big, Bauer concerns, minor league round up
22 min
Orioles on Deck - Locked on Indians
Looking at the Series with the Orioles, talking about Rubber Ducks, and pitching in the upper minors in general
23 min
Cookie and Luplow to the Rescue - Locked on Ind...
Taking at look at the game today, the promotion of Mercado, and an advanced look at my draft Big Board
20 min
Indians Lose and Draft Talk - Locked On Indians
Take a look at the Indians loss, whose trending good and bad, and then MLB draft talk
21 min
A Losing Series - Locked on Indians
Another weekend in the books, and not a good one for the Indians
23 min
Indians win in Spite of Rain - Locked on Indians
looking at an Indians win, the Rubberducks game, and then draft talk
27 min
Locked On Indians : We Got A Winner
We take a look at the Indians victory, then take a tour of Lynchburg, before ending with draft talk
20 min
Locked On Indians : UGH
Another day another ugly game
21 min
Locked On Indians: Owned by Nova
Taking a look at the Monday loss, Lake County, and the Eli Morgan promotion
20 min
Locked On Indians : New Week, New Look
Indians win two of three and make some changes
19 min
Locked On Indians : Cabby Come Back
We take a look at a low end trade that could help the Tribe and then a quick dive into the Akron roster
19 min
Locked On Indians : Non Displaced Fractured Pod...
This one is Kluber and Kluber replacement heavy, with a quick 2013 draft talk at the end
20 min
Locked On Indians : Indians Win and Sabathia ge...
Look at the Indians victory, Sabathia's 3000 K, Lynchburg Hillcats
18 min
Locked On Indians: Off Day Blues
A look around baseball and then some time in Lake County
17 min
Locked On Indians : Astros Spilt
Look at the series against the Astros, and then Full Count Trends
21 min
Locked on Indians: Bauer and Bauers
Looking at the big showdown between Trevor Bauer and Gerrit Cole, and then some time spent on the Columbus Clippers
21 min
Locked on Indians: Indians Catch a Marlin
Talk about the win over the Marlins, the upcoming Astros series, and the Akron Rubber Ducks
19 min
Locked On Indians : The Fish Got Away
Talked about the Indians loss to the Marlins and a look at Lynchburg
21 min
Locked on Indians: Preview of the Marlins plus ...
Off day for the Indians so a perfect time to take a look at the next series, and then look at an interesting Lake County Squad
18 min
Locked On Indians: Braves vs Indians
Talking about the weekend series of the Indians vs the Braves
15 min
Locked On Indians : How do They Stack up
The Indians had an off day, so time to compare their team stats to the rest of baseball
19 min
Locked On Indians : Some Minor Time
Time to dig into the minors
19 min
Locked On Indians : Indians Get a Free Man
Fresh off an Indians win we look at newest Indian Mike Freeman
19 min
Locked On Indians : it's not Miller time
Talking about Brad Miller, I Hanley Ramirez
16 min
Locked On Indians: A Weekend to Forget
The Indians get Royally Beat
15 min
Locked On Indians: Carlos Santana Appreciation ...
Another win, and a big part of it is Carlos Santana, plus a little draft talk at the end
20 min
Locked On Indians: Going Long
Talking some advanced stats, Bauer's start, and JRAM's struggles
19 min
Locked On Indians: Explosive Power and Another ...
Time to take a look at the Indians power explosion and Clevinger injury
15 min
Locked On Indians: Talking Tigers with Chris Brown
Talking Tigers with Chris Brown
14 min
Locked on Indians: Get Those Brooms Ready
A look at the recent sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays
17 min
Locked On Indians: Near No Hitters All Around
Indians took a no hitter into the 9th, but they weren't the only near no hitter on Thursday
17 min
Locked On Indians: Rubber Ducky You're the One
Another day another loss, so time to check out the Rubber Ducks roster instead
18 min
Locked On Indians: Got Those Lindor Blues
No game means more time to dwell on the Indians offensive issues
17 min
Locked On Indians : Home Opener
Home Opener is here, and this time the Indians did not disappoint.
18 min
Locked On Indians: Week Two Blues
Opening Weekend leads to disappointments
18 min
Locked On Indians : Opening Day
It was a bummer of an Opening Day for the Tribe we talk about it.
16 min
Locked On Indians : 25 Man Roster Breakdown
Host Jeff Ellis breaks down the 25 man roster
16 min
Locked On Indians: It's Getting Starting in Here
Time to look at the Indians strength their starting rotation
16 min
Locked On Indians : Talking Owners and Outfield...
Time to talk about outfielders and owners of the Cleveland Indians.
17 min
Locked On Indians: Infield Woes
We take a look at the Indians infield questions as the season begins.
15 min
Introducing Locked On Indians!
4 min