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The Locked On Indians Podcast is a daily podcast that is dedicated to the Cleveland Indians from the minors to the majors. Join host Jeff Ellis, as he looks at the night before, who to know in the minors, and what the future may hold for the Cleveland Indians as they try and capture their first World Series victory since 1948. Locked On Indians is a proud member of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Offensive Explosion
Indians with a big win, roster moves, and White Sox ahead
21 min
20 Percent Done
We talk about the game, cutters, and how its hard to balance small sample size
17 min
Getting off the Schneid
Indians win, even if the offense was still most punch-less a win is a win
23 min
Indians managed to look even worse, and we do the last bit of 2020 draft talk
23 min
Not Beating the Twins
Well that was a crap weekend
24 min
Beating the Twins
Listener Mail, trade talk, Bullpen, and Shane Freaking Bieber
24 min
Previewing the Twins Series and Talking about C...
Looking at how the Indians can patch the catcher position, and then previewing the Twins series
24 min
Two Games Two Wins
Marlins and Double Headers
24 min
White Sox Preview
We talk about the Marlins mess, then preview the White Sox series position by position
23 min
Opening Weekend in the Books
Indians win the series, old friend alerts, and a lot of news
23 min
Opening Day 2020
We talk about league wide news, then preview opening weekend
24 min
It Begins 2020
Baseball is starting Thursday just not the Indians
22 min
Rotations, News, and Lineups
We look at the Indians rotation, lineup, and general league news
20 min
Old Friend Alerts, Roster Shuffles, and More
Lots of former Indians got some bad news on Tuesday and Camp cuts down to 34
21 min
Burns Signs, Moss Comments, Roster Shifts
Signings, Roster moves, and More
19 min
Episode 300
300 episodes in the books, even if I did not realize it until the very end
20 min
News and ESPN Ranks Part 2
Continuing to Look at the ESPN ranks, and some News
23 min
ESPN Ranks Part 1 and News
We start looking at the ESPN player ranks, and also talk about some Indians related news
21 min
Geo Location Data, Yu Chang, Lineups, and Some ...
Looking at fan favorite Geo location data for the pod, before we switch to news, then Yu Chang talk
20 min
Concerns, Other trade Candidates, and Opting Out
We dig into my worries, other players who could be moved, and how Opting Out will just continue occuring
19 min
News, Old Friends, Draft, Names,. and Expansion
Bit All Over the Place on Fridays show, looking at a lot of topics
21 min
55 no 58 Man Roster
We talk about Guyer's retirement then dig into the Indians Roster as it stands
22 min
Cleveland Indians For Now
We talk signings, local talent, and an impending name change
24 min
Talking about Lindor, and the Team No One Menti...
Looking for Teams that Fit for a Lindor Deal
21 min
More Signings Talk and Prospects in General
Continuing the discussion from Monday
20 min
Draft Signings
Looking at the recent draft signings
18 min
Taxi Squads and Prospects
Looking at the Taxi Squad, and some news about players who have been added
20 min
More Details on 2020 Season
Looking at concerns and details about the 202 season set to begin in a month
21 min
Baseball Back Maybe?
We talk about the possible return of the season and what it might look like
20 min
Alonzo Richardson UDFA
Looking at the Newest and most interesting UDFA so far
20 min
Talking about a 50-man?!?
We talk about the newest Indian Jamie Arias, Labor Woes, and what a 50 man team could look like
22 min
UDFA Signings, and Labor Talk
Indians add a pair of college players, and we dig into the ugly labor talks
17 min
Talking Undrafted Signings and final 2019 Review
Talking undrafted signings, looking at the players who got away in 2019 and 2017 drafts
21 min
2020 Draft In the Books
looking at the Indians Draft and the 4 Picks taken on Day 2 in particular
22 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundtable - 8 Locked On Hosts discuss life as a black man in America
85 min
Picks 23 and 36
We focus in on the two picks the Indians made today
16 min
Draft Day
It is Day One of the MLB Draft
21 min
Final Picks from the 2019 Draft Review
Looking at another name to know for the draft, and looking at the last few picks from the 2019 draft
19 min
More Draft Names to Know and Draft Review
Learn about a pair of Canadian Outfielders, then we look at picks 19-28 from a year ago
22 min
Listener Mail, Name to Know, 2019 Draft Review
I answer some listener mail, bring up another name to know, then review picks 12-18 from 2019
21 min
Reviewing the 2019 Draft Picks 7-11
Another name to know, the name to know, along with 2019 review
22 min
Looking back at the 2019 Draft
I give a name to know for 2020, then dig into 2019 draft
22 min
Draft Rumors and Hope for a Season
We look at a recent draft rumor, and why its bunk, and explain why there is new hope for the season
21 min
Catching up on Indians Related News
Talking about recent moves, and what is happening with the Indians
24 min
90s Part 2 the Return of the Ooze
Looking at the second round picks of the 90s, a group that was more failure than success
20 min
Darrell Whitmore: More than an Expansion Pick
Darrell Whitmore a fascinating athlete, who might have been a core part of the future Indians
23 min
Totally Rad 90s First Round Review
It is 90s week for the Locked On Network, so we continue the draft theme looking at the Firsts of the 90s
24 min
1967 Draft Indians Find Hitters Who Can't Hit
Continuing our look at old drafts, we look at a draft that was very prep heavy
24 min
91: Swindell, Candiotta, and Other Moves and Hi...
More fun with history looking at 91 a year with a lot of big trades in Indians history
26 min
Mock 3.0 2020 MLB Draft
We talk about the importance of the 2020 draft, go over names, and projections
26 min
What IF: 2006 Continued
We continue to tumble down the rabbit whole of the 2006 transcations which might have cost the team a World Series
25 min
What If: 2006
What If I told you the Indians costs themselves the 2007 World Series due to moves made in 2006
24 min
What If: The Indians had been bad in 86
What If the Indians had been bad in 86, and how it could have changed the 90s for the Indians
23 min
What IF: 2003 Draft
We look at the virtual Indians then dive into the 2003 draft
26 min
Listener Mail Leads to More Reliever Talk
Time to talk about even more All Time Indians
24 min
Ending All Time Indians Series
Filling the last 4 Spots in Indians all time Bullpen
25 min
All Time Indians Relievers
All time Indians relievers, Clase talk, and current Indians pen talk
21 min
Lemon, Wynn, McDowell whose 5th all time
Looking at how the Indians got Early Wynn, why they trade Mickey Vernon, and who gets the 5th spot
24 min
All-Time Indians spot 4, and players who just M...
Virtual Indians, MLB News, and Looking at the Greatest starters in Indians history
24 min
All Time Indians Starters First Three Spots
We talk about the virtual season, the Addie Joss story, and look at the top 50 Indians pitchers by bWAR
19 min
Greatest Draft In Indians History
In honor of the NFL draft some MLB draft talk
24 min
Boston's Slap on the Wrist and Indians What-If
Looking at the Red Sox cheating punishment, and looking at how the Indians barely missed out on an all time great
21 min
MLB News, Virtual Baseball, and High Point of 2019
We talk virtual baseball, Minor League changes, and the best point of 2019 for the Indians
21 min
Seibert and Chambliss More Indians Trade History
Looking at a pair of connected deals in Indians history
25 min
Colavito and Cash: Frank Lane Murders the Indians
1960 Indians, Trades, Building a Tigers Championship
24 min
Episode 250: Virtual Baseball
Catching up on the Sim, seeing how the virtual season has gone
24 min
1920 Continued
More time focused on the Indians First World Series Win
26 min
1920 Indians A Lot to Talk About
Sims and 1920s Indians
19 min
World Series Champs
Sim fun, and continuing look at greatest seasons of all time
29 min
Simming Carrasco, and Greatest Season in Team H...
Joining a game mid sim, then talking about the 54 Indians
24 min
More Bad Trades from Indians History
Looking at articles, sims, and old time trade fails
24 min
Talking News and One Hit Wonders
Looking at Shin-Soo Choo, 80s Indians, and guys who burned bright and out
21 min
Trading the Mayor and the 66 Draft
Talking about the Sean Casey trade, Bad Sim for the Indians, and the 66 draft
22 min
Eck Trade is Uck
Looking Back on the Dennis Eckersley deal 33 years later
24 min
Indians take 2 of 3 from Tigers
Talking draft, roster moves, and the weekend sim
20 min
Happy Opening Day Almost
We might not have the real thing, but we do have sim opening day
28 min
News and More Draft Talk
Hear me talk about Thor's injury, and again why baseball is blowing the draft
21 min
This Date in Trades
Looking at two trades that occured on this day and one that did not
25 min
1965 MLB Draft
Looking at the 1965 Draft, and finding a mystery
20 min
Remembering Steve Olin and Tim Crews
Talking about the Tragic Passing of Steve Olin and Tim Crews on the Anniversary of their deaths
24 min
Roster MOVES!!!!!!!!
We finally have something Indians related to talk about
18 min
MLB Draft Skipped?
This one is all about the talk of skipping the draft
24 min
All-Time Second Base in the Books
Some minor news, and then finishing up All-Time Second Base
28 min
Might Not Be Time for Tickets
Talking Tickets, and 6-3 All-Time 2nd
22 min
We Are Not Going Anywhere
Talking about what the show will be like, and then some all-time second base talk
23 min
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Talking about well you all know
19 min
Roster moves, Injury Talk, and Guessing at the 26
Looking at camp cuts and injury news
20 min
Hentges, Asdrubal, and Peralta
Talking about camp cuts, more injuries, in the league and this day in history turns us to shortstops
23 min
Pitching Woes for Others, More Lindor
Talking about news around the league, and yet more Lindor
21 min
Tris Speaker and Earl Averill Enough Said
Talking News, Injuries, and All-Time Centerfield
25 min
Mercado Injury, Yanks/Indians should talk, Indi...
News and history combine for a longer show, but a fun one to listen to......I hope
28 min
All-Time Third Base
Talking about Hot Takes and Indians Third Base
26 min
Talking Indians and College Performers
Indians still have no sold out opening day, Yelich gets a new deal, and top college performers
22 min
Talking Prospects and How Set is the Roster
Talking about Prospect ranks, pitching, and how set is this roster
19 min
Take Time When You Can
Talking About My Dad
18 min
All Time Indians Shortstop
Talking News and Talking All Time Shortstops
24 min
Don't Skip This One
Looking Into Released Atlanta Financials Trying to Figure out the Indians
23 min
Brady Aiken Harbinger of Change
Talking about Brady Aiken in camp and effect on baseball history
20 min
Smug Dolan Equals Fewer Tickets
Indians don't sell out the opener right away, what happened?
20 min
News, Pitching, and Theories
Back in the Saddle Again
25 min