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The Locked On Indians Podcast is a daily podcast that is dedicated to the Cleveland Indians from the minors to the majors. Join host Jeff Ellis, as he looks at the night before, who to know in the minors, and what the future may hold for the Cleveland Indians as they try and capture their first World Series victory since 1948. Locked On Indians is a proud member of the Locked On Podcast Network.

News and Looking Into Potential Free Agents
We look into the news of the day and also look at free agents that could fit the Indians price range
30 min
Grumblings and Complaints
I get a little annoyed at the Indians and others in this one
27 min
Mailbag Find Out Who Was the Worst 2nd Rounder ...
mailbag fun
30 min
Talking Santander and Springer Signing Occurs M...
Talking Santander, Springer, All Time 2nd Round and more
27 min
Talking Kluber and Rays Trade Targets
Talking about Kluber, Arbitration, and the Rays
22 min
Interview with Javi Reyes of Locked On Padres (...
Second part of a two parter talking with Javi of Locked on Padres
33 min
Interview with Javi Reyes of Locked On Padres (...
First part of a two parter talking with Javi of Locked on Padres
20 min
More Thoughts on the Big Trade
We dig into the trade more with some time to think, and read others thoughts
29 min
Lindor and Carrasco Traded to the Big Apple
Looking into one of the Bigger Trades in recent franchise history
32 min
Talking and Rays and Indians a Match Made in Fr...
We talk why the Indians and Rays are natural fits due to contracts and needs
24 min
Comparing All the Padres Trades
We look at the Padres recent deals, and my take on all three of those deals
29 min
Talking Tigers and Indians with Rogelio Castill...
Great talk with Tigers writer and podcaster Rogelio Castillo
23 min
Talking Tigers and Indians with Rogelio Castill...
Great talk with Tigers writer and podcaster Rogelio Castillo
27 min
Josh Bell and Nick Wittgren
We talk about the Josh Bell trade and Nick Wittgren's signing
27 min
Talking Scouting and Prospects with Burke Grang...
A great chat with a great and very knowledgeable guy, Burke Granger
28 min
Talking Scouting and Prospects with Burke Grang...
A great chat with a great and very knowledgeable guy, Burke Granger
22 min
There Is So Much Happening! (Opposite Day)
The World of baseball is dead, but we talk news and old friend alerts
27 min
Mailbag and Diatribes
We answer a series of questions in the mailbag, and then talk about the offseason
30 min
Omar in the News, Not Good
We talk about the Omar news, league news, and then some baseball and Indians history
21 min
Talking Baseball with Taylor Blake Ward
A chance to talk about the Indians and Angels with my friend Taylor Blake Ward
29 min
Mets I know, Name Change, and Renfroe
Looking at the news, answering questions, and talking about a variety of points
20 min
The Cleveland ?????
We talk name change, news, and the Phillies
26 min
I Got Rule 5 Fever
We talk about the losses and gains in the Rule 5 draft.
26 min
Carlos Santana is Royalty
We talk Carlos Santana all time great, and the Rule 5 draft amongst other topics
22 min
Talking White Sox and Indians with James Fox
Talking about the White Sox, Indians, and news with Future Sox's Josh Fox
31 min
Talking Zips (Baseball projection system, not t...
News around the league, and looking at the Zips projection system
25 min
Talking Baseball with Brian Sakowski Part 2
We talk about all sorts of baseball topics with Perfect Games Brian Sakowski
25 min
Talking Baseball with Brian Sakowski Part 1
We talk about all sorts of baseball topics with Perfect Games Brian Sakowski
24 min
Non-Tender Deadlines Extra Stuffed Edition
Indians have four open spots on their 40 man now, we talk about former players and names to know
35 min
Pitching Market Picking Up
We look at news, talk rumors, and discuss why the Browns felt a little like the Indians this week
23 min
Chatting with Adam Liberman
A fun Chat with former RubberDucks head of public and media relations Adam Liberman
32 min
Some Names to Know and League News
We talk news, names, and how the Indians might find talent
23 min
Cimber, Hand, Mejia, and Humpreys
We talk about the move the Indians made, and dive into the history with these players
25 min
Talking Tribe With Justin Lada
Talking minors and majors with Justin Lada of Indians Baseball Insider
33 min
40 Man Adds and Chernoff Stays
Looking at the Five players added to the 40, and keeping the Indians GM
25 min
40 Man, Minor Signings, and Tigers Talk
40 man needs to be set, small signings, and finishing our trade talk around the league.
24 min
Chernoff, Lindor, Carrasco Who Else is a Rumore...
We can't escape the Mets
22 min
Talking Lindor Like Literally Everyone Else
Lindor and More, just come to our Store
23 min
Clevinger Injury: Revisiting the Trade and Othe...
Clevinger needs Tommy John, talking trade and other news
18 min
Talking AL East
Talking about Red Sox, Rays, and Blue Jays
20 min
Awards, History, and O's
We talk awards, local ties, history, and the Orioles
23 min
Talking Indians and Mets with Ryan Finkelstein
We talk in-depth on the Mets and players to know
28 min
Continuing to Try and Find Trades
We look around a few more teams trying to find a trade
24 min
Waldron More like Walgone: and Other News
Indians complete the Clevinger deal, More Mets rumors, Gallo, and more news
26 min
Lindor to the Yankees: Yup I Give In and Find a...
Yup I find a deal that works to trade Lindor to the Yankees, and make every fan hate me
27 min
Rumor Mill Churns, Colon to Archer Direct Trade...
Talking rumors, yes and more Mets forever more Mets, before showing how two great heists are connected
19 min
Looking for Trades in All the Wrong Places
We continue trying to find help for the Indians
27 min
Gold Gloves, Minors Changes, and Talking Trades
We talk gold gloves and some past drafts due to it, then talk about the Braves and trades
25 min
More Mets Talk No Lindor Needed
We talk about Brad Hand, NY Mets, and Awards Finalists
24 min
Roster Changes and Some Names to Consider
Indians made some 40 man moves, a coaching change, and we talk players who have been or maybe be let go
22 min
Take My Hand
Indians are giving away their closer, we look at it and other potential signs of why next season could be a cheap one
24 min
White Sox and Buyout News
White Sox might do something dumb, we look at the scrap pile, then get lost in a draft
32 min
Indians All Prospect Lineup - Pitchers
Talking about the Indians top young arms
29 min
Indians All Prospect Lineup - Hitters
We look at the Indians Top Prospects Trying to produce a future lineup
20 min
A Little History, Tangled Web of Trades: Larry ...
We look at a series of Larry Doby deals, and the players involved in multiple trades over the years
19 min
Talking History and the Cubs Finally
We spend some time on the rabbit hole of game 4 starters from the 97 series, then talk about Cubs
23 min
More Lindor Questions Leads to More Lindor Talk
Recent Twitter Talk leads me back to More Lindor Deals
28 min
Way Too Early Mock Picks 21-27
We dig into more picks in the Way Too Early Mock Draft
26 min
World Series Preview
We take apart the Rays and Dodgers trying to pick who will win it all
24 min
Way Too Early Mock Picks 15-21
I turn one of my most popular columns into a podcast
19 min
Digging in the NL Central: Looking Red
We start looking in the NL central for hitting help, big focus on the Reds
22 min
Talking Lindor: Questions Lead to Trade Talk
I had a question from another Locked On host, which lead me to look at Lindor deals yet again
24 min
Looking for Outfielders in All the Right Places...
We spend time trying to find a team with outfield depth for the Indians to deal with
30 min
2021 Draft Talk Five Early Names to Know
talk some history, quick mailbag, then focused on five names to know for the 2021 draft
23 min
Rays and Some History
How the Rays are out Indianing the Indians, and looking at some important history
19 min
Nightmare Team: Hitters Edition
We look at the biggest busts in Indians prospect history from the hitters side
32 min
Nightmare Team: Pitching Edition
We were asked to make a dream team, instead we look into nightmares
28 min
It is an all mailbag edition
26 min
Looking at the Fall Instructional Roster
Looking deep at the Indians Fall Instructional Roster, where every prospect you need to know will play
21 min
Talking Tribe with Matt Bretz
A another long one talking with Ohio vs Everyone's Matt Bretz
42 min
Lindor, Free Agent Outfielders, and Salary Conc...
We dig into a lot of different things that all tie to the Indians offseason
25 min
That's All They Wrote
Extra long sadness edition
32 min
Playoff Failure
Talking Game one and Hopes for game Two
17 min
Postseason Preview Facing the Yankees
Mailbag, League Leaders, All Time Greats, and Postseason Previews
28 min
`Talking Postseason with Justin Lada
Long interview with Justin Lada talking Postseason
40 min
Sweeping the Sox
So much to talk about, another big win, Brad hand, and Lots of award talk
26 min
Dramatic Win Brought to you by Luplow
We have exciting news at the top, talk about the game, and then circle back to take some listener mail
24 min
Postseason Bound
Indians are in the postseason, and JRAM has a signature MVP moment
25 min
White Sox Preview and JRAM Talk
Preview the White Sox who right now are the team the Indians would face in the post season
24 min
Weekend Round Up
Talking JRAM, Carrasco, Plesac , and more
26 min
I'm a Beliebers
We should all be Beliebers by now
20 min
Last Night Got Weird
When I signed off last night I had no clue the game was going to get
23 min
WTF Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman batting second nothing more needs to be said
20 min
Lets Look At the Numbers
We look at the advanced and bio-metric data to try and see are the Indians good?
21 min
Six in a Row: Not the Good Way
First Six Game losing streak since 2015
21 min
Nearly No Hit
We talk about lineup changes that are needed, who could help the Indians, and a no hitter that nearly was
27 min
Carlos Carrasco Up, Indians Down
Disappointing loss aside, lets look at Carlos Carrasco Indians Great
22 min
Scattershot: Both the Podcast and Indians Offense
We talk about the game, post season, long term thoughts, and more
24 min
Weekend Review and Mailbag
We look over the last four games, and then dive into a mailbag
25 min
Brewers Preview and a Look into the Future
Previewing the Brewers, talking 2024, and prospects in general
26 min
How Tom Seaver was Nearly an Indian
Talk about how the recently passed Tom Seaver was nearly an Indian, and more
22 min
Draft News, Historical Thoughts, and Mailbag
This one is all over the place
19 min
Clevinger more than Clevingoner
We talk about a trade, come on you all knew that
28 min
Trade Deadlining
What do you think it is about?
19 min
Perspective and Previews
Look at the Indians and Cleveland in-generals fantastic progressive history, talk trades, and talk Cards
26 min
Talking Baseball with my Dad this Time for Real
Interview with my Father from July this time it really is
21 min
Bieber's Rough Night
We talk about an off night by Shane Bieber, Blue Jays trades?, and the return of Clev
22 min
Talking Twins and Silly Trade Rumors
We look at some silly trade rumors from the east coast, talk tito, and then deep dive on the Twins
25 min
Tigers Pounce Tribe
Talking McKenzie, listener mail, trade deadline, and Tigers Series
20 min
Discussing a Possible Brantley Deal
We look at a Brantley deal, talk McKenzie, look at the Tigers statcast, and love on Biebs
23 min