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The Locked On Guardians Podcast is a daily podcast that is dedicated to the Cleveland Guardians from the minors to the majors. Join host Jeff Ellis as they look at the night before, who to know in the minors, and what the future may hold for the Cleveland Guardians as they try and capture their first World Series victory since 1948. Locked On Guardians is a proud member of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Organizational Additions, Promotions, Ownership...
Lock Out So What, There is so much to talk about between the draft, ownership, and organizational moves
30 min
More 2022 Draft Talk Prospects 15-9: Find out w...
More draft talk, some football players to know, my top pitchers, and a famous son
31 min
Bradley Zimmer Trade Asset? 2022 MLB Draft Rank...
We get into some Zimmer talk from twitter, before we talk more 2022 Draft
28 min
More MLB 2022 Draft Preseason Draft Rankings
Talking about more prospects to watch for this years draft as we move up to player 21 on my personal list
29 min
2022 MLB Draft Preseason Ranks: Some Names to K...
Time to talk Draft with the MLB season uncertain
27 min
Cleveland Guardians Mailbag
Mailbag and more
27 min
Cleveland Guardians Positional Discussion: Pitc...
Talking about the likely starter of each position, possible upgrades, sleepers, and five years in the future
28 min
Cleveland Guardians Positional Discussion: Outf...
Talking about the likely starter of each position, possible upgrades, sleepers, and five years in the future
29 min
Cleveland Guardians Positional Discussion: Firs...
Talking about the likely starter of each position, possible upgrades, sleepers, and five years in the future
29 min
New Cleveland Guardians Ownership. What you Nee...
We talk about the podcast offseason, plans for next week, and the big focus on potential new owner David Blitzer
29 min
Cleveland Guardians and Miami Marlins Lets Make...
We use a rumor to do a deep take on the Marlins and Indians and how the teams might make sense
30 min
Delay Showed: Power is Back On
We talk about the Rule 5 and the tragic loss of Andres Melendez
27 min
Stuff+ and Mailbag
Talk a little news, a little Stuff+, and a lot of mailbag
30 min
Press Release, LO Guardians News, and Draft Dis...
We talk about the Guardians press release, some show news, and talking a twitter discussion into the podcast
29 min
1976 Draft: Bad One for the Guardians Except fo...
Time to dive into another draft, 1976 should be a bad one but one player saves it
30 min
Zipping it up: Time to Dig into the Zips Projec...
We take a look at the Zips and Steamer systems, and also talk some trades
30 min
End of our Failed Prospect Series
Finishing off our failed prospect series with two of the most recent examples
29 min
Everything you Need to Know MILB Rule 5: Additi...
MILB Rule 5 Madness
27 min
MOAR Prospect Failures Review
We continue to dig through the top prospects who didn't live up to the hype
28 min
MILB Rule 5 Primer and More Failed Prospects
We look at a podcast milestone, the MILB Rule 5, and a trio of first rounders from 2007 who fell short
28 min
Hall of Fame Chatter and Minor News
We talk about how deals can happen, bad tweets, and the Hall of Fame
29 min
Locked Out of my Thoughts and the 1980 Draft
Some Thoughts on the Lock Out then we focus in on a would of, could of, should of draft class
29 min
Enyel De Los Santos: Come On Down You ARE the G...
New reliever, Front Office People Leaving, and the Last FA signings for awhile
29 min
Time to Get Tender and Talk about the Non-Tende...
Looking at those newest of free agents and trying to find help for the Guardians
29 min
Free Agency Madness Continues: Guardians Lie in...
City Council deals, Free agency deals, and explaining how the Guardians approach FA
30 min
Free Agency Is Too Fast and Too Furious: Except...
Free Agency is a Mad House we dig in
27 min
2017 MLB Draft Review No First Rounder No Problem
Players lost on Waivers, and some 2017 Draft Class from Ty Freeman to Eli Morgan and so much in general
32 min
Explaining Why the Guardians Are Poorer than Yo...
Money Problems, All MLB problems, Old Friends Problems
29 min
Doug Jones An All Time Great In Franchise History
Talking Doug Jones Great and Winding career, also looking at the Indians Recent Moves
28 min
Rule Five Fallout: 25% of the 40 Man Changed
All Rule 5 All the TIME
29 min
Rule Five Decisions are Impending
MVP chatter, and then focused on Rule 5 and many impending decisions
30 min
Verlander leads to 2004 Draft Talk
News, Cy Youngs, and a draft class full of arm trouble
29 min
Guardians Gear is Coming
Guardians Deal is Done, Looking at Ownership information, and more failed prospects
31 min
We Did It! Top 100 Podcast Go Team
News, Rookie of the year, Prospect Failures
31 min
Silver Slugger Failure and Shortstop Projections
looking at the Silver Slugger failure, where the shortstops may land, and more failed prospect
32 min
Looking at Prospect Failures to Better Predict ...
Looking at how and why top prospects fail
30 min
Jose Tena is Destroying the Arizona Fall League
Jose Tena, AFL, Fall Leagues, and trade talk
32 min
2013 MLB Draft: Indians Pick in the Top Five Bu...
Talking about Free agent projections, Andrew Heaney, and the 2013 MLB Draft
36 min
Chris Valaika Guardians New Hitting Coach
New Hitting coach, roster moves, and qualifying offers
30 min
Crossing Over with Javi and Locked on Padres
Cross Over with the always great Javi
40 min
First Offseason Trade Makes the Tigers Better, ...
Tigers Trade, MVP let go, and Strife in New York
32 min
2012 Draft in Review: The Indians Did Poorly Bu...
Chatting about future quests, the World Series, and the first draft with the slotting system
33 min
Emptying out the Mailbag
This one is almost entirely all fans edition of the mailbag
29 min
Mailbag: Pitching Prospects, First Base, and Po...
Talking about labor woes and answering your questions
31 min
Two Gold Glove Finalists for the Cleveland Indi...
Old Friend Alerts, Trade Ideas, A Pitch to be the Mets GM, Arbitration talk, and Gold Glove Finalists
31 min
Lawsuit or Not They will be the Guardians
lawsuits, Niebla to the Padres, and mailbag time
30 min
Jose Ramirez Extension Sign Me Up, 1991 Draft C...
We talk about the good and bad of a JRAM extension, then take a deep look at the 91 draft one of the Indians best
34 min
Biggest Offseason Loss in a Decade: Ruben Niebla
Anyone but Niebla, Eddie Rosario right moves wrong outcomes, one final sleeper
30 min
Seiya Suzuki and Miguel Vargas
Talking Old Friends, 2015 Draft, Seiya Suzuki, Miguel Vargas, and More
34 min
Old Friends, Names to Watch, and Sleepers
Lots of minor moves so we dig into old friends and interesting names, as well as more Sleepers
33 min
Eddie Rosario, Mailbag, and Sleepers
Baseball playoffs, Rule 5 mailbag, and sleepers galore
33 min
Sleepers, Financials, and a Plummer
30 min
Nolan Jones and the 1981 Indians Draft
Prospect talk, Some Draft History, and looking back at a bad Indians draft that netted some interesting stories
32 min
Get to Know George Hendrick
Talking about news of the day, a Indians great I had not known about, and continuing to look for sleepers
33 min
Hawking the Cubs and the Greatness of Ray Fosse
How much will the Cubs take from the Indians, What trades might happen, and Ray Fosse was TOUGH
30 min
Rookies and Sleepers
rookie ranks, sleepers, and how to find the next under the radar hitter
31 min
Cubs Coming Calling
Talk about the Cubs GM situation and the effects it could have on the Indians
30 min
73 Years Ago Today Indians Last Won It All
We talk about rumors, Rule 5 Chances, and some history
27 min
Ty Van Burklegone am I right?
Hitting coach gone, minor leagues cut, and Fall League revealed
32 min
What IF: How Brady Aiken Changed Everything
We look at how Brady Aiken not signing with the Astros changed the Baseball World
34 min
Season in Review Pitching
Talking about the Bullpen both future and past, also talking some past history and former players
32 min
Season in Review
Season is over time for draft talk and reviews as we look towards 2022
33 min
BONUS: Locked On MLB Playoff Preview Special Te...
29 min
2021 Ends and So Ends the Indians
Talking Mock Draft and the end of an Era
32 min
October is Here: Indians Season Nearing an End
Two Games against the Royals, going deep on pitching, 40 man fun
31 min
Royal Loss and 2021 Shadow Draft
Royals beat the Indians, Comparing to the 90s Indians, and my Shadow Draft revealed
32 min
Brotherly History During the Final Cleveland In...
Three games against the White Sox, One against the Royals, Home Games done, History is made
31 min
Split Doubleheader: White Sox Take the Central ...
Doubleheader, Ryan Garko, and AL vs NL
33 min
Rainout White Sox Coming
Rainout, so instead we focus on the upcoming five against the White Sox
33 min
Indians and Rubberducks WIN
Indians win, Rubberducks win, and we all win with prospect talk
33 min
Doubleheader Fail
Gose Promotion, Doubleheader failures, and some POTW chatter
31 min
We go deep on a very fun weekend series, and talk about Shane Bieber's first start in months
32 min
Yankees on Deck:: Just 150 Million Dollar Diffe...
Talking Jesse Winker, Trade Value, and the Yankees Series
31 min
My Number One Offseason Target is ...
Indians finally win a series against the Twins, Outfield is harder to find then you think,
37 min
Double Header: One Out of Two Ain't Bad
We dig into the double header, Shane Bieber's return, Rookie of the year, and more
34 min
Fans Take Over
We talk trade ideas, before letting the fans take over and pilot the show
34 min
Indians Get DESTROYED by the Brewers
It was a rough and weird weekend, we dig in, and also look to the future
32 min
Indians Finally Beat the Twins
Indians win, advanced stats, appreciate Jose, and the Brewers on Deck
37 min
Nearly No Hit For the Fourth Time
Indians offensive flails and fails, draft history talk, and more similarity scores
33 min
If You Can't Win At Least Draft Position Improves
We dig into the losses, talk history, and find stat comps
32 min
Historic Home Run Stretch
We talk about the Red Sox series, some team history, the Twins, and the wild card race
36 min
Royal Sweep
We talk about the Indians sweep of the Royals, minor leagues, and preview the series with the Red Sox
32 min
Amed Rosario is Historic, Logan Allen is Coming
Random Musings, Game review, game chat, and expansion drafts
32 min
Clevinger Deal One Year Later
Looking back at the Clevinger deal, talking minor moves, and a game in progress
30 min
New Baby Same Indians
Discuss the issues with the pod last week, the Indians weekend, and the upcoming Royals series
32 min
MACTION Matchup Leads to Indians Win
Indians win, International signings, and mailbag
32 min
Talking about Bob Feller, Indians Loss, and MOA...
Indians are promoting players daily we dig in, looking into Feller's place in history, and the Indians weird loss
32 min
Off Day: Minors Report
Talking about the minors, and the upcoming series with the Rangers
33 min
Angelic Sweep: Indians Bedevil the Angels
Three great games to talk about
31 min
Angels on Deck
We talk about the Angel series, and why I favor the Indians. We also talk about prospect news and ranks
33 min
Extra Long Pat Chat Sign Us Up for a Salary Flo...
We talk about the game, the possibility of a salary floor, and prospects galore
47 min
Indians Win: Eli Morgan Leads the Way
Old Friends in the news, Big win by a little guy, and trying to figure the roster out
34 min
Today's Show is Brought to You By Bradley Zimmer
We talk about the Zimmeraissance, the game in progress, and mailbag
32 min
Triston McKenzie Nearly Makes History
We focus on the weekend series against the Tigers which feature a lot of big moments
35 min
17-0: Talking About an Indians Loss not the Bro...
Talking about a bad game, pitchers getting healthy, and minor leaguers both playing well and not
35 min
What do the Indians and Jeff Ellis have in Comm...
We talk about the last few days games, what I want to see, and more
30 min
Indians Keep the Ohio Cup
Indians win, JRAM down year?, Previewing the Athletics
32 min
Indians Beat Up the Tigers
Another Fantastic Start by Quantrill, a great game already, then we dive into the near help in AA
31 min
Indians Lose: But Help Should Be on the Way
Talk Indians loss, Preview the Tigers, and talk AAA
33 min
Pat Chat On Bullpens, JRAM, Myles Straw, and So...
Pat Ellington and Jeff Ellis have a long convo on many subjects around the Indians including the game as it is happening
36 min