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The Locked On Guardians Podcast is a daily podcast that is dedicated to the Cleveland Guardians from the minors to the majors. Join hosts Jeff Ellis and Justin Lada as they look at the night before, who to know in the minors, and what the future may hold for the Cleveland Guardians as they try and capture their first World Series victory since 1948. Locked On Guardians is a proud member of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked On Indians : How do They Stack up
The Indians had an off day, so time to compare their team stats to the rest of baseball
19 min
Locked On Indians : Some Minor Time
Time to dig into the minors
19 min
Locked On Indians : Indians Get a Free Man
Fresh off an Indians win we look at newest Indian Mike Freeman
19 min
Locked On Indians : it's not Miller time
Talking about Brad Miller, I Hanley Ramirez
16 min
Locked On Indians: A Weekend to Forget
The Indians get Royally Beat
15 min
Locked On Indians: Carlos Santana Appreciation ...
Another win, and a big part of it is Carlos Santana, plus a little draft talk at the end
20 min
Locked On Indians: Going Long
Talking some advanced stats, Bauer's start, and JRAM's struggles
19 min
Locked On Indians: Explosive Power and Another ...
Time to take a look at the Indians power explosion and Clevinger injury
15 min
Locked On Indians: Talking Tigers with Chris Brown
Talking Tigers with Chris Brown
14 min
Locked on Indians: Get Those Brooms Ready
A look at the recent sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays
17 min
Locked On Indians: Near No Hitters All Around
Indians took a no hitter into the 9th, but they weren't the only near no hitter on Thursday
17 min
Locked On Indians: Rubber Ducky You're the One
Another day another loss, so time to check out the Rubber Ducks roster instead
18 min
Locked On Indians: Got Those Lindor Blues
No game means more time to dwell on the Indians offensive issues
17 min
Locked On Indians : Home Opener
Home Opener is here, and this time the Indians did not disappoint.
18 min
Locked On Indians: Week Two Blues
Opening Weekend leads to disappointments
18 min
Locked On Indians : Opening Day
It was a bummer of an Opening Day for the Tribe we talk about it.
16 min
Locked On Indians : 25 Man Roster Breakdown
Host Jeff Ellis breaks down the 25 man roster
16 min
Locked On Indians: It's Getting Starting in Here
Time to look at the Indians strength their starting rotation
16 min
Locked On Indians : Talking Owners and Outfield...
Time to talk about outfielders and owners of the Cleveland Indians.
17 min
Locked On Indians: Infield Woes
We take a look at the Indians infield questions as the season begins.
15 min
Introducing Locked On Indians!
4 min