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The Locked On Guardians Podcast is a daily podcast that is dedicated to the Cleveland Guardians from the minors to the majors. Join hosts Jeff Ellis and Justin Lada as they look at the night before, who to know in the minors, and what the future may hold for the Cleveland Guardians as they try and capture their first World Series victory since 1948. Locked On Guardians is a proud member of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Free Agents to Know - Locked On Indians
Looking into some Free Agent names for the Indians
24 min
Mailbag - Locked On Indians
This episode is thanks to the fans out there who submitted questions
20 min
Talking Playoffs - Locked On Indians
Talking MLB playoffs
23 min
More Clipping - Locked On Indians
Time to take about the top 5 prospects of the Clippers
21 min
Going Clipping - Locked On Indians
Time to take about the Clippers
22 min
RubberDucks Minor League Low - Locked On Indians
Focus on an Akron squad that had the weakest prospect list so far, but a lot of relievers to know
22 min
Playoffs + Part 2 - Locked On Indians
Talking about former Indians in the playoffs, and also the second part on Lynchburg
21 min
Lynchburg + AZL - Locked on Indians
Time to move to High A and talk about the Hillcats
19 min
Lake County - Locked On Indians
Hanging Out with the Captains
21 min
Arizona Indians - Locked On Indians
Looking at the Arizona Indians and dealing with some confusion
20 min
Arizona Fall League and Mahoning Valley - Locke...
Talking about the AFL and MV
22 min
Around the League - Locked on Indians
Talking about Yandy, playoffs, and some interviews too
19 min
Talking Playoffs - Locked On Indians
Indians season might be over, but not everyone else's is
24 min
40 Man Going Deep - Locked On Indians
I break out the pencil and paper to try and project the Indians 40 man roster
25 min
Cleveland Spiders - Locked On Indians
We talk about my first mock of the year, and then talk about the 40 man crunch
19 min
Bad Season, Great Year - Locked On Indians
We take a look at a disappointing season, talk about the final game, then end with trade talk
28 min
Cue a Large Lady - Locked On Indians
Indians playoff hopes are shot, and a losing record vs the White Sox is part of the reason why
17 min
Forked - Locked on Indians
Indians lose the easiest matchup they have left, putting them on the outside looking in for the post season
18 min
Jose is Back - Locked On Indians
Indians win, but so do the Rays. Nats lock up the Wild Card which might be the best news of all
23 min
Must Win Mode - Locked On Indians
Looking at the Rays and Nats, explaining why the Indians are in must win mode, then three interviews from AA
19 min
Six to Go - Locked On Indians
We talk about the Indians wins this weekend, the wild card race, and why the NL Wild Card race matters so much to the Indians
18 min
Best Of Nine - Locked On Indians
Indians and Rays are tied, we look forward to Philly as well
17 min
In Control - Locked On Indians
Indians, Rays, and A's all won tonight by 1 run in extras it is going to be a close race to the end
22 min
Win One for the Kipper - Locked On Indians
Indians beat the Tigers, and we say goodbye to Kipnis
22 min
No Night Off For Us - Locked on Indians
Indians might not have played, but a lot of teams who impact them do we review
19 min