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Welcome to the "Locked On Anaheim Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we are seeing a new age of Ducks hockey with Greg Cronin as the new coach, and a slew of talented prospects ready to take the hockey world by storm. Follow along with special guests, a weekly look into the Ducks' AHL affiliate, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying some beautiful SoCal weather... and excellent food. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

The AHL's "Return to Play" Task Force is Formed...
The AHL's outgoing President forms a new committee to "Return to Play." Also, the Sabres make a plethora of firings including their entire coaching staff in Rochester. Finally, the San Diego Gulls win a league-wide award for the best promotion in the league.
25 min
Bettman Speaks, and the NHL Coming to Canada?
The National Hockey League wants to play hockey in Canada. Which city should they choose? Also, Gary Bettman makes a brief statement about how the league will deal with positive COVID-19 cases.
13 min
Fan Moments, and Vegas Now a Hub City?
In this short episode, JD lists off some of the moments (or players) that made them hockey fans or when they became Ducks fans. Also, late night reports surfaced that Las Vegas will be one of the hub cities.
17 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
In an eye-opening discussion, Ross Jackson (Saints), Aaron Freeman (Falcons), Tony Wiggins (Jaguars), John Hickman (Texans), Chris Carter (Steelers), Keith Pompey (76ers), Coty Davis (Texans), and Your Boy Q (Raiders) come together for a special Locked On Podcast Network Black Lives Matter Roundtable. These eight Locked On hosts share their first-hand experiences as black men in America. When was the first time they clocked racism in their lives? What are the pet peeves they experience as a black man? In the wake of Geroge Floyd's killing, does this movement feel different than those of the past? What needs to happen for this moment in time to have a lasting impact on society and to result in real gains for social justice, and will these experiences change the next generation?
85 min
Miller Nominated For the Masterton, Bob Murray ...
In this super-packed episode, JD goes over some of the nominees for the NHL's Masterton Trophy. Also, Bob Murray takes a step back and clarifies some of the comments he made last week. Then, Erik Gudbranson pens a poignant letter to Sportsnet, and more on the recent new hiring in Arizona and whether they should build a new arena east of Phoenix.
37 min
Days in Ducks History, and NHL History in the D...
Several iconic Ducks moments took place this time over a decade ago. Also, the Coyotes make hockey history by announcing the first Latino team president in NHL history.
17 min
Hockey Jeopardy! #6 (Feat. Sean Woodley, Sarah ...
We're breaking out of the serious talk and having some fun playing "Locked On Hockey Jeopardy" with Sean Woodley (Raptors, NBA), Sarah Avampato (Kings... not the NBA), and Hunter Hodies (Penguins... definitely not the NBA). Jason Hernandez challenges their hockey knowledge to help raise money for a very worthy cause.
35 min
The Ducks Sign a Swede, GM Bob Murray Speaks, a...
The Ducks make a signing, Bob Murray has some words about the previous season, and more players react to the civil unrest stemming from the murder of George Floyd.
30 min
A Conversation About Racism (with Nick Hamilton)
Amid the growing racial tensions in the US, JD goes one-on-one with Nick Hamilton (AM 570, Nitefall Media) to discuss it head on. What can be done to quell racism in hockey? What about in our country? What needs to be done?
33 min
A New Team in Henderson, a Confusing NHL Draft,...
JD talks about the horrific riots happening in Minneapolis, how it impacts hockey, and how riots affected sports in the past. Also, the Henderson Silver Knights are born, and Sarah Avampato (Locked on NHL) tries to make sense of this year's modified NHL Draft.
37 min
How Will the NHL's Modified Playoff Look? (feat...
Sarah Avampato (Locked On NHL) returns to talk with JD about their choices for who should be the two "hub cities." They also go over the NHL's playoff format for the 24 teams still playing... that do not include any California teams. Cue the sad trombone...
31 min
The NHL Proposal to Return to Play Becomes Offi...
The NHL officially puts out a multi-layered proposal to resume play. Sarah Avampato (Locked on NHL) joins to give their opinion on hockey returning, and JD goes over some of the points about player safety. Is this testing adequate?
29 min
What if the 2004 Lockout Never Happened?
JD explores what would have happened if the NHL lockout of 2004 never happened. Would there still be a hockey team in Anaheim?
36 min
The Latest Playoff Proposal, and What If... Sam...
The NHL is thinking about a 24-team playoff... which doesn't include California at all. Plus, JD looks at today's "What If" scenario with the 2015 Western Conference Finals... what if Sami Vatanen doesn't hit the post in game 2 and wins it?
28 min
What If... the Mighty Ducks Had Won In 2003? Wo...
JD kicks off this week of "What If" scenarios about the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. What if the Mighty Ducks won Game 7 of the 2003 Stanley Cup Final over the Devils? Would that have changed their future? What if Paul Kariya would have stuck around with Anaheim?
19 min
More On the Recent Signings, Who Could Be Sayin...
JD goes over all the recent signings by the Ducks, how that affects the team the next season... and the season after that! Who is expected to leave for greener pastures for the 2020-21 season?
20 min
AHL Season Canceled, Plus Two New Re-Signings
JD starts this melancholy podcast by discussing the two latest signing extensions of Brendan Guhle and Sam Carrick. However, the big news of the week is that the AHL season and Calder Cup Playoffs have officially been canceled for 2020.
30 min
Looking Back at the Mighty Ducks' First Playoff...
JD talks about the 1997 Mighty Ducks' playoff series win over the Phoenix Coyotes, and then how they hung tough with the eventual Cup champion, Detroit Red Wings. Also, we hear from Kyle Palmieri as he looks back fondly on his Anaheim days.
21 min
The Ducks Re-Sign Two Key D-Men, and Addressing...
The Anaheim Ducks made a couple moves by re-signing Jani Hakanpaa and Christian Djoos to one-year extensions. JD breaks down those re-signings as well as talking about the comments made by Brendan Leipsic and others.
25 min
The NHL Drops a Drafty Memo, and Looking Back a...
On this Cinco de Mayo, JD mulls over the memo sent out to all NHL teams regarding this year's NHL virtual draft and how it affects the Ducks. Plus, a look back at the 1997 Mighty Ducks in their first-ever playoff appearance.
27 min
Hockey Jeopardy! Pt. 5 (Feat. Laura Saba, Sarah...
It's Ladies' Night for "Hockey Jeopardy!" JD tries to keep his composure with Laura Saba (Canadiens), Sarah Avampato (Kings, NHL), and Rachel Donner (Flyers) playing for charity on this MAY DAY episode.
36 min
The 2007 Stanley Cup Champion, Anaheim Ducks
JD looks back at games 3-5 of the 2007 Cup Final, and the coronation of the first Stanley Cup champion in the state of California.
27 min
Ryan Miller Possibly Staying, and Looking Back ...
Ryan Miller did an NBC-SN interview from home, and indicated he wouldn't rule out one more year. Plus, we look back at the 2007 Stanley Cup Final.
21 min
More Memorable #%&?! Moments From "Locked On Du...
JD looks back at some hilarious and sing-songy moments from this very podcast! The bleeps are taken out, the audio is raw. Oh boy.
27 min
Some Memorable Gulls Highlights From 2019-2020
JD looks back at some great moments from the minors including those awesome 80s jerseys, All-Star Weekend in Ontario, and Kiefer's weird hat trick.
21 min