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Adweek's 2020 "Marketing Podcast of the Year." On Lead Balloon, experienced public relations and marketing professionals share tales of the do-or-die situations that defined their strategic communications careers--what went wrong, how they overcame unexpected obstacles, and what they learned in the process. With immersive storytelling and a wry sense of humor, host Dusty Weis revisits epic PR disasters, professional crises and half-baked campaigns gone awry, and usually finds a reason to chuckle. Because sometimes, there are important lessons to be learned from someone else's worst day. And sometimes, it's just more convenient than group therapy. Tune in monthly for new episodes. Visit podcampmedia.com/leadballoon to learn more.
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19. Coca-Cola and the Masters Tournament, with ...
When women's rights activists take aim at a last-bastion boy's club, Coke has to navigate a Public Relations lose-lose.
57 min
18. Coca-Cola's Retired Comms VP Ben Deutsch on...
Overseeing communications for one of the world's largest corporations is not a job for the faint of heart, as these tales illustrate.
44 min
17. The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson: Insurrec...
January 6 was a dark day for America, with lasting ramifications for how businesses talk about politics and Trumpism.
44 min
16. Vaccine Messaging: How Comms Professionals ...
There's a new front in the war on Covid, and comms professionals have a chance to fight on the front lines.
65 min
15. Going Rogue, Battling Bears, Government Shu...
When a government shutdown threatened to cancel her National Parks press junket, Julie Wright took a group of reporters and went rogue, creating a legendary story in the process.
42 min
BONUS: Onboarding Your First Employee During a ...
A weird year gets a little weirder as Larry Kilgore III becomes Podcamp Media's first full-time hire.
34 min
14. Dukakis in a Tank: White House Comms Pros T...
A staffer from Team Dukakis '88 and his Republican counterpart explore how the most disastrous photo op in history still shapes politics today.
55 min
BONUS: Adweek's "Marketing Podcast of the Year"...
Midwestern podcast host and small business owner seen jumping up and down with excitement for 48 hours straight.
7 min
13. The Squatty Potty Saga and the Science of G...
Promoting anti-poo-stink spray and constipation remedies may not be glamorous, but it is highly profitable for the viral video mavens at Harmon Brothers.
50 min
12. A Creative in the Corporate World, with Dav...
For outsiders transitioning into the world of marketing, it can be easy to feel like a square peg in a round hole.
45 min
11. The Emotional Unsubscribe, and other Market...
The difference between "campaign" and "crater" is a razor's edge in the world of marketing automation and CRM.
46 min
10. Getting Uncomfortable About Race in America...
Professional communicators must be ready to have uncomfortable conversations to address issues of race and police brutality in America.
74 min
9. The Ritz-Carlton Hail Mary, with Trusted Med...
With a flagship custom publishing account on the line, former Playboy editor Beth Tomkiw goes for broke.
28 min
8. The COVID Pivot? Content Marketing Institute...
Joe Pulizzi explains how he built his content marketing empire during the Great Recession, and how those lessons apply during the Coronavirus pandemic.
49 min
7. COVID-19: Critiquing the Federal Response wi...
Many of the Trump administration's communications mistakes are self-inflicted, but avoidable, according to a Bush-Era Health and Human Services spokesman. Plus, sorting out what to believe on the Internet.
79 min
6. HBO's McMillion$: The PR Crises Behind the H...
The directors of HBO's breakout hit navigated a PR firestorm at McDonalds and the FBI to tell this story, and John Boyanoski got caught up in it.
43 min
5. The Seinfeld Press Conference, with Tim O'Brien
A look at why the era before cell phones was great for zany sitcoms, but terrible for public relations practitioners.
38 min
4. We Don't Do Ribbon Cuttings, with Patrick Mc...
Ribbon cuttings are a tired PR cliché, but the quest to reinvent them is not without its own perils.
38 min
3. Bud Light's Corn Syrup-Fueled Ad War, with N...
Anheuser-Busch picks a fight it's sure to win, until the little guys band together for a beat-down.
42 min
2. City Hall Self Destruct, with Jim Bohl, Bill...
A young PR hot shot stupidly insults his new boss in his first week on the job. Seven years later, they revisit the faux pas.
45 min
1. Grumpy Cat's Grumpy Manager Vs. the Wax Muse...
Human tempers flare when the internet's most famous cat launches an attraction at Madame Tussauds wax museum.
36 min