Kill Every Monster

Kill Every Monster is an award-winning Dungeons and Dragons podcast about every monster in the manual. Co-hosts Dylan and Aram are joined by a guest for a DM-deep-dive into a classic D&D monster. The first part is a discussion, and the second is a one-shot actual play where our guest takes on the role of the monster.

Dungeons & Dragons is many things to many people, but at its heart lies a system that rewards players for killing monsters. In each episode we ask three central questions:

  1. What is this creature?
  2. Are they really a monster?
  3. How would you change them in Dungeons and Dragons?

Each episode of Kill Every Monster is a contained story, so you never have to worry about being caught up or listening out of order. Pick any monster you like and dive right in!

The show is free and available anywhere you get your podcasts. We are supported by listeners like you via Patreon where you can get ad-free versions of each episode a week early, and Patreon-exclusive bonus episodes like our DM Notes and and Cutting Room Floor series.

*PREVIEW* Cutting Room Floor: Dragon Turtle
Clips from the Dragon Turtle epiosde that didn't quite make the cut
1 min
Dragon Turtle
The Monster Manual states that Dragon Turtles are “among the most fearsome creatures of the oceans.
82 min
*PREVIEW* Cutting Room Floor: Djinni
Clips from Djinni that didn't quite make the episode
2 min
The Monster Manual describes jinni as “rare elemental creatures out of stories and legend."
73 min
ENnie Awards Submission 2024
Clips from the Beholder and Owlbear episodes from Season 4
11 min
*PREVIEW* Cutting Room Floor: Displacer Beast
Clips from the Displacer Beast that didn't quite make the episode
3 min
Displacer Beast
The Monster Manual describes Kuo-toa as “fishlike humanoids that once inhabited the shores and islands of the surface world."
85 min
*PREVIEW* Cutting Room Floor: Kuo-toa
Clips from the Kuo-toa recording that didn't quite make the episode
2 min
Kuo-toa are described in the Monster Manual as “fishlike humanoids that once inhabited the shores and islands of the surface world
86 min
*PREVIEW* Cutting Room Floor: Beholder
Clips from the Beholder recording that didn't quite make the episode
2 min
Beholders are described in the Monster Manual as “the scourge of sentient creatures across countless worlds."
80 min
*PREVIEW* Cutting Room Floor: Owlbear
Clips from the Owlbear recording that didn't quite make the episode
5 min
Owlbears are described in the Monster Manual as “a monstrous cross between giant owl and bear.”
66 min
Season 3 Mailbag
Dylan and Aram answer your questions about season 3 of Kill Every Monster.
58 min
Does It Murder? Season 3
As is our tradition with each batch of creatures, Dylan and Aram run through all the monsters from season 3 and debate if they would do a murder.
25 min
*PREVIEW* DM Notes: Dinosaurs
Aram and Dylan discuss divine worldbuilding, science, and the value of having experts on the show who know what they are talking about.
2 min
The Monster Manual describes Dinosaurs as “behemoths that are among the oldest reptiles in the world. Predatory dinosaurs are savage, territorial hunters. Herbivorous dinosaurs are less aggressive, but they might attack to defend their young, or if startled or harassed.
94 min
*PREVIEW* DM Notes: Mephit
We are joined by special guest Superdillin to talk about elemental goblins and Baldur's Gate
5 min
The Monster Manual describes Mephits as “capricious, imp-like creatures native to the elemental planes. They come in six varieties, each one representing the mixture of two elements.”
83 min
*PREVIEW* DM Notes: People
For the People episode with Gus and Hailey we talk about how we structure games, how people are always the bad guys, and what we actually mean when we say "people.
2 min
The Monster Manual does not describe people, despite them being the most common enemy your players will face.
101 min
Welcome to Replay and DIE RPG
Twenty years ago, we played a game. We recorded that game and shared it over the airwaves of our high school radio station, WKEY AM 1360. People listened. So did other things. Twenty years later, we were invited to play a live reunion show for the hardcore fans. Little did we know, this time the game was real.
14 min
*PREVIEW* DM Notes: Modron
Aram and Dylan talk about little mechanical fascists, cross-over episodes, and Star Wars in the video DM Notes for the Modron episode
1 min
The Monster manual describes Modrons as “beings of absolute law that adhere to a hive-like hierarchy. They inhabit the plane of Mechanus and tend its eternally revolving gears, their existence a clockwork routine of perfect order.”
75 min
Monsters of the Multiverse describes Qilin as “noble, celestial creatures. In the Outer Planes, Qilin in service to benevolent deities take a direct role in the eternal struggle between good and evil. In the mortal world, Qilin are celebrated far and wide as harbingers of destiny, guardians of the sacred, and counterbalances to the forces of evil.
76 min