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The Jay Maymi Talk Show brings you your hour of THRIVE TIME...Join me as I tackle issues with incredible guests and content to help you thrive in the areas of life that matter the most to you!

The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #21- 11/29/20...'re not seeing double, and there was no mistake made on the promo banner, folks. Have a blast as my twin brother, Joe Maymi, Real Estate and Business Performance Coach, and I discuss leadership and the importance of mentorship.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #20- 11/22/20...
How do you maintain focus, determination, poise, and resilience when everything around you is blowing up? Suicide bomb survivor, Combat Veteran, Author, and Global Speaker on Resilience, Brian Fleming, joins me to discuss exactly this.
59 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #19- 11/15/20...
Tony Award-nominated actor, singer, and Broadway star Robert Cuccioli joins me in this episode to discuss "4 Traits of the World-Class".
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #18- 11/8/20 "Bec...
Texas Broadcasting Icon and Emmy Award Journalist, Jeff Crilley joins me on The Jay Maymi Talk Show to discuss "Becoming an Effective Communicator".
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #17 - 11/1/20 "Yo...
Tenacious. Determined. Leader. Visionary. 5x Best Selling Author. Powerful Woman. This is Christy Rutherford. Take a listen!
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #16 - 10/25/20 "R...
Now MORE THAN EVER Power Couples are on the RISE! Take a listen to my latest episode for an impacting, insightful, and fun talk with Power Couples that have a thing or two to teach and equip the current or future Power Couple.
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #15 - 10/18/20 "P...
The phenomenal and distinguished, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, joins me on this episode of The Jay Maymi Talk Show. Listen in!
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show-Ep.#14 -10/11/20 "Guidi...
What responsibilities do we share in "Guiding Young Minds Through Challenges?" My Featured Guest Sylvia Farbstein (Creative Director of Ten Feet Tall, LLC) will share how she raised her son, Brandon Farbstein (whom was born with a rare form of...
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #13 - 10/4/20 "Bu...
What do you do when you grow up in a single parent home on the tough streets of Odessa, TX, stabbed at age 9, you see your mom go to prison, and then you're falsely accused and sentenced to jail at age 17? If you're Tiki Davis, you develop a burning...
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #12 - 9/27/20 "Th...
Sit in on Jay Maymi chatting with Former #NFL Pro, #sharktank contestant, and CEO of #iceshaker, Chris Gronkowski!
58 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show -Ep.#11 -9/20/20 "How t...
How does an Emmy Award-winning Journalist, multiple TV shows and series Actress, Radio and TV Show Host, Producer, mom, wife, and Philanthropist (WHEW!) stay on task? Join me as I talk with Cathleen Trigg-Jones (@cattrigg) about the power of "Staying...
57 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show-Ep.#10-9/13/20 "Maximiz...
This week's special segment teaches lessons from extraordinary people who've maximized their moment in time. Enjoy!
57 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #9 - 9/6/20 "...
In this week's episode, Pastor Kevin Mullens shares powerful insight with Jay Maymi on "Facing Failure".
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show -Episode #8 - 8/30/20 "...
Jay Maymi welcomes former Navy Seal, Shannon Rusch and his incredible story of "Overcoming Fear" in this weeks episode.
58 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show -Episode #7 - 8/23/20 "...
Jay Maymi chats with the incredible Marsha Rand in this weeks episode, "Persevere to Pioneer".
59 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show -Episode #6 - 8/16/20 "...
Jay Maymi chats with renowned Author, Speaker, and Founder of Siebold Success Network to discuss his latest book, "Secrets Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids".
53 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show -Episode #5 - 8/9/20 "D...
Jay Maymi and Co-Author/Founder of Couples Money, Chris Felton, engage in a great conversation about Disciplining Your Decisions.
57 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show-Ep.#4-8/2/20 "Success D...
Jay Maymi talks candidly with Former USA Women's Bobsledder, Alexandra Allred about G.R.I.T. (Guts. Resolve. Intensity. Tact.)
59 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show -Ep. #3 - 7/26/20 "Crea...
Jay Maymi shares an enlightening conversation with Dr. Alfred R. Johnson!
57 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #2 - 7/19/20 ...
Jay Maymi chats with Global Speaker and Author Keenan Williams, "From Prison to Promise."
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #1 - 7/12/20 ...
Jay Maymi chats with Renown Mental Scientist and Author of "How Thoughts Become Things", Hank Seitz.
56 min