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The Jay Maymi Talk Show brings you your hour of THRIVE TIME...Join me as I tackle issues with incredible guests and content to help you thrive in the areas of life that matter the most to you!

The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #46 - 5/30/21 "A ...
Listen as Andre Norman, Tiffany Peterson, and Steve Heroux share valuable insight to help you THRIVE!
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #45 - 5/23/21 "#T...
Listen in on this fantastic show that dives into the Warrior's Mindset from a different perspective.
53 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #44 - 5/16/21 "#T...
When innovative people take a stand for what they believe in, magic always follows! Listen in on this special #ThriveTalk Segment.
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #43 - 5/9/21 "Tak...
SuperLatina Achiever Gaby Natale joins me to discuss her career, her bestseller, and what it takes to rise above!
54 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #42 - 5/2/21 "A S...
Listen as NFL Superbowl 50 Champion, Kayvon Webster shares his THRIVING story beyond the football field.
54 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #41- 4/25/21 "Spo...
This week's show highlights four DFW-based individuals who are committed to helping others by providing resources to help them THRIVE!
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #40- 4/18/21 "Tac...
In this episode, I tackle the dark and unspoken issues of domestic violence and human trafficking that prevent personal, community, and global thriving with Award-Winning advocates, Dr. Ana Nogales and Victoria Dipla.
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #39- 4/4/21 "Brin...
Rolonda Watts rounds out 3 very #different and unique individuals who all bring incredible #value to the world through their #experiences and #gifts.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #38- 4/4/21 "Keys...
In this episode, I discuss the critical factors in achieving a personal promotion. I am joined by top Global mentor, Cody Jefferson. He shares a powerful message!
59 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #37- 3/28/21 "Thr...
Okay, #foodie! Here's your chance to hear #foodnetwork rising star and #celebritychef, Chef Demetrio Zavala share his amazing story of triumph and success!
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #36- 3/21/21 "Pus...
Your ability to #thrive is being able to PUSH THROUGH PAIN. In this latest installment of my show, my special guest, Amberly Lago, discusses her personal journey in pushing through pain and the lessons she learned in the process.
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #35- 3/14/21 "Exp...
When you have 3 branches of our powerful #Military represented on the same show by 3 incredible individuals doing amazing things, you know it's going to be a great one, folks! It was an honor having these men on the show.
57 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #34- 3/7/21 "7 Im...
Take a listen to this week's episode, "The 7 Important Mindset Shifts" with my incredible Special Guest, Molly Fletcher.
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #33- 2/14/21 - Sp...
When 3 thrive-minded women with incredible stories and life journeys share their passions and wisdom, the result is nothing short of IMPACTFUL! This episode will leave you informed and inspired on your way to THRIVING!
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #32- 2/14/21 "Thr...
There are times when thriving as an individual, a family, a community, a company, an institution, and a country will require reform. Period. In this next amazing episode, I am joined by the host and founder of the #1 criminal justice podcast, CJ...
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #31- 2/8/21 "Quit...
The entrepreneur's life comes with a price to pay. A price that many never pay because they don't fully comprehend what lies in return for that payment. My Guest, JoshTolley, a life-long prolific builder of businesses, Best-Selling Author, and Global...
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #30- 1/31/21 ...
Ever wonder what a “Thrivers Diet” consists of? What differentiates them from others? In this latest show, I lay out the “Thrivers Diet”. If you are intentional about thriving, then you need to know this diet and follow it!
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #29- 1/24/21 "Bei...
There is something to be said about being #relentless in the pursuit of your dreams, goals, and desires. My amazing guest Alexandra Lúgaro's incredible passion and relentless pursuit of her ambitions continue to inspire a culture, a community and...
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #28- 1/17/21 "A M...
Thriving requires knowing when you have to seek help, especially when the demands of your career create traumatic stress. Join me as our guest, Michael Sugrue, sheds a light on mental health.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #27- 1/10/21 ...
Fantastic show discussing the Importance of Honor with my Special Guest MJ Durkin! LISTEN LIVE on Sundays at 11 am CST at either or
57 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #26- 1/3/21 "...
New Year's resolutions are a fallacy. Unless you approach it correctly, you will fail. This episode tackles this subject matter with an "in your face" approach!
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #25- 12/27/20 "Ta...
Brigadier General Mark Maldonado joins me In this episode, as we discuss why having strong initiative is the key to thriving.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #24- 12/20/20...
I have the pleasure of chatting with outstanding global #leader and #impact maker, Dr. George C. Fraser who shares #wisdom for #personalgrowth in 2021.
57 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #23- 12/13/20...
On today's show, I sit with the extraordinary Leadership Development Expert, Global Speaker, and rising Social Media star, Steve Holbrook as he discusses Understanding Frustration.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Episode #22- 12/6/20 ...
In this latest episode of The Jay Maymi Talk Show, my coveted Guests and I highlight 4 areas of HIGH IMPACT that will help you prepare for a THRIVING 2021!
57 min