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The Jay Maymi Talk Show brings you your hour of THRIVE TIME...Join me as I tackle issues with incredible guests and content to help you thrive in the areas of life that matter the most to you!

The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep.#71-11/28/21 "Writ...
In this episode, we speak with three experts in the fields of writing with Scott Leyser, debt management with Murray Beaulieu, and mind and body fitness with Josh Hicks.
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #70 - 11/21/21 "S...
This fantastic episode highlights the wisdom from "Willpower" Will Harris, Erin Marcus, and Corey Poirier.
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #69 - 11/14/21 "R...
In this episode, Ron Corning joins us to discuss how to recognize #watershed moments. Adam Coen speaks about the upcoming #tax changes. Leigh Barnes shares secrets to #homeostasis and #weightmanagement.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #68 - 11/7/21 "A ...
In this #epic episode, I have a #candid talk about #passion and the #DNA of Achievers with music industry legend, author, professor, and cancer survivor, Dr. Mathew Knowles!
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #67 - 10/31/21 "P...
The phenomenal and distinguished, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, joins me on this episode of The Jay Maymi Talk Show, as well as Author Spotlight Amy Tyson...Listen in!
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #66 - 10/24/21 "F...
We revisit a conversation with Pastor Kevin Mullens on Facing #Failure and have a candid talk with the Founder of Treasured Vessels Foundation, Alicia Bush about #sextrafficking.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #65 - 10/17/21 "S...
A candid conversation about effective communication with 2020 #Toastmasters Champion Mike Carr: Rockstar Global Enterprises, Jeff Street shares insight on Thriving in 2022 as an entrepreneur.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #64 - 10/10/21 w/...
On today's show, we're discussing "Thriving Past Distraction, Toxic Thinking, Self-Sabotage with World Renown Sports and Business Psychologist, Dr. Jack Singer.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #63 - 10/3/21 "At...
In this episode, my Featured Guest Chris Harris, and both Author Spotlights discuss how your attitude and perspective determine your ability to THRIVE in different areas of your life.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #62 - 9/26/21 "Di...
#Global and Business Giants share insight on how to thrive, not only in personal #disruption but also in the field of Health and Wellness as it pertains to breakthroughs in #collagen science. Join my guests, Whitney Johnson, Dr. Richard Kaufman, and...
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #61 - 9/19/21 "En...
Serial Entrepreneur and Teladoc Founder, Michael Gorton shares how to navigate the Entrepreneurial experience with wisdom and tact.
57 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #60 - 9/12/21 "Sp...
As a Company or Organization, your ability to THRIVE depends on the effectiveness to attract and retain extraordinary talent! My guests on today's show exhibit such talent
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #59 - 9/5/21 "The...
My special guest, Rebecca Castle, shares with my listeners how to regain your SPARKLE as a business or an individual.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #58 - 8/29/21 "Sp...
What does social media prospecting, bringing your humorous message to the world, and reverse mortgage have anything to do with each other? It is what these three gurus Laura Virilli, James Harris, and Peter Klamkin, tackle on this show to help you...
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #56 - 8/15/21 "Re...
"In this episode, three renowned Guests, #CaptainHoff, #NitaPatel, and #LisaMarquiz, reveal their secrets on how to re-assess for success!"
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #57 - 8/22/21 "#T...
Thriving will require you to find, ignite, and release the rebellious nature of your soul. Shelley Paxton walks us through that journey. Additionally, credit crusader, Brittany Greene highlights how good credit affects your ability to thrive.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #55 - 8/8/21 "The...
Join me and my special guest, Orly Amor, as she tells her powerful story of recovery and survival! We are also joined by Business Spotlight, Keith Mankin.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #54 - 8/1/21 "Bli...
In this episode, my 2 #outstanding guests, Daniel Gomez and Dr. Cheryl Wood share how to identify your blind spots so you can have greater success in your life and business. I am also joined by Andy Sterie, Founder of Impact Business Training Solutions.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #53 - 7/25/21 "Th...
This episode features 3 modern-day thought leaders who are paving the way for others to #thrive in the Art, LinkedIn, and Business communities.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #52 - 7/18/21 "IM...
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56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #51 - 7/11/21 "Mi...
This #powerful episode highlights what it takes to develop the #mindset of a #saleswarrior, as shared by #JasonForrest. Also featuring Stephen Snyder and Cheryl Hood.
55 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #50 - 6/27/21 "Li...
Join me and Best Selling Author Tommy Breedlove as we dive into Living a Legendary Life!
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #49 - 6/20/21 "Ir...
World-Class Athlete, Author, Cancer and Heart Attack Survivor, Tom Hulsey joins me to discuss the Winning Mindset that Saved His Life. We'll also hear from Las Comadres Director, Maria Ferrer, our Impact Spotlight.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #48 - 6/13/21 "Ru...
These 3 very distinct individuals discuss how their "beast mode" mindset changes lives. In this episode, I sit with Chris Tuff, Patrick Fitzgibbons, and Kali O'Campo.
56 min
The Jay Maymi Talk Show - Ep. #47 - 6/6/21
Today's episode has it all! Three amazing individuals and their stories of success will inspire you!
56 min