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The best collection of podcast interviews in the Human Resources, Recruiting, Technology, DEI, and Workforce space in one podcast. Welcome to Evergreen's HR Interviews, curated episodes from the most well-known and up-in-coming podcasts in the HR, Recruiting, and Tech industry with interviews from practitioners, vendors, economists, and those in the workforce know. Ten different shows with curated interviews just for you and it's wrapped into one podcast.

Getting Inclusive AF with Laura Close
50 min
Crimes Against Talent Pipelines
Are you and your company committing crimes against talent pipelines?
36 min
Ep. 23: Molly Johnson-Jones - Choosing How To Work
Imagine managers letting you choose how you worked!
34 min
Full Stack Recruiter with Jan Tegze
Guest Jan Tegze
22 min
Firing Squad: TechScreen's Mark Knowlton
25 min
How mpathic AI melds Empathy and Technology
Exploring 'Empathy as a Service'
17 min
Ep 411: EVP In A Hyper Competitive Market
Aditya Singh, Director Head of Talent Acquisition at Informatica, talks to Matt Alder
21 min
Think Like a Marketer with Thad Price
Thad Price - CEO of Talroo
30 min
Deep Fake Recruiting
Remember seeing and hearing your first Deep Fake? Synthesized voices that sound like your favorite movie star.
37 min
Clovers AI CEO Doug Leonard on Recruiting in Pr...
Recruiters Persevere in 2022
19 min
ADP Chief Anthropologist Martha Bird Looks at H...
The nooks and crannies of the new way of working.
22 min
Ep. 22: Mark Gilroy - Averting Loss Aversion I...
Is fear of change or loss aversion impacting hiring?
33 min
Employer Brand Evolution
HR's newly minted seat at the table, branding in a post-pandemic and WFH world and much, much more.
38 min
Dancing Elephants with James Ellis
35 min
When They Become Us
33 min
Ep 408: Hiring Revolution
Trina Olson and Alfonso Wenker, co-founders of Team Dynamics, talk to Matt Alder
32 min
PayActiv and the Impact of Earned Wage Access
We talk with Chief Customer Officer Sabina Bhatia
17 min
Getting Inclusive AF with Nancy Murphy
39 min
Modern Hire's Eric Sydell on Data, Science and ...
Data, why it’s important and how to put it to use
26 min
WorkTech with George LaRocque
25 min
Firing Squad: BeRemote's Vivek Nigam
Work from home is a thing. Maybe you've heard. This means vendors hoping to support employers with a remote workforce have a lot of tailwinds going in the right direction.
29 min
Ep 406: A CEO's Perspective On Remote Work
Everett Harper, CEO of Truss, talks to Matt Alder
28 min
Pymetrics' Frida Polli on Data, AI and Predicti...
The pymetrics platform and how it works
15 min
Ep 405: Global Remote Teams
Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder of Globalization Partners, talks to Matt Alder
23 min
Getting Inclusive AF with Vivian Acquah
50 min
Hiring in 2022 with Jason Putnam
31 min
Modern Recruiter Tech Stack w/ Madeline Laurano
21 min
Modern Recruiter Tech Stack w/ Madeline Laurano
21 min
Ep. 21: Lee Andrese - Rejected Candidates Matte...
Yes, rejected candidates really do matter most!
35 min
Orion Talent CEO Sarah Peiker on Veterans Retur...
Adapting Military Skills to Civilian Life
13 min
Ep 404: The Great Opportunity
Maggie Spong, VP of Talent Acquisition at Astra Zeneca, talks to Matt Alder
23 min
CodeSignal CEO Tigran Sloyan on Raising Money f...
CodeSignal works to go beyond resumes
9 min
Job Board Geeks
Guest Jeff Dickey-Chasins and Steven Rothberg
38 min
GREEN ROOM w/ Tim Sackett
What's better than three middle-aged white guys yelling at kids to get off the lawn?
14 min
Front-Line Technology in the Age of Covid
Deskless Workers Deserve Solutions, Too
12 min
Software, Analytics and Compliance
A conversation with Joanna Kim-Brunetti, VP of regulatory affairs at compliance software provider Trusaic
21 min
Firing Squad: Grayscale's Ty Abernethy
32 min
Ep. 20: Suzanne Lucas - The Great January Exodus
Ready to replace or stem the flow of people out of your company?
36 min
What Women Want w/ Romy Newman
What are the best companies to work for if you're a woman in 2021?
19 min
The CATK Interview: Gina Alito
Join us in wrapping up 2021 with CATK and Symphony Talent's Gina Alito.
31 min
The CATK Interview: Meg O'Connell
Join Torin and Julie in welcoming Disability and Inclusion guru, Meg O'Connell
37 min
The CATK Interview: Joann Lockwood and Jennings...
Join Torin and Julie in welcoming LGBTQ+ leaders, Joann and Jennings!
47 min
The CATK Interview: Plantation Theory Author, J...
Part two of the CATK Interview with John Graham.
27 min
The CATK Interview: Plantation Theory Author, J...
Join Torin and Julie in welcoming HBCU grad, author, and employer brand guru, John Graham to the show.
29 min
The CATK Interview: Joann Lublin
Join Torin and Julie in welcoming Joann Lublin, author, editor, power mom
40 min
The CATK Interview: Baltimore Artist Kim Rice
Join Torin and Julie in welcoming creator of Being White, Redlining, and The Inheritance on a must listen interview.
40 min
The Death of Engracia Figueroa, United Airline...
United Airlines ableism and the death of Engracia Figueroa is discussed by All Wheels Up Michele Irwin and TInamarie Duff
51 min
The CATK Interview: Gina Alito
Join us in wrapping up 2021 with CATK and Symphony Talent's Gina Alito.
31 min
Dec. 27: Paradox Raises $200M, Korn Ferry Launc...
This week's HCM technology headlines
13 min
Ep 400: Future Forces
In this special 400th episode, Matt Alder highlights the forces that are shaping the future of talent acquisition.
31 min
Getting Inclusive AF with Joshua Gilbert
45 min
152 gets Acquired
Guest Yves Boudreau
29 min
The Great Awakening w/ Andrew Flowers
The pandemic, labor shortages, and a supply chain debacle have opened our eyes to many subjects like immigration, wages, retirement, remote work, working conditions, and many other factors that impact our everyday lives.
29 min
Talking Strategy With Cornerstone's Heidi Spirgi
Acquisitions, Roadmaps and Content
13 min
HelloTeam CEO Tanya Bakalov on Covid and the Im...
"Companies with the right culture, not only survived, but thrived."
13 min
Getting Inclusive AF with Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo
In this episode, Jackye and Katee speak with Dr. Olomara Uwedimo. Dr. Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo is an empowerment coach, business development & growth strategist and CEO of Melanin & Medicine.
54 min
Diversity Hiring Report 2021
Have you read SmartRecruiters' "Diversity Hiring Report"? aka The path to Hell is paved with good intentions...
28 min
Clovers AI's CEO Doug Leonard on How Tech Impro...
Companies need help improving talent acquisition
15 min
Ep 396: Talent Acquisition Revolution
Yasar Ahmad, Global VP of Talent at HelloFresh, talks to Matt Alder
28 min
Firing Squad: Turazo's Pete Cipollone
Video remains one of the hottest technologies around when it comes to recruiting, and one company, Turazo, approaches it in a whole new way
32 min
Ep 395: The Challenges Of Recruiting Recruiters
Amy Schultz, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Canva, talks to Matt Alder
25 min
Ep 394: Lessons From Startups
Ben Butler, Head of People at Evervault, talks to Matt Alder
27 min
Ep 393: Hiring From Marginalised Groups
Darren Burns, National Recruitment Manager at Timpson, talks to Matt Alder
20 min
The Future is Here and It's Utopia with Angela ...
33 min
High Volume Hiring Report w/ Madeline Laurano
What exactly is High Volume Hiring?
18 min
Aaron Smith, ADP's SVP of Product Development
Will Workers Define the Future of Work?
18 min
Aaron Smith, ADP's SVP of Product Development
Will Workers Define the Future of Work?
18 min
Getting Inclusive AF with Jes and Jessica
65 min
The CATK Interview: Baltimore Artist Kim Rice
Join Torin and Julie in welcoming creator of Being White, Redlining, and The Inheritance on a must listen interview.
40 min
It's Mr. ATS
The world knows Mr. Rogers. Mr. T. And even Mr. Mister if you're of a certain age. But Mr. ATS?
29 min
No one Loves or Hates Vanilla with Bas Van de H...
Bas Van De Haterd
31 min
DecuSoft's Bob Laurenzo on What Customers Want ...
Compensation management and technology
12 min
Getting Inclusive AF with Tara Robertson and Al...
Jackye and Katee had more fun with Tara Robertson and she brought a friend! Alexandra Samuel and Tara recently published an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled "Don't Let Hybrid Work Set Back Your DEI Efforts". They share some of their findings in this episode and so much more! Tune in to hear all about it! Here is a link to the article:
56 min
Rare Breed w/ Sunny Bonnell
Every company is looking to discover rare breeds, whether they be in the company already, or roaming the pastures of commerce externally.
30 min
COVID Mandates - Get your Facts Straight
With Rick Mckee - InHaus Legal
27 min
Firing Squad: Worqdrive's Tracey Parsons
Never fear, WorqDrive from industry veteran Tracey Parsons is here.
33 min
Ep 388: Candidates In Control
Rhonda Lloyd, Director of People Solutions & Recruiting at Webhelp and Barb Hymen, CEO at Predictive Hire talk to Matt Alder
33 min
Ep 387: Assessment Innovation
Bas van de Haterd talks to Matt Alder
33 min
The Ecosystem of QuickBooks Time
Adapting the product to the customer's way of working.
17 min
The Ecosystem of QuickBooks Time
Adapting the product to the customer's way of working.
17 min
Ep. 19: Girish Jain & Josh Goldstien - Hiring T...
It takes teamwork to reel in the people you want to work with!
27 min
Modern Hire's Eric Sydell on Science and Talent...
We talk about selection science in a changing labor market.
14 min
Chats with Smart People - Coby Schneider, Workf...
A deep conversation about the future of work
34 min
Fuel50's Anne Fulton on Talent and New Marketpl...
15 min
Ep 385: Aligning Talent Acquisition & Talent Ma...
Lisa Niesen, Head of Talent Management Solutions at SHL, talks to Matt Alder
18 min
SAP Fieldglass's Vish Baliga on Contingent Work...
What he's seeing among contractors and freelancers.
15 min
Ep 384: Diversity In Action
Eugène van den Hemel talks to Matt Alder
21 min
Christian Forman - CEO of Appcast
32 min
EEOC Talks A.I. w/ Commissioner Keith Sonderling
Technology has been a great thing for recruiting, but there's a dark side. Namely, artificial intelligence.
45 min
Fountain CEO Sean Behr Looks at the Labor Market
Fountain's CEO on Covid and the labor market.
15 min
Ep 383: Recruitonomics
Andrew Flowers, Labor Economist at Appcast, talks to Matt Alder
29 min
Ep. 18: David Allen Moss - Evergreen Is Not On ...
Getting back to basics to be a great (hiring) leader
35 min
Ep 382: HR's Impact On Talent Brand
Marcus Buckingham talks to Matt Alder
36 min
Getting Inclusive AF with Amanda Young
Amanda Young has just authorized an amazing children's book and she is here to share about what drove her to write the book, "Jumo the Unicorn". Amanda is so transparent about her journey about how to drive inclusion and Jackye and Katee loved hearing about it all- including the animals!
45 min
Class in Session with Steven Rothberg
35 min
Sexing Up Trade Jobs w/ Megan Kacvinsky
Believe it or not, a lot of ad agencies that don't target recruitment do recruiting marketing work.
22 min
Trakstar's Julie Rieken on Experience and the G...
Where are all the employees going?
15 min
Getting Inclusive AF with Joseph Ifiegbu
In this episode, Jackye and Katee chat with Joseph Ifiegbu about futbol, dream jobs and the tool he co-founded that can help HR teams by analyzing their data, eqtble.
46 min
Ep 381: People First Automation
Victor Gaines, Senior Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Aveanna Healthcare, talks to Matt Alder
23 min
Ep 380: Transformational Hiring
Harm Otten, EVP HR at DHL Global Forwarding & Freight, talks to Matt Alder
34 min