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Holiday Series Episode Xl: The Motley Crue Stad...
With the success of the movie and song "The Dirt" last spring, Motley Crue found themselves back in the spotlight. A younger audience has taken notice and the band has been thrust back into relevancy. Sharise Brown and I discuss all the angles on why this tour is happening and why it was inevitable. The Crue is back! Please enjoy the episode.
61 min
Holiday Series Episode X: Why You Need to Know ...
One of my favorite artists is one not many people know...or I should say not many people realize they do know him. Responsible for producing several big-name acts from Keith Urban to Pink or Green Day to Train, Butch Walker and his solo work remain underappreciated. One of the best singer-songwriters over the past two decades, Chris Riccardo and I discuss his history and how his music has connected with both of us. Please enjoy the episode!
49 min
Holiday Series Episode lX: Looking Forward To 2020
As we close the book on 2019 we open another in 2020. I discuss the upcoming tours, new music, and what the future looks like for The Hook Rocks. So much new great music is coming and music fans need to be there for it. Enjoy the episode and Happy New Year to all of you!
48 min
Holiday Series Episode Vlll: The Top 10 Albums ...
Lots of great rock albums released this past year. From new bands to new releases by our favorites. Listen to Chris Corradetti and I review of the Top 10 Albums of 2019. Enjoy the Episode!
78 min
Holiday Series Episode Vll: A Queen Fans Perspe...
One of the greatest bands in the history of rock 'n' roll Queen left us with music that stands the test of time. Testing the boundaries of innovation they set themselves apart from their contemporaries. Sean Culver offers an interesting perspective on the uniqueness of Queen & Freddie Mercury. His thoughts on the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" and how it only scratched the surface on the greatness of Queen. Enjoy the episode!
60 min
Holiday Series Episode Vl: Tales From The Sunse...
The scene was legendary and had a huge impact on the music of the '80s and early 90's. Bands earned their chops from playing club to club. It all began with Van Halen and carried on with Motley Crue, Ratt, Quiet Riot, and many more. Returning guest Gerald Guzman talks about his experiences and how he ended up at Vince Neil's house one night. Enjoy the episode!
68 min
Holiday Series Episode V: Combining The Setlist...
Both are considered monster live albums and many consider Alive l as the quintessential Kiss album. Both are filled with incredible moments which gives the listener the feel of what it was like to see Kiss live. They are a guide to the classic hits of a band in their prime. Dean Clark & I select the songs from each album to make the ultimate Kiss two! Enjoy the episode!
69 min
Holiday Series Episode lV: The Y & T Legacy
Holiday Series Episode lV: The Y & T Legacy by The Hook Rocks!
66 min
Holiday Series Episode ll: The Led Zeppelin Dee...
I welcome back the boys from SIO Loudcast to discuss the deep cuts of the greatest rock 'n' roll band of all time, Led Zeppelin. We each take a turn with our top ten with a few of the same songs appearing on our lists. It's always a lively discussion when Tom & Zeus appear on the podcast and this episode does not disappoint. Please enjoy the show!
92 min
Holiday Series Episode 1 : Blackberrry Smoke Ho...
Happy Holidays Everyone! Our first episode in our holiday series features Crash Crafton and I discussing the new live album from Blackberry Smoke "Homecoming: Live In Atlanta". Our favorite moments, our personal connection with their music, and much more on Blackberry Smoke. Please enjoy the episode!
59 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Ryan Antony...
The future is bright for Ryders Creed as they adapt to a recent lineup change and prepare for their upcoming release "Lost Souls" in 2020. I sit down with lead singer Ryan Antony to discuss his personal music evolution and influences as well as the creative process within Ryders Creed. He shares his thoughts on how the band has adapted to becoming a four-piece and why bigger and better things are ahead. Please enjoy the episode!
60 min
Talking New Music With Matt Wake
Matt Wake has been one of my resources for new music over the past couple of years. Consistently having his ear on what bands are worth checking out, you can do no wrong by following him and listening to his recommendations. Matt and I discuss new bands and how we both believe rock is about to explode again. Please enjoy this episode!
58 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With John Strick...
Raw and authentic is how I would describe the band Lullwater. From Athens, Georgia the band combines the influences of grunge, southern rock, and metal to create a uniquely modern sound. Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar player John Strickland and I discuss these influences, songwriting, and the future of Lullwater. This is another band at the forefront of the new rock movement. A band you should be listening too. Please enjoy the episode.
49 min
The Constant Evolution of Music Consumption
Technology allows us access to thousands of songs at the click of a button. The physical connection is non-existent and the consumption of music is more different the ever. What is liked today will change by the end of the week. I sit down with SiriusXM radio host Eric Alper to discuss how the landscape of music is constantly evolving and why the relevancy of the rock stars from yesterday fade with every new generation. Enjoy the episode!
55 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Neil Hunter...
Joining on the New Music Spotlight is Neil Hunter from Takeaway Thieves. Our first guest from the U.K., Takeaway Thieves, filled with veterans of the English rock scene offer high energy rock 'n' roll. Influenced by AC/DC, Kiss, and Prince. Neil and Jay engage in a lengthy discussion about rock 'n' roll, the history of Takeaway Thieves, and what the plans are for its future. Enjoy the episode!
58 min
The 10 Things Hurting New Rock Music
Over the past few months, we've had ongoing discussions related to the lack of support for new rock music. There is not just one problem nor is there one solution. Before our eyes, rock music has become irrelevant. I break down each issue and what is the core of some of the problems. Please enjoy the episode and let me know what you think on Twitter and Facebook.
63 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Singer/Song...
With his new album coming out in 2020 singer/songwriter Christian Shields talks with The Hook Rocks in a wide-ranging discussion about his influences, personal music history, and the recording process for his debut record. I enjoyed his honesty and candor about the current state of rock n roll and what it takes to get noticed. I cannot wait for all of you to hear his music....January can't get here soon enough. Please enjoy the episode!
53 min
The Annual Grammy Award Slap In The Face To Roc...
The Annual Grammy Award Slap In The Face To Rock Music by The Hook Rocks!
62 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Marc Labell...
2019 has been good to Dirty Honey. Formed in Los Angeles in 2017 their star continues to rise as they were the first unsigned rock band to top Billboards Mainstream Rock Songs Chart. Marc Labelle and I chat about the history and future of Dirty Honey along with his influences that helped formulate his style. Hope you enjoy this episode and also our hockey conversation at the end of the interview.
41 min
How & Why Cover Bands Effect A Local Original R...
How & Why Cover Bands Effect A Local Original Rock Scene by The Hook Rocks!
61 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Chris Lane ...
On our latest episode of The Hook Rocks guitar player Chris Lane from the band Station joins us to discuss their new album, the creative process, and what the future looks like for this great new act from New York. Chris is candid on his assessment of the current state of rock 'n' roll and what new bands have to overcome to be successful. The new music scene is planet Earth and Station is ready to take over. Enjoy the episode!
46 min
Raising a Rock n Roll Kid
What connects young people to the greatest genre of music? How does a social media presence benefit musicians and their young fans? How important are Spotify and other streaming services in exposing new bands and artists? I sit down with my son Chris and discuss all of the above plus his connection to music and how it became one of his passions. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it!
75 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Pete Biggia...
We welcome Pete Biggiani from the New Jersey band Kodiak on our latest edition of The New Music Spotlight. Their big hooks and melodies bring us back to the days of fun rock music, but with their own fresh sound. With the new wave of rock music coming to shore this is a band you need to be listening to. @CCRiccardo and I discuss our excitement during the introduction. If you are a music fan like we are, you will enjoy the band Kodiak. Enjoy our conversation.
51 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Ben Smith F...
From the stages of the unknown, a band that merges guitar-based blues-rock with the influences of punk The Brought Low brings it all together. From NYC they've cut their teeth in clubs up and down the east coast and parts of the midwest with a familiar but fresh sound. Ben Smith and I discuss their career, his influences, the current state of rock, and what lies ahead. Enjoy the show!
62 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Chris Tapp ...
Faced with the ultimate uncertainty of his own life, Chris Tapp of The Cold Stares never gave up. A rock 'n' roll journey that is like no other, filled with enough countless challenges and setbacks for several lifetimes, their story of perseverance is absolutely inspiring. With songs powered by honesty and endless depth I'm certain their music and story will resonate with you. Enjoy the show!
58 min