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Why Don't MORE Wizards Become Animagi? - Harry ...
Today we’re going to be discussing animagi- witches and wizards with the unique ability to transform into an animal.
11 min
Were Wizards Involved with World WARS? - Harry ...
Today we're discussing what the wizarding world was up to while Muggles fought against each other during World War II.
9 min
The BRUTAL Death of Peter Pettigrew (NOT SHOWN ...
Today we’re discussing the death of Peter Pettigrew, aka Wormtail.
10 min
Dumbledore's 25 BIGGEST Mistakes - Harry Potter...
Today we're discussing all of the times that Dumbledore was WRONG.
11 min
How Dumbledore MANIPULATED Voldemort from the B...
Today we’re discussing a Harry Potter theory of mine that outlines some questionable actions and behaviour from Dumbledore.
11 min
Why Didn't Dumbledore Just HUNT Voldemort Down?...
Today we’re discussing why Dumbledore didn’t just hunt Voldemort down.
8 min
The Story of Delphini: Voldemort's Daughter - H...
Today we’re going to be discussing the background of Voldemort’s daughter—Delphini.
9 min
Every Time Harry Resisted an Unforgivable Curse...
Today we’ll be discussing each instance in which Harry Potter was hit with and RESISTED an Unforgivable Curse.
8 min
The History of Dark Wizards (Every Major Dark W...
Today we’re going to be discussing the DARK WIZARDS of times past.
8 min
How Did Barty Crouch Jr Get the Invisibility Cl...
Today we’re discussing the fabled Deathly Hallows, Barty Crouch Jr, and methods of Invisibility.
9 min
The Forgotten History of Horcruxes and the FIRS...
Today we're diving DEEP in to the subject of Horcruxes.
8 min
The Twisted Origins of Barty Crouch Jr (Cut fro...
Today we’ll be looking into the early life of Barty Crouch Junior.
9 min
Recasting Prisoner of Azkaban for the HBO Harry...
Today, we’ll be continuing our discussion around the casting of the much hyped-HBO reboot of the Harry Potter series.
8 min
10 Philosopher's Stone Mistakes the Harry Potte...
Today we're discussing the top 10 mistakes that the first Harry Potter film made that the new HBO Max show can FIX.
9 min
8 Pensieve Memories NEVER Shown in the Movies -...
Today, we’re discussing ALL of the memories that we see through the Pensieve in Harry Potter.
9 min
3 Massive NEW Details REVEALED About the Harry ...
Today we’ll be discussing 3 NEW DETAILS revealed about the upcoming Harry Potter Reboot.
3 min
The NEW Harry Potter TV Show: GOOD or BAD? (Pro...
Today we’re going to be discussing the new and upcoming Harry Potter HBO Max TV Show.
8 min
What Happened to These 100 Harry Potter Charact...
Today, we’ll be discussing what happened to ONE HUNDRED different characters from Harry Potter AFTER the story had ended.
75 min
Recasting Harry Potter for HBO Max - Chamber of...
Today we’re going to be discussing the recently announced HBO Harry Potter TV Series!
10 min
Everything the Movies MISSED That I Want to See...
Today we’re going to be discussing some events and characters from the Harry Potter books that were omitted from the films.
9 min
Harry’s Most POWERFUL Magic NOT Shown in the Mo...
Today we'll be talking about Sacrificial Protection and uncovering a lesser-known tidbit about this magic.
3 min
Recasting Harry Potter for HBO Max - Philosophe...
Today we’re going to be discussing the recently announced HBO Harry Potter TV series - who's going to be in it?
8 min
The Origins of Severus SNAPE (Childhood to Deat...
Today we’ll be discussing the life of the infamous Professor Severus Snape.
10 min
Will ANY of These 50 Harry Potter Actors Join H...
Today we're discussing the original cast members of Harry Potter- taking a look at what they're doing now.
25 min
The Life of Gilderoy Lockhart (+What Happened t...
Today we’re going to be discussing the twisted origins of Gilderoy Lockhart.
15 min