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20 Spells CREATED by Powerful Wizards - Harry P...
Have you ever wondered how spells are created? Well, the answer is simpler than you might have guessed.
11 min
History of the Forbidden Forest - Harry Potter ...
Today we’re discussing the complete history of the Forbidden Forest.
17 min
Hogwarts Legacy MULTIPLAYER Is on the Way!
Exciting news regarding the newly released Harry Potter game!
2 min
How Hogwarts Legacy CHANGES Dumbledore’s Death ...
Today we’re discussing how Hogwarts Legacy may have just given us an entirely new perspective on the death of beloved Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore.
8 min
Every Magic Language in the Wizarding World - H...
Today, we’ll be taking a look at all of the known languages of magical beasts and creatures in the Wizarding World.
10 min
5 Major Mysteries of Hogwarts - Harry Potter Ex...
Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the lesser well-known mysteries surrounding the castle and grounds of Hogwarts School.
8 min
Why Do Wizards Only Use ONE Wand? - Harry Potte...
Today we’re discussing why some wizards use a wand while others seemingly don’t have the need for one at all.
8 min
Every Hero, Villain and Professor in Hogwarts L...
Today we’re going to be discussing HOGWARTS LEGACY- the much anticipated Harry Potter game.
10 min
Who is the RICHEST Wizard in Harry Potter? - Ha...
Today we're discussing the 5 RICHEST Wizarding families in the ENTIRE Wizarding World.
8 min
Is Hermione Black or White? - Harry Potter Theory
Today, we’re going to be discussing the controversial topic of Hermione Granger’s ethnicity.
10 min
10 BEST Harry Potter Theories of 2022 - Harry P...
Today we’re going to be taking a look at the BEST Harry Potter theories of 2022.
11 min
5 Draco Malfoy Fan Theories You CAN'T Miss - Ha...
Today, we’ll be looking at five Draco Malfoy theories that have recently caught my eye.
9 min
Why Harry Potter Was BANNED in America - Harry ...
Today we’re looking at why Harry Potter became (for a time) one of the most banned media franchises in the world.
9 min
Where Does MAGIC Come From? - Harry Potter Expl...
Today we’re discussing MAGIC- specifically, what it is, where it comes from, and why only some people can channel it.
9 min
Why Were Harry's Parents SO Rich? - Harry Potte...
Today we’re discussing HOW on earth Harry Potter's parents amassed such an incredible amount of wealth.
9 min
This DARK Theory Completely Flips Harry Potter'...
Today we’re discussing a HORRIFIC Harry Potter Theory that bears the potential to completely flip the Harry Potter ending on its head.
10 min
The Most POWERFUL Witch Nobody Talks About - Ha...
Today, we're going to be discussing a witch MUCH more powerful than the ones that usually come to mind.
9 min
The WORST Harry Potter Fan Theories of 2022 - H...
Today, we’re going to be discussing the absolute WORST Harry Potter theories to have surfaced or been discussed in 2022.
9 min
10 Greatest Influences on Harry Potter - Harry ...
Today we’re discussing 10 iconic pieces of literature that DIRECTLY inspired the Harry Potter story.
9 min
This Question about Dumbledore Has NEVER Been A...
Today we’re going to be discussing Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, and trying to unravel one of his dirtiest darkest secrets.
8 min
Every Magical Law in the Wizarding World - Harr...
Today we’re discussing Magical LAW. That’s right, just like the muggle society, witches and wizards are confined to behaving within the framework of law and order.
13 min
Every Harry Potter Actor Who Passed Away (24) -...
Today we’re discussing the deaths of some of the late and great actors that took part in the Harry Potter Series.
12 min
DARK History of the Death Eaters (Est. 1938) - ...
Where did the Death Eaters come from? What name did they operate under originally? How did their hierarchy work? And where did the Dark Mark come from? For answers to these questions and more check out today's video of Harry Potter Theory. Today we’r...
20 min
Are House Elves ENSLAVED by Santa? (+ Why They ...
Welcome to Harry Potter Theory. Today we're discussing the probability of whether or not Santa’s elves have any relation to the House Elves that appear throughout Harry Potter. As I’m sure you can appreciate, this is a somewhat complicated topic. Fir...
9 min
What If Cedric Diggory SURVIVED? (The Next Vill...
Welcome to Harry Potter Theory. Today we’re discussing none other than popular Hufflepuff student Cedric Diggory. More specifically- however, we’re going to be discussing his untimely death at the hands of Wormtail aka Peter Pettigrew during the penu...
9 min