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Hosted by Dr. Kelly J. Baker and John Brooks. Kelly and John invite other people from the wide and wild world of religious studies to talk to them about why and how they do what they do and why their work matters to us all. They also talk to each other about the ideas, stories, and histories that fascinate them and that they think you should know about, too.

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Religion & Spirituality
#2.6 - Chris Kluwe - On standing up for others,...
Christ Kluwe talks being banned from the NFL on account of being a decent person, his love of books. his writing process, and his sci-fi novel "Otaku"
61 min
#2.5 - Sebastian Major - The host and creator o...
Sebastian Major on teaching history, real and fake, to high schoolers and on his podcast, "Our Fake History".
56 min
#2.4 - Nina MacLaughlin: on Metamorphoses
Nina MacLaughlin on her own metamorphosis, and Ovid's "Metamorphoses"
47 min
Hard to Believe Weekend Bonus Episode - The Hau...
John, Joey, and Nico talk about Netflix's two "Haunting of..." series.
59 min
#2.3 - The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Pa...
How the "lie that wouldn't die" gave birth to the modern Conspiracy Industrial Complex
78 min
#2.2 - Daniel J. Clark - Director of "Behind th...
John is joined by "Behind the Curve" director Daniel J. Clark to discuss the subculture of Flat Earth conspiracy theorists
43 min
#2.1 - I Still Want to Believe - "The Leftovers...
A discussion of our strange times through the lens of "The Leftovers", "Watchmen", "The Man in the High Castle", and more.
65 min
#1.25 - Gerry Bowler: The Christmas Chronicler ...
Gerry Bowler on Santa Claus
54 min
#1.24 - Gil Bar-Sela: Israel, Palestine, and th...
Gil Bar-Sela on a life marked by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how we can find peace in ourselves and others.
51 min
#1.23 - Dr. Lisa Vox: on Why the End is Always ...
Dr. Lisa Vox joins the podcast to talk about the past, present, and future of the apocalypse, and what changes when the ability to destroy humanity lies in our own hands.
47 min
#1.22 - Joseph Laycock: The author of "Speak of...
Joseph Laycock, associate professor of religious studies at Texas State University, joins John to talk Satanic Panics, Satanism, and the fight for the freedom of and from religion.
68 min
HTB - A Very Special Episode: QANON - with Mike...
John and three guests sacrifice their time and any and all hope for humanity by exploring the terrifying and increasingly ubiquitous QAnon phenomenon. Take the red pill and learn the TRUTH!
145 min
#1.21 - Richard Kaczynski: "Perdurabo" author t...
Crowley's biographer helps correct the record on his life and legacy
54 min
#1.20 - Pastor June Joplin: on Living her Truth
Pastor June Joplin on coming out, opening up, and moving forward.
50 min
#1.19 - Liza Richardson: The Emmy Nominee Talks...
Liza Richardson, Emmy-nominated music supervisor for "Watchmen", talks to us about music, "The Leftovers", and how she approaches her work.
54 min
#1.18 - Greg Garrett: Cultural Theologian - The...
Cultural theologian Greg Garrett talks U2, zombies, and Hollywood's race problem
77 min
#1.17 - Mandisa Thomas: Founder of Black Nonbel...
Black Nonbelievers founder Mandisa Thomas on being Black and atheist, Christianity's white supremacy, and keeping momentum alive.
57 min
#1.16 - Kevin S. Decker: Philosophy Professor, ...
Philosophy professor Kevin S. Decker joins John and Nico Vasilo to discuss how he teaches philosophy through the lens of science fiction and pop culture.
63 min
#1.15 - S.T. Joshi: The Lovecraftian - H.P. Lov...
H.P. Lovecraft biographer S.T. Joshi on the life, work, and philosophy of America's greatest and most enigmatic horror writer.
46 min
#1.14 - J.W. Rinzler: on Reaching for the Stars...
Author JW Rinzler on his work covering Star Wars, Alien, and his love of all things space.
62 min
#1.13 - Cats! (Not the Movie!) - The Seriously ...
John and Jess Collins learn all about the...um...interesting history of cats in religion!
51 min
#1.12 - Tony Ortega: on Scientology, David Misc...
Journalist Tony Ortega on how Scientology got to where it is today, what new scandals mean for its future, and the real deal with Lord Xenu
51 min
#1.11 - Roger Moorhouse: on Stauffenberg, Tresc...
Historian Roger Moorhouse on the legacy of Stauffenberg, Tresckow, and Hitler's other would-be assassins
61 min
#1.10 - Operation Valkyrie: The July 20th Plot ...
A brief history of Claus von Stauffenberg and the July 20th plot.
26 min
#1.9 - Andrew Phillip Smith: on the Cathars and...
The history and beliefs of the Cathars and their lingering influence.
68 min