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Hosted by Dr. Kelly J. Baker and John Brooks. Kelly and John invite other people from the wide and wild world of religious studies to talk to them about why and how they do what they do and why their work matters to us all. They also talk to each other about the ideas, stories, and histories that fascinate them and that they think you should know about, too.

Society & Culture
Religion & Spirituality
#2.29 - Mary Shelley: The Making of a Monster
How Mary Shelley created a monster from the disparate, assembled parts of her own lived horror.
86 min
#2.28 - Midnight Mass - with Dr. Kelly J. Baker...
A conversation about religion, horror, and human nature in Mike Flanagan's "Midnight Mass".
80 min
#2.27 – Byrne the Church - Part 2 - End of Days...
We take a look at End of Days, the second of two weird religious thrillers Gabriel Byrne made in 1999!
73 min
#2.26 - Brandan Robertson - God and Aliens
Brandan Robertson talks about the Gospel of Inclusion, alien life, and whether we're living in a simulation
48 min
#2.25 - Dr. Jonathan Farley - On how we should ...
Acclaimed mathematician Dr. Jonathan Farley on how we should and should not think about and teach mathematics.
50 min
#2.24 - Byrne the Church - Part 1 - Stigmata (1...
We take a look at Stigmata, one of two weird religious thrillers Gabriel Byrne made in 1999!
67 min
#2.23 - Alex Morris - Young Evangelicals and th...
Rolling Stone's Alex Morris on the youth environmentalist movement emerging with evangelical Christianity.
51 min
#2.22 - Dr. Kelly J. Baker - The Klan, Jesus, a...
Dr. Kelly J. Baker, author of "The Gospel According to the Klan", on the past, present, and future of the Klan, Christianity, and Trumpism
71 min
#2.21 - Rule by Deception - Part Three of "Disi...
Stalin, Trump, and the making of a deception-based domestic and foreign policy.
101 min
#2.20 - Maria Against History - The twilight of...
Authors and translators Helen Azar and George Hawkins discuss their work translating the writings of the Romanovs and their book about Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna.
69 min
#2.19 - The Legend of Polybius - with Tyler Birth
Tyler Birth joins John to talk about Polybius, the biggest video game hoax of all time.
61 min
#2.18 – Rev. Dr. Marcia Ledford - The Religious...
Civil rights attorney and Episcopal priest Marcia Ledford talks about the state of religious freedom and the future of the religious left in America.
58 min
#2.17 - Michael Blanding - on "North by Shakesp...
Author Michael Blanding on his book exploring Dennis McCarthy's investigation into the Shakespeare-Thomas North connection.
49 min
#2.16 - Chelsey Weber-Smith - Beware the Killer...
American Hysteria's Chelsey Weber-Smith joins John to explore the killer clown trope.
64 min
#2.15 - Nicolas Cage and the Quest for the Holy...
Joey Lewandowski and Teddy Smith join to talk about the delightfully absurd tale of Nicolas Cage's attempt to find the mythical cup of Christ.
80 min
#2.14 - Octavia of Earth - with Anand Kalra
"Octavia of Earth" cocreator Anand Kalra on the life, work, and legacy of Octavia Butler and the work of adapting her story into a musical.
64 min
#2.13 - Dr. Fred Grewe - On what working with t...
Fred Grewe eases John into talking about his least-favorite subject outside of calculus: death.
45 min
Shirley (2020) - A Special Hard to Believe/The ...
John joins Aislinn and Tobin of The Contenders to discuss "Shirley" (2020)
81 min
#2.12 - Bry Jensen - Host of "Pontifacts"
Pontifacts host Bry Jensen talks about the first three years of covering every pope in the Church's history.
58 min
#2.11 - Q: Into the Storm - with Teddy Smith
John is joined by his colleague and frequent guest Teddy Smith to unpack Cullen Hoback's "Q: Into the Storm"
78 min
#2.10 - Witch Life - with the hosts of the That...
Hilary Whitmore, Kanani Soleil, and Courtney Weber of That Witch Life join to discuss the world of modern witchcraft
63 min
#2.9 - Robin Wilkins - PhD: Parenting is HarD
Robin Wilkins joins John to discuss Alison Gopnik, the wide world of parenting philosophies, and why so many of them are dumb and terrible.
50 min
Hard to Believe Weekend Bonus Mini Episode - Sh...
A short conversation between John and Sebastian Major on Shakespeare authorship.
14 min
#2.8 - Steven Sabel - Bard to Believe - The Oxf...
John and Steven Sabel, host of the Don't Quill the Messenger podcast, layout the evidence for the Oxfordian Shakespeare authorship case and talk about their shared love of the author's work.
80 min
#2.7 - Grigori Rasputin and Anastasia Romanov -...
The truth behind the lies that rewrote the stories of Grigori Rasputin and Anastasia Romanov.
99 min