Pod Only Knows

Hosted by Dr. Kelly J. Baker and John Brooks. Kelly and John invite other people from the wide and wild world of religious studies to talk to them about why and how they do what they do and why their work matters to us all. They also talk to each other about the ideas, stories, and histories that fascinate them and that they think you should know about, too.

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Religion & Spirituality
Weekend Episode #1 - The Middle Way
John talks to Kelly about Buddha's teaching of the Middle Way, and how we all suck at it.
44 min
#002 - Dr. Megan Goodwin on public scholarship ...
Dr. Megan Goodwin talks to Kelly and John about religion podcasting and the importance of public scholarship in religious studies.
66 min
#001 - Mike Rothschild on his upcoming book "Je...
Kelly and John discuss "Jewish Space Lasers" and antisemitic conspiracy tropes with author Mike Rothschild
61 min
Metamorphosis - Hard to Believe becomes Pod Onl...
Learn about what's in store for Pod Only Knows and get to better know your hosts!
41 min
#3.19 - Garry Stevens - on "The History in the ...
In John's final solo show, he talks to Garry Stevens, the creator of one of his favorite podcasts, The History in the Bible.
52 min
COMING SOON - Pod Only Knows with Kelly J. Bake...
0 min
#3.18 - This is the Way: The Tao of the Mandalo...
John and resident CageClub "Star Wars" superfan Mike Manzi discuss some of the religious themes of "The Mandalorian"
74 min
#3.17 - Gladiator 2: Christ Killer - with Joe T...
John is joined by fellow CageClubbers Joe Two and Brian Rodriguez to lament the official end of the dream of Nick Cave's "Gladiator 2: Christ Killer"
64 min
#3.16 - Nick Fuentes, Ye, and Gen Z Antisemitis...
John talks with Amanda Moore about Nick Fuentes, Ye, and how antisemitism and Christian nationalism are being sold to Gen Z.
53 min
#3.15 - Dr. Joshua Bowen
John talks with Dr. Joshua Bowen, an expert in the ancient near east and a regular on YouTube and podcasts, as well as the author of The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament.
79 min
#3.14 - #FreeCasey - with Jenn Tisdale
Jenn Tisdale joins John to talk about Casey Anthony and the incredible Peacock docuseries "Where the Truth Lies", directed by Alexandra Dean.
74 min
#3.13 - Shannon Foley Martinez
Anti-hate activist Shannon Foley Martinez shares her story of how as a teenager she came to embrace white supremacist beliefs and her work in helping others leave hate behind.
89 min
#3.12 - The Monster That Made Bram Stoker
The Monsters That Made Us cohosts Dan Colón and Mike Manzi come back for their second Halloween guest appearance to talk about the real life of Bram Stoker
118 min
#3.11 - The Heathen Queen
John talks to the one and only Heathen Queen about deconstruction, dunking on apologists, and why atheists still like to study religion.
65 min
#3.10 - Some Personal News!
Where's John been? And what's he up to?? The answers lie herein!
36 min
Rerelease (July 2020): Kris Lane: Tulane profes...
Historian Kris Lane on the Columbus myth and how we should think about the way we commemorate history
54 min
Rerelease: Steven Sabel - Bard to Believe - The...
A rerelease of an episode from April 2021, featuring Don't Quill the Messenger host Steven Sabel
81 min
#3.9 - To Suffer the Slings and Arrows - "Shake...
Author Robert Boog discusses his book, "Shakey's Madness".
54 min
#3.8 - Ms. Marvel and the Muslim Superheroine -...
Dr. Safiyya Hosein discusses the recent Disney+ adaptation of Ms. Marvel and the way Muslims, especially Muslim women, are portrayed in comics.
62 min
#3.7 - The Georgia Guidestones (RIP)
Hard to Believe #068 – The Georgia Guidestones (RIP) - with Jess Collins
63 min
#3.6 - The Bible and Abortion - with Jess Colli...
Frequent HTB guests Jess Collins and Mike Manzi join John to learn all about what the Bible thinks about abortion.
77 min
#3.5 - Rolling Stone's Alex Morris: On how we g...
Rolling Stone senior writer Alex Morris returns to the show to discuss the present and future of abortion and reproductive autonomy in America.
47 min
#3.4 - The Myth of the Second Amendment with Jo...
Above the Law's senior editor Joe Patrice discusses what the Second Amendment does and doesn't mean, and how we might get back to a saner interpretation of it.
64 min
The Blair Witch Project (1999:The Podcast)
A presentation of episode 3 of 1999: The Podcast, as John and co=host Joey Lewandowski discuss The Blair Witch Project with American Hysteria's Chelsey Weber-Smith
80 min
#3.3 - Leaving God with John Follis
The guy behind the legendary Marble Collegiate Church ad campaign on growing up Catholic, selling church, and the rising trend of the “Nones” leaving God behind as documented in his award-winning film "Leaving God".
53 min