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Biden Admin Urges SCOTUS To Let Cops Enter Home...
+ Restaurant owner arrested for defying Michigan COVID orders
54 min
The Truth About the AR-15 || EP 422
If your plan is to stop homicides, banning AR-15's will do nothing.
48 min
Bernie Sanders wins DumbBleep of the Weekend! |...
Bernie spars with Elon Musk and it's dumb enough to create an entire episode!
49 min
Dumb BLEEP of the Week (Nick Sarwark vs. other ...
The Patreon group votes on who said the dumbest thing this week!
54 min
15 Days + 350 More Days + More Days to Slow the...
50 min
Employers Can't Find Workers.. I Wonder Why? ||...
Illinois city prepares first round of reparations to black residents, but activists say it's not enough
56 min
Dumb BLEEP of the Week (The Dumbest bleep we've...
Bi-Racial student fails Critical Race Theory class for not admitting he's an oppressor!
38 min
Is This a "Stimulus" or an Economic Transformat...
+ KY wants to criminalize yelling mean things at Police Officers!
41 min
Who's the Victim? || EP 415
+ Democrats block States from cutting taxes in new stimulus bill
44 min
Will Derek Chauvin Be Convicted? || EP 414
+ Congress slipped a tax on Uber drivers in the Covid relief bill!
48 min
Dumb BLEEP of the Week (Joy Reid vs. AOC vs. Be...
Who wins?? Joy Reid, Texas Masks, Bernie Sanders, AOC, & More!!
45 min
Venezuela May Create "Special Economic Zones" t...
+ 4 Devastating Consequences Of The Democrat ‘For The People Act’
55 min
Your 3-Month-Old Might Be a Racist || EP 411
+ Biden strikes stimulus deal with Senate Democrats
61 min
Warren's Wealth Tax + the Fight for $15 || EP 410
McDonald’s Response to Minimum Wage Hikes Totally Undercuts the ‘Fight for $15,’ New Study Shows
65 min
Dumb BLEEP of the Week! || EP 409
Potato Head vs Racism!, vs the War in Syria
45 min
Air Force Says the >$1 trillion F-35 Already Ne...
Plus.. Biden is putting kids in "containers," not cages.
49 min
The Most Ridiculous Items in the New COVID Reli...
+ Illinois ends cash bail
30 min
AOC Uses Private Charity to Help People || EP 406
Anthony Fauci Says Americans Might Still Need To Wear Masks in 2022
62 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Sean Stroud || EP 14
Great talk about criminal justice reform, and the progression of Sean from left, to right, to libertarian. This episode was recorded on October 14th, 2020.
50 min
Dumb Bleep of the Week! (Is Capitalism Slavery...
This #DBOTW features lovely people like Joe Scarborough, the Socialist Party, Joe Biden, GoFundMe, & More!
38 min
Grid Failure in Texas + Is Venezuela Going Priv...
Venezuela Turns to Privatization After Being Bankrupted by Socialism
32 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Caleb Smith || EP 13
Here's Caleb Smiths amazing (and at times heart-wrenching) story.
62 min
Dumb BLEEP of the week! (Everything I hate is c...
Number don't matter!
37 min
"PRO Act" Might End the Gig Economy || EP 402
How Bachelor Nation Responded To Alleged Southern Ball Pictures Of Rachael
37 min
Will Congress Come For Your Guns? || EP 401
This Draconian Bill Would Turn Millions of Peaceful Gun Owners Into Felons - Reason
51 min
Did Tom Brady Just 'White Privilege' All Over t...
Also: How Bitcoin Could Smash Socialism in Venezuela
62 min
Dumb Bleep of the Week! (Did AOC Lie?) || EP 399
Did AOC Exaggerate the Danger She Was in During Capitol Riot?
54 min
Brad Polumbo Joins to Talk Minimum Wage, Covid ...
Brad Polumbo is a journalist and opinion editor at and host of the Breaking Boundaries podcast
36 min
Regulations Hurt Those They Claim to Help || EP...
Local Kroger Stores Close as California ‘Hero Pay’ Ordinance Backfires
52 min
BLM Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize || EP 396
42 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Alan Mosley || EP 12
Alan Mosley is a historian, jazz musician, author, aspiring grifter and host of It’s Too Late, the #1 show in late night… of all podcasts in the liberty movement… filmed in Tennessee… that are hosted by Alan.
72 min
Dumb Bleep of the Week! (Cuomo vs. AOC & More)...
Andrew Cuomo's Covid-19 performance may have been less stellar than it seemed
54 min
The Robinhood VS WallStreetBets Fiasco || EP 394
Let's break down what's happening with retail traders.. and why the government shouldn't get involved.
69 min
Rob Chatfield Joins to Discuss "Common Sense in...
Rob Chatfield is CEO of Free to Choose Network. Today he joined the show to discuss their new Thomas Sowell documentary
57 min
Bernie's Stats Are Off & Teachers Unions Contin...
At the end of the podcast we discuss Bernie's recent tweet about minimum wage and unemployment
68 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Amanda Griffiths || EP 11
Amanda Griffiths is a libertarian writer, think tanker, and PhD student at the University of California, Los Angeles. For an eclectic blend of free-market musings, Machiavelli scholarship, and occasional whisky evangelism, follow her on Twitter @AjaxtheGryff.
55 min
DumbBLEEP of the Week (Dan Price vs. John Brenn...
John Brennan, Dan Price, Marxism, FDR + More!
49 min
Biden's First Day as a Dictator + Evidence Sugg...
Unemployment During the Pandemic Expected to Cause 900,000 US Deaths, New Economic Study Finds
73 min
MLK Day, Police Reform in Illinois, FDA's Hidde...
How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Inspires Libertarian Values
75 min
Dumb BLEEP of the Week (Covid Relief v. Lightfo...
Joe Biden puts forward his plan for "emergency" relief..
54 min
AOC's Message of Division || EP 387
AOC says the only reason any of this happened was the desire to uphold "White Supremacy."
61 min
Trump Impeached (Again) - Did He Incite Violenc...
House votes to impeach Trump again.. Will the Senate follow?
75 min
You Can't Make This Stuff Up! || EP 385
Cuomo says NYC MUST reopen to save the economy. Twitter comes out against censorship..
62 min
Leftist Hypocrisy + the Republican Party's Resp...
Both sides just want to be treated equally.. Will that ever happen?
52 min
Dumb Bleep of the Week! || EP 383
Capitol Riots, Stacey Abrams, Josh Hawley, Musk & Bezos' Net Worth
81 min
LIVE: Mostly Peaceful Protest Erupts at the U.S...
Pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol as armed standoff takes place outside House chamber
57 min
Leftist Policies Kill Jobs in California. They ...
Also: New York Democrat's bill allowing governor to detain individuals dangerous to 'public health' sparks backlash
57 min
Does the Georgia Election Really Matter? || EP 380
All Eyes on Georgia Senate Run-Offs
48 min
2020's DumbBLEEP of the YEAR || EP 379
Our supporters narrowed down our #DBOTW episodes to the Final Four
48 min
Rand Paul's Waste Report - $55 Billion in Ridic...
Jamaal Bowman calls capitalism ‘slavery,’ says Dems should follow ‘Squad,’ not Obama
62 min
Cocaine Mitch Blocks $2k Stimulus Bill - Trump ...
60 min
Moderna's Vaccine Was Created on 1/13/20 - But ...
Trump Gets None of His Demands in the Spending Bill but Signs It Into Law Anyway
46 min
To Take, or Not to Take? || EP 375
Trump takes aim at Covid stimulus bill, raising specter of veto
32 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Andrew Oshinsky || EP 10
Here's how Andrew went from voting Obama in '08, to Ron Paul in '12
57 min
Tulsi Gabbard Is Just Another Socialist -- Dumb...
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Reinstate WWII-era Excess Profits Tax on Large Corporations Seeing Windfall Profits from Pandemic to Help Small Business Recovery
42 min
Jon Miltimore ( on Lockdowns, Scandinav...
47 min
Musk Leaves California, UBI (funded voluntarily...
Why Elon Musk And Other Tech Billionaires Are Leaving Silicon Valley For Texas
64 min
What About Denmark? || EP 371
A new strategy for the "What about Denmark" argument
22 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Alex Abernathy || EP 9
Alex Abernathy is a Radio News Anchor and a podcast host in Knoxville, TN.
67 min
Dumb Bleep of the Week! (w/ Jon King) || EP 370
Lefty Santa, Ayn Rand's Healthcare, Trespassing, FTC vs. Facebook & More!
57 min
How to Never Wear a Face Mask Again w/ Allan St...
Allan Stevo, Author of the Amazon best-seller "Face Masks in One Lesson" joins the show
59 min
Let's Take Down a Few Lefty Talking Points || E...
Tax The Rich, Student Debt, Lockdowns, on the first of (at least) two special episodes.
30 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Joe Wagner || EP 8
Joe talked to us about economics, libertarianism, BLM, and a whole lot more. Check out his podcast "Our Big Dumb Mouths."
67 min
Robert Reich, AOC, USA Today, & More (DumbBLEEP...
Fact check:Several Democratic politicians urge social distancing and issuing stay-at-home advisories but host or attend gatherings - USA Today
59 min
CNN Finally Admits that China Was Lying About C...
Leaked documents reveal China's mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19
43 min
Supreme Court, Election Anomalies, & Iran's Nuc...
54 min
Re-Humanizing Project // J.G. Franklin || EP 7
The Re-Humanizing Project series is focused on the humans behind the political ideas. JG is a liberty-minded actor/producer with some amazing ideas.
65 min
What is Capitalism? (Teen Vogue Edition) || EP 364
This is a cut of our conversation on Wednesday that we saved for its own episode today..
30 min
DumbBleep Thanksgiving Special (Cuomo vs. Berni...
43 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Nicole DeRoy || EP 6
Nicole is a tattoo apprentice in Cranston, R.I. with an amazing story to tell!
58 min
DumbBLEEP of the Week (Socialism VS Capitalism ...
The Patreon group votes on who said the dumbest thing this week!
67 min
People Are Actually Proposing a "Work From Home...
Should you pay higher taxes because you work from home?
68 min
Reparations & Student Debt Cancellation || EP 360
62 min
Yes, It's Time to Leave Afghanistan & Iraq - Al...
President Donald Trump intends to order the withdrawal of U.S. troops from war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to two administration sources.
53 min
Student Loan Cancellation is Not the Answer - E...
Dems float student loan forgiveness, and SpaceX puts more people in space for less money...
63 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Matt Krais || EP 5
Matt is a fellow musician, libertarian, and RHP bearding champion.
73 min
DumbBLEEP of the Week! || EP 357
Battle between Bernie Sanders, Lori Lightfoot, and Tom Arnold!
64 min
The Free Market Will Mandate Vaccines || EP 356
57 min
5 Ways to Fix Health Insurance + Did We Just Ag...
The Left's Hollow Call for "Unity"
65 min
President-Elect? + Will We Ever Unify the Count...
62 min
DumbBleep of the Week! + A Plan for the LP || E...
Why the Election Wasn’t a Biden Landslide
53 min
A Nation Without Principles || EP 352
Would Both Trump and Biden Bring More of the Same?
58 min
Predictions, Speculation, and Defense of the El...
Pro-Trump Latinos Now Being Exiled From the Progressive Coalition
61 min
Biden vs. Trump - Pros & Cons List to Make it T...
Does any of this matter?
63 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Morgan Kaye || EP 3
Morgan Kaye considers herself to be a "Liberal." This is the first episode we've done with someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum. Check it out!
72 min
Building a Future for the Libertarian Party - D...
41 min
Nate Voted Early, and He Voted For.... || EP 349
60 min
Was the Police Shooting in Philly Justified? Do...
National Guard is requested as protests over Walter Wallace killing engulf Philadelphia
54 min
Erika Kolenich, Libertarian Candidate for Gover...
23 min
Candidate Spotlight - Preston Gabriel Nelson, L...
28 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Sean Margalit || EP 2
Sean is a Libertarian from California. He has an amazing story so you better give it a listen!
71 min
DumbBLEEP of the Week / Debate Recap!! || EP 346
Expensify CEO urges millions of users to vote for Biden in email blast
62 min
Candidate Spotlight - Mark Elmore, Libertarian ...
34 min
Is Gay Marriage on the "Chopping Block?" || EP 345
Hunter biz partner confirms email, details Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China
65 min
Candidate Spotlight - Ian Peak, Libertarian for...
34 min
Illinoisans Will Vote to Switch to a Progressiv...
70 min
Entirely Peaceful But Mostly Un-Masked Worship ...
59 min
Re-Humanizing Project // Brandon Means || EP 1
RHP is a series focuses on highlighting real people with real stories.
39 min
DumbBleep of the Week! [Bernie vs. Ian vs. Dan ...
Twitter Blocking a New York Post Article Was Dumb—but Not Illegal, Censorship, or Election Interference
55 min
Spike Cohen - Vice Presidential Candidate for t...
27 min