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Veteran musicians Steve Witschel and Tony Bienert are here to inform, entertain, and delight you with all topics related to playing music in a cover band...and everything that comes with it!

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The CBC Wizdumb Hour #28
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #27
62 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #26
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour # 25
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #24
After an extended vacation, Steve and Tony are back to discuss compelling and fun topics going on in their musical worlds in the new year!
61 min
CBC Podcast Special Edition with Brian Tichy
Today we're talking to veteran drummer Brian Tichy who has played with some of the biggest names in rock music including Foreigner, Whitesnake, Billy Idol, and Ozzy Osbourne! He just released a Christmas CD of holiday favorites. The instrumental...
66 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #23
This week is extra special because we have our first ever CBC guest! Joining the show is John Monnecka - a die-hard musician who performs solo gigs several times a week. His repetoire is extensive, and John has mastered the art of live streaming and...
85 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #22
We're back! After a month off, due to scheduling conflicts, we're here to cover a wide range of issues including the value of Facebook "Likes." the updates from our recent gigs, and the widespread world of cover musicians. All this and more!...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #21
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #20
New week, and new wizdumb to be had! Timestamps: 01:52 - Hurricane Nate 05:32 - 6 nights again 07:16 - Private parties 08:35 - Tony's charity event 10:42 - Live video 18:58 - Reality check 20:40 - Listen to the bass player 21:30 - CBC...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #19
As our icons keep passing away, it's more important than ever for us musicians to carry the torch of the amazing music that has been written. Steve and Tony get into the fundamentals of maintaining a career in music, staying cool on stage, and stupid...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #18
Do you want your videos and music promoted for free? Of course you do! This week, Steve and Tony discuss ideas for an upcoming contest where YOU will be the star! Tony digs deep into the world of written contracts, and Steve teases the soon-to-be-live...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #17
It's a new week, and there is more wizdumb to be enjoyed! Steve and Tony give some tips on business steps to take to get better gigs, what an EPK is and how to use it, and much more! Timestamps: 00:56 - This better be cool 02:45 - The Group...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #16
This week - Steve and Tony discuss your favorite cover songs to play live, Steve sheds his inhibitions, and the guys try to stay in time. All this and more!! Timestamps: 00:43 - Drummers rule! 02:28 - Rained out 03:35 - Harvey 05:27 - More...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #15
This week - Steve and Tony give more tips on hiring or being a sub. They also tell your jokes, recap their gigs, and marvel and the insane growth of the Cover Band Central Facebook Group!
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #14
After a few weeks off, Steve and Tony are back to impart some wizdumb! This time out, they talk about the best practices working as a sub or hiring a fill-in player, some of the most embarrassing things that have happened on stage, and some exciting...
66 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #13
This week - our cover band dudes Steve and Tony discuss road safety, give our project band some feedback, and highlight the advantages of aggressive self promotion. All this and more!! Timestamps: 3:15 - The Adrenaline Mob tragedy 9:30 - Update...
64 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #12
This week...our resident working musicians Steve and Tony discuss some of the strangest places you've played a gig, if it's EVER okay to play for free, and much more. Join us LIVE!
70 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #11
Have you ever had to deal with an injury/illness while paying on stage? Well this week, Steve talks about his recent surgery and how it affected his giggng life. Steve and Tony also read through your physical horror stories, and marvel at the...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #10
The fellas are starting to aim a bit higher on this week's brand new episode! Steve proposes an interesting plan to reach a million fans, Tony exposes the true availability of stable musicians, and we learn the best way to escape from reality. All...
64 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #9
This week - Steve and Tony address the biggest challenges that come up as a working musician based on your feedback. We also learn the advantages of traveling with your own beer funnel, why you should give technology a big hug, and answer the age-old...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #8
Are some booking agents shady? Is rehearsing important? Can Steve pronounce the word "gimmickry" correctly? All of these questions and more are answered during this week's Wizdumb Hour! We also read some fan email and provide super valuable tips. Give...
75 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #7
So much stuff happens in a week! Steve and Tony dig into the long-term affects of losing our beloved music icons, and disseminate the opportunities for cover bands and musicians. They also discuss the pros and cons of a live click track, read listener...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #6
Due to the constant early evolution of this podcast, we have decided on a new name. Henceforth, the show will be called The Wizdumb Hour! We explain it all in this episode, plus break down 10 Factors to Consider when Selecting Songs for your Set. All...
65 min
The CBC Official Podcast #5
This week our band pros discuss the advantages of a brand spankin' new digital mixing board, the upside of using IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) and how to handle people who want to get up and jam with the band. All this and much more! Timestamps: 2:15...
62 min