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Veteran musicians Steve Witschel and Tony Bienert are here to inform, entertain, and delight you with all topics related to playing music in a cover band...and everything that comes with it!

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The CBC Wizdumb Hour #142 - Gigs Galore
With two gigs for Tony and three for Steve over the weekend, there is plenty to talk about!
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #141 - Anything goes
We talk about so many things during the podcast each week. who knows what topics will arise tonight... Subscribe to our YouTube channel -
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #140 - It's summertime! Le...
More and more places are opening back up, more and more bands and artists are getting back out playing gigs, and it's time to celebrate! The dark times are over! We'll talk about what's going on in the world of shows, review Tony's gig from this past...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #137
Links to all Cover Band Central stuff: Website - Facebook Page - Facebook Group - Tip Jar! - Instagram -...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #139 - ipads on stage
Steve gave his singer a new tablet this past weekend for use at the gigs. He also started using one himself. This is a hotly debated topic in the CBC Group, so it's time to break it all down. Links to all Cover Band Central stuff: Website -...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #138 - More about tribute ...
On the fourth anniversary of Chris Cornell's passing, we'll talk tonight about the importance of tribute acts.
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #136 - A quarter million a...
The Cover Band Central Facebook Page just crossed 250,000 followers! Steve and Tony will be discussing the journey so far, what it took to get to this milestone, and what's in store for the future. Plus...much more wizdumb comes up with every...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #135 - Gigs are coming back!
As the guys celebrate four years of this podcast, they're happy to also welcome gigs coming back. Both Steve and Tony had shows this past weekend, and will be discussing the joys of playing once again! Links to Cover Band Central Stuff: Website -...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #134 - Cover Band Crossover
This is not the only podcast on the interweb that deals with cover bands! Our special guests today are Adam Johnson and Dan Ray who are celebrating episode #150 of their show Cover Band Confidential. Join us as we compare notes on our respective...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #133 - Have you ever had t...
Lots of stuff going on in the world of gigging now that places are starting to open back up and feature live music. Steve's triple gig weekend was loaded with...stuff. We'll talk about that and more this week! Links to Cover Band Central Stuff:...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #132 - Special guest Jean ...
We love having guests and this week is extra special! Jean Violet has been fronting the Led Zeppelin tribute band Kashmir for over 20 years, and he recently released his book "In the Shadow of the Gods: The Memoirs of a Led Zeppelin Tribute Singer."...
70 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #131 - All About Set Lists
With musicians and bands starting to get back to work, there has been a lot of chatter about set lists in the CBC Group. Steve and Tony take a look at some that you have posted and give you our feedback. Links to all Cover Band Central stuff:...
63 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #130 - Do the Grammy Award...
The Grammy Awards were this past weekend, and a people had a lot to say about it. We'll do that, too. Steve had two gigs this past weekend as well, and we'll review those and discuss how things are shaping up as bars and clubs start to re-open....
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #129 - Beating the Trolls ...
People on the internet can be ruthless. This is even more evident with musicians who debate topics in our Group. Many have no filter, and it's a daily challenge to keep things in check. This week Steve and Tony discuss the best ways to avoid...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #128 - Special Guest Mike ...
Today we welcome drummer Mike Shulte of The Pork Tornadoes—one of the premiere cover bands in the United States. We'll be talking to Mike about how his band has kept busy through the pandemic, what strategies they are using to continue to build their...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #127B - Happy Mardi Gras?
Due to rolling blackouts, we got abruptly cut off last night, but we have some stuff to talk about, so here we are again! Mardi Gras has come and gone with no celebrations this year, and in New Orleans the music community is feeling it. But there are...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #126 - The Birth of the Wi...
Another Tuesday, and another 60 minutes of wizdumb! This week, we recap Steve's surgery experience, talk about the craziness of Mardi Gras, or lack thereof in New Orleans, discuss what to do if a band member doesn't want to play due to Covid...and...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #125 - Our First Video Pod...
A first for our podcast, we're broadcasting on Facebook Live! After a few years of audio only, we've decided to bring our show into the modern age and utilize technology with live video. We'll give you a bit of history about why we started this,...
63 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #124
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #123
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #122
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #121
It's a new year, and a whole new direction for this podcast! The guys are gearing up to go live on video in a few weeks, and it couldn't be more exciting! Steve and Tony discuss a breakdown of the gear they are using and will be adding to optimize...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #120
62 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #119
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #118
61 min