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Veteran musicians Steve Witschel and Tony Bienert are here to inform, entertain, and delight you with all topics related to playing music in a cover band...and everything that comes with it!

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The Cover Band Central Podcast #201 - The Impor...
This week it's all about lists — who should make them and why.
59 min
The Cover Band Central Podcast #200 - We made it!
It's our monumental 200th episode, and we brought in a bunch of special guests!
65 min
The Cover Band Central Podcast #199 - Managing ...
Plans for episode #200, managing the band, favorite guitarists
59 min
The Cover Band Central Podcast #198 - It's our ...
Birthday talk, set lists and song lists, and a whole lot more...
59 min
The Cover Band Central Podcast #197 - Play for ...
You've likely heard the phrase "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." That advice can be taken literally in the general workforce to better your chances of moving up the corporate ladder, but it's also a metaphor that attempts to motivate you to strive for more, and to do it in the present.
60 min
The Cover Band Central Podcast #196 - Fans of C...
This podcast focuses on musicians and all that comes along with playing covers—either for fun or work. This week, Steve and Tony explore the other perspective...the cover band fan.
59 min
The Cover Band Central Podcast #195 - Advice yo...
Some of us in the cover band scene have been at this for years—even decades. If we had an opportunity to do it all over again, what are some things we would change? More importantly, though, what advice can we give to younger musicians with our wealth of experience?
59 min
The Cover Band Central Podcast #194 - Involving...
There are two schools of thought with cover band performances. The first is that it's a show, and there is a separation between the band and the crowd. In other words, the fourth wall remains up and there is little to no interaction between the two.
60 min
The Cover Band Central Podcast #193 - Mardi Gra...
This week the guys explain the transition, and delve deep into Steve's crazy six weekend gigs in three days during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #192 - Special Guest Paul ...
Our guest today is Guitar World tech editor and guitarist Paul Riario. Paul has been with the popular musician magazine for over 25 years. He also has been playing on the music scene for decades, with his latest project Super Trans AM commanding huge...
64 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #191 - Getting people to y...
In olden days, we used to have to design and print flyers, post them in the venue or places around town, curate a mailing list, send those flyers out to people who like us and hope that they come to the next show. Nowadays with the internet and social...
59 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #190 - Personal Relationships
Being a musician—especially in a band—isn't just about being good at your craft. More of the experience is about your relationships with others. You meet new people all of the time, and some become your friends, business associates, or even romantic...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #189 - 1 or 1000
If you've been playing music for any length of time, you know that there are many ups and downs. Sometimes you're playing to a full house, and sometimes it's just the staff and a couple of friends in the audience. Either way, it's always important to...
62 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #188 - Substance Abuse
Playing in a band can often lend itself to being exposed to various legal and illegal substances. There are many stories of overuse by famous artists, at times leading to their demise. In the cover band world, there is no shortage of opportunities to...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #187 - The Cover Band Cent...
Lots of great topics in the Cover Band Central Facebook Group lately, so Steve and Tony will scroll through and discuss what's being discussed. If you're not part of it, join here - There's still time to...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #186 - Authenticity
How close should you try to get to replicating the original recording when playing covers? Should you dig deep down tot the most minute details, or scrap that idea and just make it your own? Steve and Tony discuss this and much more... You could...
59 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #185 - The New Guy
When a band changes even just one member, the whole dynamic changes. It can be a challenging situation for both the band and the new member, and it just so happens that Steve experienced that this past weekend. Steve and Tony will discuss this...and...
61 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #184 - Always be learning
As a musician, you never know when you're going to have to play a certain song, and you can also never know enough songs. That's why it's always important to keep learning new material. This not only broadens your catalog, but it also stretches and...
62 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #183 - Competition
Is your mindset that of a creative one or competitive? Society, social media, and popular culture have led us to believe that we need to be better than that singer, guitarist, drummer, band, etc. The truth is that nobody is the BEST. Everyone has...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #182 - What benefits do yo...
Steve and Tony back for another week of wizdumb. This time around, the guys discuss the benefit of having a community of cover band musicians, and field input from live viewers. They'll also go through comments in a post from the Group today. You...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #180 - How do you handle c...
Musicians aren't normal people...that's a given. But what do you do when someone in the band is off the charts? Steve and Tony discuss this and more during this episode of the Wizdumb Hour. Subscribe to the Cover Band Central YouTube channel at...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #178 - Zero Talent
There's no doubt that skill is a factor when playing music. However, there are a good number of things that don't require any talent. Steve and Tony will discuss these traits...and take your questions and feedback! Subscribe to the Cover Band...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #177 - We take your questi...
Sometimes it's more fun to pick a topic based on what YOU want to discuss. This is one of those times. Tell us what's on your mind! Subscribe to the Cover Band Central YouTube channel at
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #176 - Social media
We're all so used to it now. Social media has taken over our lives. People spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, than ever before. How you present yourself online has lasting effects. Steve and Tony will open up this can of worms on...
60 min
The CBC Wizdumb Hour #175 - Everyone is better ...
Musicians have a habit of getting into competition mode. We all want to be good, but when someone else is perceived as better, we often get envious or discouraged.'s the truth: You're never going to be the BEST. And it serves you much more...
61 min