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Learn the secrets of the music industry and how to navigate your career! Listen as host, NOMAD, interviews the most seasoned cats in the business about touring, session work, producing, self-management, and everything in between. The Career Musician (TCM) is a social network of pro musicians sharing knowledge and personal experiences in entertainment. Created by musicians, for musicians, and empowering musicians with strategies for a sustainable career. TCM is a proud member of Pantheon Podcasts, the first of it's kind, all music-based podcast network.

Music Interviews
Performing Arts
The Muse From Argentina | Raul Ferrando EP. 53
When you hear strings in the background of a track and actually recognize the emotional power they have, that's what Raul does!
65 min
Silent Partner | Daryl Simmons EP. 52
Daryl Simmons, Grammy Award-winning R&B songwriter, musician, record producer and music consultant who is best known for his association with the LaFace Records production duo of L.A. Reid and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.
40 min
Managing Your B(r)and | Xander Smith & Baron Gr...
With a rock-star name like Xander, half the battle has already been won! But seriously, Xander discuses the music biz with mutual good friend Baron Grafft and Nomad .
113 min
Pantheon Podcast Network | Christian Swain & Je...
Without The Pantheon Podcast Network you might not be hearing this podcast at all! Nomad talks with one of the founders Christian Swain and the technical director for the network Jerry Danielson in this hilariously entertaining episode!
46 min
It's Called Rock 'n' Roll | Kevin Martin EP. 49
Kevin Martin lead singer of 90's rock band Candlebox amongst others, talks about the realities of shooting straight up the charts and selling millions of records.
93 min
From Russia With Groove | Dmitry Gorodetsky EP...
Bassist for Charlie Puth and a star studded list of others, Dmitry Gorodetsky is every bit of a Career Musician from the World Tour arena to the elite Hollywood Studios!
99 min
Making Mega Trax | Derek Jones EP. 47
Derek Jones of Megatrax gives us the inside scoop on music libraries/catalogues, TV and film music, and how to generate your own work and demand!
82 min
Lady Gaga's Gentleman Guitarist | Tim Stewart E...
If you've seen a Lady GaGa concert, or Rhianna, or a whole slew of other top notch celebrity artists, then you've seen Tim shredding on guitar to arenas and stadiums across the globe!
82 min
Modern Renaissance Man | Jack Piatt EP. 45
Jack Piatt gives us a peak under the hood into JAMMCARD, how to build camaraderie in the music industry, and that time he got tasered at Frank Sinatra's house!
102 min
The Career Musician News Brief | Resources to ...
In this TCM News Brief special episode, Nomad talks to South FL Career Musician Jessi Campo about helpful resources available to the music community during the COVID-19 crisis.
23 min
Turnin' The Tables | DJ K Yung EP. 44
The first DJ on The Career Musician, DJ K Yung tells Nomad and special guest host Lovely Lola about how she relates to the turn tables just as a musician does to their instrument.
90 min
Who's Got The Time | Florian Simmendinger EP. 43
NAMM 2020 brought Florian and Nomad together for this episode explaining the concept of Soundbrenner time keeping pieces.
14 min
The Hollywood Score | Tim Davies EP. 42
From the Scoring Stages of Burbank and LA, to the National Symphony Orchestra, Tim Davies knows how to arrange, conduct, and orchestrate the show!
78 min
Trailer | Why The Career Musician
Nomad explains WHY he created The Career Musician Podcast and divulges some of Season 3's esteemed guests!
8 min
The Low Down | Derek Frank EP. 41
Derek Frank tells us just how he holds down the bottom end for Gwen Stefani and Shania Twain.
60 min
Aquí Me Tienes | Manuel Romero EP. 40
Representing a fresh hybrid of authentic Mexican music with a modern twist, Manuel Romero is a talented Latino crooner.
48 min
Trailer | Who Is Nomad pt. 2
Nomad continues telling his story as a Career Musician from the stage to the studio and everything in between!
14 min
Trailer | Who Is Nomad pt. 1
Creator & Host of The Career Musician Podcast, Nomad delivers a brief bio blurb about his career and chosen alias.
4 min
Drummers Unite | Richie Pena, James Agnew, Rash...
Drummer round table at a gig in Chicago whilst on the road! With Richie Pena, James Agnew and Rashid Williams.
30 min
Gospel Guitar Guru | Rick Watford EP. 38
Rick Watford is a staple in the Gospel and RnB hit record making industry. Humility meets wondrous talent is where Rick's fingers join his soul!
37 min
A New Face For RnB | DW3 EP. 37
"Down With Three" explain what it's really like to be in a long term band relationship as they move up the charts and tour the globe!
19 min
Miracle Guitar Man | LA Williams EP. 36
LA Williams talks with us about his personal triumph with kidney disease and how he has kept pressing on as a Career Musician in the face of adversity.
46 min
Philthy Phunk | Philip Lassiter EP. 35
Philip 'Philthy' Lassiter, horn section leader for the late great Prince, talks about his Phunky Music Life!
57 min
The Script of the Grammys | Rodney Alejandro EP...
From the Grammy board to the World stage Rodney Alejandro talks about the Script of his musical journey.
72 min
Yes Cliff Will | Clifton Williams EP. 33
As an emerging piano/keys powerhouse, Clifton Williams asks all the right questions for his quest as a mega-successful Career Musician.
26 min
Here To Stay | Darryl Williams EP. 32
Darryl Williams tells all about the transition from sideman to frontman with his bass front and center, Darryl is "Here To Stay!"
24 min
Diversify With Ziggy Beats | Ziggy Diaz EP. 31
Ziggy truly understands the key of sustaining the life of a Career Musician via diversification in more ways than one.
38 min
Who's On Third? | Frank "Third" Richardson EP. 30
Third is the consummate Career Musician drummer that now is a member of a hot new band to be on the lookout for!
39 min
The LA-List Premier Musical Director | Rickey M...
As the 2019 Emmy's are upon us, this was the perfect time to showcase Rickey Minor's insight of what it takes to be the most in demand Music Director for all things TV and otherwise!
23 min
A-List Perspective | Nathan East & Tom Keane EP...
Nathan East, bassist for: Eric Clapton, Daft Punk, Phil Collins, talks with Tom Keane - producer for: Josh Groban, Chicago, Julio Iglesias, at their LA studio about the shifting landscape of the music biz!
30 min
A Song Without Words | Wayne Linsey EP. 27
You've seen and heard Wayne on TV either on American Idol or The Tonight Show and much more!
66 min
Planetwood Studios | Catharine Wood EP. 26
Engineer, producer, composer Catharine Wood discusses what it's like to be a sole proprietor in the modern day LA music scene.
25 min
Bass Player To Hit Record Maker | Derek DOA All...
DOA tells us his initial signing with Michael Jacksons publishing company, selling tracks to Bobby Brown, and touring the globe with Janet Jackson for Rhythm Nation!
46 min
I’m Not Only A Drummer, I Play One On TV | Nate...
The Voice also has a drummer. His name is Nate Morton and he's the career musician that gets to play on TV every week!
46 min
From Jailhouse to Production House | Michael Ra...
Rock star and production music composer expert Michael Raphael explains his career trajectory from rocking stages all over the world to rocking in his posh home studio in LA!
58 min
Rise Up and Compose | Elvin Ross EP. 22
Elvin Ross is a staple of the TV/Film/Play composition world as Tyler Perry's literal right-hand-man, Elvin has composed and produced much of the programming you've watched!
53 min
Possible Chops | Dave Hooper EP. 21 pt. 2
LA session/touring drummer Dave Hooper talks about his new website which makes even the most mind boggling "drumming chops" possible!
55 min
Possible Chops | Dave Hooper EP. 21 pt. 1
LA session/touring drummer Dave Hooper talks about his new website which makes even the most mind boggling "drumming chops" possible!
62 min
United We Stand AFM | John Acosta EP. 20
President of the Musician's Union, John Acosta tells us the benefits of being a member and dispels some of the myths of the AFM.
51 min
Going Viral | Marty Schwartz EP. 19
As one of the premier YouTube guitar instructors, Marty talks to Nomad about the process of building his virtual empire.
71 min
The Human Beatbox | Doug E. Fresh EP. 18
Nomad caught up backstage with Doug E. Fresh on the co-bill for a Babyface concert in Jax, FL.
10 min
Adam Blackstone Covers the BASS-ics | EP. 17
BASSic Black Entertainment CEO, Adam Blackstone shares insight of being a high profile Music Director.
18 min
The Main Dot Connector | Josh Pegram EP. 16
Marketing and Advertising Wizard Josh Pegram on creating awareness, balancing different responsibilities, and practicing mindfullness.
35 min
The Ultimate Guitar Ninja | Jason Land EP. 15
Unlocking tool boxes, knowing your "WHY", and Synergy Expansion - A discussion with educator Jason Land.
50 min
The Bottom Line | Michael Manson EP. 14
Professional Bassist Michael Manson talks with The Career Musician about his influences and peers, and his take on being a working, traveling musician.
24 min
Know Where You're Going | Cecil Guyton EP. 13
Cecil Guyton shares his feelings on being adaptable as a professional musician, along with thoughts on management and recording technique.
18 min
The Black Operator | Mark Phillips EP. 12
Mark Phillips says you don't need a publishing company! The master on how to operate within the music business as a creative individual.
49 min
Behind The Scenes | Babyface Cast & Crew EP. 11
NOMAD lifts the curtain to expose what it takes to remain consistent as a professional musician, and takes a look at the ways in which live music is changing.
14 min
Super Sonic Noise Maker | Jason Moss EP. 10
Music Licensing professional Jason Moss on the in's and out's of this very important side of the music industry.
70 min
The Gospel According to Jazz | Kirk Whalum EP. 9
Jazz legend, Kirk Whalum talks about jazz philosophy, practice, artistic strategy and finding your place in the industry.
46 min
Flying High | Dale & Mark Ranz EP. 8
Dale and Mark Ranz talk about the premier method of travel in the music business: PRIVATE JETS.
19 min
Changing The World | Tommy Sims EP. 7
Professional producer and songwriter Tommy Sims talks with NOMAD about marketing, shifting musical lanes and tracking live musicians.
51 min
Award Winning Pianist and Composer | Ruslan Sir...
NOMAD speaks with the famous pianist and composer about his work methods, and how owning a keyboard is Ukraine was illegal!
37 min
Virtuoso Film Composer | John Powell EP. 5
One of the great Film Composers of our time, John Powell, talks with NOMAD about his work in film scoring, recording techniques, software as a writing tool and finding your own voice.
26 min
Legendary Tour Manager | Bernie Boyle EP. 4
Legendary tour manager, Bernie Boyle (The Beatles, Michael Jackson) shares his experiences managing tours for some of the world's most famous artists.
24 min
Drummer to the Stars | Joel Stevenett EP. 3
Joel Stevenett goes into detail, sharing tips and tricks about what it takes to be a successful career musician, drummer and self promoter.
42 min
Healthy Road Life | Tyrone Mattner & Gareth Kat...
NOMAD interviews event security and close protection bodyguards who share secrets for maintaining a healthy lifestyle working in show business.
32 min
Rules of the Road | Kenny Babyface Edmonds Band...
NOMAD interviews members of the Kenny Babyface Edmonds band and crew about essential "rules of the road," along with details on the finer points of being a touring musician.
29 min