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Learn the secrets of the music industry and how to navigate your career! Listen as host, NOMAD, interviews the most seasoned cats in the business about touring, session work, producing, self-management, and everything in between. The Career Musician (TCM) is a social network of pro musicians sharing knowledge and personal experiences in entertainment. Created by musicians, for musicians, and empowering musicians with strategies for a sustainable career. TCM is a proud member of Pantheon Podcasts, the first of it's kind, all music-based podcast network.

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Performing Arts
#155: Garrett Hope & Arthur Breur | Ultimate Mu...
The Ultimate Music Business Summit is a three-day virtual conference with over two dozen presentations designed to help you grow your career. Learn how to kill the Impostor Syndrome, break through your Upper Limits, stop asking permission, be honest about what you want, and start making money!
46 min
#154: Scott Page | Pink Floyd to NFTs
Scott Page is a musician, technologist, and entrepreneur known for his saxophone and rhythm guitar work with Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto. Page is CEO of Think:EXP, a Los Angeles-based media company focused on live immersive entertainment. Page worked on and led a number of ventures, including Walt Tucker Productions, an audio video post production company that produced projects for The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks, Scorpions and others.
46 min
Save The Music | Henry Donahue EP. 153
Henry Donahue has been the Executive Director of Save The Music since 2016.
73 min
WisdoManiaFest | X. ARI EP. 152
X. Ari is a star on rise who puts her heart and mission before anything else!
41 min
Diversify Or Die | Nomad EP. 151
Season 5 of The Career Musician Podcast Kickoff with ETHOS | The Career Musician's Code by NOMAD
29 min
Tony Award Winning Career Musician | Leslie Odo...
What a treat to have this special talent on the show today! Leslie Odom Jr. is extremely accomplished in his young age and is only going to get bigger from here. Listen and learn from this humble guy!
45 min
Mighty Bone | Ric Feliciano EP. 149
Blast from the past! One of Nomad's greatest music teachers is here to shed light on what it means to be a Career Musician!
36 min
Gospel Music B3 Guru | Ralph T. Lofton EP. 148
A true gentleman and a scholar, check out legend Ralph T. Lofton, and learn how he's been able to sustain his career through the years.
112 min
It's A Shure Thing | Bill Oakley EP. 147
Go behind the scenes with audio tech guru, and production manager, Bill Oakley!
73 min
Bigs and Bangs Dynamic Duo | Big Mike Hart EP. 146
Big Mike, a gentleman and a scholar! Ha! He's seriously a beast in the industry, listen and learn people!
72 min
Music of The Soul | Tod Weidner EP. 145
Tod is an accomplished artist and radio host who is also currently being musically produced by Nomad! He is the real deal, and a master lyrical wordsmith!
52 min
Sleeping Giant Songwriter | Erin Alden EP. 144
Erin Alden is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles. Her music has been played prominently on Radio, in TV and Film, on such Networks as Lifetime Channel, Syfy Network, MTV, E Channel, and in feature films.
63 min
Drums Around The World From Home | Richie Peña ...
Richie is not only the epitome of a career musician, he's also one of Nomad's best friends! Listen as they geek out on recording techniques from their home studios.
87 min
Pit Boss of the Muzik Mafia | Jerry Navarro EP....
Old friends Jerry Navarro and Nomad reunite and get to the nitty gritty in this episode of The Career Musician!
66 min
All About That Bass | Chris Thigpen EP. 141
Chris is a professional thru-n-thru. From the way he conducts himself in business, to the way he slays at his craft. This dude is truly a career musician!
65 min
Sonic Haven | Scott Frankfurt EP. 140
Scott is the real deal! Listen as he talks all about how to properly conduct yourself in a studio session!
104 min
In the Studio with EWF | Vi EP. 139
Hear all about Vi's rise to being a tried and true Career Musician!
50 min
President of CD Baby | Joel Andrew EP. 138
Joel is here on a mission to help independent musicians find their own success.
73 min
Real World Composer | Nathan Furst EP. 137
Nathan is such a humble guy despite having an all star resume!
90 min
Studio Drums From Home | Tony Morra EP. 136
Tony lets us in on him home recording process, and teaches us the value of being self-sufficient.
82 min
All Basses Covered | Viktor Krauss EP. 135
Eclectic composer bassist Viktor Krauss has been a presence in Nashville Tennessee since 1992 with nearly 500 album credits as either a bassist, composer/songwriter or producer.
53 min
Margaritaville Percussion | Eric Darken EP. 134
For over 30 years Eric Darken has worked as a studio and touring percussionist for some of the biggest bands and artists in the world. His artistry, innovation and creative approach to rhythm and sounds is something artists and producers from around the world have called upon him to share.
68 min
Working On Malcolm In The Middle | Scott Franci...
Scott gives us the inside scoop on REAL industry studio sessions.
59 min
Premier Session Woodwinds | Ashley Jarmack EP. 132
Ashley gets into the nitty gritty of the life of a woodwind doubler.
41 min
The Piano Behind Snoopy In Space | Jordan Seige...
Jordan shows us behind the scenes of the film music world!
45 min
The Planets: Reimagined | Jeremy Levy EP. 130
Jeremy, composer and arranger extraordinaire, teaches us a thing or two about how the TV/Film music industry really works.
48 min
Nashville Hands of Soul | Joseph Wooten EP. 129
As humble as he is, Mr. Wooten is a re FORCE to be reckoned with. Listen as he drops knowledge and plays a little for us here at The Career Musician!
99 min
Conversations with Gorden | Gorden Campbell EP....
Gorden lays down some major knowledge. Stay tuned to the end as Gorden and Nomad conduct their interview while on a mountain hike!
105 min
The Woodshed Guitar Experience | Andy Wood EP. 127
If you're in Nashville, TN on Aug 26, 2021... Go and register for Andy's event "The Woodshed Guitar Experience." Details at
69 min
Legendary Engineer Producer | Tony Shepperd EP....
Tony is such a firecracker with some GREAT stories. Listen and learn from the master!
85 min
Scoring The Queen's Gambit | Carlos Rafael Rive...
Carlos is the epitome of humility. Listen and learn how his grit and tenacity has earned him a spot amongst the the top dogs in the industry.
63 min
Mobile Sessions | Christine Hufenbecher and Ken...
Today we are lucky to be recording The Career Musician Podcast at the official Mobile Sessions mobile studio!
53 min
Founder And Music Supervisor At Rat Dance Party...
Jennifers gives us the inside scoop on the sync music business.
72 min
Drummer For Jason Aldean And So Much More | Ric...
Rich gives us a CRASH course in being a true career musician. This is the way!
51 min
Composer and Violinist Extraordinaire | Lili Ha...
Lili is a beast of a career musician, crushing it in the game of versatility. Hear how she's been able to grow her career not only through hard work, but also with a positive outlook on life and love!
70 min
All Star Violinist With An All Star Resume | Li...
Lisa teaches us the importance of versatility, leadership and kindness, like a true career musician!
73 min
Music Industry Mastery | Dani Felt EP. 119
Dani shares all about how she connects aspiring pro musicians to where they want to be!
46 min
Producing Jason Mraz's Favorite Album | Michael...
Michael shares with us the importance of DOING THE WORK, and opening as many doors as possible!
57 min
A Family of Career Musicians | Melanie Taylor, ...
Surprise surprise! The family joins in on Melanie Taylor's interview, and now it's a career musician party!
69 min
Neon Pony | Chastity Ashley EP. 116
The charming, funny, spirited Chastity Ashley AKA Neon Pony fills us in on her time with Duran Duran, Kanye West, and more!
71 min
Dancing With The Stars MD | Ray Chew EP. 115
The man behind the music of your favorite live TV shows, Ray Chew, is here to drop some MAJOR knowledge. Listen and Learn from from the master music director himself, right here on The Career Musician!
52 min
In The Key of Success | Cheryl B. Engelhardt EP...
Cheryl, the modern day renaissance woman tells all about the grind that brought her to where she is today. Listen and learn!
54 min
On Tour With J.Lo | JP Castillo EP. 113
JP's story just goes to show you that if you work hard and treat people well, doors will open up for you!
49 min
Lights, Camera, Success | Joe Willis & David Ga...
Joe and David sit down with Nomad and Erik-G to discuss the details behind-the-scenes of the entertainment business while cracking jokes along the way.
82 min
The Immediate Family | Russ Kunkel EP. 111
Russ Kunkel, veteran touring and session ace shares how he's managed to getting called back throughout his incredible career.
47 min
Monetize Your Music Fan Base | Rick Barker EP. 110
Rick Barker drops some MAJOR knowledge on the music business. Listen and learn from the guru himself, right here on The Career Musician!
73 min
The Power of Positivity | José Elias & Richie P...
After recovering from a stroke, Jose Elias is playing sax again and is now developing a brand new type of saxophone designed for people with physical handicaps.
80 min
Everything Will Be Alright | Alfred Nomad EP. 108
Listen as young blood, Alfred Nomad shared how he's paved his own path, right here on The Career Musician Podcast!
57 min
Dr. Waddles, I Presume | Brandon Waddles EP. 107
Brandon is both a gentleman and a scholar! Listen to how he fuses the education world with the real-world work force in this episode of The Career Musician.
45 min
String Sessions From Anywhere | Nathalie Bonin ...
Nathalie is a killer musician, composer, aerialist, and kung fu master! Check out how she keeps up with all of it on this episode of The Career Musician Podcast!
51 min
From John Williams To Camila Cabello | Stevie R...
Join Stevie, Nomad, and Erik-G as they reminisce on working in major studio sound stages and strategies on how to keep the work coming!.
51 min
Scoring "Empire" From Home | Fil Eisler EP. 104
Fil Eisler walks us through his journey from heavy touring musician to powerhouse film/tv composer
46 min
Phil Collins' #1 Percussionist | Richie Gajate-...
Richie Gajate-Garcia has been one the most in-demand percussionists in the music industry for decades! Listen as he shares his wisdom and a some funny stories!
66 min
Elton John's Favorite New Band | Low Cut Connie...
Overnight success is never over night. Listen as Adam and Nomad discuss the hustle and grind that it takes to be a real career musician.
56 min
A New Day | Dave Koz EP. 101
The man, the myth, the legend! Hear all about how Dave Koz went from sideman to platinum-selling, headlining, legacy artist!
52 min
The Career Musician | NOMAD EP. 100
The Career Musician team celebrates the 100 episode milestone as NOMAD shares some CRAZY stories about the music biz!
87 min
Legendary Producer and President of The GRAMMYs...
Harvey Mason Jr. gives us a behind the scenes look into his early LA hustle days and how he paved his own road all the way to the top!
30 min
Sweet On Top Sync | Kristina Benson EP. 98
Kristina Benson shows us how her diverse skillsets serve her as a career musician. Listen and learn!
65 min
From Setting Up The Show To Rolling Out The Dou...
Zito teaches us how he successfully pivoted his career during the pandemic. What a story!
51 min
Lighting The Stage for Robert Plant & Keith Urb...
Seasoned veteran in the business, Chris Lisle, shows us how a gets it done behind the scenes!
68 min
Drummer for Alanis Morissette, Scott Weiland & ...
Victor Indrizzo gets up close and personal in this episode as he shares with us his past, present, and future as a successful career musician.
54 min
Hot 100 Mega Producer | Damon Thomas EP. 94
Damon Thomas gives us the inside scoop on his endeavors with The Underdogs, The Neptunes, Kenny "Babyface "Edmonds, and many Hollywood movie soundtracks..
50 min
David Foster House Band | Keith Nelson EP. 93
Listen in on an exclusive conversation between Keith Nelson and NOMAD on set with David Foster!
20 min
When Johnny Cash Calls | Mac McDonnell EP. 92
Mac shares some amazing stories about his time touring with music legends and icons! Listen and Learn!
74 min
Jason Mraz' Guitar Doctor | Molly Miller EP. 91
Dr. Molly Miller is killing it at the top of her game, and as much as she's achieved in her career, she reminds us all that the most important thing is the music, baby!
56 min
Love Always Wins | KEM EP. 90
Grammy-nominated R&B singer/songwriter, KEM, gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the career of a multi-platinum selling artist.
48 min
2x Grammy Win With Willie Nelson | Matt Rolling...
Matt Rollings shares all about what has led him to become a multi-platinum, GRAMMY® Award-winning producer, pianist, and songwriter.
44 min
Akon's Right-hand Engineer | Matthew Weiss EP. 88
Matthew Weiss gives us a a tour of his mind and the strategies that landed him gigs with some really high-profile artists. Listen and learn on episode 88 of The Career Musician Podcast!
54 min
Songstress From Holland | Lucy Woodward EP. 87
Lucy Woodward shares her experience living in many places around the world, and her experience singing for some of the industry's biggest musical stars!
81 min
From Santana to Chicago | Walfredo Reyes Jr. EP...
Walfredo Reyes Jr. fills us in on how to properly manifest a success music career while also teaching us some life lessons.
82 min
Madonna And Beyond | Brian Frasier-Moore EP. 85
“I am not much impressed by drummers these days. I always end up preferring drum loops to live drummers. But when Brian plays, you pay attention.” – Madonna
69 min
Stevie Wonder's Guitar Ace | Errol Cooney EP. 84
Errol Cooney tells us how he's cultivated a career playing for Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, and Lalah Hathaway.
70 min
From Bossa To Samba To Stage | Sandro Rebel EP. 83
Sandro Rebel tells us all about his Brazilian upbringing and performing credits with Frankie Valli, Sandra Crouch, Gloria Trevi, and many more!
58 min
From Janet to Gaga and More! | Jae Deal EP. 82
Jae Deal is a producer for the stars, using his talents as a mathematician and communicator to get the hard work done!
65 min
YouTube University Engineering Secrets | Wavy W...
Wavy Wayne is the epitome of a career musician entrepreneur. With a YouTube following of over 120,000 and a musical resume that speaks for itself, Wavy knows how to get it done!
78 min
The Career Dancer | Michelle Elkin EP. 80
Michelle Elkin is a Career Dancer with a long list of Hollywood credits that is known for working alongside some of the best Career Musicians in the biz!
64 min
Grammy Nominated Producer & Artist | John Stodd...
Pianist, songwriter, composer and producer, John Stoddart, has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and has gained a ton of wisdom in his years working with legends.
81 min
Out Of Hibernation | T. Bear EP. 78
Legendary artist and collaborator T. Bear has been hard at work with a new single that features a stacked cast of fellow legendary musicians.
67 min
Ozomatli | Ulises Bella EP. 77
Uli Bella , founding member of Ozomatli and all-around career badass, speaks with Nomad about everything from making music to Jiu Jitsu, and how it's all connected!
98 min
Beyoncé's Secret Weapon | Marta Sofia Honer EP. 76
More than just Beyoncé's secret weapon, Marta Honer provides strings for a long list of serious names while crushing it in film and T.V. sessions.
66 min
Smash Mouth Guitar-Star | Sean Hurwitz EP. 75
Holding down the guitar chairs with Enrique Iglesias and Smash Mouth, Sean has traversed the globe more than a few times while balancing his studio life.
64 min
Dr. Dre's Countryman | Curt Chambers EP. 74
Producer and songwriter for Dr. Dre and Eminem, Curt Chambers is blending genre lines with his own brand of country music.
34 min
On Tour With Jason Derulo | Ericka Guitron EP. 73
Ericka Guitron is a self-starting musician who took her experience touring with a pop star and made her own career out of it.
44 min
Same Name Different Game | Steve Sinatra EP. 72
Acclaimed drummer Steve Sinatra aims to heal himself and others using alternative methods based around Source, Science, and Sound.
63 min
The Queen of Jazz Funk | Maysa Leak EP. 71
Songwriter, Singer, Entrepreneaur, and Label Owner — Maysa Leak has a lot to share with NOMAD and aspiring Career Musicians!
57 min
I Wrote That | J. Que Smith EP. 70
Songwriter and fitness enthusiast J. Que Smith goes over his routines with Nomad as they reminisce.
68 min
Artist Rep With Purpose | Larry Klenc EP. 69
Have you always wondered what it takes to get an endorsement? Larry Klenc will help you undestand the ins and outs of this piece that is part of the greater music business!
54 min
You Might Remember Me From TV | Erskine Hawkins...
Music director, keyboardist and producer – Erskine Hawkins is a seasoned pro who knows a thing or two about playing keys on the road and in the studio.
94 min
Back In Love With Guitar | Kevin Chokan EP. 67
Funk/RnB guitar master Kevin Chokan talks about how he's made a solid career and reputation for himself.
84 min
Real Musicians Don't Starve | Michael Elsner EP...
Michael Elsner has over 2,000 placements in the Film and TV licensing world. Listen as he tells you how you can achieve the same!
68 min
Keeping It Classy With Cardi B | Chloe Flower E...
Classically trained pianist Chloe Flower bridges worlds with her original music, and she's a dedicated philanthropist with a mission to end human trafficking once and for all.
61 min
NY Guitar In An LA World | Joe Augello EP. 64
Nomad's guitar-slinging brother from another mother, Joe Augello, speaks about his experiences as a go-to guitar man in NYC and L.A.
42 min
The Voice Of Hunger Games | Sunna Wehrmeijer EP...
Sunna Wehrmeijer reflects on the journey that brought her to the silver screen and beyond.
50 min
West Coast Hybrid | Norwood Fisher EP. 62
Norwood Fisher of Fishbone has accomplished a lot for himself since he helped form the band in 1979.
67 min
Young Gun Drums | Jason Hartless EP. 61
This career musician is hitting his stride at the ripe age of 25, drumming for rock legend Ted Nugent and other big stars!
66 min
Deep Pocket Bass | Dwayne Smitty Smith EP. 60
Dwayne Smitty Smith on coming up in the industry. He shares his personal experiences and unique insight he's gained after years of working amongst pros.
51 min
Movie Magic Musician | Carl Rydlund EP. 59
Carl Rydlund has achieved so much and specialises in two unique sectors of the music industry.
76 min
Guitar Sophisticate | Tariqh Akoni EP. 58
Nomad's good friend Tariqh has earned a lasting reputation in the music industry.
85 min
The Immediate Family - Renegade Music | Steve P...
As the third guitar slinger of The Immediate Family band, Steve Postell unveils the secrets of his success in the music biz as a heavy hitter session cat, composer, producer and much more!
67 min
The Immediate Family - W² | Waddy Wachtel EP. 56
Legendary studio & touring guitarist, composer, producer extraordinaire Waddy Watchel talks about his illustrious career in the big game!
73 min