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#168: Tito Daniel | Get Your Music Heard on Das...
Every Tuesday, Nomad features indie artists on "Radio Ready", his new show only on Dash Radio. Submit your music now, to get your music heard!
34 min
#167: Sherilyn | Stop Faking It And Release Mus...
Release Music Like a Pro Bootcamp provides step-by-step personalized coaching to give songwriters the tools and guidance that they need to record, publish, and promote their music professionally in 12 weeks!
26 min
#166: Jody Friedman | Insider Secrets to Placin...
Jody is here to teach independent musicians how to have a thriving career in music by consistently licensing their songs to films, tv shows and ads
32 min
#165: Eric Baines | Come From A Small Town? No ...
Eric is the current bassist for the legendary band, Chicago, and is here to show us how to not just get the gig, but to keep the gig!
60 min
#164: Belle Johnson | Are You Doing Everything ...
Belle reveals her secrets to longevity in the music industry.
45 min
#163: The NAMM Show Pt. 1 | Feat. Chris Lord-Al...
This episode features the one and only Chris Lord-Alge, famed mix engineer, and ASADI, young influencer on the rise, and killer Career Musician.
13 min
#162: Big Swede | How Do You Stand Out And Get ...
Big Swede has had many sync placements throughout his career and now he's here to share his process!
33 min
#161: Michael Walker | Explode Your Music Fanba...
Michael provides artists with the tools necessary to create a lasting career in the music industry.
49 min
#160: Tangelene Bolton | Here's How You Can Ear...
Tangelene, young composer extraordinaire, reveals the ins-and-outs of working in major commercial studios, and how she has risen in the film music industry.
24 min
#159: Michelle Sabolchick | Here's How You'll N...
Michelle has toured as the sound engineer for some of the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Goo Goo Dolls, Thievery Corporation, Jewel, Elvis Costello, and more!
88 min
#158: Dylan Berry | How To Avoid Failing As An ...
Dylan is a career music producer, Radio Host, Entertainment investor who has been very active publicly supporting disruptive change to the antiquated music industry in support of the artist community.
37 min
#157: Music's Biggest Names Selling Out
Why are celebrity music artists selling their publishing catalogs at an alarming rate?
8 min
#156: What Do Music Awards Really Mean For Arti...
Many people think that winning a music award is the key to success, but is this really true?
5 min
#155: Garrett Hope & Arthur Breur | Ultimate Mu...
The Ultimate Music Business Summit is a three-day virtual conference with over two dozen presentations designed to help you grow your career. Learn how to kill the Impostor Syndrome, break through your Upper Limits, stop asking permission, be honest about what you want, and start making money!
46 min
#154: Scott Page | Pink Floyd to NFTs
Scott Page is a musician, technologist, and entrepreneur known for his saxophone and rhythm guitar work with Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto. Page is CEO of Think:EXP, a Los Angeles-based media company focused on live immersive entertainment. Page worked on and led a number of ventures, including Walt Tucker Productions, an audio video post production company that produced projects for The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks, Scorpions and others.
46 min
#153: Henry Donahue | Save The Music
Henry Donahue has been the Executive Director of Save The Music since 2016.
73 min
#152: X. ARI | WisdoManiaFest
X. Ari is a star on rise who puts her heart and mission before anything else!
41 min
#151: Diversify Or Die
Season 5 of The Career Musician Podcast Kickoff with ETHOS | The Career Musician's Code by NOMAD
29 min
#150: Leslie Odom Jr. | Tony Award Winning Care...
What a treat to have this special talent on the show today! Leslie Odom Jr. is extremely accomplished in his young age and is only going to get bigger from here. Listen and learn from this humble guy!
45 min
#149: Ric Feliciano | Mighty Bone
Blast from the past! One of Nomad's greatest music teachers is here to shed light on what it means to be a Career Musician!
36 min
#148: Ralph T. Lofton | Gospel Music B3 Guru
A true gentleman and a scholar, check out legend Ralph T. Lofton, and learn how he's been able to sustain his career through the years.
112 min
#147: Bill Oakley | It's A Shure Thing
Go behind the scenes with audio tech guru, and production manager, Bill Oakley!
73 min
#146: Big Mike Hart | Bigs and Bangs Dynamic Duo
Big Mike, a gentleman and a scholar! Ha! He's seriously a beast in the industry, listen and learn people!
72 min
#145: Tod Weidner | Music of The Soul
Tod is an accomplished artist and radio host who is also currently being musically produced by Nomad! He is the real deal, and a master lyrical wordsmith!
52 min
#144: Erin Alden | Sleeping Giant Songwriter
Erin Alden is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles. Her music has been played prominently on Radio, in TV and Film, on such Networks as Lifetime Channel, Syfy Network, MTV, E Channel, and in feature films.
63 min