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BSH Radio Interview: Catherine Silverman
We asked a goalie expert about Carter Hart and learned some things along the way.
19 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 10/28/19
Steve and Craig preview the Flyers' matchups with the Penguins, Devils, and Maple Leafs
26 min
Checking out the competition: Do we still not l...
The first meeting with the Penguins is always... fun? Yeah, fun. Let's see how the Flyers match up.
28 min
Postgame 10/27: No jam
Postgame reaction: That was a really bad game and I'm not really worried
52 min
BSH Brief: October 27, 2019
BSH Brief recaps the week in condensed form. Highlights, stats, stars, and duds... if you need a rundown of the last week in Flyers, we've got you covered.
5 min
Checking out the competition: Trial on the Long...
The Islanders still aren't good, fam.
18 min
Postgame 10/26: All aboard the fun train
A come-from-behind win? In this economy??
35 min
Checking out the competition: So say you lost y...
The Blue Jackets had a rough offseason. We should learn about what they look like in the aftermath.
19 min
Line By Line: A loss, a win, and Joel Farabee
37 min
Postgame 10/24: Celebrating Farabee's three poi...
Postgame reaction: if you challenge offside you're a snitch
42 min
Checking out the competition: Blackhawks, down
Sure the Flyers beat them once, but that was in Europe. Things get weird in other countries.
23 min
Flyperbole Ep. 153 - Waiting for Wellsy
Flyers bounce back against the Knights, Farabee's debut, interning on radio, #WaitingForWellsy and more!
82 min
BSH Radio #230 - Are the Flyers, like, good?
61 min
Postgame 10/21: Undefeated in the Farabee era
Postgame reaction: BAMF is back!
49 min
Line By Line: An intro and the three losses in ...
59 min
Checking out the competition: Vegas, baby!
The boys need to get back into the win column and the Knights won't make it easy.
20 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 10/21/19
Let's see what lies ahead for the Flyers this week.
21 min
BSH Brief: October 20, 2019
We've got a new weekly recap pod for your earholes!
8 min
Checking out the competition: Stars gonna Stars
The Stars can't seem to find their offense. Think they might find it in Philly?
31 min
BSH Radio #229: The boys are back in town
Finally, the Flyers are home. In our time zone. The gang recaps this week's action and looks ahead.
58 min
Postgame 10/16: What did we just watch?
29 min
Checking out the competition: Secret Flyers fan...
In which we learn that an Oilers blogger is a Flyers fan and hilarity ensues.
21 min
Postgame 10/15: thank god for Chris Stewart's l...
Postgame reaction: well, that sure sucked.
21 min
Checking out the competition: Crossover episode
Mark from Matchsticks & Gasoline takes the lead on this week's pregame pod.
27 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 10.14.19
Welcome to Flyers Forecast! Steve and Craig discuss the Flyers as they continue a western Canada swing and then come home to take on the Stars.
29 min
Postgame 10/12: I'm not even mad. No, really...
Postgame reaction: Flyers lose in shootout but it wasn't THAT bad
54 min
Checking out the competition: It's West Coast t...
In which we talk about the sort-of new-look Vancouver Canucks and climbing out of the basement.
35 min
Ice Sport Radio 10/11 - Making sense of the Metro
45 min
Flyperbole Ep. 152 - There's More Than One Way ...
Your 2-0 Philadelphia Flyers, the glory of Carter Hart, Penguin struggles, Vlads, and more!
98 min
Postgame 10/9: the wait between games was damn ...
Postgame reaction: Carter Hart- the best there is, was, and ever will be
67 min
Checking out the competition: New Jersey Devils
The home opener is finally here!
29 min
BSH Radio #228: The Travis Konecny hour
That gang has a lot of good things to say about Travis Konecny.
61 min
Postgame 10/4: Wait are they good?
36 min
Checking out the competition: International Edi...
The pregames are back! Let's talk about the Blackhawks, friends.
10 min
Flyperbole Ep. 151 - None of Your Farabeeswax
2019-2020 NHL season preview, no Farabee / Frost / Myers / hope, the Kid Rock of the NHL, and more!
114 min
Ice Sport Radio 10/3 - Season previews? We're b...
The gang is back for a new season of Ice Sport Radio and it kicks off with a rundown of the league as a whole heading into the season.
54 min
BSH Radio #227: It's time to do that hockey
The season is here and the gang is in midseason form, thanks to cap trouble and roster drama.
60 min
BSH Radio #226: Way she goes
The gang gets in to the end-of-camp drama and puts their big season predictions on the record.
66 min
Flyperbole Ep. 150 - Nolan Patrick and the Curi...
Steve and Craig talk about actual preseason games, the Provorov and Konecny contracts, seaweed, additions to the Wells Fargo Center, and the crippling disease known as Durstitis
87 min
BSH Radio #225: Back dat ass up
The gang breaks down preseason so far with a focus on Kevin Hayes' butt. Like, in a hockey way.
61 min
Postgame 9/17: Carter Hart is pretty, pretty good
Postgame reaction: that was one of the worst hockey games I've ever seen
45 min
Postgame 9/16: IT HAS BEGUN!
Postgame reaction: so what if I didn't watch the game, we're not talking about that anyway
41 min
BSH Radio #224: It's hockey time, baby!
In which the gang yells, a lot, about Ivan Provorov
61 min
Flyperbole Ep. 149 - Pod It Up (Flyp Edition)
Werenski's contract's effect on Provorov, Hart in his 2nd season, Flyers hires, Jagr's casino, and which Philly athletes would make the best hockey team
74 min
Flyperbole Ep. 148 - More Like Pierre McFired A...
Booooosh in for Pierre between the benches, booing Simmer, Rinaldo PTO, your Flyperbole guide to Flyperbole, and more!
86 min
BSH Radio Bouns Show with Mental Training & Pea...
BSH Radio Bonus Show: Labor Day Special
50 min
Flyperbole Ep. 147 - Krew Lou Giroux
Pitlick on that injury kick, the legendary Mike McKenna retires, and the side character showdown
73 min
BSH Radio #223: Cancel the season, Tyler Pitlic...
In which the gang is joined by a special guest who knows more about prospects than most of us.
68 min
Flyperbole Ep. 146 - Go Pharaoh Hats
Kevin Hayes doesn't want to be in Philly rumors, AMac heads north, Provy/TK RFA status, and...the XFL???
76 min
BSH Radio #222: Let's get excited!
If anyone should tell you how to fan, it's us.
61 min
BSH Radio #221: The countdown continues
It's the Bill & Kelly hour, folks.
64 min
Flyperbole Ep. 145 - 200 Dollars
Steve and Craig talk a $200 Flyers team, 25 under 25, arbitration, and national TV
84 min
BSH Radio #220: Lists, baby!
August is for lists, and lists exist to make you yell. So we did that. A little.
65 min
Flyperbole Ep. 144 - Montana Magic and the Alab...
Paul Fenton out as Wild GM, Hextall as the top candidate for the Wild job, horrible free agents, marinara and The Bachelorette finale
55 min
BSH Radio #219: It may not be the Flyers, but i...
In which the gang spends the first half of the show going through this week's happenings in the hockey world and the second half on... other stuff.
65 min
Your questions, Craig's answers: Part 2
51 min
Your questions, Craig's answers: Part 1
52 min
Flyperbole Ep. 143 - The Morin Mafia vs. the NAKGB
Paul Holmgren's new role, Scott Laughton contract, Sam Morin, NAK, and Shaq in a mosh pit
102 min
BSH Radio #218: Do you want to play a game?
64 min
BSH Radio #217: Changing guards and bringing in...
For a week in mid-July, the Flyers kept things at least a little bit interesting.
63 min
Flyperbole Ep. 142 - The 122nd Annual Trent Kla...
Scott Laughton, Chinese food, Bleacher Report’s deleted USWNT tweet, and more
99 min
BSH Radio #216: Takes as hot as Jersey in July
The Flyers might be boring right now, but the gang still finds something to yell about.
63 min
Flyperbole Ep. 141 - Straight Edge 4th of July
Steve and Craig talk 2019 free agency and other related hockey thing. Also, Pens suck, right? Right.
104 min
BSH Radio #215: But how does it affect the Flye...
In which the boys run down free agency and what it means for your Flyers.
64 min
Flyperbole Ep. 140 - The Flyers Vs. Chuckie Two...
Steve and Craig talk 2019 NHL Draft results, should have gotten PK, famous Bobbys, Provorov contract talks, and more!
125 min
BSH Radio #214: Let's talk about these kids
We've got draft picks, we've got dev camp, we've got contracts. And you thought summer was boring smdh.
65 min
BSH Radio 2019 mock draft: picks 25-31
36 min
BSH Radio 2019 mock draft: picks 19-24
27 min
Flyperbole Ep. 139 - Nisky Business
Chuck Fletcher is doing stuff! Is it good stuff? Steve and Craig discuss.
102 min
BSH Radio 2019 mock draft: picks 13-18
30 min
BSH Radio #213: Well, that's a bias for action ...
You wanted Chuck to do stuff, huh? Well, he's doing stuff.
61 min
BSH Radio 2019 mock draft: picks 7-12
30 min
Draft Party Draft Party Draft Party
0 min
BSH Radio 2019 mock draft: picks 1-6
29 min
Flyperbole Ep. 138 - Luke Pither Vs. Flyperbole
Blues Cup, AMac buyout, Kevin Hayes contract, and...Luke Pither? Sure, why not.
99 min
BSH Radio #212: Getting ready for the 2019 draft
62 min
Flyperbole Ep. 137 - The People Vs. Royal Farms
Steve and Craig talk Kevin Hayes, Royal Farms, Guy Fieri, gas station chicken, and more!
98 min
BSH Radio #211: The Flyers did something!
It is early June and we've got something to talk about. What a time.
60 min
Flyperbole Ep. 136 - The People Vs. Robert Hagg
Steve and Craig recall all of their cherished, precious memories of 18-19 Flyers season.
92 min
Flyperbole Ep. 135 - Tim Tebow, but worse at ba...
Blues-Bruins Stanley Cup Final, Kessel rumors, Game of Thrones, Man Vs. Beast, and The King of Queens, of course
104 min
BSH Radio #210: You've got questions, we've got...
62 min
Flyperbole Ep. 134 - The Rosehill Triathlon
Undercover Boss Steph Driver joins Steve and Craig to talk about playoffs, Missy, and the all important World Championship
115 min
BSH Radio #209: We're trying here
In which the gang considers a few good hockey trades.
63 min
Flyperbole Ep. 133 - Too Much Assistant
Steve and Craig talk Therrien, Yeo, Yoffs, Ustimenko, and Taffer
113 min
BSH Radio #208: Why have one head coach when yo...
In which the gang makes assumptions about the new assitant coaches
61 min
BSH Radio #207: Summer mode, baby
In which the gang goes full-offseason and starts talking wild trade ideas.
60 min
Flyperbole Ep. 132 - With Apologies to Mike Scott
Kurt joins Steve and Craig to talk Mike Scott, unlikable Flyers teams in recent history, and flaming s'mores.
116 min
4/25 Ice Sport Radio: What exactly was that fir...
53 min
BSH Radio #206: It's summer (almost), let's tal...
61 min
Flyperbole Ep. 131 - Tampa Bay Capitals amirite
Steve and Craig talk Big Al's introduction, the Kate Smith contoversy, NHL playoff slogans, and more!
131 min
BSH Radio #205: The Philadelphia Flyers have hi...
61 min
Ice Sport Radio 4/16: Mid-first round roundtable
We're halfway through the first round, which feels like a good time to revisit our pre-playoff predictions.
54 min
Flyperbole Ep. 130 - Dancing With Mr. V
Steve and Craig break down new Flyers' coach Alain Vigneault and also learn how to spell Vigneault
116 min
BSH Radio #204: You're making us yell
Nothing has yet happened to the Philadelphia Flyers, and somehow, we are worked up.
62 min
Flyperbole Ep. 129 - The Marinara Incident?
Steve and Craig take a trip to Salt Town, USA as the Flyers' rivals benefit from the draft lottery and Joel Quenneville decided he loves humidity
115 min
Ice Sport Radio 4/9: Playoff Preview!
49 min
Postgame 4/6: Good riddance (nope)
Postgame 4/6: Good riddance
45 min
Postgame 4/4: Please tell me whyyyyy... I'm sti...
Postgame reaction: lol
49 min
BSH Radio #203: Mailbag baby!
The gang turns the show over to you, and as a result, it's good.
64 min
Postgame 4/2: We're finally almost through this...
Postgame reaction: Flyers help Dallas clinch playoff spot
35 min