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Checking out the competition: That's a lot of P...
Three games against the same team in a week is playoffs.
24 min
BSH Radio #296: March may kill us all
In which the gang talks the Flyers' ascension to Good.
70 min
BSH Brief: February 28, 2021
BSH Brief recaps the week in condensed form. Highlights, stats, stars, and duds... if you need a rundown of the last week in Flyers, we've got you covered.
4 min
Postgame 2/28: Eichel returns, history repeats ...
The Flyers are the phonebooth
31 min
Postgame 2/27: Back to Beating Up on the Bad Teams
Not playing down to the competition is good
36 min
BSH Briefly checking out the competition: a spe...
No partner? No problem!
3 min
Flyperbole - Programming Announcement
A programming announcement on Flyperbole and thoughts on the Flyers' recent matchups with the Bruins and Rangers
18 min
Postgame 2/24: Wins are fun, I'd almost forgotten
Can we stop with the hat tricks, though?
39 min
BSH Brief: February 21, 2020
BSH Brief recaps the week in condensed form. Highlights, stats, stars, and duds... if you need a rundown of the last week in Flyers, we've got you covered.
3 min
BSH Radio #295: Sometimes, they're just reasons
In which the gang dives into the outdoor game and the realities of the situation.
80 min
Postgame 2/21: More like Tah-NO
Sorry. I'm sorry, trying to delete.
52 min
Checking out the competition: Enough already wi...
In which there is quite a bit of Charlie Coyle slander.
30 min
Postgame 2/18: Sunday should be... fun?
Phantoms looked pretty good, eh?
24 min
Checking out the competition: The Rangers are b...
The Rangers, they're bad! *extreme Nelson voice* HA HA!
23 min
Checking out the competition: The biggest enemy...
We're all fighting the same thing now eh?
42 min
Flyperbole Ep. 220: Ron Ep. III: Revenge of the...
Steve and Craig talk postponed games, Ron Hextall and Brian Burke joining the Pittsburgh Penguins, and more!
108 min
BSH Radio #294: What a mess
In which the gang addresses the virus-shaped elephant in the room.
76 min
Flyers Forecast - Sparky van Riemsdyk
Steve and Craig preview the Flyers' matchups with the Capitals and Rangers, as well as their lack of matchups with the Devils
59 min
BSH Brief: February 7, 2020
BSH Brief recaps the week in condensed form. Highlights, stats, stars, and duds... if you need a rundown of the last week in Flyers, we've got you covered.
5 min
Postgame 2/7: Scotty Laughtrick & Most valuable...
And don't forget about Farabeez
38 min
Flyperbole Ep. 219: Apologies from the Sauce Boss
Steve and Craig talk Flyers injury updates, toughness, COVID-19, and Craig issues an important apology
113 min
Checking out the competition: 'Sup, Pete?
The Capitals are the Flyers, the Flyers are the Capitals.
43 min
Postgame 2/5: Well that's a disappointment
Maybe they should just fall behind and try to come back in the 3rd
51 min
Postgame 2/3: YOU BLEW IT!
Sean Couturier can't come back soon enough.
39 min
Checking out the competition: These jerks again
If the Flyers give up 6 again, we riot.
23 min
Flyers Forecast - Some Form of Defense
Steve and Craig preview the Flyers matchups with the Bruins and Capitals for the week of February 1st, 2021
63 min
BSH Radio #293: Trust the process, again
In which the gang talks hot starts.
77 min
BSH Brief: January 31, 2020
BSH Brief recaps the week in condensed form. Highlights, stats, stars, and duds... if you need a rundown of the last week in Flyers, we've got you covered.
4 min
Postgame 1/31: Three from the bee's knees
43 min
Postgame 1/30: Maybe looking bad is a real stra...
Man, the Isles are the worst.
29 min
Checking out the competition: It's not even rea...
In which we all agree that the Islanders are witchcraft.
34 min
Flyperbole Ep. 218 - Jam Riemsdyk
Steve and Craig talk Flyers mixed results, Ghost's return, Nate Prosser, the Laine trade, and more!
121 min
Postgame 1/28: However, Carter Hart
43 min
BSH Radio #292: Chuck, plug the hole
In which the gang gets defensive.
79 min
Postgame 1/26: Good enough, for now...
We'll take the two points, but still room for improvement.
44 min
Flyers Forecast - Exercises in Theory
Steve and Craig take a look at the Flyers' upcoming matchups with the Devils and Islanders
59 min
Checking out the competition: Running with the ...
In which we come to the conclusion that the Devils still suck.
40 min
BSH Brief: January 24
BSH Brief recaps the week in condensed form. Highlights, stats, stars, and duds... if you need a rundown of the last week in Flyers, we've got you covered.
5 min
Postgame 1/23: I miss the good Flyers
46 min
Flyperbole Ep. 217 - Invisible Hits
Steve and Craig talk injuries, possible roster moves, Voracek's comments, defensive woes, donkeys, and more!
93 min
Checking out the NWHL bubble
Chatting with Michelle Jay of The Ice Garden
43 min
Postgame 1/21: Did they blow two points or stea...
Philadelphia Flyers lose in a shootout to the Boston Bruins
28 min
Checking out the competition: Maybe we'll get t...
In which we discuss the Boston Bruins.
42 min
BSH Radio #291: Let's reassess
In which the gang takes stock after four games.
67 min
Postgame 1/19: Would you call it a... GRITTY win?
BAMF gets the shutout over the Sabres
54 min
Postgame 1/18: Just keeping the division compet...
Well, there's always a first stinker.
46 min
Flyers Forecast - King of the Coop
Steve and Craig preview the Flyers matchups with the Sabres and Bruins for the week of 1-18-21
48 min
Checking out the competition: Gotta get used to...
We used to be able to ignore the Sabres.
25 min
Postgame 1/15: You're a weasel, buddy
That's two games two wins, folks.
27 min
Flyperbole Ep. 216 - Early Bird Raffls
Steve and Craig talk Flyers 2021 season opener, Yandle rumors, Sutherland's speech, Stanley Cup bets, and more
117 min
Postgame 1/13: CUP OR BUST!
The Flyers and Bill: midseason form
48 min
Flyers Forecast - Welcome to the 2021 Flyers se...
Steve and Craig take a look at the Flyers first two games with the Pittsburgh Penguins
56 min
BSH Radio Bonus: How about those other guys?
The season starts, so the gang get's their predictions on the record.
82 min
Checking out the competition: Let's start with ...
Jim from Pensburgh lets us know what's up.
20 min
BSH Radio #290: The season is upon us!
In which the gang previews the whole dang thing.
88 min
Flyperbole Ep. 215 - Best Friend of the Show
Steve and Craig talk Morin to LW, Farabee number change, prospective lines, broadcasting changes, and more!
120 min
BSH Radio #289: We're all a*sholes when you thi...
In which the gang goes hard into training camp.
89 min
Flyperbole Ep. 214 - Head Henchman
Steve and Craig talk 20-21 NHL schedule release, Zdeno Chara's new team, Bobby Brink, and more
94 min
Broad Street Hockey special holiday episode 2020
112 min
BSH Radio #288: The airing of the grievances
In which the gang does some bitching about the Flyers. And you.
77 min
Flyperbole Ep. 213 - The Drought Cup
Steve and Craig talk 20-21 NHL season updates, the odds of the Flyers winning their division, Millman ELC, and play a Christmas movie game
94 min
Flyperbole Ep. 212 - Son of Ers
Steve and Craig talk the possibility of no Canadian games, ads on helmets, Zayde Wisdom, and more!
108 min
BSH #287: It’s beginning to look a lot like Ch...
In which the gang looks forward, and then back, and then forward again
67 min
Flyperbole Ep. 211 - Moon Hockey
Steve and Craig talk Myers' new contract, 20-21 NHL divisions and start date, World Juniors issues, and more
118 min
BSH Radio #286: Getting ready to go
In which the gang gets into the start of the news season.
61 min
Flyperbole Ep. 210 - Cooperall Jeans
Steve and Craig talk the latest on the 20-21 NHL season, Raffl, World Juniors, man jeans, Bach update, and more!
73 min
BSH Radio #285: What's my name again?
In which the gang is less one Charlie, which means things get weird.
61 min
BSH Radio #284: A giving of thanks!
In which the gang does a whole gratitude thing.
46 min
Flyperbole Ep. 209 - Nothing good happens after...
Steve and Craig talk potential playoff formats, Jack St. Ivany, Wawa fight, mob names, Creed, and more!
56 min
Flyperbole Ep. 208 - Eagles basketball
Steve and Craig talk reverse retro, NCAA hockey news, the latest on the divisions for next season, and more!
100 min
BSH Radio #283: Turn back those clocks
In which the gang reveals what the past gang thought of these Flyers.
77 min
Flyperbole Ep. 207 - Flyperbole Total Landscaping
Steve and Craig discuss the latest news on the 20-21 NHL season, Desnoyers destroying the QMJHL, Alex Trebek, Grittney,, and more!
91 min
BSH Radio #282: List-o-mania
In which the gang makes use of NHL analysts' favorite offseason activity.
70 min
Flyperbole Ep. 206 - Keep Philly Weird
Steve and Craig talk about the MOST IMPORTANT CITY IN THE WORLD, PHILADELPHIA, take a look at the 20-21 NHL season and divisions, World Juniors, and more!
109 min
BSH Radio #281: We're doing our best
In which the gang gets weird, thanks to questions from the listeners.
66 min
Flyperbole Ep. 205 - Bread Your Butter
Steve and Craig talk 20-21 NHL season, new jerseys for the Stars and Knights, prospects, candy, and more!
108 min
BSH Radio #280: The Germ worries me
In which the gang dives into the things you're wondering about.
68 min
Twitch Tuesday 10/28: Come have a beer with me
The return of offseason chats
52 min
BSH Radio #279: No, he's not a coward
In which the gang goes rogue and resurrects Ice Sport Radio
79 min
Flyperbole Ep. 204 - A Farewell to Doc
Steve and Craig talk Doc Emrick retiring, Nolan Patrick, potential new jerseys, and more
109 min
Flyperbole Ep. 203 - Grossmannia
Steve and Craig talk Foerster ELC, free agency in the Metro, mayoral masks, and more!
122 min
BSH Radio #278: The right stuff
In which the gang evaluates Chuck's offseason thus far.
78 min
Flyperbole Ep. 202 - Gus Bus II: Electric Boogaloo
Steve and Craig discuss the addition of Erik Gustafsson, how he's different from Erik Gustafsson, and NHL free agency
72 min
Flyperbole Ep. 201 - Skate, Foerster, Skate
Steve and Craig talk Niskanen retirement, the Flyers' 2020 draft class, free agency, and more!
136 min
BSH #277: F*ck it, go for the Cup
It's almost silly season friends, let's get weird.
68 min
BSH Radio #276: Step One - Don't Suck
73 min
Flyperbole Ep. 200 - Philadelphia: Home of the ...
Steve and Craig talk the Lightning winning the Cup, Hagg extension, draft prospects, and more!
107 min
Flyperbole Ep. 199 - Nolan Catrick
Steve and Craig talk Phil Myers, remaining NHL awards, strange pasta, and the mystery of the bucket of eggs
128 min
BSH Radio #275: We made it, guys!
It's Bill's birthday!! Everyone shower him with affections!
65 min
Flyperbole Ep. 198 - No Domis Allowed
Steve and Craig talk Eddie Lack takes, trade targets, award winners, draft corner, and more!
135 min
BSH Radio #274: Time to turn around and look ah...
In which the gang starts the official offseason, officially.
73 min
Flyperbole Ep. 197 - Selke Winner Sean Couturie...
Steve and Craig discuss SELKE WINNER SEAN COUTURIER, further analysis of the Flyers/Islanders series, Jack Adams voting, and more
80 min
BSH Radio #273: Okay now it's definitely over
In which the gang offers a post-mortem on the Islanders series.
73 min
Flyperbole Ep. 196 - Farewell to the 2019-20 Fl...
Steve and Craig wrap up the 2019-20 Flyers seaon
111 min
Postgame 9/3: see you on Saturday!
38 min
Flyperbole Ep. 195 - Big Boy Pants are for closers
Steve and Craig talk Flyers-Isles through 5 games, the other playoff series, more Smash Mouth, and more!
115 min
Postgame 9/1: The most important win of the season
Now can they do it again?
49 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 8/31/20
The Flyers are down 3-1 to the Islanders, Steve and Craig discuss the series so far and what to expect for the remaining games
69 min
BSH Radio #272: It's not over yet
In which the gang talks premature postmortems.
63 min
Postgame 8/30: Frustration. Exasperation. Accep...
They're just not good enough
62 min