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Postgame 8/29: The New York Islanders are bette...
If Hart is gonna play poorly, they have absolutely no chance
13 min
Postgame 8/26: We'll definitely take it
A win is a win is a win
50 min
Postgame 8/24: I don't want to quote Terry Murr...
*cough cough cough*
27 min
BSH Radio #271: Round 2 Preview
Isles 'bout to be back ON Long Island
55 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 8/23/20
Steve and Craig preview the Flyers' upcoming playoff series with the New York Islanders
68 min
Checking out the competition: Like the first ro...
Barry Trotz is a wizard and must be defeated at all costs.
34 min
Postgame 8/21: LFG!
Flyers win game 6, move on for first time in 12 years
48 min
Flyperbole Ep. 194 - Head Tap Tap Taparoo
Steve and Craig talk game 4 of the Flyers-Habs series, Gallagher's injury, Niskanen's suspension, and more!
96 min
BSH Radio #270: Back-checked to hell
In which the gang prays for an end.
71 min
Postgame 8/19: Womp womp womp
Everyone sucked except Jake
43 min
Postgame 8/18: The Excellence of Execution
Hart, team defensive effort excellent to give Flyers 3-1 series lead
41 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 8/17/20
Steve and Craig discuss the Canadiens series through 3 games and preview what's coming for the rest of the series
53 min
Checking out the competition: Midway update
Three games in, what do we got here?
33 min
BSH Bonus: Charlie & Bill through 3 games
Despite 2-1 lead, still lots of questions
28 min
Postgame 8/16: Flyers bounce back, all is well ...
Carter Hart first career playoff shutout; Jake & G combine for only goal
37 min
Postgame 8/14: I'll give them the one
Well that f'n sucked
29 min
Flyperbole Ep. 193 - The Reverse Hextall
Steve and Craig talk Flyers-Canadiens game 1, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Penguins troubles, and...Smash Mouth?
124 min
Postgame 8/13: Be still my beating Hart
Carter and the youths take game 1 against the Habs
53 min
Checking out the competition: Allons-y, the Fly...
It's the playoffs so we've got not one but TWO frenemies for this one.
31 min
BSH Radio #269: Let's kick this thing off
The real playoffs are starting and the gang is pretty pumped.
69 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 8/10/20
Playoffs!? Yes, playoffs! Steve and Craig preview the first few games of the Flyers playoff series with the Montreal Canadiens
86 min
Postgame 8/8: WOOOOO
Number one seed, baby!
42 min
Checking out the competition: Beat the best, be...
We're coming for that #1 overall seed, you dumb Florida jerks.
36 min
Flyperbole Ep. 192 - We're so excited, we're so...
Steve and Craig talk the Flyers winning their first two round-robin games, the other playoff matchups, slogans, and more!
109 min
Checking out the competition: We'll beat you wi...
The Capitals are toast. Burnt toast.
22 min
BSH Radio Special: Talking the fan experience w...
In which there is breaking news! Well, sort of. More like information, but still.
19 min
BSH Radio #268: In Alain we trust
In which the gang declares their faith in Alain Vigneault.
71 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 8/3/20
The Flyers take on the Capitals and Lightning as the round robin continues
46 min
Postgame 8/2: This is going to be a fun playoff
Postgame reaction: Carter Hart looks like Carter Hart, and the depth comes up big
22 min
Checking out the competition: No really, Brad M...
We've finally made it to the games that count and first up, those Bruins.
33 min
Flyperbole Ep. 191 - 100 Percent USDA Grade Rea...
Steve and Craig talk Flyers-Pens exhibition game, Coots for Selke, Seattle Kraken, and more!
118 min
BSH Radio #267: One bird down, one to go
Penguins are birds. So are robins. Get it? Hockey's back, baby!
82 min
Postgame 7/28: Winning an exhibition is better ...
Postgame reaction: Ghost pushing for a spot, Hart settles in, Laughton proving himself... again.
36 min
Flyers Forecast - Week of 7/28/20
Guess who just got back today? Steve and Craig talk exhibition action against the Penguins and the round robin game against the Bruins on this week's Forecast
48 min
Checking out the competition: Yeah, we still ha...
We're back, baby!
40 min
BSH Radio #266: Lindblom got paid, and Coots go...
Camp battles, Coots for Selke, Hart is fine nothing to see here
70 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Would You Rather
Steve and Craig play "Would You Rather?" with Flyers history
90 min
Flyperbole Ep. 190 - This podcast is actually a...
Steve and Craig talk return to play schedule, Vigneault and Lindblom up for awards, and more!
86 min
BSH Radio #265: It's hockey time, folks.
In which the gang is back in mid-season form.
66 min
Flyperbole Ep. 189 - Bubble Boys
Steve and Craig discuss the playoff bubble, Flyers team awards, Wyatt Kalynuk to Chicago, Lindy Ruff to New Jersey, and more!
75 min
BSH Radio #264: We hate those jerks
Get ready for the return of NHL hockey by remembering why you hate the other guys so much.
64 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - The Great Gaffesby
Charlie O'Connor joins Steve and Craig to discuss some of the biggest gaffes in Flyers history
102 min
Flyperbole Ep. 188 - Aggro Craig
Great news for Oskar Lindblom, adios to Vorobyev and Kalynuk, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and more
81 min
BSH Radio #263: What even is a rival?
Happy Canada Day you nerds.
63 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Flyers Killers
Steve and Craig talk about those guys that you complain about always killing the Flyers
108 min
Flyperbole Ep. 187 - Vigneault's 11
Flavortown, OH, AV for Jack Adams, hub cities, HHOF, and more
105 min
BSH Radio #262: Good things, good things
In which the gang talks about the good stuff.
65 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Favorite Live Games
Steve and Craig discuss the best Flyers games that they've seen in person. What's yours?
81 min
We're having fun with Steph & Kelly #2
Felt like a good time to have a little chat about things, and stuff, and goings-ons.
76 min
YELLING ABOUT SPORTS with Bill & Steph 6/23/20
YELLING ABOUT... Oskar Lindblom, the many dangers of Florida, and the universal DH
55 min
Flyperbole Ep. 186 - The Greel Deal
Steve and Craig talk Father's Day Gift Guide, Coots for Selke, Sabres cleaning house, and more
69 min
BSH Radio #261: It's a team of winners, folks
In which the gang talks trophies before turning to horror shows.
62 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Flyers Coaches Si...
The Flyers have had a number of coaches since the year 2000, just how many of them have been good?
72 min
Flyperbole Ep. 185 - Shag Karpat
Steve and Craig discuss the latest on the return of the NHL, Masterton nominees, Hockey Diversity Alliance, and more
76 min
BSH Radio #260: What makes a GOAT?
In which the gang talks awards and such.
52 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Black Players in ...
Steve and Craig discuss the black players in Philadelphia Flyers history
55 min
Flyperbole Ep. 184 - We Can Do Better
Black Lives Matter
59 min
BSH Radio #259: Black lives matter
Hard to think about sports right now, so the gang started with some other things.
51 min
Ice Sport Radio 5/29 - We was robbed!
Hey remember this show? We're talking about *all* the hockey now.
56 min
Flyperbole Ep. 183 - Don't Go Losing Your Headp...
Steve and Craig discuss the 24 team playoff format, prospects who may become free agents, the Lightning video, nu metal, and more!
109 min
BSH Radio #258: It's all stupid
Hockey is back and the gang is PUMPED
69 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - The All-Time Flye...
Steve and Craig assemble a roster of the Flyers' best playoff performers of all time
119 min
Flyperbole Ep. 182 - Release the Ed Snider Cut
Steve and Craig talk TV, 24 team 'Yoffs format, KHL awards, and Chuck E. Cheese
78 min
YELLING ABOUT SPORTS: Bill yells at himself
YELLING ABOUT... our fan mentality
45 min
Other Stuff! -- Ep. 6
95 min
We're having fun with Steph & Kelly
It's called self-care, folks. Look it up.
59 min
BSH Radio #257: The momentum has passed
In which the gang have some thoughts about the affect of the pause.
70 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Rivalries
Let's talk rivalries! The Flyers have made some enemies over the years, who are the most memorable ones?
104 min
Flyperbole Episode 181 - Apathy City
Steve and Craig discuss COVID-19 updates, AHL season cancellation, the gift of TK, Cam York and Wyatt Kalynuk updates, and more
85 min
BSH Radio #256: The what-ifs are endless
In which the gang goes through some of the biggest decisions and events in Flyers history.
68 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Celebrating Celeb...
Steve and Craig discuss their favorite celebrations for the Flyers and NHL as a whole
55 min
Broad Street Hockey takes on The Good Phight in...
114 min
Flyperbole Ep. 180 - The One Where There Will B...
Steve and Craig are all about the draft this week! The guys talk NHL Draft in June, 2011 redraft, USHL draft names, and more!
71 min
Other Stuff! -- Ep. 5
66 min
BSH Radio #255: Expose yourself!
Do not send noods.
68 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Disappointments
Steve and Craig aren't mad at these Flyers, just disappointed
96 min
Checking out the... quarantined pals? With Ross...
So you say you want to move to Canada...
80 min
Checking out the... quarantined pals? Special p...
We are talking some trash television; buckle up baby.
54 min
Flyperbole Ep. 179 - The Rat Chuck
Steve and Craig talk hub cities, Sandin, Lindblom, Patrick, All-In auctions, and more
91 min
Checking out the... quarantined pals? With Bill...
It's a show about nothing.
45 min
BSH Radio #254: We're telling you, it's aliens
The alien's name is Jaylen.
58 min
Other Stuff! -- Ep. 4
87 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - One Hit Wonders
Steve and Craig assemble a team of the most memorable Flyers that played under 100 games in the orange and black
89 min
Flyperbole Ep. 178 - Secondhand Reading
Steve and Craig talk new playoff location possibilities, NFL Draft home offices, Hayes and Cohen efforts to help, Sandin, Pitlick, and more
72 min
YELLING ABOUT SPORTS with Bill & Steph 4/23/20
BSing with the original hosts
58 min
BSH Radio #253: Return of the mack
79 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Flyerish
Bill Matz joins Steve and Craig to discuss what guys weren't Flyers but feel like they should have been
81 min
Flyperbole Ep. 177 - Former Flyer Purgatory
Steve and Craig talk COVID-19 NHL updates, Kris Versteeg, best teams not to win the Cups, MDZ in quarantine, and tv picks
67 min
Checking out the... quarantined pals? With Mike...
Let's take a little trip to Flavortown, shall we?
46 min
BSH Radio #252: Prediction evaluation
The gang discuss the worst of the best & look back at The Past Gang
68 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - Favorite Flyers G...
Steve and Craig run down their favorite Flyers goals of all-time
79 min
Other Stuff! A music & movies show with Charlie...
Charlie and Bill go party rock and stoner movies.
53 min
Checking out the... quarantined pals? With Drew...
We're going to learn a little bit about our Broad Street Hockey pals, one by one.
62 min
YELLING ABOUT SPORTS with Bill & Charlie 4/10/20
Best Flyers free agent of the last ten years? Best draft pick? UFC on an island?
37 min
Flyperbole Ep. 176 - Boulevard of Broken Hands
Steve and Craig discuss the 68 game rollback playoff scenario, COVID-19 NHL updates, Laviolette, Giroux trades that never were, and more
108 min
Checking out the... quarantined pals? With Madd...
Let's get some insider info from someone that gets to go inside.
42 min
BSH Radio #251: Top five and bottom six
In which the gang finishes up the Top 25 Under 25, finally.
65 min
Flyperbole Under Quarantine - What Ifs
Steve and Craig play "What If" with key moments from the last decade of Flyers hockey
96 min
Other Stuff! A music & movies show with Charlie...
82 min
Checking out the... quarantined pals? With Step...
Just a couple'a gals being pals. But recorded.
58 min