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TWiB: Pursuit United Rye Is Coming, A Semi-truc...
Pursuit United Rye has been bottled and is coming soon. A semi-truck of Jack Daniel's overturned in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Frey Ranch Distillery announces their single grain series.
35 min
333 - Chasing the Butterfly of Blue Run with Mi...
Now I have to admit, I remember the first time I heard of Blue Run Spirits and I had my reservations
62 min
Whiskey Quickie: Blue Note Crossroads Bourbon R...
This non-age stated bourbon is 100 proof and $40 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: No more "Jr" in Stagg Jr, Drizly's Data f...
Buffalo Trace announced that it will be dropping the word “Jr.” from Stagg Jr. Drizly shares the data collected for gift-giving whiskeys. Old Elk Infinity Blend is the best blend created by Master Distiller Greg Metze.
44 min
332 - What happened to George T Stagg and why d...
We've taken a bit of a hiatus, but we're back and we've got two topics that are hot.
51 min
Whiskey Quickie: Rabbit Hole Raceking Founder’s...
This non-age stated bourbon is 109.2 proof and $295 MSRP. 
5 min
TWiB: DC Police In A Jack Daniel's Shipping Rin...
DC Police Officers Ship Jack Daniels and didn't know it was illegal. Sagamore Spirit releases their first 4-Year-Old 100-Proof Bottled in Bond Maryland Distilled Straight Rye Whiskey. Baker's Bourbon introduces Baker's Exclusive Selection.
40 min
331 - How Smoke Wagon Became a Bourbon Jewel wi...
Smoke Wagon felt as if it came on to the bourbon scene like it was fired out of a cannon.
63 min
Whiskey Quickie: Jack Daniel's 10 Year Old Review
This 10 year whiskey is 97 proof and $70 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: E.U. Removes Retaliatory Tariffs, Kroger'...
After 3 long years, the US and EU have agreed to remove retaliatory tariffs on bourbon exports. Kroger's ultimate bourbon auction will begin on 11/10 with some unicorns up for bids. Castle & Key and the Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild collaborate on a new extension called The Untold Story of Kentucky Whiskey.
42 min
330 - Before the Bourbon Boom with Steve Ury ak...
I've witnessed first hand the progression of bourbon over the past 6 years since this podcast began.
52 min
Whiskey Quickie: Little Book Chapter 5 "The Inv...
This 2, 3, 5 and 15 year old blended bourbon is 116.8 proof and $125 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Union Agrees to Heaven Hill Contract, 66 ...
Union workers have agreed to a deal with Heaven Hill which settles the strike. DISCUS has filed a 66 page report to the US Government on export and trade issues. Blue Run Spirits launches their first 4 year old high rye bourbon distilled by Jim Rutledge.
39 min
329 - To Source or Not To Source with Scott Sc...
Starting a distillery is no easy task and figuring out how to bank roll it is even harder.
54 min
Whiskey Quickie: 2021 Buffalo Trace Antique Col...
The collection includes: Eagle Rare 17 Year, William Larue Weller, Thomas H. Handy, and Sazerac Rye 18 Year.
19 min
TWiB: Heaven Hill Responds To The Union, KDA We...
Heaven Hill will start hiring permanent replacement workers. The Kentucky Distillers Association welcomes two more members. New Riff launches Red Turkey Wheat bourbon
39 min
328 - How to BBQ & Bourbon Right with Malcom Reed
I read a meme one time that as soon as a man enters his 30s, there are two hobbies he picks up. It's whiskey and smoking meats.
60 min
Whiskey Quickie: Blackened x Willett Straight R...
This non-age stated rye is 109.6 proof and $140 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Elijah Craig's Old Fashioned Week, The Re...
Elijah Craig bourbon is having its second annual Old Fashioned Week. Breaking Bourbon takes over the BTAC Release map. Angels envy announces their limited edition cask strength release.
39 min
327 - Is Bourbon Broken? Part 4: Consumer Trend...
It's the final episode in our 4 part series of "Is Bourbon Broken?" based on the Bourbon and Banter blog series.
48 min
Whiskey Quickie: King of Kentucky 2021
This 14 year old bourbon is 130 proof and $250 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: MGP Gets Rebranded, KY Owl Construction B...
MGP gets a somewhat rebrand to Ross & Squibb Distillery, Stoli hires David Mandell to lead KY Owl construction, and Buffalo Trace releases the details for the 2021 Antique Collection, but there's a big hitter missing this year.
51 min
326 - Is Bourbon Broken? Part 3: Distribution a...
Welcome back to Part 3 on our series of "Is Bourbon Broken?" as we analyze the multi-part blog series from Bourbon & Banter.
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Four Roses Limited Edition Sma...
This 12-16 year old bourbon is 114.2 proof and $150 MSRP. 
4 min
325 - Is Bourbon Broken? Part 2: The Secondary ...
Last week, we kicked off the series of analyzing Bourbon & Banter's article on "Is Bourbon Broken?" and this next installment looks at the secondary market.
60 min
Whiskey Quickie: Stagg Jr. Dallas Bourbon Club ...
This non-age stated bourbon is 134.4 proof.
3 min
324 - Is Bourbon Broken? Part 1: The Consumer b...
Welcome to the first part in a series of "Is Bourbon Broken?" where we take an in-depth look at a multi-part blog series from Bourbon and Banter.
64 min
Whiskey Quickie: Booker's Tagalong Batch 2021-0...
This 6 year 5 month old bourbon is 127.9 proof and $90 MSRP. 
3 min
323 - A Broker Joins the KDA, Union Strikes, an...
Last week, White Dog Trading became the newest member of the Kentucky Distillers' Association. This is the first time a bourbon broker that helps clients source whiskey has become a member.
64 min
Whiskey Quickie: Hunt & Gather 15 Year Canadian...
This 15 year old Canadian whisky is 121 proof and $70 MSRP. 
3 min
322 - Reviving DSP-KY-10 to It's Original Glory...
Jacob joins the show again to talk about overcoming the perception that OZ Tyler left behind since it's now been rebranded back to the original name of the site, Green River Distilling.
57 min
Whiskey Quickie: Chattanooga Whiskey Bottled In...
This 4 year old bourbon is 100 proof and $50 MSRP
3 min
321 - The Truth and Hype Around Cigars and Bour...
Cigars... they are one of the best ways to enjoy a nice glass of bourbon. The flavors and aromas all become enhanced into a better overall experience.
49 min
Whiskey Quickie: Smooth Ambler Contradiction Ry...
This non-age stated rye is 105 proof and $40 MSRP
3 min
320 - What is Craft Whiskey by Craft Whiskey wi...
Back on Episode 295, the roundtable discussed when does craft whiskey stop becoming craft whiskey. Well, the internet is full of opinions and we heard every last one of them
61 min
Whiskey Quickie: Walker's Cay Bourbon Review
This non-age stated bourbon is 90 proof and $37 MSRP
4 min
Whiskey Quickie: Maker's Mark RC6 Review
On this Whiskey Quickie by Bourbon Pursuit, we review Maker's Mark RC6. This is Maker's Mark's first national limited release. It's non-age stated, 108.2 proof, and $60 MSRP. Let us know what you think. Cheers! DISCLAIMER: This whiskey in this review...
2 min
319 - Subscription Models, 5 New Fall Releases,...
It's the 60th Bourbon Community Roundtable where we've got 3 topics of recent news to cover.
62 min
Whiskey Quickie: Old Forester 2021 Birthday Bou...
This 12 year old bourbon is 104 proof and $130 MSRP
3 min
318 - What is Dusty Bourbon?
So what is a dusty bourbon? Well... it's just an old bourbon. The idea was that these were bottles that used to sit on the shelves and collect dust.
56 min
Whiskey Quickie: Taconic Mizunara Cask Bourbon ...
This non-age stated bourbon is 107 proof and $90 MSRP
4 min
317 - The Science of Whiskey Webs with Stuart W...
He discovered that when bourbon begins evaporating, it creates a web that resembles constellations in the dark sky
61 min
Whiskey Quickie: Bespoken Spirits Rye Whiskey R...
This rapid aged rye whiskey is 100 proof and $40 MSRP (375mL)
4 min
316 - More About Michter's with Master Distille...
When Pam retired in April of 2019, Dan McKee stepped in. Dan worked alongside Pam at Jim Beam for many years and has a wealth of industry knowledge.
54 min
Whiskey Quickie: Dubliner Irish Whiskey Review
This 3 year old whiskey is 80 proof and $30 MSRP
3 min
315 - Analyzing Pappygate and Whitehouse Execut...
On this Bourbon Community Roundtable, we do an in-depth analysis of The Bourbon King, two episodes from the Netflix series Heist.
69 min
Whiskey Quickie: Three Chord Strange Collaborat...
This 2-6 year old finished bourbon is 99 proof and $45 MSRP
3 min
314 - Annoying Bourbon Release Trends
$1000 bottles, store price gouging, and bots taking bottles. These are some of the most annoying trends with bourbon releases.
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Bradshaw Bourbon Review
This 2 year old bourbon is 103.8 proof and $40 MSRP.
3 min
313 - Dos and Don'ts of Barrel Picks with Macau...
We talk about barrel picks all the time on the show and we do 40-50 barrels selections per year with our private barrel program. But instead of hearing us talk about it, let's hear some stories from the people that live and breathe it every day.
69 min
Whiskey Quickie: Heaven's Door Redbreast Master...
This 10 year old finished bourbon is 100 proof and $100 MSRP
4 min
312 - From Grapes to Grains with Lisa Wicker of...
Lisa Wicker should be a household name to any bourbon enthusiast. You will get to learn about her pedigree of industry and blending experience in this episode.
57 min
Whiskey Quickie: Still Austin Cask Strength Review
This 2 year old bourbon is 118 proof and $65 MSRP
3 min
311 - Appropriate Pricing, Surplus of Sourcing,...
As bourbon grows with popularity, so do the prices. The roundtable comes together to discuss how to price bourbon and if there is a good formula that can make everyone happy.
64 min
Whiskey Quickie: Michter's 10 Year Bourbon 2021...
This 10 year old bourbon is 94.4 proof and $150 MSRP
2 min
310 - From Idea to Reality: The Story of Pursui...
Back in 2018 when we launched Pursuit Series single barrels, we didn't know where we were headed.
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Daviess County Straight Bourbo...
This non-age stated bourbon is 96 proof and $47 MSRP
2 min
309 - Slowly Rocking Bourbon on Barges with Han...
The name Ingram may ring some bells. If you are in the tech space, you may have heard of Ingram Micro. If you are in logistics you may know Ingram Barge Company. If you are in the Nashville area, the name Ingram is well known for philanthropy.
53 min
Whiskey Quickie: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof A121...
This 12 year old bourbon is 123.6 proof and $70 MSRP
2 min
308 - Mellow Corn, Selecting Parker's, and Bour...
Bernie Lubbers is one of the great treasures of the modern whiskey era. He's back and we're talking Mellow Corn, Parker's Heritage selections, and the market.
68 min
Whiskey Quickie: Michter's Barrel Strength Kent...
This non-age stated rye is 110.8 proof and $100 MSRP
3 min
307 - Four Roses Enforces a Sticker Ban and Ble...
Today's roundtable tackles a new topic that took most of us by surprise.
61 min
Whiskey Quickie: Old Forester The 117 Series: H...
This non-age stated bourbon is 110 proof and $50 MSRP (375mL)
3 min
306 - The Largest Liquor Retailer You Never Kne...
We talk to the largest liquor retailer that you never knew about...Kroger.
61 min
Whiskey Quickie: Jefferson's Straight Rye Whisk...
This non-age stated rye is 94 proof and $60 MSRP
3 min
305 - Career Growth as a Master Distiller with ...
Denny Potter has held multiple roles in the bourbon industry and many thought that being the Master Distiller at Heaven Hill would be the pinnacle of anyone's career.
63 min
Whiskey Quickie: Maker's Mark FAE-01 Review
This non-age stated bourbon is 110.6 proof and $60 MSRP
3 min
304 - The Best and Worst of Barrel Pick Experie...
One of the biggest crazes right now is the single barrel. That special barrel that was chosen from a select few and shared with a bunch of people, most likely with a sticker on it.
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond...
This 8 year old bourbon is 100 proof and $85 MSRP
3 min
303 - Dixon Leaves KY Owl, Indiana Rye Whiskey,...
On this 56th Bourbon Community Roundtable, we discuss what it means to Kentucky Owl now that Dixon Dedman is leaving the brand, what does Indiana Rye Whiskey mean as a new legal designation, and now that there are 10 million barrels aging in Kentucky
62 min
Whiskey Quickie: Woodford Reserve Master's Coll...
This non-age stated bourbon is 90.4 proof and $130 MSRP
3 min
302 - Instagram and Bourbon with Scotch and Tim...
What does it mean to be an influencer? Actually, what's the deal with bourbon and Instagram and why is it so popular?
52 min
Whiskey Quickie: Wheel Horse Bourbon Review
This 2 year old bourbon is 101 proof and $32 MSRP
3 min
301 - The World's Most Remarkable Whiskeys from...
The Last Drop Distillers is known for acquiring extremely old and rare spirits from across the world.
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Rod & Hammer's Straight Bourbo...
This 2 year old bourbon is 90 proof and $42 MSRP
2 min
300 - Does the Age of Your Whiskey Matter?
On today's episode, the team sits down to discuss young whiskey. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
51 min
Whiskey Quickie: Single Cask Nation 1994 Kentuc...
This 24 year old bourbon is 94.8 proof and $295 MSRP
4 min
299 - Who owns J.W. Dant?, Bypassing Distributo...
The roundtable is back with another discussion about bourbon news and our take on it.
53 min
Whiskey Quickie: Old Wm. Tarr Manchester Reserv...
This 7 year old whiskey is 114 proof and $80 MSRP
3 min
298 - The Bardstown Bourbon Company Experience ...
On today's show, we get to feature two great people at Bardstown Bourbon Company, Dan Callaway and Nick Smith.
65 min
Whiskey Quickie: Buzzard's Roost Toasted Barrel...
This 3 year old rye is 105 proof and $80 MSRP
3 min
297 - Scotch for the Bourbon Drinker with Singl...
There's a lot of whiskey out there and sometimes we get caught up in our bubble of bourbon.
65 min
Whiskey Quickie: Still Austin The Musician Review
This 2 year old bourbon is 98.4 proof and $45 MSRP
3 min
296 - The Origin of Belle Meade and Nelson's Gr...
Belle Meade is a very recognizable brand to bourbon enthusiasts. But how did that brand get revived and what's the story behind Nelson's Green Brier?
63 min
Whiskey Quickie: Saint Cloud 7 Year Single Barr...
This 7 year old bourbon is 122.4 proof and $150 MSRP
3 min
295 - Death of Facebook Groups, Will You Buy So...
We're back with another BCR and this time we have 3 topics to discuss.
58 min
Whiskey Quickie: The Prideful Goat Review
This 15 year old bourbon is 115 proof and $100 MSRP
2 min
294 - The Early Days of Barrel Selections with...
There's a few OGs in the world of whiskey, and one of the most notable names is Ryan Maloney. You may not know that name, but you've likely heard of his store in Massachusetts called Julio's Liquors
59 min
Whiskey Quickie: Alberta Premium Cask Strength ...
This non-age stated whiskey is 132 proof and $70 MSRP.
2 min
293 - It's Not All Contract Distillation at MGP...
MGP has been in the news recently with their acquisition of Luxco and on the last roundtable we discussed how this will enable MGP's brands such as Remus to gain a nationwide presence with a bigger salesforce.
61 min
Whiskey Quickie: Widow Jane The Vaults 2020 Review
This 15 year old bourbon is 99 proof and $200 MSRP
3 min
292- New Riff Barrel Pick Bracket Challenge
Single barrel picks are the new unicorns. And if you add a fancy sticker, after market wax or some glitter, bourbon nerds can't control themselves.
56 min
Whiskey Quickie: Thomas S. Moore Port Cask Fini...
This non-age stated bourbon is 98.9 proof and $70 MSRP
4 min
291 - What To Expect with MGP Purchasing Luxco ...
MGP, the major powerhouse distillery in Indiana, has purchased Luxco who owns Lux Row distillers in Bardstown that produces legacy and heritage brands such as Rebel Yell, Ezra Brooks, Davies County, and many more. But what does this mean?
54 min
Whiskey Quickie: Blue Run Bourbon 13 Year Winte...
This 13 year old bourbon is 113 proof and $169 MSRP
2 min
290 - Wild Growth at Wilderness Trail with Dr. ...
Pat has one of the most unique backgrounds in bourbon and has even had the opportunity to do a TED Talk which is amazing for our industry.
60 min
Whiskey Quickie: Remus Repeal Reserve IV Review
This 12 year old bourbon is 100 proof and $80 MSRP
3 min
289 - Taking Maker’s Mark From a Regional to a ...
Gregg Walker joins the show to share some inside stories about the history at Maker's Mark. Gregg was the second salesperson hired by Maker’s Mark and took part in 3X growth.
71 min
Whiskey Quickie: Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edit...
This non-age stated bourbon is 90.4 proof and $2,000 MSRP
4 min
288 - How to Scale a Brand on Sourced Whiskey w...
Building a brand on sourced whiskey is difficult. When you’re not the one distilling the product, it’s hard to be price competitive.
59 min