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458 - Are Sneakerheads Years Ahead of Bourbon H...
Matt Kusek is a certified whiskey enthusiasts as a write for Malt Review but he's also the host of the Swoosh Life podcast that focuses on sneaker heads. He joins the show to give us an insight into how the shoe game and bourbon have so many similarities that, in Matt's words, sneakers are 20 years ahead of bourbon. We dive into the types of collectors, brands, sales, allocation, and so much more. If sneakers are really 20 years ahead of bourbon, who knows what the next few years has in store for us.
63 min
Whiskey Quickie: Jack Daniel's 12 Year Batch 2 ...
This 12 year old whiskey is 107 proof and $80 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: Derby Season With Lots of Events, Jeff Ho...
Derby season is abuzz in Louisville with lots of events, Jeff Hopmayer joins the board for Staghorn, and 18 new whiskey releases.
52 min
457 - The Epic Hunt for Dusty Booze with Aaron ...
Aaron Goldfarb is a distinguished author and he joins the show to talk about his new book titled Dusty Booze. This books has a storyline with finding a dusty goldmine but goes into the story of decanters, minis, and the hunt for rare bottles. It's now available on Amazon and lots of different outlets.
50 min
Whiskey Quickie: Heaven Hill Heritage Collectio...
This 18 year old bourbon is 120 proof and $300 MSRP.
4 min
Behind The Pursuit: How To Choose a Distributor
Today's episode comes from a few listeners of the show, Todd and David, as Kenny discusses the process of choosing distributors.
50 min
456 - Will Non Distilling Producers Survive 202...
The past few weeks there have been lots of speculation about non distilling producers, or known as NDPs, being able to survive. The market has shifted and there are images of sourced brands that have prices slashed on shelves along with others having their facilities up for sale. This makes us wonder what is in store for the remainder of the year. We talk about what makes NDPs special and how every big distillery was also a NDP at one point as well. There's also a message coming directly from Barrell Bourbon about their current listings.
75 min
Whiskey Quickie: Chattanooga Whiskey White Port...
This 5 year old whiskey is 95 proof and $60 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: New Service Called Kentucky Bourbon Retre...
A new service is launching dubbed the Kentucky Bourbon Retreat, Hard Truth Distilling Co. announced the introduction of Farmer’s Reserve, and Woodford Reserve drops a $15,000 bottle for the 150th Kentucky Derby.
24 min
455 - Digging Into The Psychology of a Bourbon ...
In this very special episode, Jim White, the Founder and President of Reality Check consulting who has a background in bourbon advertising and psychology joins the show to talk about how people think and how brands can develop a story. This episode will dive into the psychology of scarcity, pricing, limited editions, repeat purchases, and so much more. During different segments you're going to come away realizing a reason why you chase and hunt bottles as well.
56 min
Whiskey Quickie: Broken Barrel Honey Smoke Rese...
This 6 year old whiskey is 110 proof and $80 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: MGP Files Lawsuits Against Two Cities, Mo...
MGP is getting ready to battle two cities in court, more partnerships in golf are coming from Elijah Craig and Blade & Bow, and Rabbit Hole released the newest member of its Distillery Series, Heretofore.
30 min
454 - The Evolving Trends of Bourbon Journalism...
To help gives more insight into whiskey journalism we've invited Maggie Kimberl back on the show. She's the Content Editor of American Whiskey Magazine and writes some of the most intriguing stories in bourbon today. We all evaluate how access to distilleries have gotten harder through PR firms and how there may be a dilution of valuable content and talent because the barrier to entry is much lower through social media. It's not all doom and gloom though. We are now in a time when there is more to talk about than ever in bourbon. There is going to be no shortage of new stories with the boom of so many new distilleries and entrants into the market.
59 min
Whiskey Quickie: Widow Jane Paradigm Rye Review
This non-age stated rye is 93 proof and $50 MSRP.
2 min
TWiB: A Brewer Sues Government To Distill as a ...
A brewer in Ohio is suing the federal government saying he should be able to distil as a hobby, Chattanooga is releasing DISCOVER EXPERIMENTAL BATCH 037: ANCIENT WHEAT!, and Limestone Branch Distillery has announced the second release in its Yellowstone Special Finishes Collection: Yellowstone Rum Cask Finish
25 min
453 - Will Horses Help Sell a Bottle? with Sean...
Sean Josephs is the Co-Founder & Master Blender behind Pinhook. You know all those bottles with race horses on the label and different colored wax. Sean talks about getting his start in restaurants, grinding it out, and eventually working at some of the world's premier establishments and becoming such a decorated wine sommelier that he would be considered famous by those standards. Consider me a bit star struck by the time this episode is over. Then he finds a new passion in bourbon and opens up one of the first ever whiskey bars in Brooklyn and eventually left to start Pinkhook bourbon. Sean's passion comes through and we learn the secret decoder ring to knowing more about all his Pinhook bottles and what's in store for the future.
62 min
Whiskey Quickie: New Riff Bohemian Wheat Bourbo...
This 8 year old bourbon is 117.9 proof and $70 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: National Buzzard's Day Is a Thing, Old Fo...
National Buzzard's Day is a thing, Old Forester releases High Angel's Share, and Pursuit Spirits finally releases their long awaited United Double Oaked Bourbon.
23 min
452 - Is the Bourbon Boom Over? on Bourbon Comm...
Is the bourbon boom really over? Some people think it may. Fred Minnick recently touched on this subject and people began talking about their ideas and buying habits. We wanted to tackle that by touching on publicly traded companies, heresay from our own experience, and if we truly think craft and NDPs are in trouble.
62 min
Whiskey Quickie: Fireside Hazmat Proof Bourbon ...
This 6 year old bourbon is 141.2 proof and $65 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: Brown‑Forman Sells Its Jack Daniel Cooper...
Brown‑Forman Corporation has sold its Jack Daniel Cooperage to Independent Stave Company, Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America say that premiumization is dead, and Lost Lantern releases their Spring 2024 collection.
54 min
451 - Is There a Real White Oak Shortage? with ...
To help us better understand about forestry and the white oak supply I've invited Daana Baxley from the Nature Conservancy in Kentucky to join the show. She gives some great insight into the current state of white oak trees and what is currently being done to protect our forests. I've never known what it takes to manage forests and this episode will give you an insight into grading and how invasive species of trees continue to decline the white oak population. But more so, Daana gives us some insight if we will ever experience a white oak shortage in the future and what we can do to help protect it.
50 min
Whiskey Quickie: Jack Daniel's Distillery Serie...
This non-age stated whiskey is 90 proof and $42 MSRP (375mL).
2 min
Behind The Pursuit: What is Left to Innovate?
On today’s show we discuss the topic of innovation in the bourbon industry and explore the different ways brands differentiate their products.
33 min
450 - Is American Single Malt On The Rise? with...
What better person than Steve Hawley who is the President of the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission. Steve joins the show to talk about his background starting Westland Distillery and then formed the commission. We talk about the growth of the category, production methods, exports, and it's current journey to being recognized by the rest of the world.
53 min