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TWiB: Catoctin Creek and GWAR Team Up Again, Ja...
Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. and heavy metal rock band legends GWAR are back for the second annual release. Jack Daniel introduces Small Batch Special Release Coy Hill High Proof in 375ml bottles. Stellum Spirits introduces Stellum Black specialty blends.
24 min
364 - Is Jackie Zykan replaceable? King's Count...
I know you've missed it, but the roundtable is back for another big show talking about spicy topics.
57 min
Whiskey Quickie: Yellowstone Family Recipe Bour...
This 6 year old bourbon is 100 proof and $70 MSRP.
5 min
TWiB: Jackie Zykan Steps Away From Old Forester...
Master Taster Jackie Zykan steps away from Old Forester. King’s County Distillery has been served a cease-and-desist letter by the Irish Whiskey Association. Bardstown Bourbon Company’s newest Collaborative Series with Plantation Rum
43 min
363 - Toasted Barrel History and Blind Taste Off
Toasted barrels are all the rage right now, but why?
54 min
Whiskey Quickie: Kentucky Owl Bourbon St. Patri...
This non-age stated bourbon is 100 proof and $135 MSRP.
5 min
TWiB: Is Bourbon Losing to Tequila and Mezcal?,...
Pursuit United has been crowned “Best Bourbon” at the 2022 John Barleycorn Awards. Is bourbon losing popularity to tequila and mezcal? WhistlePig has launched two new bottled-in-bond whiskeys.
44 min
362 - 25 Years of Jefferson's Bourbon with Trey...
Trey Zoeller joins the show once again to reflect on the past 25 years.
57 min
Whiskey Quickie: Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Whis...
This non-age stated whiskey is 100 proof and $33 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Heaven Hill Breaks Ground on New Distille...
Heaven Hill broke ground on a $135 million distillery called Heaven Hill Springs Distillery, Wilderness Trail announces the release of first 8-year bourbon, Playboy is releasing their first bourbon called Rare Hare 1953 Anniversary Edition
43 min
361 - From Bourbon Enthusiast to Retail Store O...
Luke Castle makes his return to the show but not to talk about being a bourbon enthusiast but to talk about his new endeavor taking ownership of Ace Spirits
50 min
Whiskey Quickie: Sunday's Finest Gold Fashioned...
This non-age stated ready to drink cocktail is 84.4 proof and $150 MSRP.
5 min
TWiB: TTB Proposes Removing Bottle Size Regulat...
The TTB proposes removing all standard bottle sizes for spirits, A new Guinness Book of World Records has been set for the largest bottle of whisky ever sold, J. Rieger & Co. recently released its first bottled-in-bond straight bourbon whiskey.
31 min
360 - The Secret To Finding Great Bourbon... An...
We talk about the secret to finding great bourbon, but at the same time, what are the fatal flaws people make when hunting
34 min
Whiskey Quickie: Westward American Single Malt ...
This non-age stated whiskey is 125 proof and $100 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Wild Turkey Advertising Backfires on Spot...
Spotify accidentally advertises Wild Turkey on every podcast in a bad way, Jim Beam launches Hardin's Creek, and Dixon Dedman announces his highly anticipated next creation 2XO.
33 min
359 - Innovative Digital Strategies for Bourbon...
Brandon Smith joins the show to talk about how he is building a digital strategy at Bardstown Bourbon Co. We talk about how to gather data and develop A/B testing to figure out which digital ads work. But we also talk about platforms and influencer engagement to encompass the realm of digital trends.
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Dexter Three Wood Straight Bou...
This non-age stated bourbon is 100.6 proof and $50 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: EXCLUSIVE: Evan Williams Single Barrel Re...
Evan Williams Single Barrel is being removed nationally and we've got an exclusive with Heaven Hill spokesperson, Josh Hafer, Freddie Noe has been given the title of 8th generation Master Distiller, $150k in stolen bourbon has been recovered and thieves have been arrested.
47 min
358 - Should I Expand Production? How to Start ...
We get lots of random emails. So I thought, how great would it be to have an episode where we give free consultation advice?
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Puncher's Chance The D12tance ...
This 12 year old bourbon is 96 proof and $120 MSRP.
5 min
TWiB: Kentucky Bourbon Festival Tickets Go On S...
Kentucky Bourbon Festival Tickets Go on sale, Longbranch and McConaughey launch the Wonder What If Campaign, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Enters the NFT space.
45 min
357 - A Brewing History Dives into Bourbon with...
David Coors joins the show to talk about the family business and going from a just beer company into a full beverage enterprise. David has a deep connection with whiskey that spans back to his childhood and he is spearheading the next phase of company expansion by releasing their first ever collaboration whiskey, along with Bardstown Bourbon Co, called Five Trail
58 min
Whiskey Quickie: Hard Truth Sweet Mash Rye Whis...
This non-age stated rye is 115.2 proof and $70 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: $72M Contract Facility To Be Built in Eto...
A new state of the art $72M contract distillation facility will be built in Elizabethtown, KY, Buffalo Trace is fighting backlash from local residents of Peak's Mill as bourbon warehouse expansion begins, and Jack Daniel's introduces Jack Daniel’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Blended Straight Whiskey
34 min
356 - Why did Barton 1792 stop tours? What did ...
A few weeks ago on TWiB we talked about Barton 1792 closing the doors for tours indefinitely, but now we get to speculate. Was this because Sazerac feels they can't make it stand up to the current standard people expect of tours? Or was it a way to put all their eggs into turning the distillery into a workhorse for it brands? The Virginia ABC moved to a new randomized system for their allocated bourbon releases. We examine what they got right and what they got wrong. Lastly, we know people are starting to build their own bourbon bars, but what's something you need for your bar that is not bourbon?
59 min
Whiskey Quickie: Heaven's Door Bootleg Volume 3...
This 13 year old bourbon is 121.2 proof and $545 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Heaven Hill To Build A New $135M Distille...
Heaven Hill will build a new $135M distillery in Bardstown, the American Craft Spirits Association elects an all female board of directors, and Chattanooga Whiskey announces its Founder’s 10th Anniversary Blend.
42 min
355 - The State of DTC Shipping and Three-Tier ...
Alex Koral is the Regulatory General Counsel for ShipCompliant by Sovos, a pioneer in the space of alcohol beverage delivery and making sure companies stay compliant since every state is different. We ask why wine gets a lot more slack than spirits when it comes to shipping and what is keeping that back.
57 min
Whiskey Quickie: Blue Run High Rye Bourbon (Fal...
This non-age stated bourbon is 111 proof and $90 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: Virginia ABC Goes To Randomized Bourbon R...
The Virginia ABC moves to a new randomized and confusing system for allocated bourbon, Independent Stave Company to open $30 million mill in Arkansas, and Orphan Barrel announces the release of Fable & Folly.
42 min
354 - A Yeast Lesson and All About Thomas S Moo...
Danny Kahn join us once again to talk about a few topics that we're all interested in hearing about. We cover the 1792 barrel program, then we take a hard left turn talking about yeast for a bit, so if you love the science behind bourbon, make sure to pay attention. and we end up going through a tasting and talking about the 2022 release of Thomas S Moore.
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Chicken Cock Cotton Club Canad...
This 20 year old rye is 100 proof and $500 MSRP.
5 min
TWiB: Former Bulleit Blender is Suing Diageo, B...
Eboni Major, former blender at Bulleit is now suing Diageo, Barton 1792 Distillery suspends all tours, and Sweetens Cove launches Kennessee.
63 min
353 - Do NFTs Legitimize The Secondary Market? ...
You can't run away from it... NFTs have now become the buzzword of 2022. Non-fungible tokens, or better known as NFTs was a prediction of mine at the end of 2021 but moreso looking into 2023. I didn't really think they would catch on this quickly and be adopted by so many in the whiskey industry. Now we are seeing the largest brands dip their toes into the water but do you understand what all this means?
56 min
Whiskey Quickie: Woodinville Moscatel Finished ...
This non-age stated bourbon is 100 proof and $70 MSRP.
3 min
E.H. Taylor Despised Stagg and More Bourbon Law...
Our resident law expert, as he dives into why E.H. Taylor Despised George T Stagg and more bourbon stories from his book, Bourbon Justice.
30 min
352 - What Determines a Limited Edition Value a...
What determines the value of a limited edition bourbon? Are holiday bottles a gimmick?
61 min
Whiskey Quickie: Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bo...
This 5 year old bourbon is 88 proof and $40 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Three Trade Associations Create ShipMySpi...
Three of the nation’s leading trade associations create ShipMySpirits coalition, Belle Meade Bourbon is being discontinued, and another Wild Turkey 101 bottle change is coming.
51 min
351 - How Marketing On The Road Built Brands Li...
In part 2, Kathleen talks about her own successes in the industry from going on the road and leading the bourbon tastings herself to eventually have her own batch of Booker's named after her.
44 min
Whiskey Quickie: WH McBrayer Kentucky Straight ...
This 4 year old bourbon is 103.6 proof and $100 MSRP. 
6 min
TWiB: American Whiskey Tariffs Finally Come to ...
It's This Week in Bourbon for March 25th 2022. American whiskey tariffs finally come to an end, Sotheby's broke a new record for American Whiskey at auction fetching US$1.63 million, and Michter’s will be waiting until 2023 to release its 10 Year Bourbon.
49 min
350 - Working Alongside Booker Noe with Kathlee...
Kathleen DiBenedetto is the Sr. Director, Premium Seed Brands but has had a near 30 year career span at Beam Suntory. And one of her first jobs was working alongside Booker Noe.
42 min
Whiskey Quickie: Michter's Toasted Barrel Bourb...
This non-age stated bourbon is 91.4 proof and $100 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: 2021 Marks New High for Bourbon Sold in 4...
Bourbon and Straight American whiskeys hit a new high for cases sold for the first time in over 40 years, House Bill 500 passes the Kentucky House, and Castle & Key is releasing their first ever small batch bourbon.
40 min
349 - When Can We Stop Bunkering? with Mark Ruc...
Many of you are listening to this show and you're starting to build your collection of bourbon. But when should we stop?
51 min
Whiskey Quickie: OH Ingram Flagship Bourbon Review
This non-age stated bourbon is 100 proof and $100 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: House Bill 500 Passes for Barrel Selectio...
House Bill 500 Passes to legitimize the KY barrels selection process, Buffalo Trace OFC 1982 is being released in a 6L bottle in the first ever NFT auction, and Heaven Hill Releases TWO 17 year old bourbons.
56 min
348 - Pritzker Acquires Bardstown Bourbon, Can ...
Pritzker Acquires Bardstown Bourbon. Can cooperages keep up pace? When will bourbon prices increase?
53 min
Whiskey Quickie: Elvis Tiger Man Whiskey Review
This 2.5 year old whiskey is 90 proof and $50 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Russian Alcohol Is The Latest Target in B...
Russian-made alcohol is the latest target in the growing backlash, Kentucky Cooperage announces a $4.1M expansion, and Woodford Reserve releases their 2022 Kentucky Derby bottle
38 min
347 - An Insider's Look at Quality Control and ...
Tawnie Gootee has been at Heaven Hill for nearly 30 years and has done it all and she gives us the low down on the quality control process at Heaven Hill.
49 min
Whiskey Quickie: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C921...
This 12 year old bourbon is 120.2 proof and $70 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: MGP Begins $12M Barrel Warehouse Expansio...
MGP has begun a $12 million barrel warehouse expansion, Beam Suntory's global net sales were up and the company is looking at raising prices, and Old Forester releases the third installment of The 117 Series – 1910 Extra Old
39 min
346 - Stave Science with Andrew Wiehebrink of I...
Everyone has a different answer when it comes to the question of "how much influence does the barrel have on the whiskey?". Is it 20%? 90%? 70%? Our guest today is going to help us get closer to finding that magic number.
54 min
Whiskey Quickie: The Wiseman Bourbon Review
This non-age stated bourbon is 90.8 proof and $60 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: Legal Bills To Save Barrel Picks, Louisvi...
Two new pieces of legislature have been introduced to save barrel picks, Louisville Slugger Museum is getting into bourbon tourism, and Portland's Eastside Distilling will release its first ever Maraschino Cherry Whiskey.
25 min
345 - Chasing Bourbon Counterfeiters with Adam ...
Refills, counterfeits, and bogus bourbon. It's the unfortunate reality that we live in right now.
51 min
Whiskey Quickie: Monk's Road Bourbon Review
This 6 year old bourbon is 100 proof and $80 MSRP.
5 min
TWiB: New TTB Rules for Bourbon, Treasury Compe...
The TTB has published part 2 of it's modernization plan for labels, The US Treasury releases it's report on "PROMOTING COMPETITION IN THE ECONOMY" and it's big news for booze, Green River launches its flagship Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
40 min
344 - Heaven Hill's Acquisition Motives, What H...
Heaven Hill's acquisition motives, What happens when a face of the brand leaves?, and top places to visit in Kentucky on Bourbon Community Roundtable #65
48 min
Whiskey Quickie: Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen 2021...
This 13 year bourbon is 93 proof and $100 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Heaven Hill Acquires Widow Jane and FEW S...
Heaven Hill Acquires Widow Jane and FEW Spirits, Bulleit Doesn't Have Enough Bottles, Rabbit Hole Unveils Starlino Rye Whiskey
46 min
343 - African American Contributions in Distill...
The contributions of African Americans in the distilling industry has largely gone unnoticed and unrecognized for a long period of time.
49 min
Whiskey Quickie: New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbo...
This non-age stated bourbon is 80 proof and $35 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: Malted Barley Shortage Hits Bourbon Disti...
Malted Barley Shortage Hits Bourbon Distilleries, Law Makers Push Privatization of Liquor Sales, Chattanooga Whiskey Release Islay Scotch Cask Finish
57 min
342 - How Moonshining Influenced The Cornbread ...
Bourbon and whiskey runs deep in Central Kentucky, but so did one of the largest marijuana manufacturing and trade rings in history.
52 min
Whiskey Quickie: Very Olde St. Nick The OG 17 Y...
This 17 year old bourbon from Preservation Distillery is 108.3 proof and $600 MSRP.
5 min
TWiB: Mellow Moments Cuts Back on Birthday Gift...
Mellow Moments Cuts Back on Birthday Gifts. Japan now recognizes "Bourbon" and "Tennessee Whiskey" as distinctive products of the United States. Buffalo Trace launches their first NFT with 6L bottles
40 min
341 - Bringing Rye Back To Baltimore with Brian...
Rye whiskey production had a historic past in the northeastern states, especially Pennsylvania and Maryland. And now Sagamore Spirit based in Baltimore is bringing rye whiskey back.
55 min
Whiskey Quickie: Maker’s Mark FAE-02 2021
This non-age stated bourbon is 109.1 proof and $60 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: The bestselling American whiskey in the W...
Bulleit retained its position as the bestselling American whiskey in the World's Best Bars. Are Basil Hayden And Old Grand-Dad The Same? UFC's Dustin Poirier is launching Rare Stash Bourbon.
39 min
340 - NFC Tags For Bourbon Collectibles, What i...
Sazerac implemented NFC tags in this year's Thomas H. Handy. Is this the boost the bourbon market needed? Is this setting up bourbon for more of a collectible market? How do you define hunting? Let's hear some 2022 predictions!
66 min
Whiskey Quickie: Watershed Bourbon Finished in ...
This 6 year old finished bourbon is 120.8 proof and $90 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: 11 American Whiskey Trends To Watch in 20...
Beverage Dynamics Gives 11 American Whiskey Trends To Watch in 2022. Tennessee ABC arrests someone for trying selling Pappy Van Winkle through a Facebook trade. WhistlePig launches a non-alcoholic whiskey called PiggyBack Devil’s Slide
40 min
339 - Aging Barrels on the American Highway wit...
When I got a text message that said "Hey, do you want to have Brad Paisley on your show?" I couldn't resist jumping at the chance.
48 min
Whiskey Quickie: Blue Run Spirits Golden Rye Wh...
This non-age stated rye is 95 proof and $100 MSRP. 
4 min
TWiB: Direct To Consumer Shipping Wins and Loss...
Looking back at 2021 Direct To Consumer Shipping Wins and Losses. 7 Drinks Trends to Watch in 2022. Heaven Hill announces changes to their morning bottle releases
24 min
338 - Getting Crafty in Upstate New York with B...
It's no secret that we're big fans of Finger Lakes Distilling since it's one of the crucial components in Pursuit United.
43 min
Whiskey Quickie: Michter’s 2021 10 Year Single ...
This 10 year old rye is 92.8 proof and $170 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: $3M Raised from Kentucky Bourbon Benefit,...
The Kentucky Bourbon Benefit has raised over $3M for Tornado relief. The Heaven Hill vs Log Still court battle for the Dant name has come to an end after 9 months. Let's talk a little more about United Rye since it's now only available on store shelves
39 min
337 - Ice Breaker Christmas Special
Every year we try to do something different for Christmas that's not really focused around bourbon.
48 min
Whiskey Quickie: Peg Leg Porker Bourbon Review
This non-age stated bourbon is 90 proof and $40 MSRP. 
4 min
TWiB: Bourbon Raises Funds for Tornado Relief, ...
The Kentucky Bourbon Benefit will take place to support Kentucky Tornado relief. Buffalo Trace adds NFC chips to Thomas H. Handy foils. A. Smith Bowman is releasing a 15 year rum finished bourbon .
45 min
336 - No Tariffs in 2022, Bottles That Deserve ...
It's another jam packed Bourbon Community Roundtable as we discuss the latest trending topics of the past few weeks.
60 min
Whiskey Quickie: Off Hours Bourbon Review
This non-age stated bourbon is 95 proof and $45 MSRP.
4 min
TWiB: Four Roses Opens A New Visitor Center, Cr...
Four Roses opens a new and newly renovated 15,000-square-foot visitor center. According to new research by IWSR, we’re slowly but surely becoming a nation of craft spirits drinkers. Stellum™ Black: a limited-release premium expression is announced
45 min
335 - Introducing The Bardstown Collection with...
What happens when you bring 5 of the top distilleries together and have them each provide two of their best barrels?
46 min
Whiskey Quickie: Basil Hayden Toast Bourbon Review
This non-age stated bourbon is 80 proof and $50 MSRP.
5 min
TWiB: No Arrests Ever From Counterfeit Bourbon,...
Over the last 10 years, as it relates to counterfeit alcohol, a WHAS11 story found no arrests have ever been made. Four new distilleries have been added to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. Barrell Craft Spirits is releasing their Gold Label Bourbon
35 min
334 - When Mechanical and Distillery Engineerin...
When we typically talk about building a distillery, we usually think of things like stills, mash tanks, and where to store all the grain.
50 min
Whiskey Quickie: Nashville Barrel Company Singl...
This 5 year old bourbon is 115.5 proof and $75 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: Pursuit United Rye Is Coming, A Semi-truc...
Pursuit United Rye has been bottled and is coming soon. A semi-truck of Jack Daniel's overturned in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Frey Ranch Distillery announces their single grain series.
35 min
333 - Chasing the Butterfly of Blue Run with Mi...
Now I have to admit, I remember the first time I heard of Blue Run Spirits and I had my reservations
62 min
Whiskey Quickie: Blue Note Crossroads Bourbon R...
This non-age stated bourbon is 100 proof and $40 MSRP.
3 min
TWiB: No more "Jr" in Stagg Jr, Drizly's Data f...
Buffalo Trace announced that it will be dropping the word “Jr.” from Stagg Jr. Drizly shares the data collected for gift-giving whiskeys. Old Elk Infinity Blend is the best blend created by Master Distiller Greg Metze.
44 min
332 - What happened to George T Stagg and why d...
We've taken a bit of a hiatus, but we're back and we've got two topics that are hot.
51 min
Whiskey Quickie: Rabbit Hole Raceking Founder’s...
This non-age stated bourbon is 109.2 proof and $295 MSRP. 
5 min
TWiB: DC Police In A Jack Daniel's Shipping Rin...
DC Police Officers Ship Jack Daniels and didn't know it was illegal. Sagamore Spirit releases their first 4-Year-Old 100-Proof Bottled in Bond Maryland Distilled Straight Rye Whiskey. Baker's Bourbon introduces Baker's Exclusive Selection.
40 min