A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles: Walking the Talk Living the Love Weekly Podcast provides profound support for those who struggle to express their beliefs from moment to moment in their everyday lives. A Course in Miracles shows us the way out of suffering and into that true place of peace and joy. In each week’s episode, Jennifer shares her personal experience of transformation and invites her guests to do the same. To learn more about A Course in Miracles please visit JenniferHadley.com. Our holiness blesses the world!

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Transcending Stress
Living A Course in Miracles offers tremendous relief from stress, worry, anxiety, and depression. Of course, that doesn’t happen by reading the book; it comes through the practical application of the teachings. In this week’s episode, Jennifer shares how she successfully all but eliminated stress from her life. There is so much healing available to those who claim it—let’s truly walk the talk and live the love with our whole heart. To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visit JenniferHadley.com. For the transcript of this episode and more, please visit LivingACourseInMiracles.com.
52 min
Living A Course in Miracles
Living ACIM is so different from studying it. The teaching is already written in our heart, and if we’re willing, we c...
53 min
Abundant Willingness
Sometimes we deceive ourselves into believing that we’re willing when we are so far from it. We miss out on the healin...
52 min
Walking with Christ
Walking the talk and living the love means walking with Christ. It means being willing to recognize the Christ within ou...
53 min
Growth Without Guilt
It’s remarkable how much guilt gets in the way of our spiritual growth. We can become aware of the carefully cultivate...
52 min
Cultivating Invulnerability
We can walk in the world feeling invulnerable, but it does require some work at the level of the mind. The good news is ...
52 min
Guiltlessness and Invulnerability
Healing the unconscious guilt we all carry through forgiveness is our sole responsibility in this world. It is our soul ...
53 min
Healing Our Unworthiness
A belief in unworthiness stops many spiritual students from choosing to awaken. This is a thought that we’ve given so ...
52 min
Miraculous Power of Forgiveness
ACIM tells us we’re entitled to miracles—but most of us don’t feel like it. ACIM tells us about the power of forgi...
52 min
Are You Ready for Awakening?
Most spiritual students and seekers feel unworthy of their own holiness, and awakening is out of the question. Enlighten...
53 min
Prep for Being a Miracle Worker
Resistance is normal. Fear is normal. Both can fill our awareness en route to our being able to fulfill our function as ...
52 min
Rewards of Love
There are clear rewards to living a loving life, but sometimes we can lose sight of them. Sometimes choosing love is so ...
53 min
Undoing Ego Thinking
ACIM gives us clear direction on how to undo ego thinking, and we can put it to good use—if we’re willing. We can ge...
53 min
The Appeal of Hell
Haven’t we all chosen hell when we didn’t have to? Sometimes we do it to spite ourselves or someone else. Sometimes ...
53 min
Worry and Anxiety Elimination
When life is quite intense and it feels like there’s a storm on all fronts, we can still be at peace—if we know how....
53 min
Final Principle of Chaos
Healing our hearts and our relationships is what understanding the final principle of chaos can help us with. When we kn...
53 min
The Fourth Law of Chaos
It’s easy for us to become misled and deluded by the twisty, faulty, deceptive ego thought system. We shall overcome! ...
52 min
The Third Law of Chaos
The ego has rules by which it enables the madness and self-destruction of a life lived by the ego’s decisions. Recogni...
53 min
The Second Law of Chaos
It helps to be able to recognize a negative mental pattern when it’s happening. When we can see that we’re clearly c...
52 min
The Laws of Chaos
Are you aligned with the laws of chaos? Do you recognize the laws of chaos operating in your life? Some people intention...
52 min
The Power of Holiness
Holiness is much misunderstood, and yet it has a power that we can use. Now more than ever, we are being called to stand...
53 min
The Call for Faith
You can never have too much faith. True faith, not blind hope, is the cornerstone of living a life without fear, worry, ...
53 min
The Healing Power of Kindness
We’re often looking outside ourselves for healing with diet, exercise, supplements, and all manner of things. Yet, tru...
53 min
How to Live Harmoniously
It may seem that living harmoniously is a no-brainer, but if so, why are we struggling with it? Being able to be harmoni...
53 min
Are We Afraid of Redemption?
Have you ever had the opportunity to redeem yourself, to go the other way, or to make amends and then said “No!” Why...
53 min