A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles: Walking the Talk Living the Love Weekly Podcast provides profound support for those who struggle to express their beliefs from moment to moment in their everyday lives. A Course in Miracles shows us the way out of suffering and into that true place of peace and joy. In each week’s episode, Jennifer shares her personal experience of transformation and invites her guests to do the same. To learn more about A Course in Miracles please visit JenniferHadley.com. Our holiness blesses the world!

Religion & Spirituality
Society & Culture
Healing and the Changelessness of Mind
In this episode, Jennifer lays out some key teachings that we can apply so that we're no longer walking around as the "unhealed healer."
51 min
Clarity of Goal
In this episode, Jennifer shares the benefits of having clear goals and energizing them - it's more powerful and beneficial than we can even comprehend.
52 min
Coping With Anger
In this episode, Jennifer shares the teachings of ACIM that helped her to truly transform the patterns of anger and heal them back to the root. We can live in Peace and Harmony with ourselves and with everyone else.
51 min
Escape from Guilt
In this episode, Jennifer shares very specific ways to undo negative habits that trigger and perpetuate, as well as affirm unconscious guilt.
52 min
ACIM Changed My Life
In this episode, Jennifer shares her journey to ACIM and how she worked the principles to truly transform how she feels about everything in her life.
52 min
Letting Go of Limits
In this episode, Jennifer shares the good news of the holy instant and how to break the habit of imposing the view of limitation on everything we see, so we can open to the unlimited and unprecedented Vision of the Holy Spirit.
51 min
Free Yourself and The World
In this episode, Jennifer shares from Lesson 132 and how it is that we can recognize and accept that the world we see is an illusion.
52 min
Having Neutral Thoughts
51 min
Are You Willing to Awaken?
In this episode, Jennifer shares how to see through the illusion to the healing opportunities that life and people present to us so we can maximize our healing and be truly helpful.
52 min
The Holy Spirit
In this episode, Jennifer shares what ACIM has to tell us about the nature of the Holy Spirit. She shares practical tips in working with the Voice for God that lives inside our mind.
51 min
The Cause of Sickness
In this episode, Jennifer shares her learning about healing at the level of the mind, where the root cause is. We can do this, we can have tremendous healing when we put Spirit in charge.
52 min
Our Salvation Is Here!
In this episode, Jennifer shares her own walk from feeling evil and unworthy to recognizing her holiness is still intact. We can live from our holiness and bless the world!
51 min
The Cost of Specialness
In this episode, Jennifer shares a variety of ways that she's come to recognize a yearning for specialness or an aversion to it in her life. She shares simple ways to undo the need for specialness and to instead accept the Christ as our true nature.
58 min
Choosing Heaven
In this episode, Jennifer shares HOW to effectively work with the mind to release its grip on hell consciousness and accept that Heaven is real and hell is not.
51 min
Stop Withholding From God
58 min
The Body As Mighty Companion
51 min
Cindy Lora Renard - Heaven Is Now
Longtime friend, Cindy Lora-Renard, joins to discuss her newly released best-selling book Heaven is Now.
58 min
We're Part of God
In this episode, Jennifer shares ways that she's working with her mind to give up the belief in rewards and punishment, and other ego beliefs that keep us cycling through challenging identification with the body. It's time to break free! Here's real and...
55 min
The Prison of Body-Ego Identification
In this episode, Jennifer shares how the ego thought system keeps us ensnared in identifying with the body instead of Spirit and how we can shift that.
51 min
The Function of Time
In this episode, Jennifer shares what the Holy Spirit's function for time is and how we can use time for the undoing of ego mind to achieve liberation and have a MUCH more loving life!
55 min
Forgive Yourself
In this episode, Jennifer discusses her discovery of the power of prayer to assist her in being willing to do the forgiveness that actually heals the mind - it's so much more than words! Let's move past the crucifixion so we...
51 min
Craving and Temptation
In this episode, Jennifer discusses her own journey of bringing these patterns of darkness, guilt and shame to the Light and liberating from the suffering they bring.
55 min
Does Darkness Have Power?
In this episode, Jennifer discusses whether or not the darkness has any power to thwart us or consume us...
51 min
The Light You Bring
In this episode, Jennifer discusses how to actually apply this teaching and live it day to day and the transformational results we can experience RIGHT AWAY.
55 min
Activating Unity Awareness
In this episode, Jennifer shares one of her favorite quotes from ACIM and how to live the teachings in a way that activates our awakening on a daily basis! Let's go for it and "get 'er done!"...
51 min