A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles: Walking the Talk Living the Love Weekly Podcast provides profound support for those who struggle to express their beliefs from moment to moment in their everyday lives. A Course in Miracles shows us the way out of suffering and into that true place of peace and joy. In each week’s episode, Jennifer shares her personal experience of transformation and invites her guests to do the same. To learn more about A Course in Miracles please visit JenniferHadley.com. Our holiness blesses the world!

Religion & Spirituality
Society & Culture
Answering the Call
In this week's episode, Jennifer shares her own experiences of feeling unworthy of answering the call for Love and how she learned to realize that ALL are worthy of this call to a joyful life. ALL are worthy.
53 min
Heaven's Hindrance
In this week's episode, Jennifer shares her own experiences of taming the monkey mind of obsessive compulsive thinking that's a painful ego addiction.
54 min
There Is No Death
In this week's episode, Jennifer shares her own experiences of the unity of life, and the benefits of taking a stand for oneness, in other words, accepting the atonement for ourselves.
53 min
Quantum Healing with ACIM
In this week's episode, Jennifer shares her own experiences of having quantum healing and transformation because of changing the thinking.
54 min
Seeing Ourselves Correctly
In this week's episode, Jennifer shares how she corrected her self-hatred and sense of being forever wrong and bad.
53 min
Claim Your Holy Relationship Now!
In this week's episode, Jennifer shares how to achieve the holy relationship.
54 min
Don't Let Ego Determine Your Priorities
In this episode, Jennifer shares some of the mistakes she used to make and how to avoid them.
53 min
Year in Review
In this episode, Jennifer takes a look inward at the shifts and changes from the last year and the growth of her consciousness.
54 min
Stepping Into the Real World
In this episode, Jennifer shares how easily we can make the transition from the world of pain and suffering to the Real World, if we're willing.
52 min
Choosing to Dream or Awaken
In this episode, Jennifer breaks down some of the ego traps in the happy dream.
54 min
Making Room For Truth
In this episode, Jennifer shares the clear steps to guide us out of the muck and mire of ego thinking into the Light of the Holy Spirit.
52 min
Don't Let Ego Fool You
In this episode, Jennifer outlines the common ego tricks that sideline us.
54 min
How to Spend Your Day
In this episode, Jennifer shares from her own experience of learning how best to spend her day in order to remember the truth and experience the freedom.
52 min
When It's Hard to Forgive
In this episode, Jennifer offers clear tips about how to move through the reluctance to forgive and to the healing that awaits us.
52 min
When Wisdom Arrives - Rosalyn Rourke
In this episode, Rosalyn shares her journey of writing her book and the experience of transforming the judging mind, and the physical death of her daughter and how that experience helped her to see our oneness and our eternal nature.
58 min
Jesus, Christ & Holy Spirit
In this episode, Jennifer helps us to have more clarity about how to hold Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Christ in our awareness so that we can amplify and accelerate our healing.
51 min
The Undoing of Fear
In this episode, Jennifer shares how to undo the habit of fear, and to more quickly wake up to the truth of the Love that we are. It's not hard. Living in fear is hard.
52 min
Peace Instead of Pain
In this episode, Jennifer reaches into the ACIM teachings to discover simple methods to turn away from the root causes of pain and choose Peace instead.
51 min
Heaven Requires No Sacrifice
In this episode, Jennifer shares the teaching of ACIM regarding sacrifice so that we can see there's no reality to the illusion of sacrifice.
52 min
Healing and the Changelessness of Mind
In this episode, Jennifer lays out some key teachings that we can apply so that we're no longer walking around as the "unhealed healer."
51 min
Clarity of Goal
In this episode, Jennifer shares the benefits of having clear goals and energizing them - it's more powerful and beneficial than we can even comprehend.
52 min
Coping With Anger
In this episode, Jennifer shares the teachings of ACIM that helped her to truly transform the patterns of anger and heal them back to the root. We can live in Peace and Harmony with ourselves and with everyone else.
51 min
Escape from Guilt
In this episode, Jennifer shares very specific ways to undo negative habits that trigger and perpetuate, as well as affirm unconscious guilt.
52 min
ACIM Changed My Life
In this episode, Jennifer shares her journey to ACIM and how she worked the principles to truly transform how she feels about everything in her life.
52 min
Letting Go of Limits
In this episode, Jennifer shares the good news of the holy instant and how to break the habit of imposing the view of limitation on everything we see, so we can open to the unlimited and unprecedented Vision of the Holy Spirit.
51 min