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A Course in Miracles: Walking the Talk Living the Love Weekly Podcast provides profound support for those who struggle to express their beliefs from moment to moment in their everyday lives. A Course in Miracles shows us the way out of suffering and into that true place of peace and joy. In each week’s episode, Jennifer shares her personal experience of transformation and invites her guests to do the same. To learn more about A Course in Miracles please visit JenniferHadley.com. Our holiness blesses the world!

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Body Beliefs: Obstacles to Peace - Part 6
51 min
Attraction to Guilt: Obstacles to Peace - Part 5
51 min
Attraction to Guilt: Obstacles to Peace - Part 4
In this episode, Jennifer shares how to identify the guilt, and fear that cause so much pain so we can choose Love in the practical application of ACIM as shared in the...
51 min
Making the Shift Obstacles to Peace - Part 3
In this episode, Jennifer shares the mental practices and tools that have worked for her in the practical application of ACIM as shared in the
51 min
Resolutions Fail
Resolutions come from ego resolve and are doomed to fail. We've had enough failure, let's find the better way. This will be a year of miraculous healing if we choose it....
51 min
A Year of A Course in Miracles
People can easily get ego distracted with ACIM and trying to do it perfectly without really experiencing the mind training. Without the mind training there's no way to...
51 min
Family Conflict Elimination
There’s an illusion that holidays are a time of family Joy, Love and happiness, but that can be a fantasy. Holidays are some of the most difficult times that families have. ...
51 min
Grief and Death
Grief for any reason, but especially the loss of beloved one can feel like it's own version of hell on earth. We can change our thinking and see death and grief both in...
51 min
Attraction to Guilt: Obstacles to Peace - Part 3
We are attracted to guilt because we believe in separation. We look for reasons to feel guilty, and we invent new ones, and we can break...
51 min
The Obstacles to Peace - Part 2
The Peace of God is ours forever and when we release the obstacles to Peace we remember this is so. Let's claim our inheritance!. In this episode...
51 min
The Obstacles to Peace - Part 1
It's so crazy to think that we don't experience the Peace of God because we're more interested in the blocks to Peace than in having it. That's the ego insanity...
51 min
The Greatest Accomplishment
The greatest accomplishment requires only our willingness. What a comfort it is to know that we don't have to figure anything out. All will be provided...
55 min
Success Is Guaranteed
When we're willing, we can accelerate the end of confusion and pain and draw to our awareness the perfect Peace of God. We don't have to wait, we don't have to...
54 min
The Best Defense
Any time we're defending ourselves we're actually attacking and we've forgotten to be loving. It's tricky, but we can learn to value the truth instead of needing to...
55 min
We Are Eternal
It's easy to get caught up in the world without realizing that the world we see is an effect of our choices and thoughts. We worry about time and feel trapped in...
51 min
Making Way for Miracles
We can't be both focused on pain and problems while simultaneously available for miracles, inspiration and the Glory of God to be revealed in our awareness. We can't ride two horses going in opposite directions. Sometimes it feels like...
55 min
Trading Pain for Happiness
In this world, we're taught to believe that our circumstances and situations cause us pain. ACIM teaches us that it's our thoughts about things that cause our suffering. A question is, do we love ourselves enough to take back our spiritual authority?...
58 min
Fear & Weakness Transformed
Feeling frightened, weak and afraid is an awful feeling. Many people don't even realize that they've fallen into managing and coping with painful thoughts and feelings. They struggle to
55 min
I Do Not Know What Anything Is For
Workbook Lesson #25 is a pillar in the teachings of ACIM. Learn it for your...
55 min
Walk In Peace
How can we be at Peace when we're focused on playing small and living in lack and limitation? We're designed to express our magnificence and to see the perfect Love in ...
55 min
The War Against Yourself
Since all is one, is it possible for us to actually have an enemy? Or are enemies simply our own self-hatred projected outwards? Does this...
55 min
God's Plan for Salvation
There's a plan for salvation that we can easily follow and it will not fail. All we need is some willingness and then...
55 min
The Reward of Teaching
Did you know that all of heaven is for us and because of this we cannot fail to remember the truth that sets us free. We're being called to...
55 min
Are You A Teacher of God?
The ACIM Manual for Teachers is dedicated to understanding what it is to be a Teacher of God. Are you one? Would you like to be?...
55 min
Perception And Our Reality
A fundamental teaching of the course is that our perception is projection. Just how do we know when...
55 min
Beyond the Body
One of the most fundamental teachings of ACIM is "I am not a body." We can get that intellectually, and still it takes great willingness to recognize this...
54 min
Sickness & Self-Love
There's a correlation between sickness and Self-Love that many of us don't wish to know about. Is it possible to ...
58 min
The Guiltless Mind Cannot Suffer
There's a way of undoing the guilt that causes the suffering. It seems difficult only because...
57 min
Living With Holy Purpose - kironJ Gardner
Are you living from a holy purpose or an ego purpose? Sometimes we get confused or we're not sure. In our remembering the truth about life and ourselves, we're greatly helped when we...
56 min
Release From Fear
When we feel afraid, and especially when terror strikes, it seems to grip us in a way that forces us into reacting, and coping. What if fear is...
58 min
Fear of Healing
When healing seems elusive, whether it's mental, emotional, physical, financial or any other area of our lives, it can be that we don't realize we have a...
55 min
When Ego's In Charge Of Your Spirituality
A surprising number of spiritual students have put the ego in charge of their spiritual practice and they don't even realize it. Their awakening is always in the...
57 min
The Decision to Forget
Our journey of awakening is a journey of re-cognizing the truth. We often describe our remembrance of the truth as...
54 min
Light of The Holy Relationship
The holy relationship offers SO MUCH MORE than just a great relationship. It brings a relief from hell and...
54 min
Living By Faith Instead of Fear
Many people live their life in reaction to what they see in the world, rather than making their decisions from a place of faith. Living...
54 min
Accessing Spiritual Wisdom & Insight
It can seem hard to believe, but the wisdom of Spirit is awake and alive within us. The only reason we...
54 min
How Is Peace Possible?
It seems as though Peace is impossible in this world. When it’s so hard for those of us who claim to be pacifists to maintain...
54 min
Power of Oneness with kironJ Gardner
The body as a learning tool presents so many opportunities to help us remember our true identity in Spirit. kironJ Gardn...
52 min
Resurrection or Crucifixion?
Resurrection and crucifixion are both choices that we have. You can tell what you’re choosing by how you feel. Crucifi...
53 min
Stop Going It Alone
For many of us, we’ve learned that depending upon others is a recipe for disappointment. We’ve trained ourselves to ...
53 min
Salvation from Fear
In ACIM, Jesus offers us a way out of living in fear. We’ve taught ourselves how to live in fear, and the way out is t...
53 min
Escape from the Cruel War
We can experience heaven now and forever if we’re willing. We are worthy of a happy and heavenly existence, but we hav...
53 min
Let Christ Work Through You
When it feels like life is hard and nearly impossible, when it feels like you’re walking through peanut butter, and yo...
53 min
Becoming a Lucid Dreamer with kironJ Gardner
Sometimes we can be sleepwalking through life, believing we’re awake to what’s going on in and around us, but in act...
53 min
Cultivating Intuition and Insight
One of the most common issues we have is being confused about intuition and ego. How can we tell the difference? Since t...
52 min
Quit the Subtle Attack
The ego’s sneak attacks are often so sneaky that we don’t even notice them. All we can feel is the vibrational shift...
52 min
Recognizing Resistance
Everyone has resistance to spiritual awakening. It shows up in many different ways, but it all has the same effect: dela...
52 min
All Are Worthy
So many of God’s teachers struggle with a sense of unworthiness. We are the kingdom, the treasure of God. We are worth...
52 min
Living the Answered Prayer
So many people don’t believe in prayer because they feel their prayers just disappear into the void without a response...
53 min
From Despair to Fulfilling Your Destiny!
We’re all healers. We work for God, Inc. We can heal our own minds, and in doing so, we help all humanity heal because...
53 min
What Is Atonement?
Atonement is one of those words that ACIM uses in a particular way that you may not understand until you study these tea...
52 min
The Simplicity of Salvation
We can transmute and transcend the temptations to make choices that contribute to our pain and suffering. We can decide ...
52 min
The Truth Behind Illusions
How crazy is it that we’ve made up this illusory world and yet we fight against it? We’re tilting at windmills like ...
53 min
Freedom of Will
How often does it seem as if we’re having to do things we really don’t want to? Could this be a misperception? Do we...
52 min
Healing a Poor Self-Image
Many of us labor under the burden of a poor self-concept. We’re steeped in feeling that we’re not enough. We feel un...
52 min
Stop Repeating the Painful Past
We’ve all experienced it. The repeating of past hurts and pain in new places with new people and the same old outcome....
52 min
When It Feels Impossible to Let Go!
Sometimes it can feel so very hard to let something or someone go. Our mind feels compulsive and obsessive. It’s inten...
52 min
Get Out of the Way of Your Holiness
Our insistence that there’s something wrong with us, that we’re not good enough, that we don’t deserve, and that w...
52 min
Special Hate and Special Love
Our special hate relationships and our special love relationships are a powerful pathway of healing for us—when we’r...
52 min
Family Forgiveness
Sometimes it’s the ones you love the most who are the hardest to forgive. And then sometimes it’s family that you do...
52 min
Inviting Holy Encounters
Holy encounters are healing. What if every meeting we had with another being was a holy encounter? Would we even welcome...
52 min
When I Can’t Feel the Love
A common concern many spiritual students have is when they feel blocked from feeling God’s love, which they so despera...
52 min
The Healing Power of Being Truly Helpful
Making the decision to be a truly helpful presence in this world can feel like a daunting commitment. If only we could f...
52 min
The Light of the Holy Relationship
Choosing holy relationships is healing, and holy relationships are healing in themselves. In fact, holy relationships ar...
52 min
Weakness and Defensiveness
Few things indicate our feeling weak more than being defensive. In our perspective of being identified with the ego, we ...
52 min
Be Not Afraid
When Jesus walked the earth, he told us, “Be not afraid, for I have overcome the world.” In ACIM he’s teaching us ...
53 min
Waking from the Nightmare
This world can feel surreal. It can feel like the dream it is. It can also feel like an absolute nightmare without end. ...
52 min
When People Let You Down
Disappointments are part of our life experience that we can shift. When people let us down, it can actually be a blessin...
53 min
Punishment vs. Correction
One of the strong beliefs in the ego thought system is that all people are sinners and all sinners need to be punished. ...
52 min
When the Pain Pushes So Hard
There are times when it feels agonizing to be alive. It feels like it’s too much, and sometimes it feels like life isn...
52 min
Reaching for Healthier Relationships
It’s painful when people play small in their closest relationships. We sacrifice the holy relationship to maintain the...
52 min
Living a Guided Life
Many would like to be able to clearly perceive guidance from Spirit, but deep fears block the flow of insight and intuit...
52 min
Prosperity Is in Our Nature
One of the major issues spiritual students have is they feel unworthy. Many have unhealed past life vows of poverty that...
52 min
Accepting the Gifts of God
The ego thought system is one of continuous lack and limitation. Yet the gifts of God are ours to receive in each moment...
52 min
Grief Relief
Grief can sneak up on us. We can grieve all kinds of things, from the loss of a job to the loss of our physical abilitie...
53 min
Letting Go of False Idols
False idols are the things we cherish in place of God. They are distractions that keep us from realizing the truth and e...
52 min
Making the Inner Shift
We can shift out of madness into right-mindedness, but we can’t do it alone. There are tools available to us that make...
52 min
The Attraction of Victimhood
Sometimes we feel inexplicably drawn to think and behave like a victim. There’s something strangely comforting about b...
52 min
Recovering from Deep Wounding
When we’ve been intensely wounded and deeply hurt, whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental, it can feel as thoug...
52 min
Don’t Give Up!
It can be so tempting to give up on ourselves, if even for a crucial moment. At times our life can seem impossible or wo...
52 min
Forgiving Our Fathers
One of the saddest things that happens sometimes is when a parent passes away and children feel tremendous grief because...
53 min
Forgiveness Brings Miracles
ACIM teaches us that being miracle minded requires us to forgive our resentments and regrets. We’re told that forgiven...
53 min
Breaking Painful Habits
Whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical pain, ACIM tells us that “this need not be.”
52 min
Living ACIM from a Deeper Foundation with kiron...
kironJ Gardner has been a guest before. Her experience of truly living ACIM has made her a master teacher and counselor....
52 min
What I Love About ACIM
We can apply the teachings of ACIM and see real results that are immediate and life changing. In fact, ACIM teaches us t...
52 min
Grandeur vs. Grandiosity
We live in despair when we’re unwilling or unable to recognize our magnificence. The most prevalent illness in this wo...
52 min
Fear of Not Enough Time
The fear that there’s not enough time occupies many people’s minds, sending them into managing and coping with the c...
53 min
Living in a State of Grace
God’s infinite grace saves us. It redeems and restores us in our own mind. We can count on the grace of God, but so of...
52 min
Depression Demolition
Many spiritual students are sensitive people who find this world difficult, dark, and depressing. It seems so far from t...
53 min
Guilt and Projection
We’re taught, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” What about: “What you project onto others will b...
52 min
ACIM and Prayer
ACIM has beautiful and potent prayers, yet many ACIM students don’t have a powerful prayer practice. Jesus tells us th...
52 min
Crucifixion Is Over (If You Want It)
John Lennon and Yoko Ono told us that “war is over, if you want it.” Spirit is always telling us that the crucifixio...
52 min
The Power of Love
ACIM tells us that healing is the one ability that we can all develop—and we need to. Love is the only true healer in ...
52 min
The Authority Problem
ACIM tells us that the “authority problem” is the root of all evil. Wow! Let’s be clear about what this is! When w...
52 min
Pleasure and Sacrifice
Everyone likes to feel good. We find the pleasures we enjoy and seek out more of them. All pleasure is of the body and a...
53 min
Love and Sacrifice
We’ve been taught that love requires sacrifice, yet we’re afraid of sacrifice because it seems hurtful. Our sacrific...
52 min
Curing Passive-Aggressive Patterns
The ego thought system is one that undermines our happiness at every turn, yet we still can find ourselves repeating the...
53 min
The Light You Bring
It’s difficult to believe that the Light within us is the same Light that will restore us. When we extend and share Lo...
53 min
The Origins of Separation Thinking
We only have one problem according to ACIM. And that problem is our belief in separation, which does not exist. How did ...
53 min
Magical Thinking Perpetuates Suffering
ACIM teaches us that magical thinking perpetuates suffering. What is magical thinking? How can we get rid of it? In this...
53 min