Mr. Curiosity

From Joe Snedeker's brain, to your ears. Not scared yet? Then "Mr. Curiosity" may just be the podcast for you! Join Joe as he chats with friends and celebrities from in and around Northeastern & Central Pennsylvania. "Mr. Curiosity" promises to be entertaining, educational, goofy, and everything in between.

Comedy Interviews
The José the Dysfunctional Leprechaun Episode
Hey, it's March, AND... the week of St. Patrick's Day! Let's have some fun with José the Dysfunctional Leprechaun! José and Joe answer all of the bizarre and invasive WNEP viewer questions. José's secretive life is revealed, from his favorite foods to his complex and disturbed upbringing. Have some laughs, we all need it more than ever!
53 min
The Nikki Krize Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe spends time with WNEP’s Nikki Krize. Her fake-sounding name, passion for reporting, bird love and... hearing the silent screams of lobsters while her waitressing tips accumulated! She’s got the western parts of WNEP-land covered with journalistic integrity and will capture your heart with her ten-year veteran reporter stories!
56 min
The PennDOT Pothole Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks potholes, female plow drivers, gas taxes and oh so much more with PennDOT Community Relations Coordinator Jessica Ruddy. Jessica gives you the no-spin insight of just how PennDOT handles snowstorms and transportation projects and somehow manages to deflect Joe’s attempts to bring her down into his snake pit of cynicism! Sure Pennsylvania’s roads aren’t perfect, but what is? Perhaps only Jessica’s teeth? Give your ears some love and check out this and all episodes!
49 min
The Dr. Lori Episode
In this episode, Joe talks with Lori Ann Verderame, known professionally as Dr. Lori. She's so BIG-TIME, she even has her own Wiki Page!  Listen to Dr. Lori's tales from being an appraiser of antiques, collectibles, and fine art; a National television pe...
59 min
The NEPA Pizza Review Episode
Start the New Year with Pizza, not resolutions! Joe chats with passionate pizza reviewer Jim Mirabelli from NEPA Pizza Review. This guy KNOWS and loves pizza! The discussion evolves from ketchup and cheese on bread to corporate pizza and then dives deep ...
58 min
The Rusty Fender Returns Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe catches up with the fast-moving Dale Mikolaczyk, AKA Rusty Fender, or whatever his new fake name is. He's smart, opinionated, charismatic, hard-working and always on the go, whether it be calculating fuel expenditure...
78 min
The Thom Welby Episode
State Representative of the 113th District, Lackawanna County Thom Welby discusses being one of 12 (or is it 13?) siblings, working at the US Post Office, his old DJ days wearing a jumpsuit during the birth of local FM rock radio, and most importantly, h...
61 min
The Elizabeth Worthington Episode
WNEP’s Elizabeth Worthington educates Joe on her catholic school girl upbringing in Philadelphia, psychiatrist grandfather, college ambiguity and her drive to play direct, professional “verbal volleyball” with other humans! This multimedia journalist may...
53 min
The Dr. Deom Episode
Joe and Dr. James Deom, Optometrist at Hazleton Eye Specialists discuss everything from serious eye care to not-so-serious eyeball dissections and Joe's cheap habit of buying frames and glasses online! Learn, laugh and give your eyes some love!
68 min
The Sherman Burdette Episode
In this episode, Joe Snedeker and Newswatch 16 alum Sherman Burdette meet for the first time all over again. From “fake laughs” to Spandex, Hollywood to WNEP, Sherman and Joe talk about the old days in Scranton, what's new in Indianapolis and what’s ahea...
68 min
The Waste Management Episode
In this episode, Joe talks trash with Adrienne Fors, Community Relations Specialist for Waste Management for the greater Mid-Atlantic.  Yes, those green and yellow WM trucks and containers that influence your LIFE!  Everything from Adrienne's exciting ca...
60 min
The ‘Still the One‘ Episode
In this episode of "Mr. Curiosity," Joe talks with Lance Hoppen, bassist and vocalist for the band Orleans! You know, 'Dance With Me,' 'Love Takes Time' and of course, 'Still The One' (ABC/WNEP Theme song in the 70s). Joe and Lance discuss the history of...
95 min
The Will Beekman Episode
In this episode of "Mr. Curiosity," Joe chats with Mohegan Sun Arena General Manager Will Beekman about unique names, arena shows and... Kenny Rogers?
62 min
The Sharla McBride Episode
In this episode of "Mr. Curiosity," Joe catches up with former Newswatch 16 reporter, anchor Sharla McBride. Joe gets the lowdown on Sharla's new gig at WNEP sister station WUSA in Washington, D.C.
55 min
The Alan K. Stout Episode
The life and times of award-winning journalist, rock music reviewer, organizer and roll with the changes community man Alan K. Stout.
82 min
The Carmella Mataloni Episode
In this episode, Joe catches up with Newswatch 16's Carmella Mataloni, who went from WNEP intern to Pocono Reporter. Hear all about Carmella's big Italian family, including how her dad's dental office was once...the family butcher shop?!
56 min
The Go Joe Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe chats with pals Michael G. Stanton and Don Webster about Go Joe 24 and the history of the charity bike ride for St. Joseph's Center.
33 min
The Randy Gregg (Almost Queen) Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe Snedeker talks with Randy Gregg, the bass player and manager for Almost Queen, the Queen Tribute band. Gregg shares some great stories from his days with Angel, Thin Lizzy, Dee Snider’s band and of course, Almost Que...
89 min
The Brian Wilken Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe Snedeker talks with Brian Wilken, Vice President of HNB Bank Honesdale about financial advice, banking and... cat houses?!?
56 min
The Circle Drive-In Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe Snedeker chats with Joe Calabro, owner of the Circle Drive-In in Dickson City. Calabro took over the family business in 2020, following the death of his uncle Michael Delfino.  Before Delfino passed away, Calabro pro...
63 min
The Scott Schaffer Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe picks the brain of coworker and Newswatch 16 anchor Scott Schaffer.
58 min
The Bob Cordaro Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe chats with Bob Cordaro, the former two-term county commissioner who spent eight and a half years and stops in 11 different federal prisons after being found guilty of corruption. Joe and Bob talk about Disney, Christ...
87 min
The Joe Nardone Episode
In this episode, Joe talks with musician, concert promoter and the man behind Gallery of Sound - Joe Nardone.
50 min
The Rocky & Lissa Episode
In this episode, Joe chats with KRZ morning crew, Rocky & Lissa.
43 min
The Chris Barnes Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe Snedeker sits down with the incomparable Chris Barnes. Barnes, a Scranton native, is an actor, comedian and entertainer whose credits include: 30 Rock, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, According To Jim, and Life with ...
84 min