Mr. Curiosity

From Joe Snedeker's brain, to your ears. Not scared yet? Then "Mr. Curiosity" may just be the podcast for you! Join Joe as he chats with friends and celebrities from in and around Northeastern & Central Pennsylvania. "Mr. Curiosity" promises to be entertaining, educational, goofy, and everything in between.

Comedy Interviews
The Jeremy Lewan Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe sits down with Stormtracker 16 part-time fill-in meteorologist, full-time heartthrob and runway model Jeremy Lewan
73 min
The James May Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe interacts with former US Army Officer/Chaplain, recent Face of PennDot in NEPA and politician, James May. He's got an interesting life arc that will keep you entertained! Just don't ask him to watch a parade or talk about traffic roundabouts, everything else is fair game and discussed in this podcast. Ready, set... PLAY!
63 min
The Pocono News Crew Episode
68 min
The Rob O'Donnell Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks with Rob O'Donnell, a former NYPD police officer and detective. Can the fake TV cop shows compare with the REAL WORLD stories from Rob? You'll find out! Also, Rob was on duty during the 9/11 attacks and shares his stories of courage and the enduring legacy from the day. Rob switches gears and takes us on a journey that ends in a peaceful semi-retired utopian life of NEPA, where he and Joe both experimented with a brief bachelor's life. FAIL!? WHAT!?
65 min
The Liberty Tax Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks with Liberty Tax franchisee and tax expert Mark Mihalka about 1099s, W2s, 401Ks, 1040s, and oh so much more exciting tax information that you need to know about. You'll learn how to maximize your earnings and minimize your taxation with representation! If you pay close attention, you may even learn how to dance on the streets of NEPA just like Lady Liberty does for Liberty Tax Service! Get your ears and W2 ready, it's time.
58 min
The Jack Culkin Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe dives into the life of WNEP's Jack Culkin. He's not just WNEP's new, smart, muscular, chiseled, well-dressed and over-competent reporter, he's a local boy from Dunmore, filled with great values, a positive attitude, humility and irresistible charm. If that's not enough for you, ask yourself this... How many people do you know who have had parts of their skull removed, "power-washed" and put neatly back in place? Jack DID!!! Jack will inspire you with kindness, work ethic and desire! Get your skull ready to be impressed!
53 min
The Bernie Rayno Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe discovers his meteorological soulmate doppelganger Bernie Rayno. Bernie is the Chief Senior Meteorologist at AccuWeather. With his unique style of passion, smarts and energy he delivers weather coverage for National Networks such as ABC, CBS, ESPN and Bloomberg in addition to The AccuWeather Network. Here’s the best part… He’s a local boy, growing up in Carbon County, eating pierogies, being an altar boy and delivering newspapers. Hear all about Bernie’s climb to success, his workday at AccuWeather, his mom and find out why he can’t finish a Friday without a chicken cheesesteak hoagie with extra mayonnaise!?!? Yuck!
30 min
The Dr. Kopesky Episode
In this episode, Joe goes dental with Dr. Gary Kopesky from the Hamlin Dental Center in Wayne County. Let's talk about teeth; brushing, flossing, whitening, removing, destroying, and healing! Dr. Gary is no ordinary dentist, he not only finished in the top 20% from Pittsburgh School Of Dentistry but has been seen wearing shorts with cats flying through space on them! What does it all MEAN!?!? After listening to this episode, you'll not only end up with healthier dental habits, but you'll learn to spit and not rinse, save your enamel, and even pick up some dating advice on dealing with those individuals who over-whiten their teeth!?!? Get your ears and teeth into this one!
57 min
The Doc Medek Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe and Local radio icon Doc Medek from Froggy 101 discuss his not-so-local beginnings and how his inability to stay focused and read books led him to a volatile yet successful career in radio! Wait, there's more! Doc’s son Chewy joins in for the entire podcast, injecting his own rise from K-Mart to Co-host of the morning show! Is this the only Father/Son morning radio in the county? Thanks to Chewy, Donald Trump and Joe Biden even stop by... wait... WHAT? Get it all in your ears - NOW!
57 min
The Raegan Medgie Episode
Forget the fact that she once worked at WNEP, reported for New York City television stations, has degrees in Journalism and Broadcast Meteorology, is full of life and energy, is married to a commercial pilot and even went to dinner with Sam Champion to prepare for her national broadcasts on The Weather Channel. All that is nothing compared to sitting in your stick-shift Mazda in a quasi-parking spot on the streets of Manhattan with your iPhone doing an hour-long podcast (with video) with Mr. Curiosity! Ladies and Gentleman... here's Raegan Medgie!
68 min
The Other Chelsea Strub Episode
In this episode, Joe catches up with his “sister from another mother,” Chelsea Strub. She talks about her new duties and specials at WNEP, life without Mike, her recent reporting from Florida’s Hurricane Ian destruction, AND... peeking through the blinds and hiding from the Instacart grocery delivery person! Get ready to laugh and cry with this one.
44 min
The Valerie Smock Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe dives deep into the world of WNEP's Valerie Smock! Just how many "hats" can one person wear? Mom, Wife, Air Force Reserve, Military Police, Anchor, Producer, Journalist, Reporter, Meteorologist... AND, let's not forget, former girlfriend in a toxic relationship. She's worn them all!! Peel back your ears and get ready for this one.
50 min
The Badlees' Pete Palladino Episode
In this epic episode, Joe talks with the dynamic and energetic frontman of The Badlees, Pete Palladino! Yes, The Badlees, one of the most notable roots/Americana rock bands ever AND a band originating right here in WNEP-land back in the 1990s. Pete discusses the band's history, tales of touring with Bob Seger, Jimmy Page and more! The Big question… just who is ANGELINE and where is she coming home from? Joe also reveals his man-crush on Pete and provides details on the band’s latest adventures, including their live gig later this month in Harrisburg! Let your ears explode with sonic joy from one of the best bands to ever emerge from Pennsylvania, but only after you listen to THIS PODCAST!
61 min
The Stacy Lange Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks with WNEP’s Stacy Lange. Hear all about her life arc, from her lost cat, time spent as Miss Comet, wearing the marching band fuzzy hat, to busting out of Syracuse University and returning to NEPA. She also discusses her “trick” to being hired at WNEP over a decade ago and her thoughts on reporting vs. anchoring, snow, hair, motherhood and even Joe? But what about the lost cat?!?
44 min
The Guy Palmer Episode
Sales representative? Product specialist? Salesman? Salesperson? Just what do you call a guy named Guy who sells cars? In this Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks with Guy Palmer, a man who knows the car business and who has been entrenched in it locally for decades! Hear about the smartest ways for you to buy, sell and get an automobile! The dynamics of putting you behind a steering wheel have surely changed in recent years, Guy and Joe dive in with discussions of supply-chain issues, electric cars, financing, Carvana and even weird things left behind in trade-in vehicles!
59 min
The Samantha Ruddy Episode
In this Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks with Lackawanna County native Samantha Ruddy. Samantha tells jokes, writes funny stuff, and weasels her way into your heart with her gay girl-next-door charm.
47 min
The Jon Meyer Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks to colleague, friend, morning co-anchor and all-around great guy Jon Meyer! Not only does Jon recap his life, but how EVERYTHING has changed with his new work shift to the early mornings at WNEP. What about the wife, the kids, the eating habits and his honest thoughts on working with the sometimes eccentric and unpredictable Joe? Jon also answers YOUR questions submitted through Facebook and email in our Brown Bag Segment. Does being a dancer really make you a better lover?!? WHAT?!?
55 min
The Wise Crackers Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe connects with Nick Bruce who runs Wise Crackers Comedy Club. Nick has great stories all of the famous comedians he and his comedic legend dad Scott Bruce have laughed it up with over the years. How many people have a baby picture sitting with Rodney Dangerfield!? Here all about it and the not-so-funny side of the comedic universe too! Wise Crackers Comedy Club is ready for your funny side each weekend, right here in NEPA and also ready to help you raise money for your worthy causes. Ready, set.......laugh!
56 min
The John Maday Episode
John Maday, head of the Wilkes-Barre Riverfront Parks Committee and president of the Downtown Wilkes-Barre Business Association and Joe go in the WAY-BACK machine and discuss how a War Baby becomes a river and community advocate! John tells personal stories of the most transformative decade (the 1960s), smelling and sandbagging through the Agnes Flood (50th Anniversary) and how he's helped his community passionately without a paycheck or wife for years!? One thing he WILL NOT DO... wait In lines! Ears ready... GO!
63 min
The Mohegan Sun Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks with Mohegan Sun Pocono Vice President of Marketing, Dave Parfrey and radio host and General Manager of Bold Gold Media, Michael G. Stanton. It's SUMMER 2022 and that means free concerts at the Mohegan Sun's Party on The Patio! Get the inside story on how the Concert series went from an experiment to an iconic event of NEPA. The concert list, fishbowl D.J, Eagle-impersonating and more are all waiting for YOUR EARS!
38 min
The Andy Palumbo Episode
In the latest edition of Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks with his....uh....friend, adversary, coworker, colleague, acquaintance.... just what is the relationship between Joe Snedeker and Andy Palumbo!?!? Andy discusses his deep and rich history in both radio and television, how he evolved through many formats, trends, people and places, even getting "fired" five times in the process. You've seen Andy and Joe work together on WNEP, often in diluted strife, now hear them in a more honest, real and dare I say fond bond of brotherhood!?!? Pop your ears and get ready listen!
64 min
The Knoebels Episode
Knoebel's Amusement Resort... need I say more!?!? Mr. Curiosity gets deep into the history, evolution and behind-the-scene operations of this legendary amusement park with the Great Grandson himself Brian Knoebel! From a Tally-ho to the "double out and back" Phoenix, the park is nearing its 100th anniversary! It's your chance to take an audible thrill ride with Brian and Joe. Seatbelt on, ears tuned... GO!
58 min
The Harry's U-Pull It Episode
From the world-famous Harry's U-Pull It, we have Joe and Tracy Kress discussing everything about auto salvage. WAIT, it may sound boring but it's not! Joe Kress, being the great (maybe great, great) grandson of the over 100-year-old business, shares tales of how the business evolved and changed over the years. What will happen to YOUR car when its time has come? How are car parts recycled? Care to shred? Who is Harry? What about the iconic commercials? How do you actually "PULL" apart and who would wait in line hours to do it? Find out all of this and more, including how Howard Stern's people got involved in the Hazleton-area business. You'll learn, you'll laugh and you may even save big money on your future car parts. You can't recycle your ears, but you can use them to listen to this episode and help planet earth in the process of auto-salvage.
53 min
The EJ The DJ Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe rubs elbows with big time Hollywood actor (kind of) E.J. Dougher, AKA EJ The DJ. Is he an actor, baseball stud, entertainer, DJ, waiter or what? Listen to his tales of evolving through all of those roles from Scranton to Irving, California over the last few decades! Not many Scranton natives have their own IMDB while running their own successful DJ business, smiling and dancing through it all! Give your ears some love!
59 min
The Funeral Director Episode
Mr. Curiosity gets deep, inquisitive, and informative, but not too dark as Joe and funeral director Joseph Scotchlas discuss death, burial, embalming, rigor mortis, and all that goes with the processes of THE END that most all of us will deal with someday. Not only will you be deeply informed and more prepared, but may even laugh periodically with a few of Mr. Curiosity’s bizarre scenarios. Don’t worry, Joe Scotchlas remains professional, knowledgeable, steadfast, and unflappable, even when confronted with a fatal snakebite on a remote section off the Appalachian Trail. It’s time for you to confront death… productively!
49 min