Mr. Curiosity

From Joe Snedeker's brain, to your ears. Not scared yet? Then "Mr. Curiosity" may just be the podcast for you! Join Joe as he chats with friends and celebrities from in and around Northeastern & Central Pennsylvania. "Mr. Curiosity" promises to be entertaining, educational, goofy, and everything in between.

Comedy Interviews
The PA Outdoor Life Team Episode
52 min
Brown Bag Monday | February 5, 2024
Mrs. Curiosity, yes Mrs., Woody Woodpecker, Underdog cancel culture, Florida flatness, endless repeat song frustrations, Wham Cam woes and The Morning Crew’s real love of NEPA, including Mindi’s first pierogi?
40 min
The Frank Gerardi Episode
In this episode, Mindi, Tim and Joe are joined by WNEP audio and production veteran and legend, Frank Gerardi!
40 min
The Joe Kohut Episode
In this episode, it's all guys, a first! New WNEP media content guru Joe Kohut joins Jon Meyer, photojournalist Tim Hopkins, and Joe Snedeker to talk about his departure from print media to his new position at WNEP.
41 min
The Christmas-ish Episode
This episode brings WNEP’s Kerry Kearns in with Claire, Joe and the “man behind the curtain”, Shawn Dunn to bring you some holiday cheer?!?
41 min
The Jack's Mustache Episode
In this episode, Claire, Mindi and Joe are joined by Jack Culkin’s mustache… and… John himself! Before digging into the Brown Bag and answering your questions about the ionosphere, expressionless hamsters and teeth flossing, Jack's mustache has a lot to say! Prepare to get hairy! Just press play to find out all that ensues!
38 min
The Thanksgiving Episode
42 min
Brown Bag Monday + WNEP's Home & Backyard
43 min
Brown Bag Monday + Creepy Side of NEPA's Dan Ko...
Mr. Curiosity gets Creepy? In this episode, Joe and Claire are on duty, but both Jon and Mindi are absent, replaced by WNEP guests, photojournalist Tim Hopkins and Creepy Side of NEPA podcaster, Dan "T-Dog" Kosloski! Since it’s Halloween time, the crew discusses weird and unexplained situations that they have gone through, yet Joe insists on keeping The Brown Bag rational and scientific! Also, would you give up modern plumbing for a human kitty litter? How about life in a banana costume for $250K? All this awaits your ears, just press PLAY! You may even find out what happened to Joe’s Communion wafer back in the 1970s?!?
41 min
Melissa Steininger | Brown Bag Monday
48 min
Brown Bag Monday | September 25, 2023
In this cut of Mr. Curiosity, the Brown Bag speaks volumes with rogue guest Newswatch 16 producer Caitlin Rowe joining Mindi, Claire and Joe for a verbal female dominance! Does the shape of food alter its taste? How OK is it to share streaming passwords with “loved ones?" If that’s not enough, wait until you hear about Joe’s new cleaning technique using his wife’s luffa puffy thing? The ladies are disgusted!?! Send your questions for future episodes to, but watch NOW!
36 min
Brown Bag Monday | September 11, 2023
In this episode, the entire morning crew and even WNEP's media content producer Shawn Dunn joins in to answer your Brown Bag questions. Claire debuts and sings part of her new intro song while Mindi defends her "helicopter mom" desires. Jon and Joe discuss their love of synthetic fibers while Shawn cringes at the term...Webmaster?!!? What are you waiting for, just press PLAY!!!
38 min
Brown Bag Monday | August 28, 2023
In this episode, Joe persuades behind-the-scenes WNEP personalities into the podcast studio to help answer your Brown Bag questions. Commercial traffic guy Bruce Abbot and Executive Producer Brigid Lawrence join Joe to discuss their duties, reporter head nodding, local mountain geometry, Canadian forest fires and how cats would ruin the planet just like us if they were more intelligent!?!
32 min
Brown Bag Monday + The Morning Team
We answer viewer questions about everything from candy apple stands to why it doesn't get dark as soon as the sun sets in this week's episode of the Mr. Curiosity podcast.
36 min
The Claire Alfree + Brown Bag Episode
In this episode, Joe goes deep diving into the life and philosophy of WNEP's Claire Alfree. Not only do they discuss how her being alive is a direct result of the 1992 Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption, but how hard work, a positive attitude and drive will set your course to success. Clair and Joe also answer your Brown Bag questions discussing extreme couponing, sloths on Red Bull and how they may really hate each other... NOT!!!
40 min
The Michael G. Stanton + Brown Bag Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Jon and Joe are joined by local broadcaster, legend (in his own mind), and general manager in the Bold Gold Media group Michael G. Stanton. Mike turns the interview tables on Joe and dives into his Go Joe 26 Charity Bike Ride for St. Joseph's Center and the history of it! Then the show goes off the rails into questions from the Brown Bag, including dark and lonely cartoon cereal mascots, Jon's long torso, and why Joe's grandmother used to throw hot water on his childhood friends?!? Protect your ears and give it a try.
56 min
Brown Bag Monday | July 3, 2023
In this week's episode of Mr. Curiosity, the Brown Bag speaks! Not only is Joe overwhelmed with the lady power of Mindi and Elizabeth, but emotions run high as we address your questions to Elizabeth Worthington on her last day at WNEP. Even Elizabeth's boyfriend speaks from the great beyond....beyond the Brown Bag!?
31 min
Brown Bag Monday | June 19, 2023
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, The WNEP Morning Crew answers your questions with a special guest… Kerry Kearns. Kerry is making her producerial (is that a word?) comeback to the big 1-6! Hear a little about what Kerry's been up to in Idaho and returning to WNEP. Join in on the fun and get your questions for future episodes to
35 min
Brown Bag Monday | June 5, 2023
49 min
The Brown Bag Monday Episode
In this episode, Brown Bag Monday returns with the crew from Newswatch 16 This Morning. Join Joe, Jon, Mindi and Elizabeth as they answer viewer questions about everything from sleep to viewer photos, matching clothes and more.
32 min
The Earl Granville Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe talks with his former student (sort of?) Earl Granville. You'll hear how Earl's life arc took him from Joe's detention class at Carbondale Area High School in the 1990s to boot camp at Ft. Benning with his twin brother Joe when 9/11 happened. Earl discusses his nine years in the Army National Guard as an Infantryman, with deployments to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, where he lost his left leg through to a roadside bomb while on patrol. STOP! Don’t go feeling sorry for Earl! You’ll hear about healthy ways to battle adversity through the positivity in his messaging, real-life solutions from his own experiences and participating as an inspiration and motivating force through psychical fitness challenges and marathons across the country. He may even bring out a concrete block tied to a chain to prove his point!? WHAT? Ears open... GO!
96 min
The Yuengling Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe tries his best to connect with his man crush buddy Dick Yuengling, the big man of the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville! However, we learn that Dick is too busy and may not even know what a podcast is, so in his place are his two awesome daughters, Wendy and Jennifer, chatting with Joe and running many of the Yuengling Company operations! Learn the history of the Yuengling Brewery, how it has changed and evolved over the years and what is being planned for its forthcoming 200th anniversary as America's Oldest Brewery!! Wowza! Still, Joe won't let go of his fascination with Dick Yuengling. What's he really like? Does he shovel snow, run a vacuum cleaner, and do yard work? Or, is he more of a highbrow, vacationing in France via private jet, spending money on lavish cars, expensive clothes and fine jewelry? And who was this YOUNG (Yuengling) man who left Germany centuries ago to start it all? Have a lager, sit back and press play!
37 min
The Nate Lee of Fugetaboutit Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe mixes it up with Nate Lee, owner of the epic and unique Fugetaboutit Restaurant in Hazleton. How does a snowstorm take you from the streets of Hazleton to Nashville, Tennessee? Wait until you hear Nate's stories, from being buds with Mrs. Brady and Florence Henderson to chowing down with Steve Winwood! Even Dick Yuengling's eating habits are discussed! Order some take-out, get your ears open and let it PLAY!
45 min
The Chris Keating Episode
In this Mr. Curiosity episode, Joe talks with WNEP's Chris Keating. Is he a spoiled brat from a big-shot restauranteur family from Georgia, or just a regular guy with smarts and passion for journalism who found his way from Penn State University to WNEP? You'll hear about his life journey and how he was in the top 15% of his high school‘s graduation class for being the best-looking, smartest and most athletic—FOR REAL!?!? Chris is great at what he does, works hard at it, and loves his job, but maybe not as much as his TV meteorologist girlfriend? He might just give it all away for her, or, become Joe's handler and diaper purchaser--WHAT!? It's all waiting for you, just click PLAY!
63 min
The Nancy Kman Episode
In this episode of Mr. Curiosity, Joe mixes it up with local radio legend Nancy Kman. Growing up with three sisters in Wyoming County, bathroom time was very limited, but that did not stop her newsy aspirations through college and into the world of radio! Hear all about her journey from bag girl at Acme to WILK Radio, with many stops along the way including WNEP-TV. Nancy's skin is pachyderm thick, as it should be in the rough, aggressive and opinionated world of talk radio! She's smart, thoughtful, determined and ready to unload her history on your ears! Plug in!
56 min