Abby Eats St. Louis
Abby Llorico tells the story of St. Louis based on what’s on the table. From the hunger for local ingredients, to the booming brunch scene and the craving for creative cocktails, Abby dives into the nitty-gritty of how St. Louis grew to become the foodie town that it is. Abby Eats St. Louis is hosted by Abby Llorico of 5 On Your Side.
Society & Culture
Cheers!… with a cherry on top | Back for seconds
e indulge in the stories of St. Louis’ sassiest businesswoman and two sandwich dudes who turned the city into a frozen cocktail oasis.
40 min
Ode to Lion's Choice | Back for seconds
We sit down with the Lion's Choice CEO to find out what made him give up his dream life to run the company.
15 min
It's pork steak szn | Back for seconds
15 min
A beer with the CEO of Schlafly | Back for seconds
Find out how coming up in a beer bro’s world made her such a boss babe.
26 min
The Thais that bind | Back for seconds
Hear why someone who’s sampled so many of the world’s flavors still sees St. Louis as a great place to bring them all together.
16 min
The real spirits of St. Louis | Back for seconds
St. Louis is a heck of a beer town, but sometimes you want something more spirited
26 min
Life, love, and sandwiches with Mrs. Amighetti ...
An interview with the strong-willed woman behind the Amighetti's Special
11 min
Future vintage | Back for seconds
19 min
Gioia's to the World | Back for seconds
A hot salami sandwich from Gioia's Deli is a quintessential St. Louis food... that doesn't technically exist.
19 min
At the cool kids table | Back for seconds
We packed our backpacks and headed to a St. Louis area middle school where we knew we could find friends to let us sit at their table for lunch.
22 min
Aisle be there for you | Back for seconds
Choosing between going out to eat and picking up something from the grocery has never been tastier
19 min
Ginspiration on South Grand | Back for seconds
Hear how Natasha Bahrami's induction into the Global Gin Hall of Fame puts St. Louis on the map,
20 min
Riplets’ red-hot comeback | Back for seconds
We go all in on one of our favorites: Red Hot Riplets.
22 min
Farm-to-table | Back for seconds
Learn about how the farm-to-table locavore movement is reshaping our food culture
27 min
Plate seized
This one is bittersweet as host Abby Llorico prepares for a new adventure in Washington, D.C. — but not before hearing about the future of St. Louis' food scene.
46 min
Gooey in St. Louie
If it’s good, it’s gotta be gooey butter, an essential slice of this city’s food scene.
35 min
Must love T-Ravs
Meet STL's newest Toasted Masters: Matthew and Brittany, who are opening the city's very first toasted ravioli restaurant
28 min
From the ground up
Trying to eat healthier? We sit down with the cofounder of a growing new St. Louis business, Rootberry.
25 min
A #VeryAsian new year
Dumplings: they're delicious, they're considered good luck in many cultures....and they're not ok, according to one 5 On Your Side Viewer. How anchor Michelle Li took an angry call and launched a movement, what we're all learning about talking about food...
23 min
The Super Sandwich Bros of St. Louis
Sandwiches can be emotional, sparking fierce debates and drawing intense loyalty. Don’t believe us? Guess you haven’t been online in awhile! Today, we'll introduce you to Joe and Mike, two of the three brothers behind a popular Facebook group that's guar...
29 min
Fresh reasons to smile
This episode is guaranteed to make you happier... or at least crave something sweet. You know those classic "perfectly imperfect" Smiley Face cookies from McArthur's Bakery? We'll take you inside the kitchen where a team of hard-working employees who are...
30 min
We made it: Wrapping up 2021
In our final episode of the year, we share stories of traditions, memories, recipes and celebrations — even in another "not quite normal" holiday season. We'll also wrap the top food stories of this year and reminisce on the best things we've had to eat ...
21 min
Holiday spirits
We’re popping in on pop-up bars: the Christmas staples are the new St. Louis tradition that bring out the merry misfit in all of us. Hear how three local bars come up with their creative ideas for making spirits bright, why they bother and the ways they’...
24 min
Not so cookie-cutter Christmas
… unless it is! Whether it’s sugar, sprinkle, chocolate chip or gingerbread, we are here for the sweetest holiday tradition: baking cookies. We talk with the owner of Grandma’s Cookies in St. Charles about why the key ingredient isn’t flour, sugar or but...
32 min
A nod to nog
DON'T FORGET TO CALL IN FOR OUR HOLIDAY EPISODE: Share what you love most, what you're cooking/eating and even your favorite memories of this time of year with us for our annual holiday call-in episode! Leave us a voicemail at 314-532-6012. Love it? Hate...
26 min