Dungeons & Dragons Lorecast

You love Dungeons & Dragons; the myths, the legends, and the unforgettable characters. Every week, we dive into the lore behind D&D as well covering as the latest news and releases from the world's most popular roleplaying game.

Episode 123: Monster Rankings (Sept. Patron Rou...
The monsters you love to hate and hate to love! We rank them here!
64 min
Episode 122: Drizzt - The Dark Elf Trilogy
We explore the origins of Drizzt the Drow ranger!
77 min
Episode 121: Changelings
The lore behind the Eberron race of the Changeling is highlighted this week!
64 min
Episode 120: Minsc and Boo
Giant purple skull tattoo? A hamster? A desire to fight evil? What could go wrong?!
50 min
Episode 119: Red Wizards of Thay
We discuss the most notorious and nefarious spellcasters of all Faerun... the Red Wizards of Thays!
54 min
Episode 118: Fantasy D&D Draft (Aug. Patron Rou...
The Loremasters sit down with some Wizards to fantasy draft the perfect D&D party
56 min
Episode 117: Spelljammer 5e First Impressions
We take a look at D&D's newest campaign setting... D&D in space!
81 min
Episode 116: Spelljammer, pt. 2 w/ Bipolar Dice...
We discuss Spelljammer from 3e to today!
67 min
Episode 115: Spelljammer, pt. 1
On the cusp of its 5E release, let's do a little prep work and figure out what this Spelljammer thing is all about!
62 min
Episode 114: Favorite NPCs (July Patron Roundta...
We discuss our favorite official and homebrew NPCs!
56 min
Episode 113: Journeys Through the Radiant Citad...
We discuss the lore behind the new adventure anthology!
73 min
Episode 112: Yuan-Ti, the Serpentfolk
The Serpentfolk known as Yuan-Ti are as cunning as they are deadly... learn about them here!
38 min
Episode 111: Lord Soth and Sithicus
The DnD Lorecast discusses the infamous death knight and his Domain of Dread
44 min
Episode 110: First Half of 2022 (June Patron Ro...
What have the Fine Folk of the Patreon been playing the first half of 2022?
77 min
Episode 109: Tasha, pt. 2
We conclude our look at the lore and history behind Tasha!
31 min
Episode 108: Tasha, pt. 1
Iggwilv... Tasha... Hura... who is this mysterious witch?
24 min
Episode 107: Warduke
Who is the mysterious and cruel Warduke?
37 min
Episode 106: Demogorgon
A look at the lore (and differences between its TV counterpart) of D&D's Prince of Demons
29 min
Episode 105: Quirks, Rituals, and Superstitions...
Do you have a dice jail? Do you have a catchphrase after rolling a nat 20? This episode is for you!
45 min
Episode 104: Xanathar
Who or what is The Xanathar?
46 min
Episode 103: Vecna, pt. 2
Sergio continues discussing Vecna through 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions!
50 min
Episode 102: Vecna, pt. 1
Sergio and a guest host sit down to discuss D&D's most infamous archlich Vecna!
46 min
Episode 101: Best and Worst D&D Moments (April ...
Crit and Reaper talk Favorite D&D moments and the worst D&D Moments
44 min
Episode 100: Tenser, Bigby, & Melf
Crit and Sergio talks some of Dungeon and Dragon's OLDEST characters!
63 min
Episode 99: Hirelings & Companions w/ Stuart Wa...
Crit and Sergio sit down with old friend Stuart to discuss hirelings, retainers, and companions
69 min