Dungeons & Dragons Lorecast

You love Dungeons & Dragons; the myths, the legends, and the unforgettable characters. Every week, we dive into the lore behind D&D as well covering as the latest news and releases from the world's most popular roleplaying game.

Episode 146: Svirfneblin aka Deep Gnomes
We travel to the Underdark to talk Deep Gnomes!
66 min
Episode 145: Much Ado About Owlbears
What's the deal with owlbears? They're not an owl and they're not a bear!
54 min
Episode 144: Desired D&D (Feb. Patron Roundtable)
What kind of adventures do you want to see in D&D?
58 min
Episode 143: Keys from the Golden Vault
We discuss the latest adventure anthology from D&D!
57 min
Episode 142: Candlekeep
What secrets does Candlekeep hold?
39 min
Episode 141: The Icewind Dale Trilogy
We continue discussing The Legend of Drizzt saga!
71 min
Episode 140: D&D Casting Call (Jan. Patron Roun...
Who would YOU cast in a D&D movie/TV show?
70 min
Episode 139: Cyric the Mad God, pt. II
We continue our lore dive into the Mad God himself, Cyric!
63 min
Episode 138: Cyric the Mad God, pt. I
We begin our lore dive into Cyric, the cruel man who became a Mad God...
84 min
Episode 137: The Second Sundering
The cataclysmic event that forever altered the Forgotten Realms...
63 min
Episode 136: 2023 PreD&Dictions (Dec. Patron Ro...
This week, Mary and Sergio - alongside Lorecast Patrons and friends - ponder their orbs...
65 min
Episode 135: Tiamat
What has five heads, is evil as all get out, and the subject of this week's lore dive? If you guessed anything other than Tiamat, we need to have a talk.
80 min
Episode 134: Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon God
Bahamut.... Paladine... Fizban... who is the Platinum Dragon God?
65 min
Episode 133: Shar, Mistress of the Night
Shar has come to represent all that is dark, shadowy, and evil in D&D. But what are her origins? And what are here goals?
69 min
Episode 132: Dragonlance First Impressions - Sh...
Shadow of the Dragon Queen is here! What can you expect from Krynn's debut in 5e?
80 min
Episode 131: D&D&Gratitude (Nov. Patron Roundta...
We sit down with Patrons and discuss what about D&D and TTRPGs makes us thankful.
53 min
Episode 130: The War of the Lance, pt. II
We finish the lore dive into one of Krynn's most momentous events!
62 min
Episode 129: The War of the Lance, pt. I
The next D&D adventure takes place during this fraught time in Krynn's history... so let's dig into the lore surrounding it!
53 min
Episode 128: The Spellplague
The Year of the Blue Flame takes a devastating turn...
66 min
Episode 127: Homebrew Horror (Oct Patron Roundt...
What sick, devious items, creatures, and locations could we come up with to spookify your D&D adventure?
74 min
Episode 126: The Origin(s) of Asmodeus
We discuss the ruler of the Nine Layers of Hell, Asmodeus
64 min
DnD Lorecast Presents: Travis Vengroff
Fool and Scholar's Travis Vengroff, co-creator of Dark Dice, sits with us to chat.
50 min
Episode 125: Shadowfell
The dark and mysterious... and deadly Shadowfell plane is cover this week!
71 min
Episode 124: Trio of Horror Monsters in D&D
This week, we spotlight Moloch, the intellect devourer, and the Bagman as part of Spooky Season!
64 min
Episode 123: Monster Rankings (Sept. Patron Rou...
The monsters you love to hate and hate to love! We rank them here!
64 min