Dungeons & Dragons Lorecast

You love Dungeons and Dragons; the myths, the legends, and the unforgettable characters. Every week, we dive into the lore behind the world's most popular tabletop roleplaying game. We also cover the latest news and releases as well as offer tips and advice on how to min/max and roleplay characters.

Episode 122: Drizzt - The Dark Elf Trilogy
We explore the origins of Drizzt the Drow ranger!
77 min
Episode 121: Changelings
The lore behind the Eberron race of the Changeling is highlighted this week!
64 min
Episode 120: Minsc and Boo
Giant purple skull tattoo? A hamster? A desire to fight evil? What could go wrong?!
50 min
Episode 119: Red Wizards of Thay
We discuss the most notorious and nefarious spellcasters of all Faerun... the Red Wizards of Thays!
54 min
Episode 118: Fantasy D&D Draft (Aug. Patron Rou...
The Loremasters sit down with some Wizards to fantasy draft the perfect D&D party
56 min
Episode 117: Spelljammer 5e First Impressions
We take a look at D&D's newest campaign setting... D&D in space!
81 min
Episode 116: Spelljammer, pt. 2
We discuss Spelljammer from 3e to today!
67 min
Episode 115: Spelljammer, pt. 1
On the cusp of its 5E release, let's do a little prep work and figure out what this Spelljammer thing is all about!
62 min
Episode 114: Favorite NPCs (July Patron Roundta...
We discuss our favorite official and homebrew NPCs!
56 min
Episode 113: Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel
We discuss the lore behind the new adventure anthology!
73 min
Episode 112: Yuan-Ti, the Serpentfolk
The Serpentfolk known as Yuan-Ti are as cunning as they are deadly... learn about them here!
38 min
Episode 111: Lord Soth and Sithicus
The DnD Lorecast discusses the infamous death knight and his Domain of Dread
44 min
Episode 110: First Half of 2022 (June Patron Ro...
What have the Fine Folk of the Patreon been playing the first half of 2022?
77 min
Episode 109: Tasha, pt. 2
We conclude our look at the lore and history behind Tasha!
31 min
Episode 108: Tasha, pt. 1
Iggwilv... Tasha... Hura... who is this mysterious witch?
24 min
Episode 107: Warduke
Who is the mysterious and cruel Warduke?
37 min
Episode 106: Demogorgon
A look at the lore (and differences between its TV counterpart) of D&D's Prince of Demons
29 min
Episode 105: Quirks, Rituals, and Superstitions...
Do you have a dice jail? Do you have a catchphrase after rolling a nat 20? This episode is for you!
45 min
Episode 104: Xanathar
Who or what is The Xanathar?
46 min
*RE-RELEASE* Episode 89: Monsters of the Multiv...
Now available as a solo release, Crit and Sergio dig into the newest D&D book
65 min
Episode 103: Vecna, pt. 2
Sergio continues discussing Vecna through 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions!
50 min
Episode 102: Vecna, pt. 1
Sergio and a guest host sit down to discuss D&D's most infamous archlich Vecna!
46 min
Episode 101: Best and Worst D&D Moments (Patron...
Crit and Reaper talk Favorite D&D moments and the worst D&D Moments
44 min
Episode 100: Tenser, Bigby, & Melf
Crit and Sergio talks some of Dungeon and Dragon's OLDEST characters!
63 min
Episode 99: Hirelings & Companions w/ Stuart Wa...
Crit and Sergio sit down with old friend Stuart to discuss hirelings, retainers, and companions
69 min
Episode 98: Magic Item (Patron Chat)
Crit sits down and talks magic items with patrons
41 min
DnD Lorecast Presents: One Night Strahd w/ Adam...
Sergio discuss the One Night Strahd remix with co-writer Adam Seats
63 min
Episode 97: Ravenloft, pt. 4 - Strahd von Zarovich
None other than Strahd himself takes center stage as we wrap up our Ravenloft series!
46 min
Episode 96: Critical Role-Call of the Netherdeep
The new adventure from Critical Role is out and Crit and Sergio give their first impressions!
77 min
Episode 95: Ravenloft, pt. 3 - Domains of Dread
The Ravenloft series continues with a look at the Domains of Dread and their Darklords!
54 min
Episode 94: Ravenloft, pt. 2 - Rudolph van Richten
Crit and Sergio continue their Ravenloft series with monster hunter Rudolph van Richten!
57 min
Episode 93: D&D and the Satanic Panic (Patron C...
Crit and Sergio are joined by some of their Patrons to discuss how D&D was caught in the middle of controversy in the 1980s
81 min
Episode 92: Ravenloft, pt. 1 - The History of R...
Crit and Sergio start their Ravenloft series with a look at the campaign setting's history
67 min
Episode 91: Weapons of Legacy
Crit and Sergio discuss Weapons of Legacy
73 min
Episode 90: Favorite 5e Adventures
Crit and Sergio run down their favorite 5e adventures
67 min
Episode 89: Monsters of the Multiverse
Crit and Sergio dig into the newest D&D book
65 min
Episode 88: Patron Chat - Ideal Party Composition
Sergio chats with Lupus and Coffee about how to build a 3, 4, or 5+ player party
62 min
Episode 87: Elminster Aumar
Crit and Sergio discuss Forgotten Realms' most powerful wizard
61 min
Episode 86: Drizzt Do'Urden
Crit and Sergio talk about the wildly popular Drow ranger
66 min
Episode 85: Patron Chat with Lupus, Wulf, and R...
This episode we chat with some of our wonderful patrons about the end of the D&D year
71 min
Episode 84: To Become a God, Pt. 2
Crit and Sergio finish their discussion on becoming a god
57 min
Episode 83: Strixhaven
This episode we discuss the new Strixhaven, A Curriculum of Chaos.
84 min
Episode 82: To Become a God
This episode we discuss how to become a god
77 min
Episode 81: Holidays in D&D
Sergio discusses popular celebrations in D&D campaign settings
35 min
Episode 80: D&D&Gratitude (Patron Chat)
What are we thankful for in D&D?
68 min
Episode 79: Homebrew-ha-ha
Crit and Sergio discuss the fun of homebrew!
69 min
Episode 78: Were-Everything
Crit and Sergio discuss were-everything.
70 min
Episode 77: Big Ol' Monsters and the DM's Who L...
Crit and Sergio discuss big ol' monsters.
68 min
Episode 76: Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
Crit and Sergio discuss Fizban's treasury of dragons
71 min
Episode 75: Vampires
Crit and Sergio discuss Vampires
79 min
Episode 74: Ghosts
Crit and Sergio discuss Ghost
65 min
Episode 73: Genasi
Crit and Sergio discuss Genasi
64 min
Episode 72: SPELLS with Witcher Lorecast Toasti...
We talk spells, spells and more spells with our guests Toastie and Stewart
109 min
Episode 71: Wild Beyond the Witchlight
Crit and Sergio take an in depth look into Wild Beyond the Witchlight and Crit introduces a magic coin.
67 min
Episode 70: Aarakocra
Crit and Sergio take an in depth look into Aarakocra and Crit introduces 2 magic items for the price of one!
66 min
Episode 69: ORCS!
Crit and Sergio take an in depth look into Orcs and history and mechanics behind them and the magical item today it: War Drums!
66 min
68: Changeover Episode
Tom and Stewart pass the D&D Lore torch to Crit and Sergio
63 min
67: Why Fiction is Important (Monthly Patron Chat)
Stuart and our patrons discuss the importance of fictitious worlds.
59 min
66: Eberron: Silver Crusade
The Silver Crusade was an attempt to destroy Lycanthropy - werewolves!
24 min
65: Eberron: King Galifar ir'Wynarn & The Ring ...
King Galifar ir'Wynarn was foundational in the 1,000 year history of Eberron, plus Tom shares the Ring of Location.
56 min
64: Eberron: Dragon Marks & Ring of Summoning Y...
Stuart explains how Dragon Marks work and their social and racial connections, Tom gives you a ring of summoning... yourself?
57 min
63: Eberron: Ages Past + The Ring of Foliage
Stuart delves into the history of Eberron and Tom gives you a ring of magic plants.
26 min
62: The Best non-D&D Table Top RPG's (Monthly P...
We discuss our other favorite TTRPG systems with our patrons and try not to be edgelords.
79 min
61: Eberron: An Introduction
We begin our exploration of the world of Eberron with an overview of the history and what makes this different than Faerun.
48 min
60: Gnolls & Summoning 1,000 Pigeons
Stuart digs into the lore behind Gnolls and Tom gives you a way to summon 1,000 pigeons.
34 min
59: The OTHER Worlds of D&D + Summoning Ring: S...
There's much more to D&D than just the world of Faerun. Let's talk about other popular settings and then YOU can vote on which one we cover in more depth!
69 min
58: The Future of D&D Content - Monthly Patron ...
We discuss the difference between official D&D content and creator's content, the future of D&D, and DM styles.
70 min
57: Gold & Silver Dragons + The MegaDog Summon
Stuart digs into Gold & Silver dragons and Tom reveals a new summons, the MegaDog!
51 min
56: Brass & Copper Dragons + The Megacat Summon
Stuart explains the details behind two more of the metallic dragons, Brass & Copper and Tom reveals a gigantic cat. Wait, that doesn't sound right.
49 min
55: The Episode that Proves How Nerdy We and Ou...
I'm trying to figure out exactly how to describe our discussion, but I can't. So I'll say this. We prove how nerdy we really are. Enjoy.
92 min
54: Chromatic Dragons: Brass
It's time to move on to Chromatic Dragons, the "good" guys of the dragon world. Let's start with Brass Dragons.
30 min
53: Oozes
Oozes come in many types, and are way cooler than you may have known.
50 min
52: Remote Play Events & The Psychological Bene...
We discuss remote play events with our Patron Lupus Malum and wax a little philosophical about the human impact of role playing.
85 min
51: White Dragons Lore & The Spectral Merchant
Stuart opens the tome on White Dragons and Tom reveals the Spectral Merchant.
30 min
50: Blue Dragons & The Window of Far Sight
Blue Dragons are evil creatures. We finish our story from 2 weeks ago and learn how sinister these dragons can actually be.
54 min
49: The Mysterious Mordenkainen
Who is Mordenkainen? How was he created and is his goal to balance all things truly good?
68 min
48: What if YOU had to survive in a D&D world? ...
We discuss what we would do if we were pulled into a D&D world. How would we survive as just ourselves?
81 min
47: Red Dragons & The Extremely Potent Coffee
Stuart teaches us about Red Dragons, the most dangerous of the Chromatic Dragons, and we begin the story of one of the most powerful of the Red Dragons to ever have existed. Plus, Tom gives you some coffee.
61 min
46: The Zhentarim + The Infinite Lunchbox
Stuart digs into the Zhentarim and Tom gives you an idea for an infinite lunchbox, or really, an infinite box of any kind.
22 min
45: The Lord's Alliance + The Magical Workbench
Stuart explores the Lord's Alliance and Tom reveals the Magical Workbench.
28 min
44: DM Styles - Jan 2021 Patron Chat
We chat with our Patron, Lupus Malum, about getting into D&D, being a DM, and more.
70 min
43: The Order of the Gauntlet + The Soul Fist
Stuart checks out the Order of the Gauntlet while Tom talks about the Soul Fist.
24 min
42: The Emerald Enclaive + The Icy Shoes of Escape
Stuart goes on assignment to explore yet another secret organization...
24 min
41: Secret Organization: The Harpers + Lipstick...
Stuart goes on assignment to explore a secret organization...
23 min
40: Chromatic Dragons & Black Dragon Details
The perspective from the point of Chromatic Dragons, plus Black Dragon details.
52 min
39: Dragon Sex & Race Issues + The Dragon Spiri...
We begin our look into dragon lore and get a little bit caught up on dragon sex and race issues.
62 min
38: Kobolds & The Mechanical Arm
This episode is all about Kobolds, the little dragon people who live underground and smell like wet dogs. Bet you didn't know that!
51 min
37: Liches in D&D & The Pool Towel
Liches are some of the most powerful undead creatures you can encounter. We take a closer look without... getting too close.
57 min
36: The Calendar of Harptos & "Magick! Energy D...
We take a look at the Calendar of Harptos, it's origins, and how the seasons and holidays differ from the real world.
67 min
35: The Drow & The Invisible Light
Stuart's exploring the tower and discussing the Drow while Tom stuffs his face and talks about invisible lights.
29 min
34: Monsters of the Underdark + The Lute Del Amore
Stuart goes adventuring into the Underdark and gets... high on mushrooms?
28 min
33: PiratePeter & The LandShip
PiratePeter joins us in the tower to discuss his D&D experiences plus we reveal his own special item, the LandShip.
52 min
Mindflayers & The Mariachi Mustache
Stuart sets off alone and discusses Mindflayers while Tom thinking about mustaches and how much he misses his friend.
31 min
Four Halloween Monsters & The Fortune Teller's ...
Stuart takes us on a little "adventure" to discover the details of four classic monsters and how to string them together into a mini-quest. Tom talk's about a talking skull.
53 min
The Mysterious Beholders
Beholders are some of the strangest and most powerful monsters in D&D.
49 min
Volothamp Geddarm & Haunted Doll #2
Volothamp Geddarm is the unreliable narrator and storyteller of the D&D universe. A quirky fellow with some a very interesting story himself.
51 min
Baldur's Gate Expansions & Haunted Doll #1
We conclude our recap of Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 with an explanation of the expansion content for both games, plus the first of our Haunted Doll magical items.
56 min
Baldur's Gate 2 Recap & The Potion of Unexpecte...
We're getting you ready for Baldur's Gate 3 with a recap of the events of Baldur's Gate 2.
57 min
Baldur's Gate 1 - Story and Events + The Loot G...
The story and events of Baldur's Gate 1.
59 min
Hobgoblins & The Dance-Dance Party Pants
Hobgoblins are very different than other goblinoids and have a unique society.
49 min