Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Each week host Laurie Hardie brings you the issues affecting the Pacific Northwest and the people making a difference in our community and sometimes beyond. Expect compelling conversations with local leaders and influencers. Spotlight is dedicated to presenting you with issues that matter - including education, health, mental health, and the environment.

News Commentary
Society & Culture
Spotlighting Seattle Pride
Krystal Marx is the Executive Director of Seattle Pride. We talk about the upcoming parade Sunday June 26th in Seattle. She also touches on the other services Seattle Pride provides throughout the rest of the year.
26 min
Spotlighting Mental Health with Achea Redd
People of color are especially prone to the stigmas associated with seeking mental health care. Mental health advocate Achea Redd is here to create safe spaces for women and girls of color to ask for and receive the help they need to live...
28 min
Spotlighting Operation Teddy Bear Lift
Lilliya Kovalenko joins me to talk about Warm 106.9 and the Ukraine Association of Washington State, or UAWS, have teamed up for Operation Teddy Bear Lift. It's a campaign to send over 10,000 teddy bears to children affected by the...
25 min
Spotlighting Chicken Soup for the Soul Your 10 ...
Chief Editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul Amy Newmark, joins us to share her latest book of 101 stories reflecting the 10 Keys to Happiness. Amy says this is a heart project after reading thousands of stories and the lessons learned from...
26 min
Spotlighting Naturella By Halisi Ali El
Halisi Ali Elis shares how she came to write the story of Nature ella and how she hopes an ethnic fairy tale will resonate with children of color. The story of Naturella is an ethnic Cinderella tale that encourages self...
26 min
Spotlighting Grief and Trauma Chaplaincy
Cindy and Merle Meyers are grief and trauma chaplains. Going through grief, trauma, and loss is never easy, and no one need experience it alone. At Grief and Trauma Chaplaincy, we are qualified and experienced in companioning, and here...
27 min
Spotlighting Think About Thinking
Joining me is LaVerne McGrath the founder of It is a comprehensive website to help people discover ways to cope with life situations. This Month is Mental Health Awareness month so any First Responder can enter...
25 min
Spotlighting MicroGenDX DNA
Rick Martin is the CEO of MicroGenDX, a diagnostic laboratory providing DNA sequencing and rapid PCR-based microbial testing for clinical applications. Martin says a new testing protocol for rapidly detecting and identifying infective...
25 min
Spotlighting March for Babies
Joining me is Hayley Satema Donor Development Manager and Amy Thorne the Parent Ambassador for March for Babies. March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. March of Dimes supports research, lead programs and provides...
26 min
Spotlighting Give Big Part 2 Homage Senior Serv...
Give Big 2022 is already underway. It's a great annual fund-raising event for our community to come together and support many of the non-profits in the Puget Sound area. And to underscore the need is greater than ever this year! We...
28 min
Spotlighting Give Big 2022 Part 1
Give Big 2022 is already underway. It's a great annual fund-raising event for our community to come together and support many of the non-profits in the Puget Sound area. And to underscore the need is greater than ever this year! We...
29 min
Spotlighting "When Anxiety Roars" with Jean Hol...
Dr. Jean Holthaus author of “When Anxiety Roars”. It’s for parents, teachers, counselors, and youth leaders longing to understand and help the young people in their lives, this book unpacks the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual...
26 min
Spotlighting National Donate Life Month
Joining me today is Frank Holloman, Director of the Division of Transplantation (DoT) at HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration ) Frank comes to this work after trying to be a donor for his own sister. Over 106,000 People on...
25 min
Spotlighting Digital Detox With Molly DeFrank
Molly is the founder of the online Digital Detox, where she helps free families from their addictions to devices. She has a degree in international relations and worked as a press aide for former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger....
32 min
Spotlighting "A Solution to Homelessness" by Ch...
Charles Durrett is an architect, author, and advocate of affordable, socially responsible and sustainable design. He is an advocate for the homeless and has developed several projects to house the homeless. His newest book, A Solution...
24 min
Spotlighting Finding Hope: A Birthmothers Journ...
After placing her newborn son for adoption in 2013, Hope O Baker struggled with depression, addiction, and overcoming the stigma that surrounds birthmothers. In her first book, Finding Hope: A Birthmother’s Journey Into the Light, she shares...
30 min
Spotlighting Perinatal Support
Post Partum Depression, better know as perinatal depression is REAL. Join me as I talk with Mia Edinin Clinical director at Perinatal support Washington. The first weeks and months of being a new parent can be overwhelming, but you don't...
25 min
Spotlighting Amanda Knox Labyrinths
Joining me today is Amanda Knox, we talk about her podcast Labyrinths: Getting Lost with Amanda Knox, infertility, The Innocence Project, and so much more. Get to know Amanda for the amazing young lady she has become in spite of all she...
29 min
Spotlighting Cricket Wireless Affordable Care P...
Matt Cave from Cricket Wireless joins us to talk about the Affordable Care Package with big savings for eligible customers, here in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide.
14 min
Spotlighting Caring is Art With Leilani Norman
Artist and former caregiver Leilani Norman offers a gift of thanks to dementia caregivers everywhere through this journal. She writes, “The daily experience of caring for my mother ranged from fulfillment to heartbreak. When I learned to...
22 min
Spotlighting Stella Center Stellate Ganglion Block
Dr. Shauna Springer and Kevin Brigs join us for the before and after the Stellate Ganglion Block procedure. Dr. Springer has worked with Veterans with PTSD walking them through the SGB procedure. SGB is an injection of a local anesthetic...
26 min
Spotlighting Don't Keep Your Day Job
This week we talk with Cathy Heller, Podcaster and author of Don’t Keep Your Day Job. Cathy offers encouragement during this quarantine, to take time to look at what your purpose is and how to show up in your world. Her words are motivating...
26 min
spotlighting Debt Free ASAP John Nicholas
John Nicholas was a high-flying Ivy League grad and sports media executive who lost his job and fell into serious debt after 9/11. He learned painful lessons during his recovery and even more when he worked inside the debt-relief industry—including...
33 min
Spotlighting Dr. Caroline Leaf "Cleaning up You...
Dr. Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist with a Masters and PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc Logopaedics, specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology. She shares her 5 step Neuro...
32 min
Spotlighting Clothes For Kids
Joining me is Lisa George out reach coordinator for Clothes for kids. Clothes For Kids provides free school clothing to lower-income students. Any child who attends school in Snohomish County or the Northshore School District (Head Start/ECEAP...
26 min