Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Each week host Laurie Hardie brings you the issues affecting the Pacific Northwest and the people making a difference in our community and sometimes beyond. Expect compelling conversations with local leaders and influencers. Spotlight is dedicated to presenting you with issues that matter - including education, health, mental health, and the environment.

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Spotlighting Domestic Violence
This week we hear from Deb Bordsen and Vicci Hilty from the Domestic Violence Center, Snohomish. They answer a question on many peoples mind, “why don’t they just leave?” It is very complicated, with compassion and insight they address...
25 min
Spotlighting Edmonds Center for the Arts
This week we hear from Gillian Jones with Edmonds Center for the Arts. They are committed not only to bringing great entertainment to their community but also in bringing joy to people with memory loss. They teach classes and also have...
33 min
Spotlighting First Responders, CHI Franciscan, ...
1. First Responders: What to expect from first responders now. 2. Web: • Phone: 1-855-356-8053 • App store franciscan-virtual-care • Google Play: • When prompted for payment,...
3 min
Spotlighting Child Haven
This week we hear from Jon Botten and Megan Beers with Childhaven. They are committed to helping children get a good start in the first 5 years of life. They are committed to community, education and families. They work with the A.C.E.’s...
25 min
Update 3 Spotlight
Mirza from Hungry Hearts Foundation has offered to help you build a food program for kids who have free and reduced lunch, for when they are not at school. Like some kids where schools are closed for the virus. Need help got to contact...
2 min
Update/Bonus Spotlighting How to Help Our Kids ...
Laurie Hardie puts on her Life Coaching hat to help us help our kids. Our kids are listening and they are picking up on our fears and anxieties. Let's help them feel safe by not talking negative about the virus around them. Tell...
1 min
Bonus Short Spotlighting Corona Virus
Some facts on the Corona Virus, including hand washing and elbow bumping. Important websites to get information. A video and pamphlet for...
2 min
Spotlighting Special Olympics
This week we hear from Mike Day, a Fire Investigator and a volunteer with Special Olympics Washington. Mike’s involvement comes through the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) Campaign for Special Olympics. In addition to volunteering his...
25 min
Spotlighting National Spay and Neuter Awareness...
This week we hear from Heather Lee on the topic of Spay and Neuter Awareness month. Heather is an animal advocate and has her “Wet Nose Wednesday” feature on WARM 106.9. Heather talks about the benefits of spay and neutering animals,...
26 min
This week we hear from Igor Casapooh who is the founder of where they are hoping to donate 2000 bees in 2020. We have heard the news that our bee population is dwindling and this is how you can help locally and globally. Bees...
25 min
Spotlighting February American Heart Month
This week we hear from Monique and Dr. Susie Woo Ambassadors for the American Heart Association. February is Heart Health Awareness month. It's all about life style and with taking this month to focus on it, we can begin, or continue...
25 min
Spotlighting Life Center NW Organ Donations
This week we hear from Kevin O’Connor CEO of Life Center Northwest. He debunks some myths about organ donation, as well as sharing new technology making donations more successful. You will not only want to join us for a very informative...
26 min
Spotlighting Step By Step and Farm 12
This week we hear from Krista Linden with Step By Step. She started Step by Step 23 years ago to come beside at risk pregnant women to help them deliver a healthy baby and get a good start at life. Step by Step is across 4 counties. They...
26 min
Spotlighting the US Census
This week we hear from Toby Nelson the Media Liaison for the U.S. Census Bureau covering Washington State. As you may know, the Census determines how 650 billion dollars per year in funding is allocated and determines how many congressional...
25 min
Spotlighting SnuggleBuds
This week we hear from Jasmin Jean with Snugglebuds. As a childhood cancer survivor she has some chronic illness from her chemo back in the 1980’s. Cancer research has come so far now, last Christmas when she was again in the hospital,...
25 min
Spotlighting The Hungry Hearts Foundation
This week we hear from Tammie Enders, a teacher at Stevens Creek Elementary school and Mirza Avdic with The Hungry Hearts Foundation. When Tammie discovered one of her own students would be without adequate food over winter break, she...
26 min
Spotlighting National Thyroid Awareness Month
This week we hear Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum, author of the groundbreaking new book Healing The Thyroid With Ayurveda: Natural Treatments for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, and Hyperthyroidism: Dr. Teitelbaum, who has treated thousands of thyroid...
23 min
Spotlighting The Hand Up Project
This week we hear from Robert Smiley with “The Hand Up Project.” Robert reveals his “why” about helping addicts and the reason he looks at them and treats them as human beings. Robert and his team of volunteers, many are recovering addicts....
25 min
Spotlighting Eagle Wings DisAbility Ministies
This week we hear from Kinder Smoots who is the Executive Director of Eagle Wings DisAbility Ministries. Kinder was called to serve those with disAbilities one month after the passing of her daughter Kayla. Being the parent of a child with...
26 min
Spotlighting the Hoff Foundation
This week we hear from Judy Hoff, Founder and CEO of The Hoff Foundation located in Everett WA. The Hoff Foundation includes Esther’s Place, Queen it’s a New Day, New and Creation Housing for women coming out of sex trafficking, drugs/alcohol...
25 min
Spotlighting It's A Fostered Life
This week we hear from Christy Tennant Krispin with “A Fostered Life” Podcast. Christy started with a youtube channel to encourage other foster parents. Since then it has involved into a weekly podcast, she interviews experts, former foster...
27 min