Unsportsmanlike with Evan, Canty and ...
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Hour 4: Impressive Performance
JWill was impressed with the Suns last night in Game 3, despite their loss to the Bucks
42 min
Hour 3: Shifting Gears?
Jay Williams gives his insight into what could possibly change the series between the Bucks and Suns
42 min
Hour 2: Domonique Foxworth Joins
The Undefeated's Dominique Foxworth to the show to give his takes and more
42 min
Hour 1 : Bucks Get A Win
The Bucks avoid going down 0-3
42 min
Hour 4: Third Time's A Charm
Alan & Keyshawn interviewed Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and asked about a third trip to the Super Bowl
42 min
Hour 3: This May Be Over
Key says all the Suns have to do now is win one in Milwaukee and this series is OVER.
44 min
Hour 2: Fish Out Of Water
What happened to Giannis’ supporting cast in Game 2 of the NBA Finals?
43 min
Hour 1: Taking Control
Phoenix took complete control of the series last night with their Game 2 win, now the pressure is on Milwaukee
42 min
Hour 4: Lightning Strikes
The crew also weighed in on the Lightning being 20 million over the cap and winning the Stanley Cup
42 min
Hour 3: Can The Bucks Stop The Suns In Game 2?
Can The Bucks Stop The Suns In Game 2?
40 min
Hour 2 : Impactful Addition
What kind of impact has Chris Paul made on the Suns this year?
42 min
Hour 1: The Jury Is Still Out
Keyshawn is back with the crew; QBs the jury is still out on
42 min
Hour 4: Amar’e Stoudemire Joins The Show
Former Sun Amar’e Stoudemire joined the show to discuss Deandre Ayton and more
40 min
Hour 3: Mike Budenholzer’s At The Helm
Jay joins the show and weighs in on Mike Budenholzer’s coaching
42 min
Hour 2: Ducking and Dodging
Ahman Green joins the show to talk about Aaron Rodgers dodging questions about playing for Green Bay this year
42 min
Hour 1: Breakfast Of Champions
Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Sha’Carri Richardson being left off the Olympic relay team and more
40 min
Hour 4: Will you remember CP3 as a Sun or Clipper?
Hour 4: Will you remember CP3 as a Sun or Clipper?
39 min
Hour 3 : How Will CP3 Be Remembered?
What team Chris Paul will be remembered as if he wins a title with the Suns?
41 min
Hour 2 : Kinda Champion?
Should there be an asterisk attached to whoever wins the title this year because of all the injuries in the playoffs
42 min
Hour 1: NBA Finals Preview
Alan Hahan, Mike Tannenbaum and Monica McNutt preview Game 1 of the NBA Finals
43 min
Hour 4: A Weighing Legacy
Alan and Monica weigh in on who this NBA Finals means more for: CP3 or Giannis
40 min
Hour 3: Mom On Social Media
Aland and Monica discuss Zach Wilson’s mom staying on IG despite his requests to get off and more
40 min
Hour 2: Unleash The Beast
Monica and Alan discuss the NBA Finals and Charles Barkley’s comments
42 min
Hour 1: Heart And Soul
Monica and Alan talk hot dogs and Bucks
40 min
Hour 4: Now That It's Legal...
Keyshawn shares that things are already in place to help the kids figure out how to navigate the new rules, now its just legal
40 min