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Hour 1: Lakers Even The Series
Lakers Even The Series And Take Game 2 In Phoenix
43 min
Hour 4: Stopping Trae
Can the Knicks stop Trae Young?
44 min
Hour 3: A Must Win Game 2?
ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst on the issues with Donovan Mitchel and how important this series is for the Celtics
44 min
Hour 2: One Year Later
KJZ reflects on the murder of George Floyd one year later
44 min
Hour 1: Control Freak?
Does Aaron Rodgers have the control in the Packers situation? KJZ discuss
43 min
Hour 4: About the Knicks….
Alan isn't happy about the Knicks losing
44 min
Hour 3: Splitting New York
Alan Hahn is simply distraught because his Knicks lost and the Nets looked amazing
41 min
Hour 2: Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number
The guys give their thoughts on Phil Mickelson’s PGA Championship win
44 min
Hour 1: A Sense Of Normalcy
Keyshawn Johnson, Alan Hahn and Jay Williams give us their irrational takes from the weekend.
42 min
Hour 4: Adam Silver Joins
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joins the show
42 min
Hour 3: A Tale of One City... With Two Teams
The Knicks and Nets both make the postseason, Who prevails?
44 min
Hour 2: The NBA GOAT Discussion
Callers jump in on the age old discussion of "Goatness" and Jordan vs LeBron
44 min
Hour 1: Absent Minded
Is Steph Curry is a top 10 player all time?
43 min
Hour 4: Worth The Wait
LeBron James set twitter ablaze after his crazy shot, but for his antics.
43 min
Hour 3: Opportunity Knocks …For Some?
Key, JWill and Alan continue the conversation about Tim Tebow being signed
61 min
Hour 2: A Bit Of Breaking News
Tim Tebow officially signs with the Jaguars
44 min
Hour 1: The One In The Middle
LeBron James hit a ridiculous late shot clock three to give the Lakers the edge
40 min
Hour 4: The Pitching Is The Problem?
Buster Olney and Mychal Thompson join the show.
43 min
Hour 3: What We've Been Waiting For
The Lakers are set to play in the play in against the Warriors
40 min
Hour 2: Different Style Of Play
A scout says the style of play Russell Westbrook isn’t something that will help win games, does KJZ agree?
42 min
Hour 1: Tatum Drops 50
What kind of player is Jayson Tatum after dropping 50 points in the play in game?
41 min
Hour 4: HOF 2021
Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2021 member Chris Bosh discusses his induction into the Hall of Fame
42 min
Hour 3: Bust Or Not?
Should it be acceptable to call an athlete a "bust?"
42 min
Hour 2: Diva Status
Are QBs today "divas?" KJZ discuss and more.
42 min
Hour 1: Championship Pressure
Outside of LeBron James, who has the most pressure on them to win an NBA Championship this season?
43 min