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Hour 2: Ducking and Dodging
Ahman Green joins the show to talk about Aaron Rodgers dodging questions about playing for Green Bay this year
42 min
Hour 1: Breakfast Of Champions
Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Sha’Carri Richardson being left off the Olympic relay team and more
40 min
Hour 4: Will you remember CP3 as a Sun or Clipper?
Hour 4: Will you remember CP3 as a Sun or Clipper?
39 min
Hour 3 : How Will CP3 Be Remembered?
What team Chris Paul will be remembered as if he wins a title with the Suns?
41 min
Hour 2 : Kinda Champion?
Should there be an asterisk attached to whoever wins the title this year because of all the injuries in the playoffs
42 min
Hour 1: NBA Finals Preview
Alan Hahan, Mike Tannenbaum and Monica McNutt preview Game 1 of the NBA Finals
43 min
Hour 4: A Weighing Legacy
Alan and Monica weigh in on who this NBA Finals means more for: CP3 or Giannis
40 min
Hour 3: Mom On Social Media
Aland and Monica discuss Zach Wilson’s mom staying on IG despite his requests to get off and more
40 min
Hour 2: Unleash The Beast
Monica and Alan discuss the NBA Finals and Charles Barkley’s comments
42 min
Hour 1: Heart And Soul
Monica and Alan talk hot dogs and Bucks
40 min
Hour 4: Now That It's Legal...
Keyshawn shares that things are already in place to help the kids figure out how to navigate the new rules, now its just legal
40 min
Hour 3: It's Hot In New York
Is Brian Cashman or Aaron Boone’s seat is hotter in New York?
43 min
Hour 2 : No Credit
Fitz can’t believe that Keyshawn and Monica won’t give the Bucks credit for getting the Game 5 win last night without Giannis.
42 min
Hour 1 : Bucks Did Their Job
Monica is not giving the Bucks extra praise for doing what they were supposed to do.
41 min
Hour 4: Balancing Act
Sports Business Consultant Kristi Dosh joins the show to talk about how students will balance making money with their academic & athletic responsibilities
42 min
Hour 3: Securing The Bag
Keyshawn is skeptical on how the NIL stuff is going to work
40 min
Hour 2: Measure of Success
Can this season be considered a success for the Clippers?
42 min
Hour 1: Suns Win The West
Suns win the Western Conference title and head to the NBA Finals
42 min
Hour 4: Too Much Too Soon?
Is the NBA's quick season turnaround the root of some many player injuries?
38 min
Hour 3: NFC East or NFC Least?
KJZ have a few a questions entering the summer ahead of the '21 NFL season for the NFC East
37 min
Hour 1: Hawks Win, But NBA Loses
Giannis injures leg in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals
39 min
Hour 2: Carrying The Load
Can Khris Middleton carry the load for the Bucks in the absence of Giannis?
41 min
Hour 3: Making Adjustments
Brian, Jay and Keyshawn welcome in Super Bowl Champion and ESPN Radio NY host Chris Canty to give some insight on Paul George
42 min
Hour 2: Impressive Victory
Seth Greenberg joins the show to discuss Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals
43 min
Hour 1: Clippers Show Some Life
Clippers take Game 5; Scottie Pippens' comments
40 min