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Hour 1: Dak Gets Paid
KJZ: Dan Graziano joins to weigh in on Dak Prescott
40 min
Hour 4: Not Bad For One Day
KJZ: The NBA All-Star game recap; Jake Heaps joins
42 min
Hour 3: Blake In Brooklyn
KJZ: Blake Griffin goes to the Nets; Jennifer King joins the show
43 min
Hour 2: Wilson to the Windy City?
KJZ: Orlovsky joins on the Bears making a play for Russell Wilson
42 min
Hour 1: Steph Is An Unreal Shooter
KJZ: Recap of the 2021 NBA All-Star Game
40 min
Hour 4: It's A Slam Dunk
KJZ: Key & J-Will try to explain a $300 haircut, but Zubin isn't buying it... literally
40 min
Hour 3: Still Negotiating
KJZ: Will the Cowboys end up franchising Dak Prescott?
52 min
Hour 2: Not Another Part 2
KJZ: The guys weigh in on movies sequels they would trade in.
42 min
Hour 1: Big Ben Stays In Pittsburgh
KJZ: Ben Roethlisberger remains the QB of the Steelers
40 min
Hour 4: Embiid’s Case For MVP
KJZ: Embiid is making a strong case for NBA League MVP
42 min
Hour 3: Sam Darnold's Place
KJZ: What should the Jets do with Sam Darnold?
39 min
Hour 2: The Real MVP
KJZ: Who is more likely to win MVP: Harden or Embiid?
41 min
Hour 1: A Warm Reception
KJZ: The guys discuss Harden's return to Houston
39 min
Hour 4: Return to Houston
KJZ: Malika Andrews on the return of James Harden to Houston
40 min
Hour 3: Wrong Choice Of Words
KJZ: Seth Greenberg joins to weigh in on Greg McDermott
43 min
Hour 2: New NFL Logo?
KJZ: If the NFL logo could be a player, who would it be?
42 min
Hour 1: No More No. 13 In Houston
KJZ: Rockets are retiring the jersey of James Harden
39 min
Hour 4: Amy Trask: The One And Only
KJZ: Amy Trask, the first and only female CEO in the NFL, joins
42 min
Hour 2: Keep It 100
KJZ: Can any player in today's game score 100 like Wilt?
42 min
Hour 3: Is Zion Underrated?
KJZ: Is Zion the best interior scorer since Shaq?
42 min
Hour 1: J.J. Watt Is A Cardinal
KJZ: The crew weighs in on JJ Watt going to the Cardinals
42 min
Hour 4: Cam Still An Option in NE?
KJZ: Is Cam Newton still an option at QB for New England?
40 min
Hour 3: New York State of Mind
KJZ: Can Nets remain on top of East without K.D.?
44 min
Hour 2: The Quarterback Carousel
KJZ: Could Russell Wilson be the next QB for the Saints or Cowboys?
41 min
Hour 1: Harden Surpasses LeBron In MVP Race?
KJZ: Which NBA team can be more successful without a super star?
40 min