Awesome Etiquette

Hosts Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning answer audience questions about modern etiquette with advice based on consideration, respect, and honesty. Like their great-great-grandmother, Emily Post, Lizzie and Dan look for the reasons behinds the traditional rules to guide their search for the correct behavior in all kinds of contemporary situations. Test your social acumen and join the discussion about civility and decency in today's complex world.

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Kids & Family
Episode #10: The History of Toasting
Why do we toast, and why is it called “toasting?” Lizzie and Dan have the answer, and yes, it does involve actual toast.
24 min
Episode #9: Nosy Bosses, Dietary Preferences, a...
Lizzie and Dan help you handle nosy bosses, dietary requests, and bringing your dog with you.
36 min
Episode #8: Tipping the Dog Walker
Dan and Lizzie chat with Paul the dog walker, and discuss both tipping and thank-you note etiquette for dog walkers and those who employ them.
33 min
Episode #7: Quit Touching Meggan’s Purple Hair
Megan has purple hair. Really, really purple hair. So purple that complete strangers want to touch it to see if it’s real or a wig. The Posts give her advice on how to deal with the personal space issues therein.
53 min
Episode #6: Football Scores and Tipping Protoco...
Lizzie and Daniel talk about spoiling the outcome of football games for those who haven’t watched them. They also take questions from their listeners, including author and fellow Infinite Guest-er Jess Walter.
38 min
Episode #5: Tipsy Hockey Players, Unwanted Atta...
Lizzie is wooed by a tipsy hockey player, Dan cops to an etiquette faux pas, and a salute to Lauren Conrad.
25 min
Episode #4: Yes Yes Yes
Dan has an announcement (a good one, don’t worry). Also: black-tie weddings, whispering, when to start eating, passing dishes, and RAPID FIRE ETIQUETTE.
27 min
Episode #3: Roommates and Cousins and Thank-Yous
What’s wrong with the kids these days? Their roommates, usually. PLUS: cousins, thank-yous, knives, forks, hands, and the rise to prominence of one Emily Post.
24 min
Episode #2: Centerpieces, Louis XIV, and Celebr...
Lizzie and Daniel talk about their relationship, hazardous road trips, and a very important upcoming event in Dan’s life. Later on, they discuss the origins of the word “etiquette” in the court of Louis XIV, forks, lay offs, flowers, and Jonah Hill.
22 min
Episode #1: The Yawning and the Pinky
Is it okay to yawn at work? Are you just obeying your body’s orders, or are you disrespecting your superiors and co-workers? Until the modern workplace correctly embraces George Costanza’s under-the-desk nap zone, this question will bedevil us all.
26 min