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Every other week, we bring you exclusive interviews with Yankees players, coaches, alumni or front office executives. Plus, Yankees Magazine’s editors take you inside their feature stories and discuss what’s happening around the stadium.  

Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 4, Episode 12: ...
This week, we take a look at how to put on a baseball game in 2020, when nothing at all makes sense. Al Santasiere, Nathan Maciborski and Jon Schwartz discuss Jon’s feature that takes fans behind the scenes of a fan-less ballgame, then they celebrate the 40th anniversary of Yankees Magazine. As a bonus, the episode includes a preview of next week’s “Deep To Left With Bucky Dent,” which features an uproarious interview with former Yankee, who appeared on the very first cover of Yankees Magazine 40 years ago.
45 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 11: Machine ...
This week, we head into the shop to look under the hood of The Machine. No surprise, DJ LeMahieu is off to a methodically perfect start, and Nathan Maciborski chats with Jon Schwartz and Al Santasiere about his upcoming feature on the versatile infielder. Then, Jon has a conversation with’s Bryan Hoch about his observations from the first few weeks in an all-but empty ballpark.
40 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 10: Cole Mining
This week, we’re finally (FINALLY!) recapping some baseball games. The Yankees Magazine editors — Al Santasiere, Nathan Maciborski and Jon Schwartz — also open the August issue and discuss two of Al’s features, a Q&A with ace Gerrit Cole, and his feature on Giancarlo Stanton.
36 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 9: Going Campin
This week, the Yankees Magazine editors are back at work producing a new issue, just in time for 2020 Opening Day on July 23. Nathan Maciborski and Jon Schwartz chat about some of the features in the upcoming magazine, including Nathan’s story about Hank Steinbrenner, who passed away in April, and Jon’s piece on all that happened in the months since the players left Tampa.
31 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 4, Episode 8: F...
This week, we get two of’s finest stopping by, with Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch and executive reporter Mark Feinsand helping us do the thing for which we’ve all been waiting months — talking about ACTUAL baseball. With camps opening up around the league, including in the Bronx, it’s time to look at how a 60-game season will work for the Yankees, and how the team that Brian Cashman built could fare under some decidedly strange circumstances.In addition to their coverage on, Bryan and Mark are the co-writers of MISSION 27, a book about the Yankees’ 2009 world championship team. The outstanding read can be purchased at the following links, or anywhere you find books:
43 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 4, Episode 7: ...
This week,’s Bryan Hoch calls in to chat with Jon Schwartz about the Yankees’ three picks in the 2020 MLB Draft. Beyond offering some breakdowns on Austin Wells, Trevor Hauver and Beck Way, the two also try to figure out when and where Yankees fans might get to see the three new prospects take the field.
38 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 6: Park Factors
This week, the Yankees Magazine editors chat about some ballpark traditions — present and past that they miss — during a segment discussing an archive story from 2009 about Freddy “Sez” Schuman. The feature is currently available to read at, where we’re constantly adding old stories from the vault. Additionally, Al, Nate and Jon talk about projects that they have ready to go once baseball returns.
30 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 5: The Look ...
We’re still coming to you live from quarantine, as Al, Nate and Jon chat about their experiences thus far producing Yankees Magazine stories and podcasts from the comfort (read: chaos) of our house/home-school environments. Then they kick off the Yankees Magazine 40th anniversary celebration with a discussion of some of the best photos to appear in the publication in the last decade, part of a photo essay that can be seen at 
34 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 4: Gleyber G...
This week, Al Santasiere, Nate Maciborski and Jon Schwartz chat about Al’s Q&A with Gleyber Torres from pre-shutdown Spring Training. With Torres primed to take over as the everyday shortstop once baseball returns, it should be a huge year for the megatalented youngster. Then the editors discuss some plans for opening the archives while we wait for the season to start, including a fantastic 2013 look at how Lou Gehrig became a Yankee.
41 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 3: Family Ma...
This week, we look back 20 years to the unforgettable Yankees-Mets World Series that divided a city. Yankees Magazine editors Nathan Maciborski, Jon Schwartz and Jake Kring Schreifels chat about Jake’s oral history on the Subway Series, plus Jon and Nate offer an update on the magazine’s printing schedule during the COVID-19 quarantine and how they’re passing time at home. 
41 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 2: On The Ph...
This week, executive reporter Mark Feinsand calls into our quarantine, chatting with Jon about how he’s managing his time away from what should have been his 20th season covering baseball. Then the two longtime writers discuss embracing the podcasting world, and the ways that methods, goals and perspectives change when the medium does. 
32 min
Yankees Magazine Season 4, Episode 1: The Openi...
We should be celebrating Opening Day, but instead, Bryan Hoch from joins Jon Schwartz to offer an update on how the Yankees are handling the COVID-19 shutdown, and what the future might hold. Plus, Jon spends a few days in California with Aaron Judge, looking at the ways that the stud outfielder has always remained true to himself. 
32 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent Episode 2: Flat C...
On this week’s episode, Bucky gives his take on the COVID-19 shutdown, recalling a few times in his career when baseball stopped for an extended period. He also chats about a recent event with a popular member of the former Yankees and Red Sox teams, and the great relationships that the rivals now enjoy (yes, even Graig Nettles and Bill Lee).
33 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 26: ...
On the season finale of the third season of the Yankees Magazine Podcast, we chat about international baseball and make our predictions for the 2020 season. We know that baseball isn’t at the top of anyone’s mind right now. We’re grateful for the doctors and other medical professionals working to keep all of us safe right now, and we can’t wait to be back on the field soon.
56 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent: Episode 1
It’s the Series Premiere of Deep to Left With Bucky Dent, and we’re hitting the ground running. Join us for a fun, free-flowing conversation about the Hall of Fame, spring training and the landmark restaurant in Boston that reluctantly agreed to serve the town’s greatest nemesis. New episodes of Deep to Left With Bucky Dent — a part of the Yankees Magazine Podcast Network — will be released every other Tuesday during the baseball season. 
44 min
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent
Deep To Left With Bucky Dent, the newest entry in the Yankees Magazine Podcast Network, launches March 3.
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Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 25: ...
We’re live from George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa! Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz takes you into the clubhouse for chats with two guys fighting for roles on the 2020 roster, Tyler Wade and Jordan Montgomery. Then Jon spends some time with YES Network’s Meredith Marakovits for a wide-ranging discussion of her career to date, her role models and life on the road with a big-league team.In other big news from the Yankees Magazine Podcast Network, we’re launching a new series, DEEP TO LEFT WITH BUCKY DENT on March 3. Make sure to head to to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.
38 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 24: ...
It’s really Spring Training, and moving forward, we’re going to have plenty to talk about with regard to the 2020 New York Yankees. But this week’s episode looks backward, with Al, Nate and Jon spending some time at Derek Jeter’s Hall of Fame press conference and chatting about Yankees pioneer Al Downing’s career in pinstripes.We have lots of exciting news coming in the weeks ahead, so make sure you subscribe to the Yankees Magazine Podcast and follow us on Twitter @yanksmagazine
32 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 23: ...
We’re in the final days of the offseason, as this is our last episode before players start officially reporting to camp. Jon and Gary chat about Mike King and Gary’s trip to meet the mild-mannered (at least off the field) pitching prospect. Then Jon checks in with All-Star Bryan Hoch to hear all about the BBWAA dinner and to go over some last thoughts before camp opens.
43 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 22: ...
The Yankees Magazine Podcast enters the new decade by looking back at some of the ways the magazine changed in the 2010s and what kind of evolution might be coming in the 2020s. We also unveil our (likely!) cover star for the first issue of the new year.
37 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 21: ...
On this week’s episode, Jon, Al and Nate discuss the ultimate Yankees holiday gift — a bona fide ace. After breaking down Gerrit Cole’s first day in pinstripes, we open the Yankees Magazine Podcast mailbag, answering reader questions. If we picked your question, you’ve won two free tickets to a 2020 Yankees game!We’re taking a small holiday break, but will be back with our next episode on Jan. 16. Speak to you then!
54 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 20: ...
This week on the Yankees Magazine Podcast, Nate and Jon unveil their Yankees wish lists for the holiday season. Spoiler alert: they both want a starting pitcher. Also, some behind-the-scenes insight into what happens in the Yankees Magazine offices during the offseason. Please send questions for our mailbag episode — tweet to us @yanksmagazine or email And be sure to check out for our holiday offers!
35 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast Season 3, Episode 19: ...
We’re all very grateful on this week’s Yankees Magazine Podcast. Jon and Jake look back at the 2019 Yankees and share the things they’re most thankful for, then’s Bryan Hoch joins the party to offer some perspective on the Yankees’ offseason (and also to express thanks for his reconstructed knee). 
51 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast, Season 3, Episode 18:...
We plow right into the offseason on this episode of the Yankees Magazine Podcast. Jon Schwartz, Jake Kring-Schreifels and Gary Phillips chat about Gary’s Brett Gardner feature and make some predictions about the outfielder’s next moves. Then the three discuss a movie that only one of them has seen, looking at Jake’s story about the 20th anniversary of FOR LOVE OF THE GAME, which filmed its baseball scenes at the old Yankee Stadium. 
47 min
Yankees Magazine Podcast, Season 3, Episode 17:...
The mood turns a bit somber on this week’s episode of the Yankees Magazine Podcast, now that the 2019 Yankees are headed home for winter. Editors Al Santasiere, Nathan Maciborski and Jon Schwartz recap the heartbreaking end and try to offer some perspective on a great season that ended too soon. Then they look back on happier times, recalling Johnny Damon’s mad dash during the 2009 World Series. 
46 min