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Every other week, we bring you exclusive interviews with Yankees players, coaches, alumni or front office executives. Plus, Yankees Magazine’s editors take you inside their feature stories and discuss what’s happening around the stadium.  

Season 2, Episode 7: Caleb Ferguson & HOPE Week
We have a special two-parter this week. First, Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz chats with left-hander Caleb Ferguson, just another of the team’s remarkable roster of outstanding relievers. But then Jon is joined by Yankees senior manager of communications and media relations Michael Margolis to go in-depth on HOPE Week, the Yankees’ annual initiative that sees the entire team spend time in the community, celebrating those who do amazing things to better the world. This year, for the 15th edition of HOPE Week, the organization chose causes with one overarching theme — using social media to positive ends. If the annual event, or just this conversation, inspires you to get involved in your own community, that’s the biggest win the Yankees can get this year. This episode is brought to you by your Tri-State Cadillac dealer and the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ.
60 min
Season 2, Episode 6: Marcus Stroman
“The only way to be your best self is to be your authentic self.” Marcus Stroman, who is featured on the cover of the June 2024 edition of Yankees Magazine, is all about authenticity, and as he discusses with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz, it’s a huge part of his success to date. The New York native has thrived in his first season in pinstripes, and a huge part of that is understanding how to make his personality mesh with that of his new team. So far, so good. Then, stick around for a chat about Yankees manager Aaron Boone, and a milestone he’s about to reach. Finally, we open the History Books with another chapter from Yankees senior museum curator Brian Richards, in which we dive into Lou Gehrig’s remarkable streak.
63 min
Season 2, Episode 5: Clay Holmes
No matter what’s going on, Yankees closer Clay Holmes has the type of demeanor that makes every day look like a good one. Cool and friendly, the Alabama native has a cheerful disposition on the field and around the clubhouse, which made him a perfect guest for the New York Yankees Official Podcast. But when he sat down with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz on May 21, the afternoon after his first blown save of 2024 — indeed, the first earned runs he had allowed all year, coming in the season’s 49th game — the pitcher showed the side that has helped him thrive in the most high-pressured role in baseball. In a frank conversation, Holmes discussed the way that he flushes away adversity, the belief that is a prerequisite for pitching in the ninth inning, and the evolution of his arsenal. Then, for our second segment, Yankees Magazine editor in chief Alfred Santasiere III joins Schwartz to talk about the May cover story that he wrote on Anthony Rizzo, focusing on the first baseman’s outreach to a community he knows all too well. Finally, stick around for the fifth chapter of “History Books,” in which senior museum curator Brian Richards offers a poignant anecdote about Tom Burr, the only New York Yankees player to die in military service.
43 min
Season 2, Episode 4: Alex Verdugo
This week’s episode has got some dawg in it, as Alex Verdugo stops by the podcast studio to chat with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz. The outfielder discusses the way that he mixes swagger with grit, the end result being a truly unique — and so far, extremely valuable — Yankee. Then, Yankees Magazine editors Alfred Santasiere III and Nathan Maciborski join to discuss John Sterling and the Mexico City trip. May is the last month to purchase 2024 Yankees season tickets. Purchase a prorated full season ticket plan and have the ability to license the same seat location for all Yankees home games during the postseason. Great locations are still available, so call (212) YANKEES, email or visit to lock in your seats today.
59 min
Season 2, Episode 3: Luke Weaver
We are hogging the bullpen phone for this episode, which focuses extensively on Yankees relievers. First, we have Luke Weaver in the podcast studio with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz
53 min
Season 2, Episode 2: James Rowson
It’s time to talk hitting, so we brought new Yankees hitting coach James Rowson into the podcast studio this week for a conversation with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz.
56 min
Season 2, Episode 1: Juan Soto
Our season premiere features an exclusive conversation with new Yankees slugger Juan Soto, who just might be the most complete hitter in the game today
47 min
Episode 24: Ian Hamilton
For our final episode before the calendar flips to baseball season, relief pitcher Ian Hamilton takes his seat in the podcast studio, chatting with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz about the value in a forgettable 2023, the excitement for this year’s relief squad, and the life of a pitcher coming into his own.
39 min
Episode 23: Jose Trevino
Spring Training is underway, and our first episode from Tampa features Jose Trevino’s second visit to the New York Yankees Official Podcast “studio.”
44 min
Episode 22: Austin Wells
Former first-round pick Austin Wells talks to Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz about the lessons he learned during his big-league debut
45 min
Episode 21: Ron Blomberg (Live from the Legends...
For our fourth and final episode from aboard the Celebrity Apex, we close our Legends of Baseball Cruise with the mayor of the Western Caribbean, Ron Blomberg.
55 min
Episode 20: Jeff Nelson (Live from the Legends ...
This week, we’re back aboard the Legends of Baseball Cruise on the Celebrity Apex, for a conversation with former Yankees reliever and current YES Network broadcaster Jeff Nelson.
50 min
Episode 19: Oswaldo Cabrera (Live from the Lege...
Our first episode of 2024 is our second recorded while aboard the Celebrity Apex for the 2023 Legends of Baseball Cruise. Our guest: current Yankee Oswaldo Cabrera.
35 min
Episode 18: Michael Kay (Live from the Legends ...
Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz chats with YES Network and ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay in front of a live audience
57 min
Episode 17: Brad Ausmus
We have a new bench coach in town, and he’s joining us on this week’s episode of the pod. Brad Ausmus chats with Yankees Magazine executive editor Nathan Maciborski about his time as a Yankees minor leaguer, his plans for the new job and the mentors who helped get him here (hint: there’s one you’ll DEFINITELY recognize). Then, Yankees Magazine editor in chief Alfred Santasiere III and deputy editor Jon Schwartz discuss their first impressions of Ausmus, and also talk a bit about a hot stove that is starting to boil over.
35 min
Episode 16: Giancarlo Stanton
Nobody hits the ball harder than Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton, and the current active MLB leader in homers stopped by our podcast studio in late September to chat with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz about his incomparable power, the chase for 500 and the frustrations of a lost season.
39 min
Episode 15: Andy Pettitte
We’re taking our talents to Monument Park, or at least we’re bringing Monument Park to you. This week, we have Yankees legend Andy Pettitte calling in while on the road from Houston to Dallas. The Core Four member talks with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz about the 1998 season, the way his memories run together, coaching young pitchers and rooting for the Yankees in enemy territory. Then, Jon is joined by Yankees Magazine editor in chief Alfred Santasiere III to consider what this year’s World Series matchup can tell us about the 2024 Yankees.
55 min
Episode 14: Michael King
We’re messing with the King this week, as Yankees pitcher Michael King stops by the studio to chat with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz. The two discuss his evolving role, from reliever to starter, as well as the traumatic injury from which he seems fully recovered. Then, Yankees Magazine executive editor comes in to look ahead to the offseason and the Hot Stove League.
51 min
Episode 13: Anthony Volpe
We had hoped to be chatting about a remarkable late run to the postseason, but it wasn’t to be for the 2023 Yankees. But among the high notes of the season, Anthony Volpe’s development ranks pretty high. The rookie phenom made the Opening Day roster, then endured the ups and downs of a debut big-league season. But he took some time in September to chat with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz about all he has learned in his first year, and what it could mean for the future. Then, Jon is joined by Alfred Santasiere III and Nathan Maciborski to talk about the upcoming October issue of the magazine, plus Al’s feature on Ron Blomberg.
45 min
Episode 12: Everson Pereira
The kids have arrived, and this week, we have Everson Pereira chatting with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz. The Venezuelan outfielder discusses his last days in the minors, his first days in The Show, and what he has learned thus far. He also talks about the role family played in his ascent, and his hopes for the future. Then, Jon is joined by Yankees Magazine executive editor Nathan Maciborski to discuss Old-Timers’ Day and Nate’s feature on likely AL Cy Young Award winner Gerrit Cole, who graces the cover of the September 2023 issue of Yankees Magazine.
43 min
Episode 11: Jake Bauers
If you’re surprised to see Jake Bauers appearing on the New York Yankees Official Podcast, don’t worry — Bauers is, too. But since coming up from Triple-A earlier this year, the former top prospect has been mashing for the Yankees.
41 min
Episode 10: Clarke Schmidt
When the Yankees’ starting staff was decimated by injuries at the outset of the season, Clarke Schmidt got the chance to establish himself as a big-league starter. But the first couple months couldn’t have gone much worse for the right-hander.
40 min
Episode 9: Carlos Rodón
We’ve been waiting to release this one for a while; as excited as all of us are to have Carlos Rodón on the mound for the Yankees, we also are thrilled to get to post this exclusive interview with the stud southpaw. On his New York Yankees Official Podcast debut, Rodón talks with Yankees Magazine deputy editor Jon Schwartz about mustaches, the free agent process, and his awesome pitching arsenal. Afterward, Jon and Yankees Magazine editor in chief Alfred Santasiere III discuss Al’s two features in the July issue: a piece about Rodón and another about Harrison Bader.
40 min
Episode 8: Isiah Kiner-Falefa
Isiah Kiner-Falefa wants to be the best bench player possible. That’s hardly faint praise.
58 min
Episode 7: Tommy Kahnle
We’ve got Tommy Kahnle in the podcast studio this week, and energy is high. We repeat: Energy is high. The reliever chats about his hobbies, the joy he takes from fooling hitters with his changeup, and his divorce from a certain Philadelphia football team. But mostly, he discusses the enthusiasm he brings to the clubhouse, and why he believes it helps make everyone around him better.
46 min