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Dr. Drew Pinsky explores all aspects This Life #YouLive with co-hosts Bob Forrest (Celebrity Rehab) and longtime broadcasting partner Mike Catherwood. Topics include addiction, politics, social issues, current news and everything in between.

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#YOULIVE 121 - Shelly Sprague
Shelly Sprague of Bell Air Recovery and Bob Forrest of Alo House Malibu talk all about recovery news and This Life.  Then read questions via emails. The enthusiasm between these Celebrity Rehab Dream Team addition specialists...
74 min
#YOULIVE 120 - Jason Ellis
Co-Host Emily Morse (@SexwithEmily) joins Dr. Drew in the escapades with Sirius Radio star, and ELLISTRONICS podcaster Jason Ellis (@EllisMate).  Everyone knows Jason is happily married now, but has deep affection for Dr. Drew. However, Jason...
60 min
#YOULIVE 119 - Vinnie Tortorich
Vinnie Tortorich of Fitness Confidential comes in to hear the latest happenings with Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew regarding current affairs. He introduces his coffee and we will be serving it every week! #PurecoffeeClub #youlive ...
67 min
#YOULIVE 118 - Fred Stoller
Drew & guest host Emily Morse (Sex With Emily) dig deep into Fred Stoller's lovelife! Then, a special guest, Yucko the Clown comes in to give sound advice. #Listen #Share #Youlive  This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.
51 min
#YOULIVE 117 - Questions With Dr Bruce
Dr Bruce Heischober joins Dr Drew & Bob Forrest to answer your questions. Then publicist superstar Valerie Allen joins to discuss her experience with heart palpitations with Loma Linda's premier Cardiologist, Dr.  Vilma Torres.    ...
59 min
#YOULIVE 116 - Shelly Sprague
Bob is back! and we got Shelly plus Dr Bruce! Two addiction specialists and two rehab professionals have a meeting the minds. #YOULIVE This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.
60 min
#YOULIVE 115 : Heidi Fleiss
Dr Drew and Bob Forrest are joined by Dr Bruce as they talk to the one and only Heidi Fleiss of Celebrity Rehab.  Heidi describes her recent life experience as she salvages the lives of rescue parrots to help liberate herself from her past as a...
50 min
#YOULIVE 114 - Rude Jude / Ginger Gonzaga
This episode may be inappropriate for children however, you don't want to miss this! Co-host Mike Catherwood joins Drew, hilarious Ginger Gonzaga of Showtime's "I'm Dying Up Here." Also Rude Jude, host of Sirius XM's "All Out Show."  Jude,...
64 min
#YOULIVE 113: Dave Navarro
Ink Master host and Guitar legend Dave Navarro joins Dr Drew and Mike Catherwood to answer your calls. Previously published on the Dr. Drew Podcast. Visit for all the podcasts today! This episode is sponsored by The Last House Sober Living.
56 min
#YOULIVE 112: Ginger Gonzaga, Lee Farber, Dome...
Three filmmakers in the #YOULIVE studio, back by popular demand, actress/ producer Ginger Gonzaga, @gingerthejester with her film debut, "Your Day” , and the award-winning Writer/ Director of the hilarious new comedy “The Lonely Italian", Lee...
68 min
#YOULIVE 111: Loveline At The Ice House
Dr. Drew, Mike Catherwood of KABC 790AM, Midday Live At The Ice House with Sex With Emily host Emily Morse for a Loveline style reunion!  Sexual harassment is the main topic, so the crew take questions from the audience. Sexual Content, may be...
74 min
#YOULIVE 110: Sex With Emily
Emily Morse, Mike Catherwood and Drew reunite for a Loveline style reunion to talk with callers.  See the live video on Youtube/drdrew or #subscribe #listen #YOULIVE Sponsored by The Last House Sober Living and...
68 min
#YOULIVE 109: Christina P
Christina P @christinap of Netflix Special, MOTHER INFERIOR joins @RehabBobForrest & @DrDrew and gets deep into her past talking philosophy and her love for Celebrity Rehab.  Find her pods Your Mom's House, & That's Deep Bro...
83 min
#YOULIVE 108: Jay Mohr Returns
Joy Mohr of the Mohr Stories Podcast #mohrstories, and the new America's Lakers Podcast #alakerspod returns to talk This Life #YOULIVE with Bob Forrest and Dr Drew. Then, Chris Kirby stops by to talk about Sober Living. This...
68 min
#YOULIVE 107: Jay Mohr
Jay Mohr of the Mohr Stories Podcast, and The America's Lakers Podcast joins Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew to talk current events, his sobriety and his personal relationship on This Life.  Sponsored by THE LAST HOUSE sober living of West LA, and...
57 min
#YOULIVE 106: Sex With Emily
Emily Morse of SEX WITH EMILY joins Drew & Mike Catherwood for a Loveline style reunion to talk abut sexual harassment and current events with callers.  See the live video on Youtube/drdrew or Facebook. #subscribe #listen #YOULIVE ...
58 min
#YOULIVE 105: Tawny Kitaen / Jennifer Ketcham
Tawny Kitaen and Jennifer Ketcham join Drew and Bob to talk about their personal experiences in the wake of Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein scandal. This episode is sponsored by Alliant University CSP and Hydralyte.
63 min
#YOULIVE 104: Brian Claypool VS. PTSD
Brian Claypool survives Las Vegas Massacre and opens up on a Sunday afternoon to continue a dark discussion with Dr. Erin Foster and trauma specialist/ FBI agent Bobby Chacon. He describes his traumatic experience on Oct 1 during the Route 91 concert...
69 min
#YOULIVE 103: Las Vegas Facing PTSD
Trauma expert Bobby Chacon @BobbyChaconFBI and Dr. Erin Foster @DrErinFoster join Bob and Drew as they interview John and his new wife Moira after their recent harrowing experience on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas...
50 min
#YOULIVE 102: Recovery With Russell Brand
Russell Brand spreads his word in this interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky and rehab specialist Bob Forrest today to talk about his book RECOVERY: Freedom From Our Addictions. They are discussing the 12 Step program and how its vilified and other...
59 min
#YOULIVE 101: Soberoctobert Bert Kreischer
Bert Kreischer pre #SOBEROCTOBERT. Mike Catherwood joins This Life to support Bert as takes the Joe Rogan challenge to stay alcohol and drug free for 31 days! Launched this podcast on his first day of Bert's sobriety. Subscribe and rate us 5 stars on...
88 min
#YOULIVE 100 : Eric Roberts, Eliza & Keaton Simons
Eric Robert of Celebrity Rehab joins our 100th episode with Bob And Drew! Accompanied by his better half, actress Eliza Roberts and talented stepson Keaton Simons who wrote today's outro music UNSTOPPABLE previously  performed on...
64 min
#YOULIVE 99: Janice Dickinson
Janice Dickinson talks to Bob and Drew and are thrilled to have the original super model today in the studio!  They discuss her current sobriety and her previous life before Celebrity Rehab in 2014 and answer callers questions.  Find the...
75 min
#YOULIVE 98: Kim Gravel
Kim Gravel, Former Miss Georgia joins Bob Forrest and Drew to discuss a variety of issues including, millennial sexuality, porn addiction, and pageantry.  In 1991, at 19, Kim became one of the youngest Miss Georgia winners in the state's...
47 min
#YOULIVE 97: Eden Sassoon
Eden Sassoon, a fitness, health and beauty professional from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills joins Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood on a #YOULIVE installment answering your calls.  This episode is sponsored by Alliant University CSP.
51 min