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Dr. Drew Pinsky explores all aspects This Life #YouLive with co-hosts Bob Forrest (Celebrity Rehab) and longtime broadcasting partner Mike Catherwood. Topics include addiction, politics, social issues, current news and everything in between.

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#YOULIVE 96: Vinnie Tortorich
Vinnie Tortorich of Fitness Confidential hangs out with Drew and Mike Catherwood to talk about what Makes you fat. Adam Carolla regular guest. Go to Youtube/drdrew to see it live on video! Also available in podcast form on iTunes, Podbean...
53 min
This Life 95 - #YOULIVE Tawny Kitaen
Celebrity Rehab Alum Tawny Kitaen joins a #YOULIVE edition of This Life withCo-host, Mike Catherwood. She talks about her life since the show.  Sponsored by Hydralyte and Alliant University CSP.
57 min
#YOULIVE Teen Mom OG Catelynn And Tyler Baltierra
Teen Mom OG Catelynn and Tyler talks to Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew on a live #YOULIVE edition of This life. They discuss their feelings about Catelynn's depression with a caller, talk about Tyler's father's sobriety, and give sage advice about...
63 min
This Life 93: Jordan Harbinger
Bob and Drew join "The Art Of Charm" podcast host Jordan Harbinger who uncovers harrowing travel experiences in This Life!  He miraculously survived two kidnappings in Serbia and Mexico.  Dr. Drew answers Facebook Live question about...
63 min
This Life #YOULIVE 92: Andy Dick Is Alive
Bob Forrest is back form France to co-host this week's deep conversation on a podcast about the recent dual suicide tragedies of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. Here live on Facebook and You-Tube, our most popular #THISLIFE guest Andy Dick is...
68 min
This Life 91: #YOULIVE Heather McDonald
Mike Catherwood (KABC) co-hosts #YOULIVE and the guys are taking your calls LIVE with funny lady Heather McDonald to get the "Juicy Scoop" on her life, and to get her advice.  Find us on video at YouTube/, or on...
64 min
This Life 90 #YOULIVE: Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood
16 And Pregnant/ Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood joins a special #YouLive youtube/drdrew and Facebook live episode with Mike Catherwood of KABC 790! Amber addresses current questions about her break-up, her family, and whats next.   This...
50 min
This Life 89: Randy Couture
MMA icon Randy Couture joins Dr Drew and Bob Forrest to talk about the sport's origins and impact on popular culture, his poetic past, and current projects. Outro Music: "Dancing On The Rooftops" by Fabrizio And The Fever This episode is sponsored by...
63 min
This Life 88 #YOULIVE: Teen Mom Dad Micheal Abr...
Michael Abraham, father of Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom OG) calls in to discuss his life as a celebrity Dad and his personal life traumas.  Co-hosts Mike Catherwood of KABC and Taylor Williamson take a call from our Integrity Care Card...
76 min
This Life 87: Botched Surgeon Dr Terry Dubrow
E! Television's "Botched" plastic Surgeon Dr Terry Dubrow talks about the tragic loss of his rock star brother to the grips of drug abuse, and relates his experience as a medical TV doctor in This Life.    Outro Music "Land Of No...
62 min
This Life 86: Tom Arnold
We have so much appreciation for our guests who are honest about their lives. In light of what was released in Carrie Fischer's autopsy report today, we are reminded of the fact that addiction is a fatal disease. Tom Arnold looks into his past...
53 min
This Life 85: Taylor Williamson
Comedian Taylor Williamson joins Dr Drew with KABC 790 co-host Mike Catherwood to talk about life after America's Got Talent and current events. Chris Cornell, Kathy Griffin and Tiger Woods were all topics this week. 3 callers get some answers...
79 min
This Life 84: Craig and Justin Shoemaker
Stand Up Dad Podcast host, Craig Shoemaker and his co-host son Justin Shoemaker come back on This Life by popular demand!  Outro Music "Falling Down" by Jon Santana. Sponsored by Alliant International University. Go to and click on the...
61 min
This Life 83: Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham comes clean on This Life With Dr. Drew and Superfan Bob Forrest. Mothering is always a hot topic.   Outro Music "Beat Of Our Love" By John Chandler  This Episode is sponsored by and
54 min
This Life 82: Chris Cornel's Death
Mike Catherwood of KABC joins Dr. Drew on a special episode to take on an emotional hour of digging into his own personal experience as and addict.  Mike and Dr. Drew also discuss depression and how it relates to the  shocking death of...
66 min
This Life 81: Eden Sassoon
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Eden Sassoon, discusses her philanthropy, her recovery, being a mother and her iconic father's life and legacy. Outro Music "Beaches Of Mexico" by Ross Bridgeman, courtesy of This week's...
61 min
This Life 80: Caleb Bacon And Dr Mark Young
Television Writer Caleb Bacon catches up on this life as a new father and USC Professor Dr Mark Young talks millennials and finance. Outro Music "Falling Down" by Jon Santana, Feat. John Davis. This episode is sponsored by 
60 min
This Life 79: Candy And Mike Finnigan
Intervention specialist Candy Finnigan and her musician husband Mike Finnigan talk about their experiences in this life. Outro Music "Holy Water" by Jon Santana, Feat. Jake McMullen  This episode is sponsored by Alliant University,,...
56 min
This Life 78: Theo Von
Comedian/host of No Offense on Netflix opens up about his sobriety, his experiences growing up in the south and joins in on the never ending topic of millennials with Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew.  Outro Music "Moon Dance" by...
63 min
This Life 77: She Recovers Dawn Nickel
She Recovers founder, Dawn Nickel, joins Dr. Drew and Bob to discuss her organization's goal to "embrace all types of recovery."  She Recovers welcomes anyone who is recovering from anything, whether it's addiction, grief or cancer, to find...
58 min
This Life 76: Anna Vocino
Anna Vocino, comedian, co-host from Fitness Confidential, and author of Eat Happy: Gluten Free, Grainfree Recipes For A Joyfull Life hears out Bob and Dr. Drew and helps takes emails.  Outro music Hail To The Queen by Lukas...
69 min
This Life 75: Matt Pinfield
Longtime MTV VJ and host of Two Hours and Flashback, Matt Pinfield talks about his sobriety and his autobiography "All These Things That I've Done." Outro music: "Looking To The West" from the LP "Bob Forrest + Friends Live 2016" courtesy of...
58 min
This Life 74: Ami Horowitz
American documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz is the writer, producer, and director of  You Tube's "Ami on the Streets." Outro music "Dead Man Walking" by Lukas Rossi, from his album Prophecy, available on iTunes. Sponsored by RefillWise, Hydralyte...
62 min
This Life 73: Sherry Gaba
  What happens when four Celebrity Rehab experts get together to discuss their own stories of recovery?  Find out on this week's episode of This Life.  Psychotherapist, life coach and certified recovery...
58 min
This Life 72: Shelly Sprague and Evan "Bullet" ...
Celebrity Rehab's "Shelly the Shark" Returns! Special guest "Bullet", AKA The Extractor, calls in to describe his personal life adventures in the world of cocaine abuse, and how he now dedicates his new life to helping drug addicted children find...
59 min
This Life 71 Tom Bilyeu Meets Steven Adler
Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory founder Tom Bilyeu helps inspire us today. Also a  special call in guest Steven Adler from Guns and Roses with clear insight after reading the Four Agreements. He pitches an idea to Bob...
59 min
This Life 70: Andy Dick
After the tragic death off his brother, comedian Andy Dick discusses a recent relapse with well being coach and relationship therapist Simone Bienne. She gives therapeutical advise to show Andy techniques to avoid alcohol. Outro Music...
65 min
This Life 69: Simone Bienne
Neuro Linguistic Processing Coach and therapist Simone Bienne discusses her ashram experience, meditation and tells deep secrets.  Outro Music "Without You" by Alke, courtesy This Episode is sponsored by
90 min
This Life 68: Deanna And Steven Adler
Steven Adler's mother Deanna, author of Sweet Child of Mine, How I Lost My Son To Guns N' Roses speaks openly about her personal experience with her son who is a well know heroin addict. This alumni Celebrity Rehab star has 5 years...
76 min
This Life 67: Battlefield Addiction
Art Dahlen, Amy Brooks and Angie Keaty of  join Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest to discuss their techniques for treating addiction.  Battlefield Addiction is a highly effective family recovery program, based out of Des Moines,...
72 min
This Life 66: Patricia and Rob Schneider
Rob Schneider returns with his better half Patricia to preview Season 2 of Real Rob plus discuss current events and how to extend this life through the use of vitamins and minerals in our diets. Also joined by Chemist Dr Raymond...
75 min
This Life 65 : Bert Kreischer
Comedian and television host Bert Kreischer AKA "The Machine" is a little fearful of an intervention yet shows up to talk to Drew and Bob Forrest about his life and his new weight loss regimen. Wife Leeann joins in on the antics.  Outro Music...
70 min
This Life 64 : Vinnie Tortorich
Fitness Confidential's Vinnie Tortorich discusses his life story, his book, and how he helped in studio guest, Gina Grad to lose 35 lbs. It's all about weight loss and health and how to eat more fat and protein to lose unwanted pounds.   Outro...
69 min
This Life 63: Mary Carey
Celebrity Rehab Alum Mary Carey catches up with Dr Drew and Bob to discuss how she is doing in her 12 step recovery process. She describes her life experience as a daughter, a grand daughter, a ballet dancer, and how she ended up in the porn...
68 min
This Life 62: Adam Carolla
Welcome the New Year with Adam Carolla who graciously joins Bob and Drew to talk about his life, documentaries, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, and some of the greats we lost in 2016. Outdo music "Auld Lang Syne" courtesy of the United...
76 min
This Life 61: Gina Grad
Gina Grad is the bubbly co-host of "The Adam Carolla Show" podcast and popular LA based radio show "Andy And Gina In The Morning" on The Sound 100.3FM. Dr. Drew and Bob take two callers with medical questions and talk about medication and...
66 min
This Life 60: Chris Hoy
On This Life, we dig in with one of the folks that had a profound impact on Bob's life, Chris Hoy, who shares his journey from growing up in the Valley, to running wild in Hollywood, playing a major role in helping Bob finally get sober, touring with...
57 min
This Life 59: Burt Dubrow
This Life welcomes legendary Television producer Burt Dubrow, who tells the story of how he went from being a Howdy Doody fan to launching shows such as Sally Jessy Raphael, The Jerry Springer Show and Dr. Drew on HLN.  Outro Music: "When We Were...
58 min
This Life 58: Jason Ellis
You Tube celeb and Sirius XM raconteur Jason Ellis (@ellismate) brings his fiancé Katie Gilbert to join Bob and Dr. Drew in discussion about his traumatic life story and recent sobriety. Sponsored by  Outro Music is "The Pain Of Time" by Death!...
71 min
This Life 57: Jack Osbourne
Jack Osbourne of History Channel's “Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour” discusses his success in this life after addiction and growing up in the public eye. Sponsored by Outro Music “California Is Dying” by Lukas Rossi, from his...
57 min
This Life 56: Candy Finnigan
Candy Finnigan is a nationally recognized addiction specialist and interventionist. She was one of the interventionists on A&E's "Intervention," and has been involved in all areas of recovery for over 25 years. Candy is also a recovering...
54 min
This Life 55: Post Election Blues - Areva Marti...
Mike Carano and civil rights attorney Areva Martin join Dr. Drew and Bob to discuss emotional post election responses and the future of this Country. Outro Music "Breathe" by Mike Carano. Sponsored by Bergamet and
60 min
This Life 54 - Jillian Barbarie Meets Dr. Jena
Dr Drew and neuropsychologist Jena Kravitz, PsyD (filling in for Bob), is joined by Jillian Barbarie who talks about her career in television and her recent work as a victim’s advocate and her work with Debra Tate. Outro Music: “Magnificent” by...
55 min
This Life 53: This Afterlife
Dr Drew and Bob Forrest are joined by neuropsychologist Jena Kravitz, PsyD and an evidential psychic medium Melissa Cubillas. Are people addicted to psychics? Dr. Jena explains. Mellisa or MC, reads a couple who are curious about the process....
63 min
This Life 52: Khalil Rafati
Sunlife Organics founder Khalil Rafati returns to This Life to talk about his book, "I Forgot To Die", chronicling his journey from heroin addict to successful juicing entrepeneur. Outro Music “Everything About You” by IAMWE, from the EP Love And...
56 min
This Life 51: Andy Dick Returns!
Skull Juice's Andy Dick catches up with Bob and Dr. Drew. Today he's happy and healthy in "This Life." Check out his new Podcast with Andy and Dino on Itunes. #SkullJuice Outro Music "Hollywood" by Lukas Rossi, available on iTunes. This episode...
64 min
This Life 50: Eli Braden Talks Politics
Well known Howard Stern show musical parody writer, Eli Braden returns with the goal of talking politics with Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew today.  Outro music, “White People Problems” by Eli Braden, courtesy of Eli Braden. Sponsored by...
50 min
This Life 49: Ian Brennan
Renaissance man Ian Brennan talks about his journey from working in psychiatric facilities to becoming a violence prevention as well as conflict resolution specialist.  This Grammy award winning music producer talks about "Cracking the Code" also...
46 min
This Life 48: Alison Rosen
"Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend" host joins in to talk about IVF and vaginal preservation concerns as an expecting mother. Midwife Elizabeth Bachner calls in to discuss casareans vs. natural childbirth.  Outro is...
74 min
This Life 47: The Elephant (And The Donkey) In ...
Dr. Bruce Heischober and Dr. Drew interpret the major candidates health issues while Bob tries to keep them real. Outro music “Don't Let Me Down“ The Chainsmokers cover by Postmodern Jukebox (feat. Rayvon Owen). Available on iTunes. ...
77 min
This Life 46: Kitty Bruce
Daughter of legendary comedian Lenny Bruce, Kitty Bruce on her relationship with her father and the recent reissue of his autobiography How To Talk Dirty And Influence People. Then Kitty delves into The Lenny Bruce Foundation’s efforts in the field...
66 min
This Life 45: Elizabeth Bachner
Elizabeth Bachner is a licensed Midwife with a medical board license who joins us to talk to Bob and his partner Krissy all about their recent experience with the magical process of childbirth. Outro Music: “So Special” by Lance Is A Genius, from...
58 min
This Life 44: Eli Braden
Comedy writer / explicit musical jingle guy, Eli Braden speaks candidly about his career and his contributions to the Howard Stern Show. Filling in for Bob, who is away on almost here baby duty, is comedy writer and podcast host Caleb Bacon. Outro...
59 min
This Life 43: Bob Newton and Caleb Bacon
Bob Newton spent 11 years in the NFL as a Guard for the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks before moving on to counseling and directing programs at Hazeldon Betty Ford Center. Caleb Bacon sits in for Bob Forrest, who checks in from the delivery...
70 min
This Life 42: Owen Elliot-Kugell
The Rob Saul Show’s Owen Elliot-Kugell talks about coming of age in Los Angeles, as the daughter of late rock star, Mama Cass Elliot from the Mamas and the Papa’s band. Outro Music: Fabrizio And The Fever “With Me” from the album Nunchuck...
61 min
This Life 41: Debra Tate
Victim’s Advocate Debra Tate, shares her journey working with the Criminal Justice System and describes living in the shadow of one of the most notorious crimes in history. Outro Music: Fabrizio And The Fever “She Was (Marilyn’s Song)” from...
56 min
This Life 40: Anderson Cowan
Longtime LOVELINE engineer Anderson Cowan catches us up on what he’s been up to since the 33 year radio show went off air in May, 2016. Anderson is busy working on his podcasts CinemAddicts, Film Vault and After Disaster as well as his forays...
58 min
This Life 39: Rob Schneider
On this episode of This Life, Dr Drew & Bob are joined by legendary actor/comedian Rob Schneider, delving into the real family life behind his hit Netflix series "Real Rob", social media effects on political correctness, and the current political...
74 min
This Life 38: Steve-O
Jackass Star Steve-O recounts his story of surviving stunts and addiction with the humor that has made him popular all over the world. Outro Music: “With Me” By Fabrizio And The Fever from the album “Nunchuck Fury”, available on iTunes....
63 min
This Life 37: Heather McDonald
Comedian and host of the “Juicy Scoop" podcast, Heather McDonald brings her dynamic family story to This Life. Sponsored by 8iiyhy6r Outro Music: “Relax Your Mind” by Lance Is A Genius, from the self titled album available...
61 min
This Life 36: Shelly Sprague
Everyone’s favorite Rehab Tech. Shelly Sprague comes back to catch everyone up her  latest adventures. Comedian Craig Shoemaker stops by to ask the “fundamental question of the universe”.   Outro Music: “De La Women (Feat. Tia P)”...
61 min
This Life 35: Craig Shoemaker
Comedian Craig Shoemaker, "The Lovemaster", joins This Life to talk borderline personality disorders, relationships and being a father. Special guest Shelly Sprague from Celebrity Rehab offers her take on his experiences. Outro Music "Lately I've...
68 min
This Life 34: Ray Oldhafer
Ray Oldhafer, co-host of the "Ace On The House" podcast joins This Life to talk about growing up with Adam Carolla. Outro Music "California" by Fabrizio And The Fever from the album Nunchuck Fury, available on iTunes.
65 min
This Life 33: Dr Bruce Heischober
Dr Bruce Heischober follows up on This Life to relate his experience in the ER after the San Bernardino shooting in light of another US terror attack in Florida. Dr. Drew and Bruce talk seriously about Prince's death, debate Suboxone and opioid...
59 min
This Life 32: Mike Carano PTSD
This Life delves into PTSD with callers and our returning Podz Squad guest, comedian Mike Carano.  Outro Music "That's the Advantage of Being Married to a Cowboy" Courtesy of Mike Carano.
54 min
This Life 31: Amber Tozer
Comedy Writer Amber Tozer stops by to discuss her journey and her memoir "Sober Stick Figure." Music video / film producer, Sharon Oreck, makes a return appearance. Outro Music "Gold" by Shelita Burke
68 min
This Life 30: Mark Lundholm And Kurtis Matthews
Sober comedians Mark Lundholm and Kurtis Matthews stop by to discuss the Addicts Comedy Tour. Outro music, our own Dr Drew Pinsky sings The National Anthem!
60 min
This Life 29: Dr Bruce Heischober
Well familiar to fans of Loveline and the Adam Carolla Show, Dr Bruce Heischober stops by the show to compare treatment for opioid strategies. Outro Music: "Flash" by Melany Watson.
66 min
This Life 28: Sharon Oreck
Producer Sharon Oreck looks back on her career in music videos sharing personal stories of her encounters with Prince and Madonna.  Outro Music "Next To You" by John Chandler
71 min
This Life 27: Dr Lisa Strohman
Dr Lisa Strohman from the Technology Wellness Center joins This Life to talk about how the overuse of devices is impacting a generation. Outro Music - "Else" by Shelita Burke.
57 min
This Life 26: Emily Morse
Sex With Emily's Emily Morse offers her expert advice and delves into her Loveline experience. Medium Cindy Kaza returns. Outro Music "Beat Of Our Love" by John Chandler.
67 min
This Life 25: Cindy Kaza
Evidential Medium Cindy Kaza does a reading on Bob and delves into her history. Outro Music "Hold Me Closer" by Opus Vitae.
61 min
This Life 24: Andy Dick
Andy Dick returns, digging into his relationship with a younger woman and his battles with depression. Sex expert Simone Bienne offers her view and we close out with a cameo by comedian Paul Mecurio. Outro Music "Dive Bar" by John Chandler.
68 min
This Life 23: Steve Harvey Show Intervention
Following up on "The New Face Of Heroin", a recent TV intervention on the Steve Harvey Show, This Life welcomes Tim Ryan, A Man In Recovery Foundation founder, to check in with Tina, sister of Munir, whom the intervention helped. Then,...
50 min
This Life 22: Simone Bienne
Simone Bienne provides her expertise in relationships and sexuality. She also shares her own bottom in interpersonal relationships. Simone sets the record straight on her history with Loveline. Outro Music: "Ruthless" by Audrey Karrasch of ALKE.
81 min
This Life 21: Mike Carano / Patrick R. Krill
Mike Carano returns joining Patrick R. Krill, director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Legal Professionals Program. In this role, Patrick helps attorneys, judges and law students prepare for and overcome the distinctive challenges they face in...
65 min
This Life 21: Mike Carano / Patrick R. Krill (C...
Mike Carano returns joining Patrick R. Krill, director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Legal Professionals Program. In this role, Patrick helps attorneys, judges and law students prepare for and overcome the distinctive challenges they face in...
65 min
This Life 20: Mackenzie Phillips
Mackenzie Phillips shares her inspirational stories of sobriety as well as her constant struggles over the years after Celebrity Rehab. She also brings a surprising announcement about her new career opportunities in serving the needs of addicted...
54 min
This Life 19: Mike Catherwood and Bianca Kajlich
Loveline's Mike Catherwood and Undateable's Bianca Kajlich AKA Mrs. Mike Catherwood, discuss their personal life behind the scenes and child rearing. Questions arise abut risk of addiction in our own children and how to discuss your drug...
72 min
This Life 18: Shelly Sprague
Counselor "Shelly the Shark" from Celebrity Rehab joins Bob and Dr. Drew on "This Life" to share her own personal life experiences. Dopamine is the answer! Rudy Cisneros joins in the action with LoveLine co-host, Mike...
67 min
This Life 17: Jason Wahler
Listeners will see why Jason continues to inspire Dr. Drew and Bob. He discusses his experience on Celebrity Rehab, his  evolution to becoming an important member of the treatment community, and successfully mentoring recovery patients in...
60 min
This Life 16: Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
Stefanie Wilder-Taylor,  from Carolla Digital's "For Crying Out Loud" brings her parenting experience and digs deep to share her story of trauma and recovery with Bob and Dr. Drew. Outro Music: "Memphis" courtesy of Bob Forrest.
56 min
This Life 15: Noah Levine
Creator of Refuge Recovery, Noah Levin brings his unique brand of mindfullness and synthesis of 12 step recovery with elements of Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy. Noah chronicles his personal tales of inspiration of refuge from prison to recovery....
58 min
This Life 14: Jake Fogelnest
Jake Fogelnest is a popular writer for Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix, Difficult People on Hulu, Billy On The Street on TruTV, TBS, and Funny Or Die. His life growing up in NYC brings lots of interesting twists and turns. Outro music: Raven, Rook...
59 min
This Life 13: Jenny Ketcham
Celebrity Rehab star Jenny Ketcham, calls in to talk to Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew about recovery from sex and drug addiction. After a previous lifestyle in porn, this new professional life as a psychotherapist in the Pacific North West running a...
58 min
This Life 12: Callers Questions
This week THIS LIFE callers dealing with life threatening addictions get a chance to get sound advice from Internal Medicine Specialist /Addictionologist Dr. Drew Pinsky and Rehab expert Bob Forrest. THIS LIFE made the grade...
47 min
This Life 11: Amber Smith
Comedian Jen Kirkman joins Celebrity Rehab's Amber Smith to candidly discuss her life experiences, new holistic horizons and relationships. Dr. Drew explains love addiction. Sponsored by Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. Outro music from...
71 min
This Life 10: Duncan Trussell
Duncan Trussell joins This Life with his unique brand of comedy and his interesting take on life, diving deep into philosophy exchanges with Bob Forrest in ways that will surprise both hosts. Dr. Drew finds Duncan to be a joy with his surprising...
54 min
This Life 09: Tom Sizemore
Author Anna David joins Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew in a lighthearted discussion with Actor Tom Sizemore about his past, present and future. Sponsored by Rocky Mountain Treatment Center. Produced by Susan Sailer Pinsky 
43 min
This Life 08: Kendra Jade Rossi
Fred Stoller returns to talk about Celebrity Rehab, medical issues, and health insurance with Bob and Dr. Drew. Joined via Skype by Sex Rehab-Sober House participant, Kendra Rossi. Extra song "Hello" courtesy of Lukas Rossi and is available on...
64 min
This Life 07: Anna David & Fred Stoller
We are visited by Fred Stoller and his unique brand of comedy. We address treatments for depression with Fred.  And we are joined by author Anna David from "After Party Magazine". Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew let the guests ask all the questions they...
61 min
This Life 06: Mike Carano
Bob and Dr. Drew talk Mike Carano stuff. Mike knows funny and complete hatred all in one show! Visit Mike at  and us at @Thislifepodcast on Twitter and tell us your thoughts. Subscribe to get it first on Itunes. 
61 min
This Life 05: Khalil Rafati "I Forgot To Die"
Bob and Dr. Drew show grief and condolences for the passing of Stone Temple Pilot lead singer, Scott Weiland. Kahlil Rafati, Author of I FORGOT TO DIE joins them in a discussion about drug recovery and healthy living choices. Book is available on...
51 min
This Life 04: Modern Families
Dr. Drew and Bob sit down to chat about their relationship and whats going on in modern families today. Keira calls in about her mom who is on meth.
58 min
This Life 03: Andy Dick is 50!
Bob and Dr. Drew interview Andy Dick and keeps us laughing as he drives through Malibu via Skype. We are taking emails sent to Click on Amazon Banner to support the podcast. Tell a friend. Happy Thanksgiving! 
53 min
This Life 02: Hoyt Richards: Trauma, Terrorism ...
Ex cult member, Hoyt Richards discusses the cult mentality behind terrorist communities with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Bob Forrest. takes your emails for future podcasts. 
44 min
This Life 01: Should All Drugs Be Legal?
Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest are together at last to talk about "this life," take calls and give advice. Ex-convict and author of LETTERS FROM MARION, Joel Blaeser, gives his ideas regarding drug laws. Tracy Skypes in with a question. Question from...
50 min