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Dr. Drew Pinsky explores all aspects This Life #YouLive with co-hosts Bob Forrest (Celebrity Rehab) and longtime broadcasting partner Mike Catherwood. Topics include addiction, politics, social issues, current news and everything in between.

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Mental Health
#YOULIVE 195: Depression Treatments / Caller Show
Ben Spielberg & hormone specialist Dr. Gary Donovitz. Breakthrough research has shown that ketamine and neuromodulation: non-pharmaceutical treatments can directly change the brain to treat various disorders and can rapidly alleviate severe...
54 min
#YOULIVE 194- Rehab Bob Forrest Live Call-in Show
Our favorite Celebrity Rehab guy, Bob Forrest returns on this week’s episode of This Life!  If you didn’t catch the show on  or , you can listen now!  This week’s guests also include Dr. Bruce Heischober (talking...
53 min
#YOULIVE 193- Caller Show With Mike Carano and ...
Co-host Mike Carano joins Dr. Drew and Kat Timpf from The Gutfeld Show and Sincerely Kat on Fox Nation. Kat calls in to test the new live call-in studio out via VMIX to talk about her vaping addiction, and the pros and cons of vaping with vape...
58 min
#YOULIVE 192 - Lahna Turner
Comedian Lahna Turner is back to talk about her new documentary "What's Eating Ralphie May?" She talks with Dr. Drew about how her relationship unraveled at the end of her marriage. She uncovers her codependency and how being married to an addict in...
60 min
YOULIVE -191: LA Supervisor Kathryn Barger
Dr. Drew tackles the Homeless crisis with LA County Supervisor, Kathryn Barger taking live calls. They believe it’s necessary to appeal Martin v. City of Boise, which forbids municipalities from enforcing common sense ordinances that...
61 min
#YOULIVE 190 - Dr Gary Donovitz
Dr. Gary Donovitz of joins Dr. Drew on This Life #YOULIVE for an informative chat about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for both women and men.  They discuss how hormones can be used to treat menopausal symptoms in...
57 min
#YOULIVE 189 - Ginger Gonzaga
Back after a hiatus in a new studio, Dr. Drew interviews actress / writer Ginger Gonzaga of Just Kidding, I'm Dying Up Here and the new season of Grace and Frankie. Ginger discusses her #MeToo experiences, and how she copes with a bipolar disorder....
59 min
#YOULIVE 188 - Amber Smith
Shelly Sprague co-hosts with Drew on this episode while Bob makes an album.  Back again, Amber Smith is known for being a Celebrity Rehab Alum, Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Actress and Covergirl (Vogue /Elle /Cosmo /Esquire/...
44 min
#YOULIVE 187 - Kat Timpf
Dave from Dopey and Gutfeld's Kat Timpf, live from a The Hudson Yards reverb chamber in NYC... Dr. Drew takes the show on the road to New York and gets to interview one of the biggest, yet smallest Fox News Hosts. They discuss Kat's love of Teen Mom 2...
89 min
#YOULIVE 186 - Chad Robichaux/ Brian Claypool/ ...
Chad Robichaux of The Mighty Oaks Foundation helps veterans, active duty service members and their families, who are dealing with crisis due to their military service.  Dr. Drew and Shelly learn about Chad’s personal experiences and then catch...
67 min
#YOULIVE 185 - Simonetta Lein
Simonetta Lien joins Dr. Drew and Shelly Sprague to discuss her life as a model, fashion influencer, writer, social worker and founder of The Wishwall Foundation, which allows people from across the world to post their deepest wish or desire on the...
67 min
#YOULIVE 184 - Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood
Happy Mothers make happy kids. Celebrity Rehab's Addiction Specialist Shelly Sprague returns as co-host toad up with Teen Mom OG Mother of two Amber Portwood, on this Mother's Day 2019!  The topic today is spousal abuse and how Amber overcame...
48 min
#YOULIVE 183 - Michael Des Barres
Marquis - Actor - Musician - SiriusXM host Michael Des Barres joins This Life to talk Glam Rock and touring in the 70's, growing up in English Boarding schools, performing for over a billion people at Live Aid,  and how he's been able to maintain...
56 min
#YOULIVE 182 - Beautiful Boy Author David Sheff
Award winning author of Beautiful Boy, David Sheff, talks with Dr. Drew about his book (now in movie form) and the exciting experience being in the celebrity spotlight.  He updates us about his son, Nic (36 and sober for nine years), with whom he...
50 min
#YOULIVE 181 - Lt. Col Allen B West
Author / podcast host of Old School Patriot, Lt. Col (Ret.) Allen B West is a conservative, combat veteran, and former Member of the US Congress. Bob, Drew and the Colonel chat about the problems with media, raising kids today and the...
64 min
#YOULIVE 180 - Legendary Groupie Pamela Des Barres
Pamela Des Barres, famous groupie and best-selling author of “I’m With The Band,” has toured and been intimate with the best of them.  Des Barres, a familiar face on the Sunset Strip in the 1960s, befriended and dated multiple rock...
59 min
#YOULIVE 179 -Homefront Girl Gaby Juergens
Gaby Juergens, a phenomenal woman of amazing dedication to military families. As a recent stage 3 cancer survivor, she is an advocate for military families working to change a law that leaves former military spouses like...
47 min
#YOULIVE 178 -Love Cannabis? Simone Bienne & Dr...
Dr. Drew and co-host Simone Bienne (a psychosocial and relationship therapist) chat with Dr. Jonathan N. Stea, a clinical psychologist who recently published two articles about cannabis use and mental health in Scientific American.  He’s...
49 min
#YOULIVE 177 - WWE Amputee Zach Gowen
After losing his left leg to cancer at age eight, Zach Gowan went on to become the first one-legged professional wrestler in history.  At nineteen, he signed a three-year contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment and was featured...
52 min
#YOULIVE 176 - Mike Carano
Photographer, filmmaker Mike Carano returns to talk about life after losing his sister Nicki in a freak accident three years ago.  Devastated by the loss of the person who held his somewhat dysfunctional family together, Mike relies on humor to...
74 min
#YOULIVE 175 - Dave From Dopey Returns!
Back by popular demand, our favorite junkie Dave is here from the Dopey Podcast to catch up with Bob and Drew this week, and discuss how the word "Junkie" is PC if you are a drug addict. Then, they chat about parenting and whatever else is coming out...
56 min
#YOULIVE 174 - Ashley Hamilton
Musician/ Actor Ashley Hamilton lived a privileged life, growing up in a family of celebrities and rock stars.  As a teenager, he was involved in early 90s rock and roll and heavy drug use.  He made it through alive and works as a...
66 min
#YOULIVE 173 - Daniel Baldwin
Celebrity Rehab Alumni Daniel Baldwin joins Bob and Drew to share his life story, his ruinous addiction to cocaine and his journey to recovery.  He recounts his experience at Hazelden (and the bar next door with the drink free policy), his take...
56 min
#YOULIVE 172 - Middle School Teacher Greg Cruey
Greg Cruey is a middle school teacher in War, West Virginia, an area of the country that has been devastated by the opioids crisis.  He teaches at Southside K-8 school in McDowell County, which lead the state in opioids-related hospitalizations...
54 min
#YOULIVE 171 - Jay Mohr
Jay Mohr of the Mohr Stories Podcast returns to This Life to shoot the shit and get real about life with Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew about Life Coaching and Comedy. #YOULIVE This episode is sponsored by Select CBD and True...
70 min
#YOULIVE 170 - Dave From Dopey Co-hosts
Dr. Drew double teams with two special co-hosts on this episode! He begins the show with Mike Catherwood of the Swole Patrol Podcast, and finishes up with our new regular contributor, Dave, from the wildly popular Dopey Podcast. Drew & Dave answer...
68 min
#YOULIVE 169 - Theo Von
Mike Catherwood co-host dives deep with Theo Von of popular THIS PAST WEEKEND podcast. Theo relates harrowing stories about growing up in the South and his personal Holiday recovery techniques that keep him sober. @thislifepodcast #YOULIVE Also,...
64 min
#YOULIVE 168 - Dreamland's Sam Quinones
Dreamland author Sam Quinones shares his insight about the current opioids crisis based on the years of research he did for the book.  Dreamland chronicles how the marketing of prescription drug OxyContin collided with the sales of black tar...
51 min
#YOULIVE 167 -Celeb Rehab's Jennie Ketcham
Celeb Rehab Alum Jennie Ketcham left a career in pornography in 2009 and started a blog to discover her “authentic and unique voice.” She completed her Masters degree in social work in 2016 and now treats patients at Seattle Anxiety...
50 min
#YOULIVE 166 - Live From The Comedy Store Festival
A very special episode recorded live at The Comedy Store Festival benefitting the California Fire Foundation and The Comedy Store’s The Comedians Assistance Fund at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood! Featuring in order of appearance: Jeff...
80 min
#YOULIVE 165 - Marvin Washington and Dr Jeff Fl...
Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington @mwas52 talks health after football, his role @Isodiol ,  and the possibilities of Cannabinoids. Then Dr Jeff Flores DDS demystifies modern dentistry and talks about the work he's done on Bob Forrest at...
53 min
#YOULIVE 164 - Krissy Mae Cagney
Krissy Mae Cagney is a personal trainer and entrepreneur. brainchild of “Deadlifts and Donuts,”  and she also is a recovering addict who founded “reps 4 recovery” to help those who struggle with addiction find solace in fitness. This...
40 min
#YOULIVE 163 - Anna David
Anna David is a journalist and New York Times Bestselling author, plus has written about relationships, sex, healing and recovery for many publications. After his interview, Anna is contemplating writing the book about Celebrity Rehab and returns...
56 min
#YOULIVE 162 - Bai Ling
Bai Ling is a Chinese-American actress best known for her work in films such as “The Crow,” “Red Corner,” and “Crank:High Voltage,” as well as TV shows including “Entourage” and “Lost.” At the age of fourteen Bai passed the...
62 min
#YOULIVE 161 - Don't Die Wisconsin
Joining This Life, Kevin Schaefer (Intervention Specialist), Patrick Reilly (Drug Counselor) and Ryan Gorman (Resident Junkie) are hosts from “Don't Die Wisconsin,” a podcast that focuses on the heroin and opioid epidemic in their home state....
59 min
#YOULIVE 160 - Best Of Celebrity Rehab Alums
A special "Best of Episode" featuring previous appearances from some of our special Celebrity Rehab guests to include Tom Sizemore, Mackenzie Phillips, Mary Carey, Shelly Sprague, Heidi Fleiss, Steven Adler, and Dennis Rodman @DennisRodman. #YOULIVE...
125 min
#YOULIVE 159 - Doug Bopst
personal trainer, author and business owner Doug Bopst boasts credentials 
and accolades as a result of his own transformation. A former felon and drug addict, sentenced to months in jail due to being found guilty of “possession...
51 min
#YOULIVE 158 - Amy Dresner
Author of “My Fair Junkie” Amy Dresner is a former professional stand-up comic. Amy became an addict at 24 and suffered through many years of addiction before finally getting clean in her 40s. She entertains Bob and Dr. Drew with stories...
57 min
#YOULIVE 157 - Celeb Rehab Alum Dennis Rodman A...
Celebrity Rehab Alum Dennis Rodman and his agent Darren Prince are here today to talk to Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew about their experiences in Korea together, and how Dennis became friends with Kim Jong-un.  Darren tells his story of opiate...
65 min
#YOULIVE 156 - Marely's Mutts Zach Skow
Zach Skow was 28 years old and dying of end-stage liver disease due to a crippling alcohol addiction.  In order to receive a transplant, he would need to accrue  6 months of sobriety. He found the kinship, strength and unconditional love...
61 min
#YOULIVE 155 - Dr Drew is Outraged
Dr. Drew’s anger about the current homeless crisis comes to a head as he demands accountability for the situation.  Frustrated at watching his own predictions about a typhus outbreak come to pass, he addresses the epidemiology that connects...
60 min
#YOULIVE 154 - Carl Higbie
Dr. Drew and Bob take a comprehensive look at American issues. They welcome former Navy SEAL, Carl Higbie, who talks about fighting to win, defending one’s country and the psychological implications of taking a life.  Bob, formerly an...
64 min
#YOULIVE 153 - Darren Prince
Prominent sports and celebrity agent Darren Prince represents stars like Magic Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Charlie Sheen, and our own Celebrity Rehab alum/friend, Dennis Rodman. Now ten years sober, Darren shares the miraculous story of his survival with Dr....
49 min
#YOULIVE 152 - Dr Casey Jordan
Dr. Drew and Bob discuss the implications of Dr. Blasey Ford’s appearance at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. They are joined by criminologist, behavioral analyst, attorney, and host of “Wives and Knives,” Dr. Casey Jordan, who offers her...
54 min
#YOULIVE 151 - Brady Granier
Brady Granier joins Bob and Drew to talk about BioCorRx®, a recovery program focused on improving the lives of those struggling with alcohol and opioid addiction. The centerpiece of the program is a proprietary long-lasting implant of Naltrexone, the...
48 min
#YOULIVE 150 - Ray Oldhafer Chris Boehm And Col...
Ray Oldhafer, Chris Boehm, and Colin Cheer join This Life to talk about their podcast, Do Tell Ray, and Chris' role in getting Bob sober back in 1996. The boys get gross and discuss all the antics they have experienced in their past together. Always...
60 min
#YOULIVE 149 - Theo Von
Theo Von makes a cameo appearance with Drew and Mike Catherwood who chat about the latest news and this life. #youlive  This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.
62 min
#YOULIVE 148 - #YouLiveDrdrew 60th Birthday Party!
Recorded live at Dr Drew's 60th Birthday Party Toasty (non) Roast. Featuring guests (In order of appearance): Adam Carolla, Lauren Sivan, Mike Carano, Bob Forrest, Theo Von, Heather McDonald, Bob Saget, Ginger Gonzaga, Steve-O, Tom...
70 min
#YOULIVE 147 -Mackenzie Phillips / Owen Elliott...
Owen Elliot Kugel and Mackenzie Phillips are childhood friends brought together by their musician parents, the Mamas and The Papas.  Bob is also connected to Mama Cass (Owen's mother), as she was the person who rescued his sister-mom in the...
55 min
#YOULIVE Tan Mom Bonus Repurpose of Howard Vortex
Infamous “Tan Mom,” Patricia Krentcil, explains how numerous harrowing experiences of her youth contributed to her current medical conditions.  She recounts a life affected  by sexual abuse, head injuries and damaging personal...
71 min
#YOULIVE 146 - Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil / Jaso...
A year in the life of Tan Mom!  In Oct, 2017, Patricia Krentcil chatted with superfan, Ami Horowitz on The Howard Vortex podcast (see bonus content).  This week she joins Dr. Drew to give us an update on her curious life as a followup of her...
67 min
#YOULIVE 145 - Dave From Dopey Podcast
Bob and Dr. Drew welcome Dave, co-host of the popular Dopey Podcast.  They discuss the tragic and unexpected death of Dave's podcasting partner Chris, who died from a heroin overdose two weeks ago. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family...
58 min
#YOULIVE 144 - Marina Anderson
Marina Anderson has worked in nearly every facet of Hollywood over the course of her career.  She is an actor, writer and producer, and is artistically creative as well.  In 2010 she wrote a book about her relationship with actor David...
46 min
#YOULIVE 143 - Becky Savage
Shelly Sprague returns to join Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew.  Becky Savage lost two of her four sons in one night to acute alcohol and oxycodone overdose.  Nick, 19, who had just finished his first year of college died alongside Jack, 18, who...
40 min
#YOULIVE 142 - Love You, Ralphie May
Lahna Turner, widow of late comedian Ralphie May, joins Dr. Drew, Bob, and Shelly to discuss her upcoming special project.  The documentary features never-before-seen clips of Ralphie's private life.  The inspirational interview...
50 min
#YOULIVE 141 - Celene Gounder MD & Shelly Sprague
Infectious disease and addiction specialist of NYC Dr. Celine Gounder joins Dr. Drew, Bob and Shelly Sprague to talk about addiction and the opioid crisis among other things.  Dr. Gounder shares her experiences of treating HIV patients and...
51 min
#YOULIVE 140 - Jason Wahler and Pete Cropsey
Jason Wahler knows what it's like to relapse and fight his way back to sobriety, and here to talk about his life since we last spoke with him on this show. He's joined by Pastor Pete, founding and senior pastor of First Love Church in...
67 min
#YOULIVE 139 - Tom Segura
Tom Segura of YOUR MOM’S HOUSE podcast, that he does with his wife Christina P, explains how it came about and how awesome his wife is with Dr. Drew. @Thislifepodcast pairs Tom up with co-host @MikeCatherwood so they can get down and dirty. These...
65 min
#YOULIVE 138 - Sherry Gaba and Jennie Ketchum
Psychotherapist and life coach, @SherryGaba returns to This Life to talk lifelong addictions that range from substance abuse to sex and love addiction to trauma.  She is joined by Celebrity Rehab alum Jennie Ketchum.  The former adult...
55 min
#YOULIVE 137 - Greg Gutfeld
Host Greg Gutfeld of the very popular Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News, chats with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest about their love of Scott Adams, the many recent suicide events and the different causes.  Our sincere condolences go out to the family of...
73 min
#YOULIVE 136 - Dr Robert DuPont
Addiction treatment pioneer, Dr. Robert DuPont joins Dr. Drew and Bob to talk about past and current treatment strategies.  DuPont, who was a White House Drug Czar under two presidents, shares his perspective on a wide variety of topics,...
47 min
#YOULIVE 135 - Jim Jefferies
Dr Drew Podcast with Jim Jefferies from 2013. #YOULIVE  Sponsored by Now, the makers bring you a formulation called Bergamet Sport that provides all the same cardiovascular benefits, but with additional additives designed to aid...
45 min
#YOULIVE 134 - Rachel Uchitel
Celeb Rehab Alum Rachel Uchitel catches up with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest. The proud mom discusses her new life in New York.  Find her on Twitter @racheluchitel and Instagram @racheluchitelnyc.  Check out her boutique on Instagram...
45 min
#YOULIVE 133 - Teen Mom's Michael Abraham
Bob Forrest and Drew take a call from Micheal Abraham of Teen Mom OG fame and comes clean about his daughter and her recent dismissal from MTV's popular Teen Mom OG show.  Here to discuss Farrah’s recent and final interview with Dr. Drew,...
61 min
#YOULIVE 132 - Tom Arnold
Tom Arnold talks his new Viceland show #TheHuntForTheTrumpTapes. Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew get the scoop on Tom's benzo problem, Roseanne, Arnold Schwarzenegger's health and fabulous circus parties. Drew is so jealous he wasn't invited. This is a...
51 min
#YOULIVE 131 - Kimberlin Brown Pelzer
Actress Kimberlin Brown Pelzer (Sheila Carter in The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful) is running for Congress in District 36 Palm Springs area. Co-host Mike Carano finds out Drew and Kimberlin were neighbors in the 80s and pick...
61 min
#YOULIVE 130 - Teen Mom Talk, Mary Lynn Rajsku...
Drew and co-host Mike Carano discuss the latest Teen Mom Reunion with Grace from the Grace Report. Then, actress/comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub chats with the guys about show biz and offers Mike some guidance regarding the recent tragic and...
89 min
#YOULIVE 129 - Claudia Christian and Dr John Me...
Actress Claudia Christian and Dr. John Mendelson discuss The Sinclair Method for treatment of alcohol abuse disorder on @thislifepodcast #YOULIVE. The program, which saved her life, utilizes a prescription medication, a phone app and medical guidance...
61 min
#YouLive 128 - Joe Lockett And Michael Lohan
Birmingham based radio host, Joe Lockett of the popular Joe Lockett Show joins Drew and Bob Forrest in a political discussion about opioid problems in the South. Bob gets to rant about Trump.  And, to add to the mix with Bob and Drew, Celebrity...
69 min
#YOULIVE 127 - PJ Schrantz & Dopey Guys
PJ Schrantz of Vodcast "Serving Those Who Serve" is a former New York City firefighter and 9/11 first responder whom has dedicated his life to helping others in need.  Since losing his son Dustin at age seven to leukemia, he has spearheaded many...
73 min
#YOULIVE 126 - Carla Spalding
This week's guest is 2018 Republican Congressional candidate Carla Spalding, who is seeking to represent the state of Florida.  She is a psychiatric nurse, single mom and Navy veteran who is now focused on fixing the opioids crisis in...
53 min
#YOULIVE 125 - Mary Carey
Ex Porn Actress Mary Carey of Celebrity Rehab returns for a recovery recap discussion with Bob Forrest of Alo House, and Shelly Sprague of Bel Air Treatment Center. #YOULIVE #share #subscribe  Sponsored by our friends at Bergamet and Hydralyte....
63 min
#YOULIVE 124 - Interventionist Todd Zalkins
The #YOULIVE "Dream Team" expands today!  Shelly Sprague, Bob Forrest, Dr. Drew plus world renowned addiction specialist Todd Zalkins whom is known for his work as a prominent interventionist and award winning filmmaker talks about his addiction...
89 min
#YOULIVE 123 - Dr. Lisa Strohman And Gene Rugala
Dr. Drew hosts Dr. Lisa Strohman, attorney and psychologist @drlisastrohman and retired FBI profiler Gene Rugala who served as the lead profiler in the Columbine tragedy in a discussion about school violence in America.  The group discusses the...
59 min
#YOULIVE 122 - Dave Navarro, Shelly & Bob
Dave Navarro reminisces rock and roll music album history & This Life with Shelly Sprague and Bob Forrest. Dave also proudly presents the upcoming ABOVE GROUND event in Los Angeles this Apr16 with @billymorrisonofficial raising...
77 min
#YOULIVE 121 - Shelly Sprague
Shelly Sprague of Bell Air Recovery and Bob Forrest of Alo House Malibu talk all about recovery news and This Life.  Then read questions via emails. The enthusiasm between these Celebrity Rehab Dream Team addition specialists...
74 min
#YOULIVE 120 - Jason Ellis
Co-Host Emily Morse (@SexwithEmily) joins Dr. Drew in the escapades with Sirius Radio star, and ELLISTRONICS podcaster Jason Ellis (@EllisMate).  Everyone knows Jason is happily married now, but has deep affection for Dr. Drew. However, Jason...
60 min
#YOULIVE 119 - Vinnie Tortorich
Vinnie Tortorich of Fitness Confidential comes in to hear the latest happenings with Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew regarding current affairs. He introduces his coffee and we will be serving it every week! #PurecoffeeClub #youlive ...
67 min
#YOULIVE 118 - Fred Stoller
Drew & guest host Emily Morse (Sex With Emily) dig deep into Fred Stoller's lovelife! Then, a special guest, Yucko the Clown comes in to give sound advice. #Listen #Share #Youlive  This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.
51 min
#YOULIVE 117 - Questions With Dr Bruce
Dr Bruce Heischober joins Dr Drew & Bob Forrest to answer your questions. Then publicist superstar Valerie Allen joins to discuss her experience with heart palpitations with Loma Linda's premier Cardiologist, Dr.  Vilma Torres.    ...
59 min
#YOULIVE 116 - Shelly Sprague
Bob is back! and we got Shelly plus Dr Bruce! Two addiction specialists and two rehab professionals have a meeting the minds. #YOULIVE This episode is sponsored by Hydralyte.
60 min
#YOULIVE 115 : Heidi Fleiss
Dr Drew and Bob Forrest are joined by Dr Bruce as they talk to the one and only Heidi Fleiss of Celebrity Rehab.  Heidi describes her recent life experience as she salvages the lives of rescue parrots to help liberate herself from her past as a...
50 min
#YOULIVE 114 - Rude Jude / Ginger Gonzaga
This episode may be inappropriate for children however, you don't want to miss this! Co-host Mike Catherwood joins Drew, hilarious Ginger Gonzaga of Showtime's "I'm Dying Up Here." Also Rude Jude, host of Sirius XM's "All Out Show."  Jude,...
64 min
#YOULIVE 113: Dave Navarro
Ink Master host and Guitar legend Dave Navarro joins Dr Drew and Mike Catherwood to answer your calls. Previously published on the Dr. Drew Podcast. Visit for all the podcasts today! This episode is sponsored by The Last House Sober Living.
56 min
#YOULIVE 112: Ginger Gonzaga, Lee Farber, Dome...
Three filmmakers in the #YOULIVE studio, back by popular demand, actress/ producer Ginger Gonzaga, @gingerthejester with her film debut, "Your Day” , and the award-winning Writer/ Director of the hilarious new comedy “The Lonely Italian", Lee...
68 min
#YOULIVE 111: Loveline At The Ice House
Dr. Drew, Mike Catherwood of KABC 790AM, Midday Live At The Ice House with Sex With Emily host Emily Morse for a Loveline style reunion!  Sexual harassment is the main topic, so the crew take questions from the audience. Sexual Content, may be...
74 min
#YOULIVE 110: Sex With Emily
Emily Morse, Mike Catherwood and Drew reunite for a Loveline style reunion to talk with callers.  See the live video on Youtube/drdrew or #subscribe #listen #YOULIVE Sponsored by The Last House Sober Living and...
68 min
#YOULIVE 109: Christina P
Christina P @christinap of Netflix Special, MOTHER INFERIOR joins @RehabBobForrest & @DrDrew and gets deep into her past talking philosophy and her love for Celebrity Rehab.  Find her pods Your Mom's House, & That's Deep Bro...
83 min
#YOULIVE 108: Jay Mohr Returns
Joy Mohr of the Mohr Stories Podcast #mohrstories, and the new America's Lakers Podcast #alakerspod returns to talk This Life #YOULIVE with Bob Forrest and Dr Drew. Then, Chris Kirby stops by to talk about Sober Living. This...
68 min
#YOULIVE 107: Jay Mohr
Jay Mohr of the Mohr Stories Podcast, and The America's Lakers Podcast joins Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew to talk current events, his sobriety and his personal relationship on This Life.  Sponsored by THE LAST HOUSE sober living of West LA, and...
57 min
#YOULIVE 106: Sex With Emily
Emily Morse of SEX WITH EMILY joins Drew & Mike Catherwood for a Loveline style reunion to talk abut sexual harassment and current events with callers.  See the live video on Youtube/drdrew or Facebook. #subscribe #listen #YOULIVE ...
58 min
#YOULIVE 105: Tawny Kitaen / Jennifer Ketcham
Tawny Kitaen and Jennifer Ketcham join Drew and Bob to talk about their personal experiences in the wake of Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein scandal. This episode is sponsored by Alliant University CSP and Hydralyte.
63 min
#YOULIVE 104: Brian Claypool VS. PTSD
Brian Claypool survives Las Vegas Massacre and opens up on a Sunday afternoon to continue a dark discussion with Dr. Erin Foster and trauma specialist/ FBI agent Bobby Chacon. He describes his traumatic experience on Oct 1 during the Route 91 concert...
69 min
#YOULIVE 103: Las Vegas Facing PTSD
Trauma expert Bobby Chacon @BobbyChaconFBI and Dr. Erin Foster @DrErinFoster join Bob and Drew as they interview John and his new wife Moira after their recent harrowing experience on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas...
50 min
#YOULIVE 102: Recovery With Russell Brand
Russell Brand spreads his word in this interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky and rehab specialist Bob Forrest today to talk about his book RECOVERY: Freedom From Our Addictions. They are discussing the 12 Step program and how its vilified and other...
59 min
#YOULIVE 101: Soberoctobert Bert Kreischer
Bert Kreischer pre #SOBEROCTOBERT. Mike Catherwood joins This Life to support Bert as takes the Joe Rogan challenge to stay alcohol and drug free for 31 days! Launched this podcast on his first day of Bert's sobriety. Subscribe and rate us 5 stars on...
88 min
#YOULIVE 100 : Eric Roberts, Eliza & Keaton Simons
Eric Robert of Celebrity Rehab joins our 100th episode with Bob And Drew! Accompanied by his better half, actress Eliza Roberts and talented stepson Keaton Simons who wrote today's outro music UNSTOPPABLE previously  performed on...
64 min
#YOULIVE 99: Janice Dickinson
Janice Dickinson talks to Bob and Drew and are thrilled to have the original super model today in the studio!  They discuss her current sobriety and her previous life before Celebrity Rehab in 2014 and answer callers questions.  Find the...
75 min
#YOULIVE 98: Kim Gravel
Kim Gravel, Former Miss Georgia joins Bob Forrest and Drew to discuss a variety of issues including, millennial sexuality, porn addiction, and pageantry.  In 1991, at 19, Kim became one of the youngest Miss Georgia winners in the state's...
47 min
#YOULIVE 97: Eden Sassoon
Eden Sassoon, a fitness, health and beauty professional from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills joins Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood on a #YOULIVE installment answering your calls.  This episode is sponsored by Alliant University CSP.
51 min