Hella Latin@

Hella Latin@ is a platform for Latinos to tell their story and share their unique, emotional and empowering experiences that come with being both Latino/a/x and a first-generation American. My hope is to show the beauty in our many cultures and create a space for vulnerable conversations. So go grab your cafecito and get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired by our community every week.

Society & Culture
A Path of Least Resistance
Reyna Noriega is a Miami-based Black and Afro-Latina visual artist, author, and educator. In 2019, she published a collection of poems entitled In Bloom where she offers us a window into her life. Her work is devoted to uplifting women so they can he...
52 min
Con Sangre Emprendedora
In this episode, Roxanna Sarmiento reminds us that both entrepreneurship and creativity are deeply engrained Latinidad and immigrant culture. And tapping into that power is a gamechanger. Our conversation was so insightful and beautiful. Roxanna talk...
62 min
Twists, Turns y Pura Risa
In this episode, I chat with Joshua Encarnacion, a 1.5 generation Dominican-American currently serving as the CEO of Outco and helping people grow into their full potential. Born in Manhatten, NY and raised in Lawrence & Springfield, MA, Joshua had t...
63 min
Depression and Machismo Culture
 Alcohol abuse, machismo culture, lack of mental health awareness—just a couple of things our community battles every day. In this episode, Alex Magaña vulnerably opens up about his experience with depression in a culture where men don't typically ex...
67 min
Guyana Meets Honduras
In this episode, I chat with Gabriela Gonzalez, a multi-racial Latina American who opens up about her Honduran and Guyanese roots. She also schools us on all things Guyana—it's history and Caribbean culture. Together, we unpack her experience navigat...
60 min
Vida Undocumented
In this episode, I chat with the one and only, Ariadna Manzo. She opens up about her life as an undocumented Chicana and all the barriers she had to overcome to get to where she is now. This jefa tells her story in the most beautiful, vulnerable and ...
74 min
La Latinista
In this episode, I have a cafecito date with La OG Latinista, Yai Vargas. This Dominican woman es increíble. She is a career and diversity strategist and the founder of The Latinista, a national network for Latinas and women of color invested in prof...
56 min
Overcoming First-Gen Struggles
In this episode, I chat with my friend, Emilie Rodriguez aka EMZ. Our conversation is so special because we cover a topic most Latin@s don’t talk about—mental health. Together in this episode, we unpack our San Diego upbringing, our first-gen struggl...
59 min
Afro-Colombiana and Proud
In this episode, I chat with an Afro-Colombiana badass, Catalina Peña. She is the founder of Catalyst Creation, a professional development firm that aims to change and decode the hiring ecosystem. Catalina and I had the most real and authentic conver...
59 min
Hola, soy Odalys Jasmine
15 min