Hella Latin@

Hella Latin@ is a platform for Latinos to tell their story and share their unique, emotional and empowering experiences that come with being both Latino/a/x and a first-generation American. My hope is to show the beauty in our many cultures and create a space for vulnerable conversations. So go grab your cafecito and get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired by our community every week.

Society & Culture
Crème de la Crème with Eilyn Jimenez
Eilyn Jimenez (who you may recognize from her Netflix series, Designing Miami) is the founder and creative director of Sire Design, the internationally recognized Miami-based interior design studio. As an interior design creative, her role is to tran...
44 min
Corporate Hustla with Joél Duran
Joél is a Dominican born and Brooklyn raised Corporate Hustlaaaa! From section 8 to Big Tech, from selling hats on the street to being a Product Manager at Microsoft, he’s here to tell his story and make y’all laugh along the way.Joél comes from one...
71 min
Historias, Memorias y Legado with Jonathan Hermida
We have a repeat guest! Jonathan Hermida came on back in 2020 to tell his story, now he's back to tell you about Capsul — a company focused on capturing our family's stories.Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur and transformational coach committed to h...
35 min
Latino Feel, Mainstream Appeal with Susie Jaram...
Meet the one and only, Susie Jaramillo, the brilliant storyteller behind Canticos, Skeletina's World, and Tiny Travelers. Brands that every mami y papi should take note of! Susie is an Emmy-Nominated illustrator, bilingual storyteller, and co-founder...
42 min
’We’re Going to The States’ with Stephanie Nuesi
Stephanie Nuesi is the CEO and Founder of Max Up, a career coaching firm whose mission is to maximize the potential of the future leaders of the nation. She has interned in various top accounting firms, tech companies and is now a financial analyst a...
43 min
De Difícil a Dulce: Navigating Taboo Topics in ...
Breyers, your family favorite ice cream brand has partnered with Latinx Therapy to launch Conversaciones Vainilla – a program to help encourage, inspire and facilitate meaningful conversations amongst Hispanic/Latino families. Latinos have limited a...
43 min
Chamba with Corina Hierro and Diego Montemayor
Diego Montemayor is the CEO and co-founder of Chamba, an app aimed at helping the hispanic community find jobs throughout the US. As an immigrant and Latin entrepreneur, Diego sees the potential of minority groups and how they positively impact a cou...
43 min
Lost in Translation with Illianna Acosta
Illianna Acosta is a Dominican-American Latina born and raised in Queens, NY. Today, she is a Senior Manager of Channel Sales at LinkedIn and the Global Co-Chair of LinkedIn’s Hispanic Employee Resource Group (HOLA).She's also on the National Board ...
51 min
En Búsqueda de Superación (Episode en Español)
Hernán Dillon Noval was born and raised in Mexico and has spent the last 10 years creating, leading, launching and changing the rules of different industries and companies through his company, ABCW Global. His company is a fusion of 3 leading agencie...
31 min
The New Latina with Suanny Garcia
Suanny Garcia is a Cuban-American writer and the Editor-in-Chief at mitú. Suanny leads the creative and editorial department, and recently published, “The New Latina: 100 Millennials Shaping Our World.” Suanny’s continuous goal is to make an impact v...
48 min
Generation Fearless with Paulaska Ramirez
Paulaska Ramirez is the daughter of Dominican immigrants; she was born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey. She is aproud first-generation Latina with 12+ years of experience in higher education, working with students of diverse backgrounds from low-in...
60 min
Big Chingona Energy with Alma Zaragoza-Petty
Alma Zaragoza-Petty is a Mexican-American activist, scholar, podcast host and author of "Chingona: Owning Your Inner Badass for Healing and Justice"—a book that aims to help Latinas embrace their badass spirit.In this episode, Zaragoza-Petty shares ...
45 min
We Are Mitú with Wendy Barba and Suanny Garcia
mitú is a leading digital media company dedicated to inspiring, representing, and super-serving U.S. Latinos. In this episode, I sit down Wendy Barba, the Vice President at mitú, and Suanny Garcia, a Cuban-American writer and the Editor-in-Chief at m...
37 min
The Risk You Have to Take with Rosanna Durruthy
Rosanna Durruthy is LinkedIn’s Head of Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Her focus is on empowering all employees, members and customers to realize their full potential. With Rosanna’s leadership, LinkedIn aims to continue to build a strong ...
59 min
17 and Undocumented with Linda Felix
This episode is full of REALness. At the age of 17, Linda Felix found out she was undocumented and her life turned upside down. But this Latina picked herself up, made moves, and now works at one of biggest tech companies in the world while living h...
64 min
Corporate Hood with Odalys Jasmine & Pabel Mart...
On this week's episode, I'm joined by the host of ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast and founder of Plurawl, Pabel Martinez. Our platforms are centered on sharing other people's stories & experiences, but once a month we go live on LinkedIn to share OUR stories...
61 min
Identity and Intersectionality with Carlos Flores
Carlos A. Flores is a doctoral candidate pursuing a PhD in Counseling at Montclair State University where he specializes in multicultural education, social justice advocacy, and career development. Carlos's research focuses on the intersection of Lat...
49 min
Educada AF with Christina Rodriguez
Christina V. Rodriguez is a first-generation Nicaraguan-American Latina with a multi-cultural and equity-minded mindset with a commitment in creating equitable opportunities for Women of Color in Business, Housing and Academia. She created Latinas wi...
74 min
She Se Puede with Melanie Chavez
Melanie Chavez is a First Gen Latina, first time homebuyer and LA native. Her story is rooted in moving away from home to defy her family's expectations of womanhood and what that means as a young Latina. In 2017, despite lack of support from my fami...
62 min
First Gen Everything with Evelyn Pérez-Albino
Evelyn M. Pérez-Albino is a proud Afro-Latina, Dominican employment lawyer, Fortune 500 executive, career strategist and first-generation everything. In addition to being an employment lawyer at Meta, she’s also the Founder of Ella Elevates, a caree...
64 min
Passion and Entrepreneurship with Crafty Chica
Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica, is a former newspaper columnist and is now a full-time creativepreneur which has led to multiple product lines, and collabs with national brands. She has authored several craft books and novels, a book about the ...
51 min
Generational Love
Estefania Macchiavello, AKA EJ, is a proud first-generation Latina from Peru. 🇵🇪 She's been a recruiter for 10+ years at some of the biggest tech companies like Netflix and now, Meta, but throughout her journey, one thing was very clear—her family's ...
59 min
La Vida of a Latina Relationship Coach | Part 2
Part 2 is here! Elisa describes herself as "an American with an accent" and in this episode, she shares her journey of love, healing, and identity. Elisa now dedicates her time and energy coaching Latinas on how to find their voice and identity so t...
33 min
La Vida of a Latina Relationship Coach | Part 1
Elisa describes herself as "an American with an accent" and in part 1, she shares her journey from immigrating to the U.S., to navigating difficult decisions to reach her "American Dream," and to becoming a certified relationship/life coach.Elisa no...
37 min
El Milagro de Ser Mama
Meet Mayra Stewart—a mother, author, teacher, and co-founder of Grow Florecita®. Grow Florecita® is an avenue for us to feel our most empowered. As Mayra says, each of us holds the blueprinted seeds within us to be our best selves and create a world ...
57 min