Hella Latin@

Hella Latin@ is a platform for Latinos to tell their story and share their experiences of navigating identity and culture as a first gen and/or immigrant.

The three pillars that make up Hella Latin@ are representation, vulnerability and celebration. Representation: there's a mosaic of accents, backgrounds and cultures that make up Latinidad, and it's time to represent that mosaic — one story at a time. Vulnerability: each guest keeps it real on how they break cycles, blaze new trails, and embrace identity as a superpower through it all. Celebration: there are many stories about our people y cultura but rarely are we the authors of it. In this podcast, we put a spotlight on who we are, where we come from, and where we're going.

So, go grab your cafecito and get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired by nuestra gente.

Society & Culture
I Don't Belong in The Kitchen with Jeniree Flores
71 min
Somos Canaleros y Hablamos Español with Yovy Da...
54 min
First Gen = Figure it Out feat. Harleny Vasquez
57 min
DACA Kid, Border Dreamer with Irving Hernandez
48 min
Put Your People On with Ana Lopez from Chica Mala
57 min
Being Latino Wasn't Cool with Antonio Rodriguez
53 min
Latino Stories are Mainstream Stories with Ben ...
48 min
Live Through Love with Ruben Rojas
36 min
El Chicano Unicorn with Rubén Darío Villa
65 min
Alchemy of Brownness with Christopher Rivas
Today I'm talking to Christopher Rivas  — a storyteller, actor, social commentator, podcast host, speaker and filmmaker. He's the writer behind the Brown Enough book and voice behind the Brown Enough and Rubirosa podcast. He's also the creator of "Th...
46 min
Emotional Incarceration with Cloud Kent
Cloud Kent, a proud Latino with Colombian and Ecuadorian roots 🇪🇨🇨🇴 uses acrylics, oil sticks and spray paints to illustrate his message from the heart. His work embodies the freedom and child-like innocence that connects the audience back to that pu...
60 min
Mezcladita 🇻🇪🇭🇳 with Gabriela Milla
Meet Gabriela Milla, an actress, writer, creator and one of the stars in Apple TV+'s hit bilingual comedy series, "Acapulco." Gabriela portrays Isabel, the main character's outspoken, tough, and mischievous love interest that challenges him like a mu...
57 min
Systemic Disrespect with Lester Larios
Lester is a First-Gen Latino professional from LA with years of experience in higher education, non-profit organizations, community development, and more. Son to immigrant parents, the oldest of siblings and cousins, and the unofficial lawyer/event p...
46 min
Identity Shifts with Kristen Dreher
Meet Kristen Dreher — a faith follower, fourth-generation Mexican American, and soon-to-be mama of 2! Kristen is all about connection, community, and storytelling. So it’s no wonder she found herself working as a communications professional at Big T...
51 min
Crème de la Crème with Eilyn Jimenez
Eilyn Jimenez (who you may recognize from her Netflix series, Designing Miami) is the founder and creative director of Sire Design, the internationally recognized Miami-based interior design studio. As an interior design creative, her role is to tran...
44 min
Corporate Hustla with Joél Duran
Joél is a Dominican born and Brooklyn raised Corporate Hustlaaaa! From section 8 to Big Tech, from selling hats on the street to being a Product Manager at Microsoft, he’s here to tell his story and make y’all laugh along the way.Joél comes from one...
71 min
Historias, Memorias y Legado with Jonathan Hermida
We have a repeat guest! Jonathan Hermida came on back in 2020 to tell his story, now he's back to tell you about Capsul — a company focused on capturing our family's stories.Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur and transformational coach committed to h...
35 min
Latino Feel, Mainstream Appeal with Susie Jaram...
Meet the one and only, Susie Jaramillo, the brilliant storyteller behind Canticos, Skeletina's World, and Tiny Travelers. Brands that every mami y papi should take note of! Susie is an Emmy-Nominated illustrator, bilingual storyteller, and co-founder...
42 min
’We’re Going to The States’ with Stephanie Nuesi
Stephanie Nuesi is the CEO and Founder of Max Up, a career coaching firm whose mission is to maximize the potential of the future leaders of the nation. She has interned in various top accounting firms, tech companies and is now a financial analyst a...
43 min
De Difícil a Dulce: Navigating Taboo Topics in ...
Breyers, your family favorite ice cream brand has partnered with Latinx Therapy to launch Conversaciones Vainilla – a program to help encourage, inspire and facilitate meaningful conversations amongst Hispanic/Latino families. Latinos have limited a...
43 min
Chamba with Corina Hierro and Diego Montemayor
Diego Montemayor is the CEO and co-founder of Chamba, an app aimed at helping the hispanic community find jobs throughout the US. As an immigrant and Latin entrepreneur, Diego sees the potential of minority groups and how they positively impact a cou...
43 min
Lost in Translation with Illianna Acosta
Illianna Acosta is a Dominican-American Latina born and raised in Queens, NY. Today, she is a Senior Manager of Channel Sales at LinkedIn and the Global Co-Chair of LinkedIn’s Hispanic Employee Resource Group (HOLA).She's also on the National Board ...
51 min
En Búsqueda de Superación (Episode en Español)
Hernán Dillon Noval was born and raised in Mexico and has spent the last 10 years creating, leading, launching and changing the rules of different industries and companies through his company, ABCW Global. His company is a fusion of 3 leading agencie...
31 min
The New Latina with Suanny Garcia
Suanny Garcia is a Cuban-American writer and the Editor-in-Chief at mitú. Suanny leads the creative and editorial department, and recently published, “The New Latina: 100 Millennials Shaping Our World.” Suanny’s continuous goal is to make an impact v...
48 min
Generation Fearless with Paulaska Ramirez
Paulaska Ramirez is the daughter of Dominican immigrants; she was born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey. She is aproud first-generation Latina with 12+ years of experience in higher education, working with students of diverse backgrounds from low-in...
60 min