Hella Latin@

Hella Latin@ is a platform for Latinos to tell their story and share their unique, emotional and empowering experiences that come with being both Latino/a/x and a first-generation American. My hope is to show the beauty in our many cultures and create a space for vulnerable conversations. So go grab your cafecito and get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired by our community every week.

Society & Culture
From Philly to Silicon Valley
Noel Claudio is a proud Puerto Rican and Dominican who was raised in the hood in Philadelphia and paved his way to being a Latino in tech in Silicon Valley. In this episode, you'll hear all about Noel's first-gen journey from graduating Penn State to...
68 min
From Surviving to Thriving
Jasmine Vallejo is a proud First Gen Latina from the south side of San Antonio. Currently, she leads Community Engagement for the Southwest region at Meta, working to keep the local neighborhoods strong through partnerships with nonprofits, organizat...
67 min
Extraordinary Latina
Ilhiana Rojas is an Executive & Career Transformation Strategy Coach, a DEI Catalyst, a Hispanic advocate, Bestselling Author, and an international motivational speaker. She was recently recognized by the NY Journal as one of the top 10 Inspiring wom...
63 min
1 Million Views in 2 Days
Jasmine Ortiz embodies ambition and determination. She was born in NY, raised in PA, and currently resides in Miami. In her latest single “21”, Jasmine made history by becoming only the 2nd artist approved to record their music video at The Universit...
56 min
He Was Told Latinos Don’t Get Far
Ivan Estrada is a successful Real Estate Broker in Beverly Hills who just released a book, Brand With Purpose, based on his experience building his brand and the obstacles along the way. Despite his successful career, various accolades, and graduati...
54 min
Understanding Identity, Something You Can’t Google
Ricardo Horna was born in Lima, Peru, raised in Tampa, Florida, and is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been at Google for 5 years and is currently on the YouTube Recruiting team, charged with ensuring a diverse and representative workforce...
60 min
Hope, Hard Work, and Helping Hands
As his Zepeda for Senate campaign stated, Jaime's story is a story of hope, hard work & helping hands. Jaime Raul Zepeda grew up in Mexico in a working-class neighborhood. Jaime saw vicious inequality there. Mercedes parked in front of women starving...
54 min
How I Linked [IN] to my identity
This episode is FULL of laughs, story, and inspiration. In this episode, Colin talks about feeling "like a white kid with a last name Espinales" his whole life to then being embraced by LinkedIn's Latino ERG, and digging into his Ecuadorian culture t...
70 min
¿Como Puedes? Porque Soy Mujer
Fernanda Kelly's successful 20-year career as an actress and television presenter in the US Hispanic market earned her two Emmy awards and three Telly awards for her work as the host of the critically acclaimed show, LAnzate on Univision network.In ...
60 min
The Nuyorican Experience
Nestor Melendez is a proud Nuyorican/Boricua, born and raised in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Knights podcast co-host is part jack-of-all-trades, part philosophizer, part rebel, and a professional educator who is focused on having conversations that remind...
78 min
Tragos: A Game Para Latinos
Carolina Acosta is Colombian-Dominican mujeron from Queens who created and is now CEO of Tragos, the party game for Latinos by Latinos. She was recently included in Forbes 30 Under 30 class of 2021 for the creation of this game. And it all started af...
72 min
A New Breed of Latinos
Gabriel Lomeli is a first-generation Mexican-American from Stockton, California and let me tell y'all, he spills so much wisdom in this episode. He talks about designing your own path toward success, and moving from travieso mistakes and heartbreak t...
93 min
Korean, Catracha y Americana
One narrative often overlooked in the community is the Asian-Latino experience. Lucky to have Ha Na Teresa Park, mi querida Catracha, on Hella Latin@ to share her experience of being both Korean and Hondureña. In this episode, Ha Na Teresa shares her...
53 min
La Mujer Behind the Brand
Eliana Murillo is the founder and CEO of Eliment and Company, her mission is to amplify and invest in diverse small businesses, startups and content creators. Eliana previously spent 10 years at Google, where she founded the multicultural marketing t...
76 min
The Hood Raised Me
Nadia Elhawary is both Egyptian and Guatemalan but the hood raised her and her city Pasadena feels like home more than any country. She's a storyteller passing on this wisdom given by her ancestors and her purpose is loving on her people and loving h...
49 min
Imposter Syndrome From a Human Level
Brian Ovalles, a Black Latino from Washington Heights, talks about navigating spaces where he was culturally, racially and socio-economically different than his peers. From an early age, he felt like he was always having an away game yet he took ever...
56 min
Inner City to Corporate America
“If you want to go up in the company, you have to stop fraternizing with people in the mail room.” In this episode, Yuridia Peña, a Dominican woman from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, talks about her young dreams of working on 5th Avenue and becoming the ...
55 min
Black Beans: An Afro-Chicano Story
Choosey is an Afro-Chicano hip hop artist who grew up in National City and Chula Vista, California. His debut studio album Black Beans (2019), produced by Exile, represented his Afro-Chicano heritage and conveyed themes of ethnic identity, gentrifica...
59 min
La Belleza Cuesta
Elizabeth Molina is a Dominican-Peruvian Latina, model, beauty mentor, influencer, TedX speaker and founder of the Molina Glow. Elizabeth's personal story of survival led her to her current work in helping others redefine their why surrounding beauty...
60 min
Do Your Thing and Do it Well
Arabela Espinoza is a Mexican-American creative photographer based in San Jose, CA. When not enjoying an iced vanilla latte or a craft cocktail, you can find her working full-time at Weekend Creative, a creative photography agency that she co-founded...
52 min
From a Grass Shack to Silicon Valley
Martha Nino was born in Mexico and immigrated to the USA undocumented as a child. She grew up in the Bay Area and watched Silicon Valley grow into what it is today. She's a 25-year tech pro and just recently celebrated her 15-year anniversary as a Sr...
63 min
Part Three: What's Your Story? Guided Experienc...
Welcome to the third out of four RisOn guided experiences! This month, you'll have an opportunity to explore and communicate your own story in depth. This week we'll focus on breakthrough. Let's use visualization to reconnect to your forgotten life e...
15 min
Part Two: What's Your Story? Guided Experience ...
Welcome to the second out of four RisOn guided experiences! This month, you'll have an opportunity to explore and communicate your own story in depth. This week we'll focus on discernment. Let's get on a deeper level to discern what you're still hidi...
14 min
Latinos in Hollywood
How many times have you scrolled through Netflix and saw stereotypical Latino movies and leads? Narcos, Latin lovers, funny sidekick and don't get me started on stereotypical Latina narratives. Folks like Edwin Porres Jr. are out here changing the ga...
54 min
Part One: What's Your Story? Guided Experience ...
Welcome to the first of four RisOn guided experiences! This month, you'll have an opportunity to explore and communicate your own story in depth. This week we'll focus on awareness. What's your story? Who are you and what brought you to this moment t...
11 min